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Alternative Christmas songs


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I really do hate Christmas songs (pop songs, not carols- some carols I find beautiful). But here are some alternative ones I like- share yours!

The Darkness- Don't let the Bells End

This song exists just so a man could basically say the word 'bellend' on the radio, which is funny.

Badly Drawn Boy- Donna and Blitzen

I don't think this was intended as a Christmas song. People play it at Christmas because it's actually good.


The Pogues- Fairytale of New York

The Pogues were an awesome band, and Christmas to me is about a man in the drunk tank in New York thinking about how he wasted his life.

Just to mix it up, this is Christy Moore singing it- maybe not the version you know:


Cat Stevens- Morning has Broken

Okay- this isn't a Christmas song. But at Christmas if I think about God, I'd rather hear something as beautiful as Yusuf Islam singing this song:


Merry Christmas, fetishists. :)

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I really like that song The Killers did about @Joal 555. I believe it's call Joel the Lump of Coal.

I like Jack Johnson's rendition of Rudolph too!

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Well, I like these songs.

Some people might find the above song offensive and distasteful, so yeah, click at your own risk if easily offended, but eh, I like it. :P


So this one isn't much of a song with a melody, per se, but I still think it's funny. :D It's less offensive than the previous one, and probably more cynical too. :P

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17 hours ago, Joal 555 said:


It's a Killer(s) song!

Shame they didn't spell Joal to properly rhyme with coal :glare:



Lol! I'm jealous Joal. The only song I can think of featuring "Heathcliff" is Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush- though that is awesome.

(And the theme song from that crap cartoon about the cat 


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