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Bungou Stray Dogs (Chuuya/Dazai)


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Okay, so this is the first fanfic that i've ever written so it might not be so good. But I hope you enjoy anyways lol :rolleyes:. I'm sorry if it feels kind of rushed. I was writing it and was like "Okay this should be long enough, it took a long time to write.", and then I went back and re-read it and was like "Oh, that's actually really short...":huh:. So I added some stuff but it's still pretty short so sorry 'bout that. :razz: 

So this is a Bungou Stray Dogs fanfic, obviously. I am in LOVE with this anime and these characters. If you haven't seen it, get ready to have hours of your life taken away from you because this show if FANTASTIC AND YOU WILL BE HOOKED. 

Okay, so some things to know before you read: 

Beware, spoilers ahead! (Do not read any further if you don't want things spoiled.)  

- This takes place back when Dazai was in the Mafia and partners with Chuuya (aka, my little cinnamon roll).

- This may be ooc because I wanted it to be a little fluffy. So, I mean, I tried to keep it in character as much as possible, but it probably is a little ooc. So sorry! *bows*

- I do not own Bungou Stray Dogs. If I did, I might actually think I was doing something with my life. 

- I'm a really sucky writer, Poe would be disappointed in me.

- Also, the formatting might be messed up because I don't know how to do anything, so sorry about that too. 

ALRIGHT, with that being said, I hope you enjoy! (a little, maybe, no. okay...) 

Feel free to comment! :)  




Chuuya lay on his bed looking up at the chipped, rotting ceiling. The hotel he and his partner was currently staying in couldn't have been more disgusting. The beds were old and scratchy and the floor was littered with dirt and dead bugs. Every time you stepped on the ground a cloud of dust would raise an inch or so around your foot before settling back down again. There was one window of the other side of the room where the moonlight illuminated just enough of the room to see the chocolate colored eyes of his partner staring right at him.


“What the hell are you looking at, Dazai?” His partner's gaze didn’t waver as he spoke, instead he only seemed to look more intently at him.


“You.” Dazai answered, “You look like you in pain.” he elaborated.


Chuuya felt himself clench his teeth together, of course he was in pain dammit! He just used ‘Corruption’ for fucks sake! Dazai closed the book he was reading (how could he even see the words when it’s this dark?!) and stood up. He hadn't made it 2 steps towards Chuuya before he unclasped his teeth and spat out harshly.  


“What are you doing? I told you not to come on this side of the room.” Dazai halted and looked around the floor, confused.


“Sorry, where was that line you drew again? I can’t seem to find it…”


Chuuya sighed angrily, his patience for his idiotic partner growing thinner by the second. “It was an imaginary line you shithead. Just stay on that half of the room.” Dazai looked back up at him and moved closer. “Oi, I told you not to-”


Chuuya cut himself off with a gasp when Dazai’s palm connected with his forehead.


“That’s definitely a fever, Chuuya. I told you you didn’t have to come with me on this mission.”


Chuuya swatted his hand away, “Ya, well you would probably be dead by now if I didn’t.”


Something about the comment twisted a smile onto the taller boys face and he hummed a laugh as he stepped back a few times until he was back sitting on his bed. The squeak the bed made as Dazai’s weight landed on it almost made Chuuya cringe, and even though he thought he hadn’t showed his discomfort anywhere on his face, apparently his partner had picked up on it anyway.


“You know, you probably shouldn’t be drinking that wine right now, since you’re sick. I doubt it’s helping your headache…”


“I’m not sick and if anything the wine is helping my headac-” Shit. Chuuya realized to late he had just admitted his discomfort. His partner eyed him with a badly hidden smirk as he shifted onto his back.


God damn him. Chuuya shifted in his bed causing it to squeak loudly as he struggled to get under the covers. He could practically feel Dazai’s eyes on him as he finally settled down. He let out a long, dramatic sigh as he stared at the ceiling. It had been a long few days, he was exhausted.


After only a few seconds of silence, Chuuya felt a tickle in his nose and his breath start to quicken. Fuck. Dazai was still watching him like a hawk. Eye-spying his every movement and waiting for the right moment to open his mouth and annoy the living shit out of him. Chuuya sniffed as quietly as he could but that, annoyingly, didn’t do anything to diminish the tickle, in fact, it seemed to only serve to make it itch more. Chuuya let out another annoyed sigh, which only jumped back in his throat. He quickly turned over so he was facing the to the opposite side of the room and pinched his nose shut.




He sneezed so quietly it was practically silent. The same couldn’t be said for anything else though. As his body jolted forward with the effort it took to contain it, the bed screeched and whined loudly and he internally cursed this stupid hotel for being such a fucking dump.


Dazai didn’t said anything for a few moments, and for a minute Chuuya thought he might not have realized what had just happened. Until,


“Awwww, Chuu~ya! Was that a sneeze? It’s adorable!~ ” Chuuya could hear the grin in his voice and he clenched his fists tight. He curled up on himself in an attempt to stay warm as he shivered as discreetly as he could. After a few minutes, as Chuuya was about to fall asleep, the silence Chuuya had taken advantage of, reached its inevitable end.


“Chuuya, you mind if I turn on the light by the beds? I want to read and it’s too darkkkk.” You didn’t seem to have a problem with that a couple of minutes ago. God just listening to this asshole’s voice was like listening to nails on a chalkboard. Before Chuuya could even say anything Dazai had already flicked on the light.


“Oi, i’m trying to sleep here, turn the light off and be quiet.”


“Just close your eyes and it won’t bother you.”


Chuuya was about ready to murder the bandaged piece of shit. He opened his mouth to say this much but before he could even take a breath he slammed his mouth back shut. Damn it! An itch flared through his nose and before he could even think about holding it back, his body jerked forward and he barely was able to pull the corner of the blanket over his face before he lost it.


“Hh’tsh!-uha. Hu h‘tshh!-ha, ugh..” The sneezes took more energy out of Chuuya then he cared to admit, and he itched his nose on the back of his hand before giving a soft sniff, all but forgetting about his learning audience. Great, out of all the times he could possibly get sick, ‘now’ was never a good option. Momentarily forgetting that he was currently with his sociopath stalker, he almost yelped when he turned over and saw Dazai looking straight at him.


Dazai narrowed his big brown eyes at him, arching an eyebrow in the same motion when he caught Chuuya’s gaze. Chuuya’s shocked expression quickly morphed into a angry glare as Dazai’s turned into a smirk and Chuuya watched him bite his lip to suppress laughter.


“Chuuya sneezes just like a girl!~”, he snorted as he covered his mouth with his hand.


Chuuya felt the anger bubble up inside him, and if he had had 5% more energy than he currently did, his partners 1 good eye would have been just as useless as the one under the bandages.


“What the hell is so funny you bandaged piece of shit?!” He moved to sit up so he didn’t have to look up as high to stare into the bastards shit brown eyes. When he was almost all the way sat up, his elbow buckled underneath him with a loud crack! and he winced as his body landed back down hard on the bed.


Dazai’s laughter cut off when he heard Chuuya wince. He knew how helpless Chuuya would get after using ‘Corruption’, probably even more so if he was already sick. With a dramatic sigh and an eyeroll, he pushed himself off his bed and plopped down on Chuuya’s.


Chuuya shot him a glare, but didn’t oppose his presence, which was as good as an invitation from someone else. As much as Chuuya despised Dazai, he was really warm in contrast to the freezing room, so Chuuya allowed his presence to remain on the small bed.


Dazai snuggled under the blankets with Chuuya and pulled him close until they were spooning. Chuuya had to resist the urge to growl out of habit. Instead, he snuggled closer to Dazai, relishing in his warmth. He could feel Dazai’s hot breath on the back of his neck and listened to his calming heartbeat.


Whatever. This does not  mean he actually likes Dazai. No way in hell, he’s just tolerating him for his own benefit. He’s just really warm and comfortable. And he smells really nice, like lavender and oranges, probably from the soap and shampoo he used half an hour ago.


Chuuya coughed softly into his hand and turned over so he was facing Dazai, making sure to avoid the other’s eyes (or eye in this case, I guess). He smushed his freezing hands in between his and Dazai’s chests, sighing contently at the warmth. He felt Dazai’s heartbeat lulling him to sleep. He was so fucking tired. ‘Corruption’ really does zap all his strength.


He felt Dazai’s chin rest on top of his bright orange hair and Dazai’s arm wrap around him in a soft, protective hug. He shivered. Being the fucking observant fuck that he was, Dazai didn’t let his shivering go unnoticed.


“You cold, Chuuya?~” Dazai asked. Chuuya could tell he was obviously mocking him, but their was something else in his voice that Chuuya couldn’t quite place.


If it were anyone else, he would have called it worry.


“Shut u- h’tshh.” Fuck, that came out of nowhere. Chuuya sniffled. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like he was done yet.


Chuuya cupped a hand to his face and pinched his nose hard, squeezing his eyes shut and refusing to breath. Of course, this did nothing to stop the onset, and he ducked his head down into himself to avoid sneezing on Dazai… again.  


“Hu-hu ‘tshuu. Huu ‘sthhu. ‘shuu. ‘shu’shu’shu. Fuck! Chuuya hated the way he sneezed. They were small and timid but their were always a ton of them, which drew unnecessary attention to him. Dazai was never gonna let him live this down. He knew he sneezed like a little girl, that didn’t mean he was okay with others pointing it out.


“Hu hu-h ‘tshhu hu‘shh’shh’shu.” Finally, he finished. Chuuya shock his head slightly and abused his nose with the back of his hand for allowing him do that, especially in front of Dazai.


He sniffed and shifted closer to Dazai trying to hide his blushing face. He felt more than heard Dazai chuckle, and felt his face heat up even more.


“You okay their, Chibi?” Chuuya heard the smile in his voice, and buried his face into Dazai’s chest further.


“Fine, thanks.” He growled out.


Dazai hummed a laugh and stroked Chuuya’s soft hair gently. Chuuya yawned and rubbed his eyes with his fist. Dazai smiled down at him. It was a genuine smile, full of fondness, one that very few people got to see.


Dazai waited until he was sure Chuuya was asleep, confirmed by his soft, even breathing and fingers that twitched every now and then. Then he leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to the top of Chuuya’s head with a sad smile.


“I’ll never forget you, ma petite mafia.”



Exactly 4 days later, Dazai left the Port Mafia, breaking Soukoku... and Chuuya, though he would never admit it. Chuuya was left alone, with only the memory of him… and a blown up car.                                           

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Oh??? My ??? Gosh???? WHY HAS NO ONE ELSE COMMENTED ON HIW GOOD THIS IS !! honestly it's so in character and perfect and I've read this three times in a row :wub: I love bsd and dazai and chuuya are my favourites, this is amazing!!! I can't believe this is the first fanfic you've written, I'm impressed!! :0

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OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH!!! I'm so glad you liked it and think it's in character because it was so hard to write I was like "how do people even do this????" :laugh:  Thank you so much for commenting I love hearing if someone liked it! :heart::heart: 

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THIS. IS. SO. DELIGHTFUL. <3   Aaaaaaahhhhhh @laura you got them so perfectlyyyy!  How did I miss this for four months!?!  Gah!  That's what I get for neglecting the forum.  Dude I'm sorry it took me so long to discover this but I'm so glad you wrote it!  I absolutely ADORE the banter between the two of them.  I giggled so many times throughout this whole thing.  Dazai teasing Chuuya is the best. XD  That is exactly how I imagine them talking to each other, and I love how you convey the masked affection between the two of them, beneath all the layers of denial and projected dislike.  And Chuuyaaaaaaa!!!  That is exactly how I imagine him acting when he's sick.  Totally tries to hide it, and does a really crappy job at it and is just plain pitiful (and adorable).  I love these two so so so so SO much and you have most certainly done them justice.  AND THEN THEY CUDDLE AND IT'S SO FLIPPIN CUTE.  I'm so happy.  Thank you for this beauty. 

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I actually did see and read this back in December. I just never got around to commenting for some reason. But let me tell you, I really enjoyed reading it. I kind of ship these two like it's my job, so...

I'm a real sucker for someone shivering while being held and then the person holding them notices btw haha.

This was really cute and really well written, and I really hope to read more of your writing in the future! :)

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@alias THANK YOU SO MUCH WAHHHHH! You have no idea how happy I am to hear that you liked it!!! Ehehehe it's so bad though compared to your writing ugh. *hides in corner* I seriously had no idea what I was doing, this is the first fic i've ever written and I was literally contemplating my life the whole time like how do people even do this?!? BUT I'M GLAD YOU LIKED IT ANYWAYS YAY!! Thank you thank you thank you for all your kindness it seriously means so so much.:rollslow: Omg I love your fics so much they make me insanely happy so I'm glad I can (slightly) repay the favor (even if it's just a teeny tiny bit). :wubsmiley:

@Tippy Awww thank you so much for commenting! And I totally get you, I ship these losers more then I ship my parents (is that weird? ummm anyways....). I'm really glad you liked it and thought it was well written :P, it makes me so happy to hear that! Honestly I'm gonna try to write more this summer (even though I absolutely suck with any kind of responsibilities...) BUT hopefully I'll actually feel confident enough to post something soon! (It's just so much easier to bask in other people's glorious works ugh life is so hard.)   

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