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How do sub-titles deal with a character sneezing?

Joal 555

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I ask that question because when Peri sneezes twice near the beginning of episode 4 of Planet of Fire (Doctor Who - Peter Davison era), the sub-titles on the DVD were "atchoo!" both times :rofl: whereas I might have expected "(sneezes)".

I have to say I was slightly disappointed they didn't come up with one of the more imaginative spellings from our stories section. I don't know, something like "hmmmmmpppppppfffffxxchoo" - that would have been much funnier :P

Anyway, has anyone else got other examples of what the sub-titles said when a character sneezed?



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Did the sneeze actually sound how it was spelled, or was it more in line with what you suggested? Maybe (WAZOO) would have been more appropriate? :yay: Great question and I'm sorry I don't have anything else to contribute! I kind of want to go back on Netflix though and see what I find with the subtitles on.

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LOL No, I only know subtitles the way you thought they'd usually be: blah blah blah... ( he sneezes) Same is blah blah blah (it's knocking)

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6 hours ago, AnonyMouse said:

Did the sneeze actually sound how it was spelled


In this case, the spelling "atchoo!" was a reasonable approximation to the sound of the sneezes.

It's just that the spelling was so conventional, that I thought it was a wasted opportunity to educate the vanillas out there :P


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In an episode of Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Altman has a cold and sneezes a couple of times throughout the episode -- they just use (sneezes). It's a great episode. 

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I would guess it depends on whether it's those kinds of subs that are for people who are hard on hearing(? I think that'show you say iy in English..?) ie those that have all the (approaching footsteps) and (cheeful yelling) kind of background sound transcriptions or the kind of subs that are just... Idk, speech only..? Because the first kind would have the sneezes included in the subtitles while the second kind most likely doesn't have. I don't think there are any actual rules to how to include sneezes in subtitles though so whether it's (sneezes) or achoo or what ever would be down to the translator's preferences, lol. As far as I know.

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