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Sneezing while logging on here (self f)


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Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving (for those in the US), and are enjoying the start of a wonderful holiday season (for those celebrating!)


I just thought I would share a quick one here....while logging on I had a sudden burning in my left nostril, and an equally as sudden "INNGggTchhh"  and immediately "INNGgTTCHhhh" partial stifles.  This actually happens often when logging on here...power of suggestion, I guess!


But wait...did you come for the gold? This morning was something else....my husband and I are already sleeping next to the Christmas tree, and I woke up, was lying in bed and suddenly "hehISSHOOO!  HeTCHEEEW!  Heh heh INNGTCHEW!  Heh Ishhhawww!  HepTCHEW!" then I paused, thinking, wow that was a lot!  And suddenly, "HHEEPttiiissshhoo!!!"


What a day! Hope you enjoy :)

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I'm really not sure! Maybe so...I usually sneeze 3 times, and that was a lot for me so rapid, back to back! I startled my kitties :) My husband had already left for work...no hubby blessings! :(

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Oh, bless you!  That was quite a fit you described!

Last week I sneezed while I was logging on here, too, though I think it's the first time that's happened for me.

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