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This is AU for “For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”. In novelization of this episode Spock says, that one of the tubes in cooling system was blocking by vespiary. Let us make assume, what the reason for breakage was dust, not wasp. Very-very lot of dust.



Little warning:

Usually I make the translation from English to Russian, and it will be my first experience writing a literary text on the other langridge. I’m afraid, I can make some rude mistakes, so I already sorry for this.



93. Simplicity.

Simple dust.




— Huh… aaschh-uh! Ahhchuh!



— Spock? — Jim looked up from the computer bar and glanced to the ladder, where his First Officer coming down. — Are you alright?



— Y-yes… hhsngshh! Yes, captain. Hah-nght! Hh’ght’tch! The cooling system was clogged with dust and… ah… ahch!



— I see, — Kirk smiled, — save your breath. Bless you.



Spock pulled out tissue from his pocket, covered face, and wave of sneezes hit him.



— Excuse me, Captain.



— Don’t take your mind, mr. Spock. — Jim finished course calibration and glanced at the the Vulcan. Spock’s eyes was inflamed and watering, and the nose was covered by tissue. Jim clearly didn’t like it. — Let's get out of here.



Jim grabbed Spock's arm and led his to the door. But Vulcan stopped abruptly right in front of the hatch.



— Damn it, Spock… — Captain turned. Vulcan has scanned some databases. Then he turn away and again sneezed in the tissue.



— I beg your pardon. — Spock sniffed. — Sir, it contains all knobledge about the Fabrini. Ha… hatch’h! Many of theb relate to medicine. It would be wise… tch’h! Atch’h!



Kirk sighed.



— Bless you. Do what you need, Spock, but quickly. Bones! — he shouted into the hatch. — Do you have some antihistamine?



— What, you catch something even here? — Jim heard rustling outside, and next moment Doctor came to them.



— You’ll not believe me, but it was not me this time, — Kirk grinned.

To confirm Captain’s words, Spock began to sneeze again. After that attack Vulcan clearly become harder to breathe, the air come out with a whistling sound. McCoy frowned.



— No, Jim. It is necessary to synthesize a special composition for him. From standard medications it can become even worse. He must urgently take off the clothes and wash off this allergen. What is it, by the way?



— Dust. Spock…

— Still nearby two minutes, Captain.



— Nearby? — Jim repeated and frowning. A bad sign.



— hhSNSSHHH! NtSHHoo! huhSNSHHHoo!!



— Bless you, — McCoy said thoughtfully. — Well, Commander, I’d never expect that you will be able to incapacitate by ordinary dust.



Spock tried to say something, but coughed, sneezed, and did not take other attempts. Tricorder blinked in his hands.



— It’s done, — said Vulcan. His voice was hoarse.



— Thank God, — breathed Kirk and pulling communicator. — Scotty, beam up three!

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As I said: Nice fic! English isn't my native language, too - it's brave to try to write a story and post it anyway! I love sneezy Spock and the interaction between the trio :) 

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8 hours ago, SneezeFanGirl said:

What, you catch something even here? — Jim heard rustling outside, and next moment Doctor came to them.



— You’ll not believe me, but it was not me this time, — Kirk grinned.

LOL! Funny!


This was cute. Nice job with the English.

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10 hours ago, Red said:

As I said: Nice fic! English isn't my native language, too - it's brave to try to write a story and post it anyway! I love sneezy Spock and the interaction between the trio :) 

Thank you :) I know, I make mistakes, but I don't see, where they are. But when I see others people progress, I believe, that I just in start on this way :)

Sneezy Spock my favorite too :) Ang I glad, that you liked dialogue between personages.

6 hours ago, AngelEyes said:

LOL! Funny!


This was cute. Nice job with the English.

Thank you, I'm very pleased :rolleyes:

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I have so much respect for people who are fluent in more than one language enough to write a story in.  This was great to read and I hope now you'll have the courage to post many more stories because I'd love to see what other ideas you have! :)

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SleepingPhlox, thank you :) I'm very happy that you liked this :)


Next drabble will be about " City on the Edge of Forever ". It know at least  3 fics, where Spock get sick in this moment, but I so love this plot, and I think another one will not be excess.


Jim woke up because he is chilled. Yesterday the weather changed sharply, and heat from little stove was not enough for the night. Rain lasting from evening and still going. Jim shivered and looked at Spock, whose bed was at the other wall. The Vulcan was asleep, wrapped in a blanket. From the convolution sticking out only his bangs and nose. Jim smiled and glance at the clock. Eight in the morning. There was no point go to bed again.

Kirk got up, wincing when his feet touched the ice floor, covered Spock with his a blanket and went to freshen oneself up. Today they had a day off, but in the afternoon Jim awaited meeting with Edith.

This morning Spock slept longer than usual. All these days, by the time Jim woke up, his first officer managed to to wash himself, cook breakfast and braze something in a homemade computer before work. Well, it seems today was Jim's turn.

By ten-thirty Jim got a little worried. He went to the Vulcan and looked closer. Spock seemed paler than usual. Jim sat on the bed and touched his forehead. It was useless — due to the difference of their temperature is still clear nothing.

— Spock,  — called the Captain.

Spock sighed, opened his eyes and sleepily looked at Jim.

— Captain? — Spock’s voice was surprised and a little hoarse. — Something happened?

— No. — Jim shook his head. — You did not wake up for a long time, and I began to worry. How are you? You look a little pale.

Spock paused, as if he listening to himself, and then said slowly:

— I do not feel quite rested, but besides that I'm fine. — He coughed, as if cleared his throat. — Sorry, Jim. I need to get used to the high humidity.

— And to the cold, — Jim added, noticing how Vulcan shivered. — Are you sure you can handle this?

— Yes. — Spock smiled corners of his mouth, and his voice was almost normal. — I proceed to work in twenty minutes and forty-five seconds.

Jim relaxed. It seems. Spock just have bad  reaction to the change of weather. Of course, Jm will need to think of something with warm clothing for Vulcan.

Spock took up work immediately after breakfast, and Jim soon left for a meeting with Edith.


When Jim came back, it was already late evening. Spock soldered something. He looked annoyed and tired, but given the complexity of his work it was not surprising. Jim greeted the Commander and went into the kitchen.

— Did you eat? — Kirk asked.

Spock answered after a pause and his voice was hoarse, much worse than in the morning.

— No, Captain. I was not hungry. — Vulcan rubbed his eyes. — Frankly, I almost did not notice how time flew.

Jim put the kettle on the stove, began to heat food. His thoughts were occupied by Edith and Jim even did not instantly realize, what sound was distracted him from thinking.

— Huhptshew! Tsheew! Tsheew!

Jim turned slowly and looked at Spock. It is was not the first time when he heard the Vulcan’s sneezing. Like everyone else, Spock could respond to the dust, unfamiliar smell or plant. But such a sneezes, strong and wet, Vulcan had only once — after a few days in the ice age of the godforsaken planet.

— Huh… huh… Huhhn’Tsheew! Huhptshew!

Spock wiped his nose with a tissue. Jim noticed on the table a few more, and realized that all this has been going on for a long time.

— Bless you, Spock. — Jim walked over to the couch. — Why you didn’t say what you not feel well?

The Vulcan looked at him over the tissue, which he wiped his nose.

— This is a minor reaction to cold and humidity, — he said softly. — Not worth the attention.

Perhaps it would be so, if they were on a ship, where it is warm enough, good food and medical staff, who is familiar with the Spock’s physiology. But here… Jim swallowed the lump in his throat, then touched forehead of Vulcan with one hand and the other put on the Spock’s neck. Although Spock was still colder than Kirk, his temperature was clearly higher than this morning. His face was pale, but his cheeks and nose have acquired a green tint.

— Huhptshew! Huhptshew! Tsheew! I beg your pardon, Captain…

— Go to bed, Spock, I'll bring you something to eat. — Vulcan is clearly going to argue and Jim shook his head in annoyance. — That's an order, Commander.

— I do not think you can order me something like that, Captain. — Irritation slipped in the Spock's voice too. — If I do not finish the job in time, we can not figure out where our good doctor has changed the past, and then we'll have to start all over again. — Spock's face distorted, he turned away, sneezed and sniffed. — And the order to go to bed will look very strange in the official report, — he added thoughtfully.

— Jesus, you really have a fever, — Jim said, stunned. His anxiety began to grow.

Vulcan listened to his feelings.

— It seems so, — he agreed. He added after a pause: — You're right, maybe I should lie down for a while.

Spock put down the tools, then stood up and swayed slightly. Jim put his arm around Vulcan and helped him to get into the bed.

— Be right back, — Captain said briefly and went to the kitchen for soup.

Jim quickly poured soup and went back to the bedroom. Spock was sitting in bed, hugging herself and shivering. Jim put the plate on the nightstand and sat down on the bed. Vulcan shivered, grabbed a tissue and put it over his face.

— Huh… Huhhn’Tsheew! Tsheew! Tsheew! Eh… heh… Et’Tshhheew! Ehhktshh!

Jim gently rubbed his back.

— Bless you. Are you finished?

Spock shook his head.

— Ehhktshh! Ehhktshh! Huhhn’Tsheew!

It seems that at the end Spock became dizzy, so Vulcan buried his forehead in Jim's shoulder and finely trembled.

— My God, Spock. — The Captain himself felt not really well out of concern. — How are you?

— Suitably, Jib, — Spock replied, harshly and embarrassed. — I'm sobby for all this.

— Do not apologize. Come on, eat, and go to sleep.

When Spock finished with the soup, and lay down, wrapped in a blanket, Jim pondered. That night clearly will be same cold as yesterday's. The captain moved the nightstand and pulled his bed close to the Spock’s.  Then he lit a fire in the stove. When Jim went to bed, Vulcan twitched half asleep, but Jim tightly covered them both with blankets and Spock relaxed. Jim hoped that in the morning Spock will be feel better.


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I really like when fics mix with a "real" episode and that's what you're doing here - and very well! I love "The city on the edge of forever", I think this is the best moment to make Spock ill because of course it's cold and wet and they don't have McCoy with them to help with the illness...

2 hours ago, SneezeFanGirl said:

And the order to go to bed will look very strange in the official report, — he added thoughtfully.

I really, really enjoyed this line. :D

Thank you for sharing!

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On 12/26/2016 at 9:13 AM, SneezeFanGirl said:

And the order to go to bed will look very strange in the official report, — he added thoughtfully.



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