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Not Bad At All (SPN, Dean)


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Tiny comment fic :) 


Not Bad At All

Sam was squished into the front seat of the impala, horizontal. The car was pulled over in the middle of US route 50, the loneliest road in America. They shouldn't have started. Let's face it. They were never going to make it through the night. Sam could barely keep his eyes open, even after drinking six cups of coffee. 
Dean shifted in the backseat, huddled under their two thick wool blankets from the trunk, tucked up under his chin. He extracted his arms from his blanket cocoon, grabbing a stray tissue from atop his blanket bundle. He pressed it to his nose and captured a wet sneeze.
"You alright?" Sam asked, voice low, tired as hell. 
Dean gurgled into the kleenex then let it drop to the floor.
"Feel ligke ass," he mumbled, then coughed towards the roof. 
Dean heard Sam sigh.
"It's alright," Dean said, weakly, trying to reassure his brother.
"I just wish we hadn't driven out this way at all. You could be in a bed right now."
Dean coughed, bubbling and wet, forcing him onto his side. His skin was hot, muscles quivering. The leather seats gave beneath him and he breathed in the upholstery scent through his mostly blocked nose, the most familiar smell in the world.
"It's ndot so bad," Dean said, fevered eyes sliding shut, "Not bad at all."

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