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Kitchen sneezes


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I have been unusually sneezy this week. I'm not one of those people who generally sneeze every day but  I have had mini sneezing fits for the past few days.

Today's one was annoyingly around people which I don't enjoy as much as i like being able to sneeze loudly and freely. I also prefer not to cover and as my sneezes are wet I can't do that in public either.

Anyway, I was helping out with a community lunch and as I was putting some fruit and veggies onto platters I felt the need to sneeze sufddenly well up in my nose. As usual my nostrils started to twitch and flare and I didn't have much time to turn away and sneeze twice into my sneeze. As I was suppressing them they sounded like IIISSSHHH, IIIISSHHH. The inevitable third took longer to build and I lifted the neck of my sweater to hide my pre-sneeze face and catch the spray. When this one came I tried valiantly to suppress it too but it was a kind of hybrid sneeze - HEHIIISSSHHHHH.....ooo with the tiniest most pathetic ooo at the end. neezes are never as satisfying when you can't just sneeze them out

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What a beautiful observation! From your description, your sneezes sound like some of my favorite!


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