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Winter Days (Secret Santa for bingochamp7!)


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This is my Secret Santa fic for @bingochamp7 ! Happy holidays and hope you enjoy your story :) 

Background: Brooke: tall, blonde, brown eyes, 27 years old, dental assistant, female.
                    Arianna: short, brunette, brown eyes, freckles, 26 years old, psychologist, female. 


The second Arianna stepped out of her office and out into the chilly winter air, she shivered intensely. This holiday season
had been especially brutal with some incredibly strong winds and terribly low temperatures. Every day coming home from work,
the streets were a complete slushy disaster, which played into the gray mood Arianna had been experiencing as she drove
herself home day after day after a tiring 8 hours at work.

Today was just the same. Arianna leaned over the steering wheel and cleared her throat after just a little bit of coughing.
Traffic was a sliver better today despite the road conditions.

The slim brunette climbed out of her car and grabbed her bad from the passenger seat. She scurried inside and pulled the
door shut behind her. As soon as she did, she heard her sweet fiancée's voice. "Welcome home, honey." 

Arianna's face instantly brightened up. She dropped her bag by the stairs and entered the kitchen where her loving
fiancée wrapped her up in a warm hug. 

"Brookie Cookie," she laughed happily.

"What'cha makin'?" Arianna asked curiously, eyeing a large pot on the stove. Brooke turned toward her girlfriend with one
eyebrow raised. 

"Chicken fried rice, your favorite. You couldn't smell the chicken when you walked in? Usually you can smell this stuff
from a mile away whenever I make it."

Arianna shrugged. "I guess I'm more tired than I thought," she commented through a yawn. "I'm gonna go change out of these
work clothes; my pajamas are calling my name. I'll be back in a minute." With a small attempted reassuring smile, Arianna
raced out of the room.

The brunette grabbed her work bag that had been sitting at the bottom of the stairs and carried it up about halfway up the
staircase when she stopped suddenly and pinched her nose with her free hand, quieting the tiny squeak that came out. She
stayed quiet and still for a second after. No 'bless you' from Brooke. She must not have heard it. Good.

Arianna continued up the stairs and into their bedroom. She changed leisurely then slipped on some cozy socks and sat on
the edge of the bed, not wanting to get up, except for the fact that the center of her universe was downstairs in the 
kitchen, making her dinner. She trailed down the hallway, then the stairs, and sat down in the kitchen. "How was work,
babydoll?" She asked the older blonde.

"Same old, same old. How 'bout you?"

Arianna had actually had quite a long, stressful day, and opened her mouth to explain her day in grave detail, except
instead of explaining herself, her breath caught in her chest. She turned to the side with both hands over her face,
her freckled nose twitching. "Hkeschiew!"



The sneezes came out in a much higher pitch than the younger girl had been expecting. They were the kind of sneezes
people called a kitten sneeze, and sometimes even resembled a panda's. "Bless you baby. You okay?"

"Yeah, why?" Arianna answered, sniffling.

"Just checking."

Arianna couldn't help but smile. Her fiancée was the sweetest. "I love you," she sighed. Brooke abandoned her rice
and sat down on Arianna's lap, meeting her lips. "Love you too."

But now that Brooke was this close to her beautiful girlfriend, she could tell that there was a slight shade of pink
coloring the edges of her fiancée's nostrils that the older girl decided could not have been from the cold winter air
outside. "Honey, be honest with me next time. I can tell you're getting a cold."

"How?" The brunette asked sheepishly rubbing at her itchy freckled nose. "I really didn't think I was getting sick.
I feel okay, for now at least."

"I have super-finacée radar. I can tell when you're sad, or upset, or not feeling well. Plus, you've been really
sniffly since you got home. It's obvious you're not feeling your best."

Arianna frowned, and Brooke pushed away a strand of the smaller girl's hair.

"Don't worry, it's super cute. Do you still want some of this rice?"

Her eyes twinkled with pure innocence as she responded with a sheepish, "please." Arianna knew it might hurt a little
(her throat was starting to sting anyway) but chicken fried rice was her all-time favorite, and she adored her 
girlfriend's cooking.

"Okay sweetie."

Brooke set two steaming bowls down on the kitchen table, followed by two water glasses.

"Thanks Brookie."

Brooke took her seat across the table from Arianna. Dinner was unusually quiet, but Brooke knew that it was just
because her girlfriend's throat was starting to bug her. When she offered to make her tea, Arianna declined.
It took Arianna longer to eat her food, and twenty minutes later, she announced that she was done, and took her
bowl to the sink. 

"It's okay. I got it."

Brooke dumped what was left - about half - in the trash. Arianna stumbled into the living room and curled up on
the couch. Around ten minutes later Brooke sat down next to her. She started to talk, but realized from the
deep even breaths that were coming from her that the younger girl had fallen asleep. Brooke pulled a soft blanket over their laps. 
She set her hand on Arianna's back and rubbed gently in a circle pattern.

"Feel better, Ari," Brooke said in a low, quiet voice. Dropping a kiss on her forehead, the older girl drifted
off blissfully, curled up by the warm fire with her girlfriend laying on her lap.

Okay! This was kind of a mess getting it to save to my laptop but I think it all worked out. Hope you enjoyed!

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i am as straight as a roundabout and I love this so much. Honestly, so sweet and pure, it's adorable!!! Thank you for writing this and doing it so well!

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@Cutekats Thank you so much for this! I absolutely loved this story and this is my favorite line:

On 12/21/2016 at 10:24 PM, Cutekats said:

The sneezes came out in a much higher pitch than the younger girl had been expecting. They were the kind of sneezes
people called a kitten sneeze, and sometimes even resembled a panda's. "Bless you baby. You okay?"

"Yeah, why?" Arianna answered, sniffling.


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I'm glad you liked it! I'm actually working on another part but I don't know when I'm gonna be able to get it up. Also sorry for the alignment, it was way off.

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