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Sick-Talk at the Hairdresser's (No sneezing)


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What happened at my hairdresser's today, was somehow embarrassing for me. I had already the dye on my hair; reading a magazine while waiting, when a young man entered the salon. He was around twenty, had a well-built body, curly brown hair and a handsome face. He sat down on a place behind me (I could perfectly watch him through the mirror in front of me :blush: ) and instantly started to speak about how sick he was. His voice was only the slightest bit congested and hoarse - nothing grave. And he didn't look pale or something, his skin even had a natural tan. But that talk... :blush: He went on that the would go out over the weekend anyway as some friends had invited him; and how hard it was to play two halves being sick (so, he was obviously a member of the local football-team - they had a game this afternoon). I really had a hard time there and always spoke to myself: You can't react on that, please not! You're almost two times his age! But the worst was yet to come - the hairdresser (a young women) touched him when she started to do his hair and said: "Wow, you feel really warm!" :mellow::surprise::stretcher:

Let's just say - I was glad, he had only a simple dry haircut, so he left the salon after just 20 minutes again...

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