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Formatting issues when pasting from other sites


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Earlier today, I attempted to post a fic on the forum. I had already posted the fic on Livejournal, and previously, when I crossposted fic, I would just copy the fic from Livejournal and paste it into the forum entry, with all uses of italics intact. I liked this method because it meant I only had to go through and add the italics once.

Today, however, the post box mentioned that my text contained formatting, and asked if I wanted to remove it. When I attempted to post the fic regardless, my computer informed me that a script on the page had stopped working. When I stopped the script, the page reloaded, only now the pasted text was gone. I tried again, and this time, removed the formatting and added the italics in manually. Same result. I removed the formatting and tried posting without any italics, figuring I'd add it in later. Same result. I copied the text into Notepad, which generally removes all traces of formatting, before pasting it into the post box. Same result. Eventually I just gave up and linked to the fic on my journal.

So my question is, are other people having similar problems, and if so, is there a workaround?

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I haven't had issues with the script, but I have to remove formatting when I copy stuff over from Google docs or else the font is HUGE. It also takes out the italics when I do that, so I have to go through and put them back in. The quotation marks and elipses used to be weird too, but now I can leave those in without any issues.

It's weird that you were still having issues with the script after you stopped copying directly from the website. Did you have another window open? I don't think that would have caused a notification about the script here, though... hopefully someone more tech-savvy than I can help you out with this.

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