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allergic salutes and rasberry sneezes from lady at work (f)


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I posted about a co-worker and her desperate rasberry sneezes in training. 

Yesterday, again I was in training and this lady kept doing an allergic salute to the trainer when the trainer was telling about another new computer program. She then said she was allergic to burmuda grass whcih is in bloom this time of year. I moved to a warmer climate for the time being.

I know lately this lady has been sitting a bit closer to me then she was before because they want certain people in a certain vicinity because of the new computer program some of the workers on. She is in her 20s with dark brown hair and wears eclectic sweaters.

Her eclectic sweaters are certainly not the other attention she gets around the workplace and it seems like her unique, intense, wet signature rasberry sneezes also have gotten the attention of her co-workers.

It seems like each day she has two very loud and intense rasberry sneezing episodes a day.

Usually, she does a loud "Haaaaapppppprrrrhhhhh" rasberry sneeze and then a couple of hours later she usually does a double "Haaappppprrrrhhhh" "Haaaarrrrpppphhhh".


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