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This is what has happened in my absolute silence: Laziness, a virus, more laziness, yuri on ice, college finals, and more laziness. I promised a lot of prompts and I am so sorry so as my apology, I am filling out every single empty prompt I was given. Every. Single. One.

Prompt 1 (From Anonymous)- Sterek hosting Thanksgiving dinner but Stiles is sick af the day of, so Derek has to do everything while also taking care of him.


Derek wrinkled his nose in disgust as he heard the (very) productive nose blow come from the kitchen. Sighing, he straightened the last couch cushion and ventured to the room in question to find his ailing mate turned away from the stove, coughing into an elbow. Derek scowled, crossed his arms and leaned against the fridge.

“You know, I thought we were supposed to be hosting Thanksgiving at your dad’s house, not starting a sequel to the black plague.” Derek snarked. Stiles gave him an evil side eye and his face disappeared into his elbow again.

Heh-TISSH! HhTISHH!”  Stiles sniffled and wiped his pink nose with the used tissue in his hand. Walking to the sink to wash his hands, he finally addressed the werewolf. “Sure Derek, let me just cancel thanksgiving the day before people are supposed to show up. Because that’s a considerate thing to do.” He said, voice dripping with sarcasm and congestion. Derek casually strolled up to Stiles and pressed a hand to his forehead.

“You have a fever, therefore, your point is immediately invalid.” Derek said, crossing his arms again. Stiles rolled his eyes and turned around, trying and failing to hide a wobble.

“Listen here, furball. I have too much to do and I don’t have time to deal with your nagging. Either help me, or get out. Your choice.” Stiles said, glaring. Derek stood back and studied his mate. He took in the barely hidden exhaustion that took over Stiles’ features, the dark flush to his cheeks and nose, and the chapped lips from breathing through his mouth.

‘He always did get pissy when he didn’t feel well.’ Derek mused to himself. He was about to dare a retort when Stiles held up a finger in the universal “wait” gesture and turned away, sucking in a huge breath.

“Heh-TISHH! TISHHOO! HEH-TISSHOO!” Stiles stumbled over to the paper towel roll and snatched one off to blow his nose again. After a few honks, his facial features crumbled again. “TISHH! TISHH!” The harsh double left him breathing heavily. Derek felt as if he could gag on the potent smell of misery coming from Stiles. He sighed and held his hands up in defeat. It was times like this when just letting Stiles get his way was the less messy path.

“Alright. I’ll leave you alone.” Derek said. Stiles whirled to him, eyes wide in disbelief before narrowing suspiciously.

“What are you scheming? You can’t fool me with your shenanigans!” Stiles cried stuffily. Derek shook his head, slightly amused.

“No scheming, no shenanigans. I only want you to be happy, babe.” Derek said, the endearment making Stiles melt. The sick man nodded and washed his hands again before returning to his pumpkin pie.

Derek returned to his task of cleaning, forcing himself to ignore the coughs and sneezes come from the kitchen. After the tenth sneeze, Derek snapped his head up, an idea forming in his mind.


Derek smoothly weaved around Stiles in the kitchen, going in and out of cabinets, all the while boiling water on the stove. Stiles paid him no attention, too focused on his tasks of cooking. He actually flinched when Derek tapped him. He turned to see Derek holding two mugs of hot chocolate.

“I know you hate tea and you should warm up, you’re shivering.” Derek said sweetly. Stiles, too foggy-headed to notice the small glint in the werewolf’s eyes, took the mug eagerly.

“Aw, that’s so nice. Thanks, boo.” Stiles grinned and blew on the mug before taking a gulp, humming appreciatively. “This is perfect.” Stiles said, and leaned into the bulk of Derek’s chest, sniffling. Derek wrapped an arm around his waist and took a sip of his own drink. Stiles didn’t notice Derek flicking pill powder from his claws. After the short break, both mugs were empty and in the sink and both men were continuing to prepare for the holidays. Derek waited twenty minutes before pretending to casually stroll in the kitchen. He saw Stiles leaning heavily on the counter, yawning widely. Jackpot.

“Babe, you look exhausted. Why don’t you take a small break?” Derek asked. Stiles squinted at Derek woozily and rubbed at his eyes.

“Sure…’m jus’ gonna…gon…HehISHH! ISHHOO! TISSHH!” Derek barely managed to press a tissue to Stiles’ face to save the food from getting contaminated. Stiles didn’t seem to care, instead blew his nose into the tissue, the warmth making Derek shudder. Stiles slumped into Derek, yawning again. “’M real tired, Der…” he slurred. Derek tossed the tissue into the bin and practically carried his half-asleep mate to the couch. He gently laid Stiles out, who barely shifted before congested snoring escaped his slack lips. Derek grinned and spread a blanket out over Stiles and grabbed the small cookbook from Stiles’ loose grip and headed to the kitchen to finish the cooking. Thank god Nyquil comes in pill form now.


First one down, let’s keep this going.

Prompt 2 (From Anonymous) - First Christmas together...too bad Stiles forgot that werewolves are so sensitive to mistletoe.


The police station party was in full swing. Holiday music was playing cheerily and there was a huge food and snack table to choose from. There was even spiked eggnog. Stiles was chatting with his dad when a random employee walked up to them.

“Hey Stilinski, I put together a special hat, just for you.” The woman said, her two friends giggling behind her. She was holding out a santa hat that had mistletoe and holly all over it. Stiles could barely react before the ridiculous thing was jammed on his head. Stiles was frozen for a bit, before snorting. He was a new deputy after all, teasing was almost a constant from the older workers.

“Well, don’t you look handsome.” John said dryly, shaking his head. Stiles grinned and pressed a loud kiss to his Dad’s cheek, making him sputter. “Hey!”

“Aw, come on Dad, where’s your Christmas spirit?” Stiles laughed. His dad narrowed his eyes and plucked the cup out of his son’s hand.

“I don’t know, but you need to lay off of the spirits here. You’re starting to flush.” John fussed. Stiles rolled his eyes but his dad was right. He was pleasantly tipsy. That didn’t stop him from turning his back to his dad in a huff though.

“Fine. I’ll go have fun with my new hat with my amazing husband.” Stiles crowed, grinning in delight when his dad’s face had a look of horror cross the features. Stiles blew a kiss and weaved in and out of the crowd and eventually found Derek leaning against the wall by himself, lost in thought. That wouldn’t do. Stiles launched himself at his husband, winding his arms around Derek’s neck.

“Hey, baby!” he laughed at Derek’s shocked look. Derek got them both balanced before sniffing the air and scowled.

“You’re drunk.” Derek deadpanned, wiping his nose. Stiles shook his head.

“Nuh-uh! I’m just a little tipsy.” Stiles said, pinching his thumb and forefinger together to prove how “little tipsy” he was. Derek grunted and wiggled his nose before noticing the monstrosity on Stiles’ head.

“What the hell are you wearing?” Derek said, eyeing the hat. Stiles brightened, as if he remembered why he found Derek in the first place.

“Oh yeah, do you like it?” Stiles asked. Derek could barely utter an answer before Stiles pressed his lips to Derek’s, his hands palming the prickly stubble. Stiles hummed happily when Derek’s tongue pressed at his lips in an invitation he eagerly gave. There were a few wolf-whistles and claps from the occasional person but they kept at it, as if they were teenagers at a college party.

Derek suddenly pulled back, making Stiles whine. “No, don’t do that. Come back here.” Stiles complained. Derek stood there with an odd look on his face. “Babe? You oka-”

“h’DSHH! N’DSHH! DSHH!” Derek sneezed hard into his hand. Stiles snorted before giggling.

“Well, bless you. You’re such a puppy, you know that?” Stiles teased. Derek glared through watery eyes before exploding again.

“Nn-DSSH! DSHH! DSHH! DSHHOO! HEH-DSHH!” Derek was panting, eyes streaming. Stiles’ giggles died down, replaced with concern.

“Der? You okay?” Stiles asked, stroking Derek’s back. Derek shook his head, chest heaving. He dissolved into his third fit, sneezing 6 times. Stiles wasn’t there yet, but panic was a very near future event if Derek continued this. He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Everything okay, son? What’s wrong?” John asked, eyes on his sneezing son-in-law.

“I don’t know! He just started and now he won’t stop!” Stiles spazzed, arms flailing.

“Sti…DSHH! Stiles its yuh-N’DSHH! N’DSHH! …Hat!” Derek barely growled the word out before sneezing another few times. Stiles stood there dumbly before it clicked.

“Mistletoe! Oh my god, how could I forget?!” Stiles cried and snatched the hat off his head to chuck it across the room as if it burned. “Babe, I’m so sorry!”

“Why don’t you take him to the private bathroom so he can wash his face?” John suggested. Stiles nodded furiously before helping his staggering husband to the back.


Derek sighed in relief as he splashed the cold water on his face. He stood up and pulled a paper towel from the dispenser to blow the last of the allergen from his nose. He dried his face off with a new paper towel and saw his husband watching him guiltily in the mirror. Derek sighed and turned around.

“C’mere. Stop beating yourself up over there.” Derek said, holding his arms out. Stiles hesitated before walking over, accepting Derek’s hug.

“I almost killed you…” Stiles moaned, hiding his face. Derek chuckled and used his hand to pull Stiles’ face up before pressing a soft kiss on the pouting lips.

“You didn’t almost kill me, drama queen. No harm done.” Derek said, kissing Stiles again. Stiles crossed his arms and stewed. Derek sighed exasperatedly and pulled him to the bathroom door.

“It’s a good thing you’re not wasted. You crying would make this so much harder.” Derek tossed over his shoulder.

“Hey! I don’t drunk cry!” Stiles said indignantly. Derek eyed him. “I don’t!”


First request down. I shall post the others soon. But its 5:30 AM and I am sleepy. Leave a comment if you’d like! (I don’t deserve it but please do

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Thank you for reading, @karajn!

This isn't a prompt, I just got this quick idea


John slowly opened his son's bedroom door in case he was sleeping but opened it the rest of the way when he saw that Stiles was awake. And not alone.

"Derek. Nice of you to drop by." The sheriff said, taking note of the wolf acting as a cushion for his son. Stiles was leaning back against Derek with his laptop balanced on his thighs. They both looked up, Derek nodded in greeting and Stiles gave a weak wave. John walked over to the nightstand to set down his items while Stiles paused whatever movie that was playing on Netflix.

"Hey son, how are you feeling?" John asked, pressing the back of his hand to Stiles' forehead. Stiles shrugged and made a 'so-so' gesture with his hand.

John had come home late from a shift to find his son crashed on the couch. When he went to sent Stiles to bed, he noticed the fever and congested breathing and sure enough the next morning, Stiles walked into his bedroom the next morning, miserable and clutching his throat in pain. The family doctor managed to squeeze Stiles in for an appointment and was diagnosed with a head cold alongside with a nice case of laryngitis.

"Hh...n'TISHH! NN'TISH!" John jumped back to reality when Stiles sniffled and reached for the tissue box Derek was holding.

"Bless you." Derek mused, pressing a kiss to Stiles' temple.

"Still feeling pretty cruddy, I see. I got your next round of antibiotics here and some chicken stock to get food in your belly." John listed off the things he brought with him. Stiles screwed up his face at the mention of food. "Ah, none of that. You don't want nausea added to your roster, do you?" John asked sternly. Stiles huffed and held his hand out. "Good boy." John said, mouth quirking up at Derek's snort.
He placed the pills in Stiles' shaky hand and Derek, the ever dutiful partner, held the glass of water for his boyfriend as he painfully swallowed the pills. Stiles turned his head away and coughed roughly into his fist. When the fit was over, he held his throat, turning tear-filled eyes to his dad.

"Oh kid..." John sighed and handed Stiles the hot mug of broth. "Drink that. The heat should feel good on your throat." Stiles nodded and took a cautious sip and relaxed slightly as the heat soothed his abused throat.

"Alright, I'll leave you to it. Derek, do me a favor and take his temperature in about half an hour. You should text it to me, I've got to get to the station." John said, patting his son's head.

"Of course. I'll keep an eye in him." Derek nodded. Stiles quickly handed Derek the mug and took a silent breath.

"NN'TCHT! N'TISHH!" Stiles blew his nose and peeked into the tissue, making a disgusted face.

"There are more tissues under the bathroom sink." John said dryly. They both chuckled when Stiles stuck his tongue out at his dad.

"I should get going. Feel better, son." John said, heading out the bedroom. Before he closed the door, he watched as Stiles snuggled into Derek's chest, drinking more of his broth as Derek resumed the movie. Derek kissed his cheek and pulled the blankets tighter around them. John huffed fondly and closed the door.


If there's one thing I could use in life, are more fics of Sheriff taking care of a sick Stiles (drops hint like a bomb)

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Another from @Sneezy123 It was “Muse A thinks Muse B's nose is cute. Especially when he's got allergies.”

I hope it’s good. Also, we’re back to Sterek. (P.S. I looked up that Stiles’s birthday is on April 8th, which is a usual spring break for me, so spring break fic it is.)


Derek leaned against his Camaro and waited for the final bell to ring. This was the last day before spring break began and Derek was surprising his boyfriend by picking him up and taking him on a small road trip. He already had their things packed; all he needed was spaz of a human being he loved.

The main doors opened and a swarm of teenagers flooded out, loud and obnoxious. Derek saw Stiles walking out with an equally excited Scott. But that excitement didn’t compare to how Stiles’ face lit up when he noticed the werewolf, who hid his amusement behind his aviator sunglasses.

“Derek!” Stiles shouted and stumbled into a run. Derek braced himself for the impact and closed his arms in a tight hug around the teenager. Stiles pressed an eager kiss to Derek, who returned it with gusto.

“Happy birthday, baby.” Derek mumbled into the shared air. Stiles beamed at him and smacked another kiss on his lips before he was lowered to the ground. “Put your book-bag in the trunk, we need to get going.”

“Going? Where are we going?” Stiles asked, barely able to sit still. Derek was glad the sheriff reminded him to pack the Adderall.

“Big Bear Lake. I already packed your things. Come on, we have a while to drive.” Derek said, patting Stiles on his butt. Stiles whooped a cheer and ran around to the passenger seat.


“Oh my god, we’re finally here.” Stiles moaned and sank into the bed comfortably. It was pretty late when they finally stumbled through the cabin Derek had rented for the next week. The drive had taken almost 5 hours and Stiles had the luxury to sleep during the whole ride.

“Already complaining? I guess I owe your dad 5 bucks, I thought it would take at least a day.” Derek said. Stiles lifted up on his elbows and glared.

“Shut up. It’s my birthday and I can do whatever I want. If I wanna complain about a sore ass than I can complain about a sore ass.” The newly 18 year old grumbled.

“Of course, dear. Whatever you say, dear.” Derek said, sarcastically. His back was turned to the bed, since he was putting their clothes in the drawers provided by the lodge. Needless to say, he wasn’t all that prepared for the sudden added weight on his back.

“Come, moon of my life! To the Dynasty, then the arcade!” Stiles crowed, wanting to eat at the Chinese restaurant near the lodge. Derek stumbled and adjusted his hold so Stiles wouldn’t fall off of his back.

“You couldn’t just ask like a normal human being?” Derek grunted. Stiles pinched his pec and Derek rolled his eyes. “Yes, my sun and stars.” He deadpanned, unable to see Stiles’ sunny smile, and walked back out to the car.


The next day, Derek had a hiking trail set up for them. He didn’t sign up for one, but he would be in his full-wolf form so he could be alert for any wildlife dangers. Derek was sitting at the base of the trail, waiting patiently for Stiles to finish tying his shoes. Stiles stood up and scratched Derek behind his black, pointed ears, and they were off. They were walking for almost half an hour when Derek heard a small sound from his boyfriend.


He turned around and saw Stiles rubbing at his upturned nose. He butted Stiles’ abdomen gently with his head, a question in his eyes.

“I’m fine, Der. Just a sneeze.” Stiles patted the wolf’s head and they continued up the hike. They didn’t get very far when Stiles’ breath hitched again. “Tishhoo! Hh-TISHH! TISSH-uh!” Stiles sniffled and wiped at his eyes. Derek stopped again and tilted his head. Stiles waved him away and sniffled. “I swear, it’s fine. Let’s keep going.” He said. Derek narrowed his eyes, and continued walking, but kept his eyes trained on Stiles.

Stiles was rubbing at his nose and eyes, completely distracted. He was completely unaware of the trail getting bumpier and in almost slow motion; he tripped over a sizeable rock. Stiles cried out as he stumbled and fell down the small hill on the side of the trail. Derek was from his full-shift to human in a blink of an eye and rushed down to where Stiles was laying. Derek was about to demand if he was okay when Stiles interrupted him.

“Hih-TISSHH! TISHH-uh! Heh-TISHOO!! N’TISHH-oo!” Stiles was sneezing rapidly, almost no chance to breathe in between.

“Stiles? Babe? Are you okay? Are you hurt?” Derek asked worriedly, running his hands over Stiles’ body.

“I think I…TISHH-uh…think I twist-uhhh….N’TISHH! N’TISHH-uh!!” Stiles wiped the mess from under his nose and gulped in air. “My ankle hurts.” He gasped before dissolving into sneezes again. Derek saw that they were in a batch of goldenrod, and cursed. Of course Stiles would literally crash into his allergen. Stiles was already getting hives on his face and neck and his ankle was starting to swell up. Derek touched it tenderly, but felt no bones out of place.

“I think you just sprained it. Let me put on some clothes and I’ll get you out of here.” Derek said and quickly threw on his boxers, shirt and jeans. He carefully picked Stiles up in a bridal carry and ran back towards the beginning of the trail, Stiles’ wheezes fueling him. When they finally got back to their lodge, Derek made a beeline for the bathroom.


“My, my Mr. Hale. I would at least like dinner first.” Stiles snarked and brought his arm up again. “NN’TISHH! TISHH-uh! Heh….TISSHIEW!” Stiles coughed, his whole body inside and out itching. Derek rolled his eyes and helped Stiles remove all of his clothing and started a lukewarm shower and shoved the sneezing human in.

“I’m gonna put our clothes in the wash, make sure you get all that pollen off of you.” Derek ordered and took his own clothes off before walking to the laundry room and started a load. He walked back to the bathroom completely naked and joined Stiles in the shower to wash the pollen off of his own body.

“This is far less sexy than I imagined it would be.” Stiles grumbled and closed one nostril to blow his nose and put his face under the spray to wash it away. Gross, but it helped. Derek grunted and lathered his own body and rinsed off. He got out first to dry off and slipped on a fresh pair of underwear and sweatpants and helped Stiles out of the shower when the water turned off. Stiles stood on his good leg and leaned on Derek to dry off and Derek helped him into boxer briefs and carried him to their bedroom.

Stiles laid back on the pillows and absently scratched at the welts on his arms when Derek left and returned with a first aid kit.

“I have to say, this is impressive. Hurt and allergy-ridden on the first day? Must be a new record.” Derek teased and handed Stiles the Benedryl cream for the hives and pulled out the roll of cloth bandage. Stiles flicked him off and held in a cry when Derek tried to slowly rotate his ankle. “If I can do all of this, there’s no fracture. But you need to stay off of it.” Derek said and began wrapping Stiles’ ankle in the bandage.

Heh-TISHH! TISHH! N’TISHH! Gah!” Stiles cried out when the sneezes rocked his hurt ankle. Derek shushed him soothingly and pulled the pain from him, his veins turning black. Stiles relaxed, and Derek secured the bandage with two metal clips.

“Do you want any allergy medicine?” Derek asked and packed up the first aid kit. Stiles rubbed at his eyes and shook his head.

“No. Just wanna watch TV with you.” Stiles sniffled, his head getting sore from all the sneezing. Derek bent down and pressed a kiss to Stiles’ red nose. Stiles sucked in a huge breath and sneezed all over his arm. He sniffled and glared at Derek, who looked far too amused.

“Carry me.” Stiles demanded and held his arms up. Derek huffed fondly and picked him up to carry him to the couch. Stiles denied any more clothing when Derek asked, saying he didn’t want to irritate his skin even further. They both settled down on the large couch and Derek even let Stiles pick the channel.


That was longer than intended, I apologize. Let me know what you think!

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7 hours ago, Sneezy123 said:


Thanks ^_^ I just hate I did this like 10 years later but I made promises and I want to keep them

6 minutes ago, ThatSneezyGirl said:

These are so cute!!!

Thank ye!

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH THANK YOU OMG YOU ARE THE ACTUAL BEST HOLY CRAbs!!! Ok whew now onto semi-coherent thought-- First, there's NO NEED to be apologetic; life happens and your content is worth any wait, especially given that you've contributed so much (keep it coming pls haha). Second, I've had a gnarly time with finals/papers/mental health and I didn't check on here for quite a bit; imagine my delight when I saw that you had posted more teen wolf (hint: I let out an audible squeak of joy bc u rock). Third, and lastly, nnnngh allergies are such a weakness of mine especially established allergies (Derek knowing what stiles' triggers are and knowing the signs of a dangerous reaction :thumbup: domestic and wonderful). I also love that werewolves are fallible in ways that don't require a deathly injury/illness; I have the personal headcanon that super smell can make scent sensitivities way worse (especially for an alpha) and that the speedy immune system werewolves have can actually open them to allergies and other such wonky immune responses, but generally not in a particularly dangerous way-- just annoying. Ok this is getting long-ish so to sum up: you're the best, and allergic sterek is my kryptonite (it's true i'm dying as I write this). 

p.s. I like the idea of the sheriff having to evaluate his kid each morning to decide whether stiles is healthy enough to go to school, because stiles would totally try to go to school with like, pneumonia and a 103 degree fever if there's an important test or if it's lydia's birthday, but then try to feign illness to continue researching the hidden meaning of nickelback's entire discography or something. Strange kid, and perfect for some kind of boy-who-cried-wolf situation in which both are upset (angst!) but end up bonding.

p.p.s. kinda unrelated lmao, but you mention Stiles' wheezing a lot- is your Stiles asthmatic?

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@Owlinatree honestly the feeling is mutual. I love your comments, they are the best to read (never stop filling my ego, lol, mwahaha) 

As for my Stiles being asthmatic? I'm not too sure, but he could use a rescue inhaler if his allergies get too bad, ya know? (Or an epi-pen) (possible new story) 

But thank you so much for reading! I feel you on a personal level with them finals and whatnot. Feel better!

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Well folks. I’ve gone through every post I had to find all the prompts I missed and this is the last one. From my favorite person on here, @Owlinatree (I love yo face, girl) who wanted anything with Stiles and allergies. I’ll make it good for you!


“Stiles! You’re going to be late!” Stiles jerked up from where he was laying on his laptop keyboard at his father’s shout. Gathering his bearings, he sighed when he noticed his word document was over 10 pages of the letter G. Then he looked to the bottom corner of the screen to check the time.

7:46 A.M.

Shit! Stiles burst out of his chair to race to the bathroom. There was no time for a shower, so he quickly relieved himself and gargled some mouthwash. Gross, but he only had 15 minutes to change his clothes, pack up his stuff and drive to school and be in the classroom. Stiles ran around his room, occasionally hitting the floor from tripping over his own feet. Miraculously, he made it downstairs with his bookbag packed.

“Hi Dad, bye Dad!” Stiles said quickly, running past his dad and out the door. The sheriff stared at the open door and watched as Stiles peeled out of the driveway and down the street.

“You could’ve at least closed the door…” The sheriff deadpanned and went to close the front door.


Stiles burst through the classroom door just as soon as the teacher closed the door. The teacher glared at him and opened the door back and handed Stiles an already filled out detention slip. Stiles groaned before walking to his seat next to Scott.

“I mean, you did get several warnings, man.” Scott offered, watching as his friend sat down and thunked his head on the desk. Stiles gave him the one finger salute, prompting a chuckle. Stiles sat up and pulled out his notebook to start class. He rubbed his slightly tingling nose before jerking his head up. Scott looked over in confusion as Stiles thunked his head on the desk again. Stiles saw Scott mouth ‘You okay?’ and shook his head because sitting on his bathroom counter, was his daily allergy meds that he completely forgot to take.

“Forgot my Zyrtec today.” Stiles whispered. Scott looked around the classroom before looking back, slightly concerned.

“It shouldn’t be too bad today, as long as you stay indoors.” Scott whispered back. Just as he said that, as if fate had to prove him wrong, the teacher walked around to the windows.

“Sorry class, our AC is out in this hallway. Until maintenance can fix it, I’ll open the windows to offer some air.” He said and slid open every window. Stiles gave the yellow dust covering everything outside a withering look before turning to Scott, eye twitching. Scott wisely kept his mouth shut and turned to the front of the class.

They weren’t even 10 minutes into class when Stiles started to rub at his itching eyes. He forced himself to stop because at this rate, they would be too swollen for his head by the end of class. Stiles felt one of many sneezes coming on and pinched his nose before jerking his head down in a silent stifle. Scott heard the very quiet exhale coming from the human and looked over as Stiles sat there with a blank expression before jerking down twice before slowly rising up, sniffling. Stiles felt Scott watching him and sure enough, when he turned, there were puppy eyes on him. Stiles shrugged and waved him off. They went back to the lesson but Stiles only had a few minutes of peace before he winded up again.

Nncht! Nncht! Ahh…” Stiles couldn’t quite keep those silent. He sniffled and wiped at his watering eyes, looking around for a tissue box….annnd of course there wasn’t one. His name must be written down in the Fuckery Book. Stiles would have to just use his sleeve, it’s not like he was germy anyway. He wiped his eyes and nose and checked the wall clock. 45 minutes left. Stiles couldn’t even curse at that fact because his nose was burning again.

“-can anyone answer that for me? Stilinski?” the teacher’s voice suddenly caught his attention. Shit.

“Huh?” Stiles answered dumbly. A few other students giggled. The teacher’s facial features darkened and he repeated his question.

“Who is the man that killed Alexander Hamilton, Stilinski?”

“Um…Aaron Bir, sir.” Stiles answered. The teacher nodded and returned to the whiteboard. Stiles sighed in relief and the tickle in his nose intensified. “NNcht!! NNCHT! NN’SHOO!” Dammit, they were starting to get loud.

There was about 20 minutes left in class and Stiles was miserable. A wheeze was settling in his chest and he couldn’t stifle his sneezing anymore, prompting angry looks from his classmates. He didn’t care. His head hurt, his throat hurt, and his chest hurt.

“NN-TISH!! NN-TISHH! TISHH! NN-TISHH-uh! TISHH-iew!” Stiles wiped his nose on his soaked sleeve and tried to ignore the baleful looks from the class and the teacher. Stiles looked at the board, at his notes and gave up. He packed up his things and stood up.

“Something you’d like to say, Mr. Stilinski?” The teacher asked. Stiles sniffled thickly and exhaled, a loud wheeze coming from his chest. The teacher actually seemed to soften at the sight of his obviously miserable student. They stared at each other before the teacher waved towards the door and turned back to the board. Stiles drooped in relief and walked out the classroom before pulling out his phone. He was relaxing for the rest of the day and there was a certain Sourwolf he wanted to cuddle with.


If you got my Hamilton reference, I love you for life and I’m sorry for my trash ways. But this concludes my Sterek haul! (Unless there are more prompts thrown my way, lol)

I honestly may just do that. Take a bunch of prompts and fill them all out under a masterpost. What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading and putting up with my laziness!

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Noooo this can't be end ? please continue you're such an amazing writer! 

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PARDON ME [you've short circuited me,] SIR!! Agggh soso good you should continue this ficlet though! It's a cliffhanger ending; what kind of cuddling will take place^_^ I'm kind of brain-foggy right now and I'm the weirdest mix of elated and exhausted so JUST YOU WAIT i will form a better response in the near future haha, but suffice it to say that you've pushed all the best buttons and your writing is lovely :heart:

Sincerely, A. Ham

p.s. I would be 1000002% in favor of a sterek thread or compilation. it could even be collaborative. I'd love to try to write a drabble/fic for you when I have time :)))

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