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My boyfriend is so sneezy

Red Irish Lass

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I've been reading everyone else's stories, so I thought I'd share my experience. About 10 months ago, I told my boyfriend about my fetish, and I was terrified I'd scare him away or he'd think I was a weirdo, but he's been so incredible and supportive. It's more than I could have ever hoped for. He tells me he'd do anything to make me happy. First off, he's 6'5 and absolutely gorgeous with cute dimples and the sexiest nose. And it's sooo sensitive. Once I told him about it and what I liked, he used to sneeze into my chest I induced him and I would kiss him right after as he was catching his breath. But one time he grabbed my hair and pulled me close as he induced and found his sneezy spot, and as I watched his eyes tear up, he sneezed very close to me so I could catch it and kiss him as he was sneezing. It was the most incredible experience ever. Now I crawl into his lap and we do that every time. He also loves when I kiss his nose, and shudders with pleasure as I do. It's adorable. I never thought it could be like this. I never thought I'd tell anyone ever, but I've never been so happy with a decision in my life. If you trust your SO, and they want to make you happy, I'd highly recommend telling them. It turned out incredible for me. He also makes me sneezy vids when we don't get to see each other, so I can take care of myself when he's not around ;) . Personalized sneezy vids are probably the best thing in existence. We're now talking about bringing chinkkni into the mix, and trying out bondage while I induce him....I can't wait ?

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hey ^_^ you are so so glad. I have a mental block and it is embarrassing for me to sneeze in front of my boyfriend. I havent told him about my sf. and never saw him sneeze. It would feel like heaven if he would sneeze on my chest :) greets

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Lucky girl :)  it took my hubby years to understand the comparison between sex and fetish sex but now that he does our sex life is awesome:). 

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Oh my gosh! That is absolutely adorable! My boyfriend and I do the same thing, and he’s so supportive of it! You’re so lucky to have the same thing! 

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