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I am DROWNING in grad school assignments right now, but when I'm not crying in the library for 8 hours straight, and when I can actually crawl to my laptop, I sometimes let my fingers type up silly fanfics. I've been RPing with LeapYearKisses (who is a fantastic writer and RP partner, by the way!) and Yuuri has the fetish in our storyline. I reallyreallyREALLY love the concept, so I decided to let my brain run away with it. This is actually my second fetish!Yuuri/Yuri!!! on Ice fanfic, but the first one...um. :shy: Yeahhhhh, it's on my fetish tumblr. That's all I'll say about that. :lol:  

This fic is set nowhere in particular, but let it be known that Victor and Yuuri are in an established relationship (I mean, aren't they already after episode 7???). Enjoy! :D  

- - - 



by Spoo



It’s not really a huge deal at first – a sniffle here, a nose rub there - but as the evening progresses, and when it becomes evidently clear that neither action is going to stop, that’s when Yuuri glances to his left at the individual seated next to him.

They’re out at dinner with a few other competitors, enjoying one of their free nights before the big competition. Phichit is seated to Yuuri’s right, showing him some recent pictures he’s taken of the city, but Yuuri’s focus isn’t on the images that are displayed in front of him. His attentive brown eyes keep jumping to Victor and the way he’s seesawing a slender finger below his nose. It’s…distracting. Very, very distracting.

Ever since he’s confessed his fetish to Victor (and following a few experimental sessions of indulging said fetish) it’s hard not to look when Victor displays any sign that his nose is bothering him (which happens way more often than it should, to be honest). Not that Victor himself seems to notice; he’s far too busy contributing to the discussion and drinking way more than he should. Typical.

Yuuri tries to focus back on what Phichit is saying, but it’s difficult. If something does happen to Victor Yuuri doesn’t want to miss a millisecond of it, but at the same time he can’t just stare at Victor for the rest of their meal. He does that enough as it is, and that’s without there being any kinky stuff involved.

Okay. Right. Time to look awa—


Yuuri’s head snaps to his left so quickly that whiplash is an actual possibility. He watches as Victor, having leaned away from the table and ducked into his hands, straightens back up with a little head shake. A chorus of ‘bless you’s’ circle around before Victor chuckles and apologizes for the unplanned interruption.  

“Ah, sorry! I didn’t feel that one coming.”

No one offers the comment anything more than a nod of acknowledgement before the conversation resumes and laughter dominates again. Yuuri, however, feels a blush scribble across his cheeks. It isn’t so much the fact that Victor sneezed, because hey, yeah, that’s definitely a thing that happens. What’s embarrassing, though, is the way Victor continues rubbing at his nose, because he’s not done sneezing, as well as the flushed hue the appendage is sporting due to prolonged contact. The increased sniffling also isn’t helping in terms of alleviating Yuuri’s embarrassment.

It’s almost as if Victor knows what he’s doing, Yuuri thinks. Like Victor is going out of his way to emphasize how ticklish his nose is, and how he can’t possibly help but—waaait a minute.

Though he’s wearing his glasses, Yuuri squints at Victor suspiciously. His coach likes to tease him whenever he can, so why is this any different? Then again, maybe Yuuri is just being paranoid? There’s no real way to tell if Victor is playing up his itchy nose, or if he’s legitimately oblivious. Not unless…unless…

Almost as if on some comical cue, Yuuri feels the toe of Victor’s shoe lightly graze against his shin. It’s enough to make Yuuri jump, bang his knee under the table, and rattle everything that sits on top. All eyes hone in on the skittish skater, who’s reached out to steady the table.

Phichit leans over. “Um. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” Yuuri is quick to respond. “I thought I felt something crawl over my foot…”

Victor not only has the audacity to feign ignorance, but to also look under the table and report: “I don’t see anything.”

Yuuri leans back in his seat and clenches his nervous fingers into tight, steadying fists across his lap. “It was probably nothing then.”

Nothing but you trying to publicly humiliate me! he thinks to himself.

Once everyone is certain that Yuuri’s okay, the spotlight is lifted and he’s able to throw an accusatory glare in Victor’s direction. Victor catches his katsudon’s eye and wiggles his fingers in a tipsy wave, though the gesture ends prematurely when he scrubs at his nose again.

This time, Yuuri calls Victor the hell out on it. <STOP. IT.>  he mouths.

Victor blinks, drops his hand, and mouths back. <Stop what?>

The red tint along Yuuri’s face darkens a shade as he quickly peeks around to make sure they’re not being watched. <You know what!>

“…right, Yuuri?”

Yuuri turns the other way to see Phichit, who has clearly included him in a conversation that Yuuri hasn’t been listening to. Rather than go along with whatever it is that he’s been roped into, Yuuri says he’s sorry and asks Phichit to repeat what he said. He needs something to do, badly, so he’ll stop glowering at Victor.

Of course, the very instant he gives Phichit his attention he hears those familiar sniffles escalate into damp, snuffly sounds that make Yuuri’s insides become molten slush. Ignore him. Ignore him. Ignore him.


A deep shiver courses through Yuuri’s body and almost makes his hair stand straight up. A rapid-fire triple. Why.

The bless you brigade comes to the rescue again, yet Yuuri, just like before, absolutely refuses to join in. Especially now that he knows Victor is doing it on purpose (okay, maybe not SNEEZING on purpose but totally teasing Yuuri in front of everyone). His face is burning.

Victor is still covering his nose as he looks at Yuuri; his hand is blocking his mouth, but Yuuri imagines there’s a smug smile hiding behind it. “Yuuri, I spilled beer on my napkin. Can I have yours? My nose is—”

Yuuri stands up so suddenly and swiftly that it effectively puts an end to the conversation at the table. Wordlessly, he grabs onto the back of Victor’s collar and yanks the Russian up with surprising strength and purpose.

“Ehhh?” Victor asks, having no choice but to follow as he’s essentially dragged away. “But Yuuri, where are we goiiiing?”

Behind the pair, wide eyes watch and Phichit snaps a shameless picture to put on Instagram.

- - -

Yuuri is grateful that the bathroom is a single cubicle versus one with multiple stalls, because he can’t imagine someone else walking in on he and Victor when they’re about to have a weird conversation. He locks the door (and then compulsively unlocks and locks it again to be sure) before he swirls around and shoves a finger straight into Victor’s chest.

“You can’t just do that when there’s other people around!”

It’s clear that Victor finds Yuuri’s little tantrum oddly endearing. He smiles down at his flustered boyfriend as though Yuuri is a rebelling kitten and not a twenty-three-year-old adult. Precious darling. “What am I doing?” he questions.

Yuuri is torn between pulling out his hair and pulling out Victor’s. Ultimately, he settles for scooping his hands beneath his glasses and clutching his blushing face. “You know what you’re doing,” he mumbles, frustrated. And what it’s doing to me.

“Forgive me, Yuuri. I’ve had a bit to drink, so things are harder to comprehend,” Victor replies, which isn’t a lie.

Yuuri groans and drops his hands, his glasses slipping and going a bit askew on the end of his nose. “You’re teasing me.”

And then Victor’s arms around him, hugging him close in a drunken embrace. “I would neeeever tease you, my sweet Yuuri!”

“But you are!” Yuuri exclaims, grabbing onto Victor’s arms and pushing him away slightly. “You keep rubbing your nose, and then you touched my leg with your foot under the table, and then you asked to use my napkin!”

If he’s been caught redhanded, Victor isn’t showing it. Actually, now that Yuuri really looks at him he’s not showing any expression at all (guilty or otherwise). His face looks blank for the most part, unless you count the way his pale eyebrows are slanting, and his soft lips are parting, and his chest is—OHGODNO. NONONONONO. THAT’S CHEATING!

Yuuri barely manages to release him before Victor snaps off to the side and sneezes, UNCOVERED, towards the floor. “Hiihh’IGHSCHhh!

This time, Yuuri does offer a blessing (even if it’s a tad shaky around the edges). “Bl-bless you.” He grabs a few paper towels from the dispenser on the wall and holds them out to Victor, knowing that there’s probably going to be at least one—“Hhh’GZSCHHhh’zuh!”—more. Yup.

Blinking back wetness that beads across his long eyelashes, Victor accepts the paper towels and presses them against his nostrils. “Gospodi, I have such a tickle right now. Maybe I’m catching a cold?”

“No, believe me. You’re not,” Yuuri says, hot and fidgety. He’s an expert when it comes to cold symptoms and patterns, and Victor hasn’t displayed enough of them to confirm an oncoming illness. “It’s probably just the alcohol if it’s anything at all.”

“You think so?” Victor asks, tilting his head.

“Yeah, most likely,” Yuuri says, looking away. He’s embarrassed enough as it is and doesn’t want Victor to mention his strange knowledge of sneezy situations and their potential causes.

Luckily, Victor doesn’t say anything and blows his nose instead. He crumples up and throws away the paper towel, washes his hands, and then uses a clean paper towel to dry them off. A chaste peck find its way onto Yuuri’s mouth. “I bet the others are wondering where we are. Should we go back now?”

Yuuri sighs and nods, defeated. The whole point of their impromptu bathroom trip was to tell Victor to knock it off, but in the end Victor really wasn’t aware of his actions. It was just a fluke and tormenting string of coincidences. Ah, the joys of having a bizarre kink, an anxious and overactive mind, and a sneezy, clueless boyfriend.

Victor unlocks the door and opens it, but he comes to a sharp stop just before he steps out. Yuuri almost slams into Victor’s back as a result. “—ah! V-Victor?”

The taller man angles his head, so that his pink-nosed profile is facing Yuuri. “Oh, one last thing. I don’t think you should sit next to me anymore,” he says, sounding a lot more sober than he did ten seconds ago. What in the… “In fact,” Victor continues, touching a fingertip to his twitching septum. “I think you should sit across from me. So you can have a better view.”

Yuuri’s jaw drops as Victor walks back to the table, and seconds later the bathroom echoes with a flabbergasted shout: “YOU DID KNOW!”


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Laughed at the last line! I love Yuuri's inner thoughts, I can relate when someone attractive is all sneezy...I am not usually into fics where a character has the fetish, but I think this fic converted me, sneaky (and) sneezy Victor is my favorite ^^ 

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Very nice Spoo!!  I loved your other one and I'm so happy you keep gifting us with these precious babies~

GOD Yuuri's so precious~ and Viktor's such a beautifully sly bastard, I love it!!

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On 11/30/2016 at 9:56 AM, jingle bellows said:

Laughed at the last line! I love Yuuri's inner thoughts, I can relate when someone attractive is all sneezy...I am not usually into fics where a character has the fetish, but I think this fic converted me, sneaky (and) sneezy Victor is my favorite ^^ 

I think we all can relate to that. :laugh: It's like: "Um, can you NOT." Hahaha, but thanks! I'm also kinda iffy about characters having the fetish, but it seems to work well with Yuuri's frazzled and flustered personality. He's such a cutie pie~ :wub: 

On 11/30/2016 at 1:21 PM, Juto said:

I adore the humour you weaved into this. Spot on!! 

And Victor'a sneezing and nose rubbing :drool: very VERY nice... 

Thanks so much! :yay: Victor couldn't be unattractive if he tried, to be honest. 

On 11/30/2016 at 1:40 PM, Akahana said:

Very nice Spoo!!  I loved your other one and I'm so happy you keep gifting us with these precious babies~

GOD Yuuri's so precious~ and Viktor's such a beautifully sly bastard, I love it!!

Thank you! I wish I had the courage to post "the other one" here on the forum, but it's too self-indulgent and I'd die of embarrassment (as I'm sure you've noticed, I'm a lot less reserved on tumblr :P). Victor lives to make Yuuri blush. It's one of his favorite things to do! 

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I feel so bad for putting off reading these fanfics till I caught up with the anime and omg I'm so glad I did since this was just great! Honestly, its been killing me. Love this so much since it has some of my favorite things wrapped in this fic, someone's drunk/acting innocent while knowing what their really doing and someone who has a sneeze/cold fetish with nothing to control it :D

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SPOO, YOU'RE KILLING ME. :blushing: This was the cutest scenario I've ever read, Yuri on Ice or otherwise!! I love Viktor's cocky sass to Yuuri, and I love how awkward and embarrassed Yuuri gets, SOOOO sexy, :inlove:  Keep up your amazing work, Spoo. :)

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I can't even... I don't... WHERE ARE THE WORDS.  Okay.  I will have you know I was smiling and laughing out loud like a HOPELESS DORK throughout the entirety of this fic because it is one of the cutest and most delightful things my eyes have ever fed my brain and I'm SO HAPPY and I am going to read it MANY more times and I THINK YOU KILLED ME.

Your narration is so... flippin... fantastic.  You have Yuri's voice DOWN and it brings me so much joy to read from his perspective, ESPECIALLY when he has the fetish.  The whole way you write and portray his inner monologue is so spot on to his character and to how a situation like that actually would feel for us, and HAVE I MENTIONED HOW HAPPY IT MAKES ME???  I adore his reaction to everything Victor does, his realizations, his inner outbursts, all the fluster fluff.  It's so FUNNY and part of what makes it so funny is that it is so perfectly Yuri, and Victor is so perfectly Victor.  And their chemistry, GODS!!!  GUUUUUUH I cannot express enough how much I love it.

Every single piece of Yuri's inner monologue is my favorite thing, and the way you weave Victor's sneezing into it had me giggling so helplessly I had tears in my eyes.  Thank you for this treasure.

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