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Can this forum help me contactother fetishists?


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Pming/Open forum discussion is your best bet but due to your 'Validating' status, you don't have access to the 'pm' function. 

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Getting in contact and chatting with other fetishists are both things you can do here, and as Quing Nerd points out above you're already doing that :D Once you're validated you get the opportunity to pm other members. However, a word for the wise is to remember that not everyone is on here wanting to connect with other fetishists - some are just here for the wealth of fics, artwork, wavs, etc. and value their privacy. 

And welcome to the forum - always good to see new members :) 

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Hi Doug and firstly, welcome to the forum!

In my opinion, the best way to get to know other fetishists better is by starting to interact with other members by posting on the various different forums that you currently have access to. Most people gradually get to know others by chatting in topics that take their fancy and thus usually find others with similar interests in that way.

Then by the time you get validated at some point in the future (see How do I get validated? for more details) you will be able to use the Private Messaging system and other forum features to make contact with people you have already started to build a relationship with by posting.

I would stress that for me (and perhaps many others) it works best to take a softly softly approach and not to rush headlong into chatting intensely with the first person who happens to catch your eye. Also, be aware, as others have pointed out, that not everyone is here for the same reasons, so we all need to respect other people's "personal space".

In conclusion, take your time, start posting in topics that interest you and above all, enjoy the forum!

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