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Almost made it....


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You guys, I was SO close. Less than a week until Christmas, with all sorts of friends, colleagues, family, and various passers-by sneezing, coughing, and spluttering all over the place, and until now, I'd managed to dodge it all. I'd even started feeling smug about how I'd normally have caught the dreadful winter cold by now.

I obviously spoke too soon. Long hours in the lab, strenuous sports training, a stressful personal life and a week in which all available downtime has been spent (ahem) drinking festively with friends and colleagues seems to have done me in. I'd been feeling draggy the past couple days and had put it down to all the aforementioned causes, but since I woke up today, my nose has been running like a tap and my eyes and throat are starting to get that icky, itchy, watery feeling they acquire when I get a cold. I was out all day running errands in the chilly damp and have been feeling worse and worse. I got in about an hour ago with the things to make soup and just dumped them on the kitchen counter and dragged myself up to the bedroom. My SO who had been pottering around took one look at me and helped me out of my coat, saying he was going to make the soup. He's through the kitchen just now banging away, and I'm in pyjamas and fluffy socks, under the duvet because I'm so cold. Just a few minutes ago, I sneezed not once, not twice, not even a triple, but five times in a row! And I NEVER sneeze, not even random occasional singles. My partner shouted "bless you, you okay?" and I had to respond with a sniffly "yes, thanks!" I still have a bothersome tickle in my nose though, and I feel like I'll sneeze again soon.

Urgh. This is what I get for my hubris. The last week before Christmas break looks set to be a miserable one...

Will keep updates if they come along...stay healthy friends!

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Thanks guys, it's officially on!! Woke up Monday feeling a lot better and went to work, but felt increasingly worse over the day. Luckily the workplace is pretty quiet this week so I was able to get home early before the full waterworks/sneezing started up. I've been having wet, scratchy-sounding doubles every half hour or so, and having to blow my nose every 10 minutes.

Luckily was planning on working from home today anyway and so was the SO, so he's been making me cups of tea and every so often giving me a pitying, playful tap on the nose. Grr, hope this ends before the weekend!

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