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Just a li'l Jemma Simmons Drabble (aos f)

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Just a tiny little one-shot that wouldn't go any further. I picture these two as platonic, but do as you wish with them :)

“Oh heh God, not again - Fitz -”


Jemma’s voice is a desperate squeak as she pants in shallow, hitching breaths. Her right arm is pinned to her side in a sling and her other hand is wrapped around her twinging ribs. She tosses her head side to side as the urge to sneeze grows, wrinkling her nose fruitlessly.


“Got it,” Fitz says, putting his laptop aside and sitting forward on the sofa to put a finger under her madly twitching nostrils.


“Ehhh…” she gasps, eyes fluttering shut. “Fihhh - Fitz…”


“I gotcha,” he soothes, gently massaging her septum.


After a few more shaky inhales, her breath comes out in a relieved sigh.




“No problem.” He sits back and resumes clacking away on his laptop. “You want a tissue?”


“”No, that just makes it worse,” she grimaces. “There’s not much to blow, anyway. Right now I’m just so - so - good lord -”


He shoves his computer away again and dives for the tissue box, getting one to her face just in time.




She doubles over into the tissue over his palm, letting out a little muffled whimper.


“Bless you,” he says sympathetically, rubbing comforting circles between her shoulder blades and pulling her hair out of her face.


“Mnh, thanks,” she sighs, sitting back and wrinkling her nose miserably. “Why do I have to be so allergic to everything?”


“The price you pay for our kind of brains,” he says solemnly. “Do you wanna try the nasal spray again?”


She shakes her head, face scrunching up, and he grabs another tissue and gently rubs her nose, pressing against her upper lip, pinching her nostrils together. He’s getting quite good at it, this being day two of her miserable combination of broken ribs and horrendous hay fever. When the impending sneeze finally ebbs she drops her head against his shoulder, exhausted.




“It’s only been two hours.”


“Everything hurts.”

He kisses the top of her head in apology.

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