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Bad cold in class


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I caught a bad cold this week. I still have it too, so I know it'll be a long one. Honestly, I expected a cold since most of my classmates are sick. I started feeling bad on Monday, and by Wednesday I had to bring a tissue box to lectures with me. I can't seem to stop sneezing either. On Thursday, I woke up with a deep tickle in my nose. It made my nose run and my eyes water, but I had class so I couldn't induce. By my last class, I had gone through almost all of my tissues and my nose was bright red. About halfway through the class, my nose decided to finally let me sneeze and oh boy. I must have sneezed about 40 times in the last hour of class. I felt so bad about being a disruption, but it felt good to finally get to sneeze. I've been staying in bed since then. I could really use some soup and tissues. I've gone through two boxes in two days and I'm sneezing about 50 times an hour. I've never had such a sneezy cold and I have to say, it's exhausting. Well, I think I should go back to sleep. :( (and for those who care, I've sneezed five times while writing this. I didn't even bother putting the tissues down.)

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Awww, poor girl. This sounds horrible! Feel better soon! (And you should call a friend or family member to care for you...)

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