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The First Time (M)


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I'm finally back to the forum after a bit of a hiatus :) I can thank the stress of my first semester in college for that. But I'm almost done with finals now, so here I am again, ready to share with you lovely people the experiences I had over the past few months (though mostly bad, there are a few rather interesting ones thrown in there :P). Consider this the first of many obs to come over the next few weeks. Sorry I'm so rusty! Hope you'll enjoy it anyway? 

     I still remember the first time I saw him sneeze. We were walking through muddy grass, his warm hand in mine, taking in the sights of the bustling fairgrounds as we took a stroll. My friends were up ahead of us, chattering animatedly to one another, pointing out this cool costume and that handmade ware. I can’t say I remember much my surroundings that day; all I remember is the smile on his face, the feel of his soft lips on my own, the lust in his eyes when he looked into mine through long, dark lashes. It felt as if electricity was coursing through my veins.

     The feeling only tripled in intensity when he scrunched up his perfect little nose, absolutely adorable with its soft dusting of freckles across its straight bridge, and he gave a suddenly congested sniffle. He raised the hand not entangled in mine up to his small, oval nostrils, and gave it an aggressive rub. Must be something in the air that’s bothering him, I thought to myself as his nostrils flared with another liquid sniff. I felt my toes curl as he lifted his sweatshirt-clad elbow to his face, so that I could no longer see his lips beginning to part, his nostrils beginning to quiver in desperation. I watched, completely enamored, as his chest heaved with a shaky inhale.

     “Hh–hhuhh,” he gasped, the sound catching in his throat. “HhuhhISHHhiew!” His body doubled forward with the force of the sneeze, his dark hair flopping out of place. He remained there for a moment, silent, with his face still hidden in the crook of his elbow. Did he need a tissue? Or was he going to sneeze again?

     “You okay?” I asked, hoping I didn't sound as eager as I felt. I squeezed his hand. Another moment passed before he emerged from behind his sleeve with a whistling sniff. He gave me an annoyed look as he pushed his bangs out of his eyes.

     "Yeah, I’m good. I just usually sneeze like a million times.” I swear he felt my heart skip a beat (or two), because when he looked at me again, there was hunger in his chocolate brown eyes. I felt his gaze on my lips before I felt his hand reaching down to tilt my face up to his, and he pulled me into his embrace for another moment of deep passion–something I’d never experienced with anyone before, and something I never thought I’d share with someone as beautiful and wonderful as him. Never did I think I’d be held the way he held me. I was seeing stars. 

     I tapped the small, round tip of his nose affectionately before we continued to walk arm and arm throughout the fairgrounds, daydreams of all the wonderful, passionate, and hopefully, sneezy moments we had yet to experience flashing through my mind. How many fits would I have the pleasure of witnessing from this dream boat of a man?

     That girl at the fairgrounds that day, the one who wore her heart on her sleeve, the one who felt love and belonging and affection for the first time, the one who felt that, just maybe, the universe had finally rewarded her for enduring years of misfortune, would be absolutely over the moon if she knew how many powerful, seemingly-endless fits she’d get to witness from the man who just seemed too good for her, too out of her league. 
     But some things are just too good to be true. Every experience comes with a price. 
     She’d pay it soon enough.

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Awwww! This was adorable and very sad and relatable at the end! :( Please do include more obs if you have time though; you write them beautifully and he seems like his fits would have been very entertaining lol.

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On December 9, 2016 at 9:02 AM, v a n i l l a said:

Awwww! This was adorable and very sad and relatable at the end! :( Please do include more obs if you have time though; you write them beautifully and he seems like his fits would have been very entertaining lol.

Welp, just got the chance to read this now! Thanks for the super kind words :')! I definitely have many more stories to share about his amazing fits. Pretty much the only good thing I can take away from our relationship :bleh: I will be sure to post more soon!


On December 10, 2016 at 5:53 AM, Psyneezy said:

Lovely descriptions :) 

Thank you<3!  

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