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Christmas Special (M)


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Hellooooooooo beautiful Forum! So, I hope everyone here has had a marvelous Christmas and a Happy Holidays for those who don't celebrate. Though It's hard to imagine anyone not celebrating Christmas, there are some who don't. So yeah, Happy Holidays to you! :heart::heart::heart:

As I believe I have done last year, I wrote a little Christmas fic for everyone who cared to enjoy it. I would actually like to try and do this every year if I ever have the chance too. And though I'm a little late from Christmas, I think the joy is still in the air enough for me to slide in. :P 

So. Without farther waiting, I present to you yet another Christmas fic of some Original Characters. Given I think that is my best strong point :lol: 


Warning, Pics are from Google images. Not mine.

Second Warning, V-mention and V-warning.


Song used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJfmC7quqrM - <3


Wayne Tyson : http://cs620829.vk.me/v620829931/14c35/z2SmlUxB_48.jpg : Wayne is an early age of 17 and is both the Guitarist and back Vocals/Rapper of a band named Cover Strikers. They are majority famous for covering popular Artists songs of the Pop and 'Boy Band' Genres. He and three close friends live in the same town and are a local band that play at festivals and celebrations and schools. Though they don't make it big in the cities, they're happy just being together and sing what they love most. Playing for their home. Wayne is a special teen who has been given the opportunity and responsibility of raising his baby sister. Malia. Their parents are in the social system of higher companies and are rarely ever home for even their birthdays, sending an apology phone call and a card the day after. Leaving Wayne to do whatever it took to keep his sister happy and healthy. And spending his small earnings on food and an apartment that could use some major work.

Malia (Ma-lee-ah) Tyson : http://orig13.deviantart.net/32f7/f/2012/366/3/4/teddy_bear_copic_color_sketch_by_cherriyuki-d5pym7c.png : Malia is a young girl of 7 and honestly couldn't be more happy if she tried. Wayne is the only person she really knew from birth and has always been by his side, even through countless arguments between Wayne and their father. She's very heartful and full of life, beaming with endless care and gentleness that it's almost as if she were a soft marshmallow in disguise. She's popular in the pep team at her elementary school and has been the side host for every kid show the school has performed, wanting to be a star performer like her brother when she gets older. Her ideas, visual standpoints, and art skills are just as exotic as her imagination. Though with a brave heart comes fears, and her biggest of all fears is making mistakes and letting her friends down.


Christmas Special

Part One


Christmas Eve~

"Hey!" The chorus broke out in unison. "What do you want me to say? Tell me, are you ready? Give you everything you want, now give me everything I need. I got a soul for sale, a soul for sale!" Donny and Wayne wailed out with all of their might, the crowd below them screaming. This by far was one of their most popular songs they covered. And for the most part it drove the own crazy with how energized the band mates would get. Donny's pitched voice could make an onion cry with how powerful it was. And Wayne's rough tone, or Alter Voice, as he calls it, brought out the more demonic or deepness to their songs. Especially their raping ones. He went all out and put everything into it. But together? A perfect duo. 

The concert lasted a grand four hours before everyone had called it for the day. For reasonable purposes, the band never went on for longer than four hours, being the longest, due to the area around them. The kids and teens had school and many adults don't appreciate an early bird 'sing-a-long'. So for a few days a week they would gather at the park square around noon and play for everyone until three or four in the afternoon. A reasonable time they thought. And for the most part, many agreed it was doable. 

However, for some reason unexplainable, Wayne wasn't exactly on his game that day. He was physically pumped up and singing his soul out, but everyone on stage could see how much more he was forcing it than usual, though it looked just as normal to anyone else. He was sweating a bit more. Breathing a bit more heavily. He was more so shifting on his feet than sliding. And his solos weren't as...wild. But for the sake of pausing their show, they gave him the benefit of the doubt with a series of glances and small unnoticed nods through it. And when Donny sang the last word of the song with a final long breath, everyone was cheering and roaring in the crowd, temporarily distracting the band mates from their friend, who had left the second the coast was clear. Tyler, their Drummer, was the first to look over with a grand smile, suddenly gone and worried of their Guitarist's absence. 

"Chris, Don. Where's Wayne?" Tyler called loudly over the crowd of cheers, hoping to get their attention. Chris, their Bassist, was the first to look over his shoulder and then to where Wayne once stood. His brow raised curiously and reached over to tug Donny back from the ledge.

"Hey, Wayne's gone." Donny paused in confusion and looked over as well, a new look of shock on his face. He looked back to Chris as he nodded to the side of the stage and quickly nodded back, turning to the square and pressing two hands to his lips before springing them out in a flirtatious air kiss. Then, as the other two trotted off, bowed their leave and waved his exit as the homemade curtains closed for effect. 

"Way-!" Tyler was cut short of his call buy an arm hitting him in the chest, making him cough from the force. Chris was standing in front of him dead silent and looking to the darkened shadow area on the ground. There were desperate heaves and gagging sounds coming from it, and without even guessing, they knew who it was. Chris made his way slowly down the small steps and stopped short from a sour scent in the air, nearly making him gag himself. About that time, Donny shoved the small curtain away and stopped behind Tyler, confusion hitting him again until he heard the retched sound of vomit hitting the ground. Both Tyler and Donny cringed heavily and curled their arms up in disgust to the sound. Chris, as brave as he was, knelt down next to Wayne and pressed his knuckles into his mate's back, feeling the tensing muscles as another wave was building. Chris looked over his shoulder to see his other mate's standing clear and not sure to get closer or not, huffing a laugh in his head to how pathetic they looked. But they of course honestly didn't know what to do at the moment. The sound of more gagging and heaving breaths brought Chris' attention back to Wayne, ignoring the obviously destroyed grass underneath him.

"It's alright, bud. It's almost over, just push through it." The comforting knead of knuckles on Wayne's back seemed to ease the knots in his stomach for the time being and he found himself wobbling to keep his arms firmly locked on the ground. The only things keeping him from face planting in his own mess. Which again, was just disgusting.

"Hey." Donny called softly, earning a glance from Chris. "He got a fever?" He asked bluntly, but caringly. Chris didn't even have to check to know Wayne was sporting one, but raised his hand anyway and pressed the back of it under Wayne's bangs to his sweating forehead. He huffed openly.

"Oh yeah. Definitely a fever, boss." He answered back, using Donny's old childhood nickname. Given he was the oldest and naturally took charge. Donny bit his lip and shuffled past Tyler to join the two on the ground. "Guess we were right, huh?" He said, looking over again to the sound of Donny kneeling down next to him. Donny didn't answer as he was trying to get a look at Wayne's face through the shadowed darkness.

"Hey. Wayne? You hear me, runt?" Runt, also a childhood nickname, given that Wayne was the youngest. It was all in good humor though. Wayne continued to heave and wheeze as he tried to recover from the spill, somehow finding the strength to lift his head to the request. "Let's get ya home, okay?" He said more then asked, but wanted to make his decision clear. Wayne wanted to cry on the spot from how miserable he felt, looked. He was pale and shaking and sweating and all around 'sick as a dog', but at the same time grateful that his close friends hadn't made fun of him. Truly, he was. "Alright. Tyler, help Chris while I get the car. We're making a few pit stops." He announced with his eyes closed and pushed himself back up to stand. Tyler was quick to make his way over as told and wrapped an arm around Wayne's slowly drifting frame.

"Hey! Don't you dare fall over on us! You might look light, but trust me, all those cinnamon buns you eat goes a long way!" Tyler joked, hoping to get Wayne in a more persistent drive to keep standing, but only making him groan.

"Don...don't talk about f-food..."Wayne mumbled out, feeling his stomach turning at the thought of anything food wise and wrapping his arms around his middle section.

"Whoa! Okay, okay, I get it. No jokes, got it." Tyler panicked slightly, feeling as if he should move away but knowing Chris wouldn't be able to hold him up alone.

"Knock it off. Let's just get him out of here before the crowd sees us. That's the last thing he needs right now." Chris interjected, wanting to get Wayne out of here as fast as possible so they could get him a bed and something to cool him down with. They walked slowly with two arms around Wayne's sides and two keeping him up and steady until hearing a honk of a familiar car. Donny pulled as close as he could to the site and quickly jumped out to help carry Wayne to the passenger seat, strapping him in and turning three of the vents his way to give him constant circulation. As soon as he was settled in and comfortable, Donny closed the door and turned with a heavy sigh. "Man...Malia's gonna love this."

"We wont tell her." Donny corrected.

"But who's gonna pick her up from recital?" Tyler asked worriedly.

"I will." Donny spoke firmly as always. "You two will get him in a bed and settled while I pick her up and take her for ice cream. We'll tell her it was a long day in the heat and he needed the rest." He said, crossing his arms and looking to them both with a narrow stare. "Hopefully by tomorrow he'll feel better and take it easy." 

"But what about tomorrow?" Tyler asked, looking from Donny to Chris. Chris easily shrugged.

"We'll cancel. No big deal. I'm pretty sure we can skip a day if Wayne needs the time off. I mean...he's seriously running himself ragged. He needs the time off anyway." Chris said genuinely, having seen the conditions of their living space and life. They all had. And yet Wayne still had a smile on his face. Tyler moaned in slight disappointment, but sighed in agreement. 

"Alright. But if we're going to take some time off, at least make it more than a day. Just to be sure." Tyler offered, earning two hums in agreement.

"Alrighty then. Let's get big bro home and in bed." Donny said aloud, all nodding together before crowding into the car and taking off.


Here you go! I'm not sure how many parts this will have, but I'll make it worth while! And I promise there will be sneezes soon :) 

And I hate to do this because it's frowned upon, but feedback would be greatly appreciated if you get the chance! :D 

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Christmas Special

Part Two


Warning, V-mention and V-warning.


Christmas Eve~

"Are you sure you can handle this? Malia will be heartbroken when she sees you to pick her up. Not saying she wont be surprised either..." Chris asked with concern, not sure this was a good idea. Malia loved her big brother to no end and he was positive she would want to be with him even when he was this sick.

"I'll be fine. As I said, I'll take her out for ice cream and explain it gently. You two just make sure he gets in a bed and taken care of. He's easy to work with like this, unfortunately." Donny sighed, looking over Chris' shoulder to see Tyler slowly feeding Wayne some medicine. It was oddly weird how the kid was so easy to handle like this, normally he's so stubborn it would take days for him to make a straight decision on a song list to play. "See if you an get anything out of him too." He said, wondering how long the kid had been sick for.

"I'll see what we can do, boss. But right now I really just want him to take it easy." Chris said back, looking over his shoulder when Wayne let out a very wet sounding fit of coughs. "Jeeze..." Chris sighed in sympathy.

"I'll stall as much as I can. Good luck guys." Donny announced to his mates, earning two nods from Tyler and Chris before he closed the door to the old apartment. Chris locked the door behind him and stood there for a second to breathe, thinking of what they should do.

"Alright...boss, left us to-"

"Ack!" A yelp from Tyler pulled Chris around from thought.


"Hut'shhhhh'ue!" Wayne doubled over towards his knees with a wet and uncovered sneeze. His bangs falling in his face and he gave a wet and congested sniffle. Tyler had pushed himself ten feet from the couch on his butt, acting as if he had been severely offended in disgust. Chris annoyingly rolled his eyes and walked over stiffly. 

"Would you man up for a damn second? Jesus, dude. Stop being such a Germaphobe." Chris grit out with more edge than he intended, making Tyler squirm and glare.

"Hey! I am not catching this thing! I'm sorry if you can't handle my clean freakness, but I prefer not to blow snot out of my face!" Tyler bit out, pulling his legs closer with a twitch when Wayne coughed, adding more to his fear of being infected by this killing plague. Chris again rolled his eyes with a shake of his head and knelt down beside Wayne where Tyler had been.

"God you're hopeless." He teased, half irritated. Tyler was always the odd, or special, one in the group. Always having these little quirks to himself that drove the group crazy. Tyler limped a little on the floor with his eyes looking to the carpet, ashamed of himself now. 

"I...I'm sorry, Chris. I just...I can't-"

"I know. You can't help it, I know." Chris breathed out to calm himself a little, looking up to see just how dazed Wayne was and not even coherent of himself. "Just...can you help me get him to his room?" He asked in slight guilt for what he had said. Chris wasn't one to ever apologize and tended to keep quiet on the matters. He didn't mean to be an ass, but he was, and majority of the time he was proud of it. But it had been a long day and everyone was tired, so to be fair, he was kinda...

"Someone's crankie." Tyler noted, knowing Chris' signs of tiredness and knowing an apology when he heard one. Well, as close to one he was going to get. He slowly eased himself up to his feet and cautiously walked his way back to the couch, only to jump back at the slightest sight of Wayne's chest swelling again. He was way too observantly paranoid for his own good.

"Hut'shhhh'ue! Hih-It'shhhhh'iue!" Again, they were wet and uncovered, just sending shivers of disgust down Tyler's spine. And if that wasn't enough, Wayne's wet and congested sniffling was getting more constant and messy. 

"O-o-oh g-god...I don't...I don't think I can, Chris. I can't. I just can't." Tyler whined guiltily and stepped back a little more. Chris was rubbing Wayne's back and restraining himself from blowing up on Tyler for being such a wuss. But of years of knowing the kid, he was expecting as much. He was actually surprised the kid even helped at all earlier with getting him to and from the car. Chris tried to hold his breath and count to ten, needing to have his composure right now. Man did he wish Donny was here to help him.

"Alright. It's okay, Ty." He said softly, pressing his knuckles back into Wayne's back to try and ease the tenseness. "Hey...think you can walk to the room with me?" He asked gently, not wanting to risk any kind of headache or pain Wayne might have. Thankfully, he seemed okay right now and slowly nodded to the question. However, Wayne didn't even manage to move a leg before he suddenly froze and swallowed desperately. "Aw shit, bud. Ty, I need a trash bin!" Chris called out. Tyler jumped to the sudden panic and shifted on his feet. 

"W-what?" He stuttered, his eyes wide.

"Now, Ty! Or you'll really have something to freak about!" He warned loudly, getting a yelp in return from Tyler. He ran to the kitchen and found a half empty trash bin to bring back, barely making it even in time before Wayne was turned around and lurched violently. Chris gripped the bin without hesitation and held it as close as he could under Wayne, rubbing his back in soothing circles and whispering soft words. Tyler nearly fainted to the sight and sounds coming from his friend and pushed himself into the corner of the room, palming his ears and closing his eyes. "Alright, bud. Easy does it." Chris spoke calmly, not even looking to find Tyler. "Breathe. In and out. You got it." He praised, squeezing the pressure points on Wayne's neck to help ease the pain. Wayne's hold on his stomach loosened slightly and he nodded in response of some sort, letting Chris know it was safe. "Let's get you in bed, okay? Maybe a better position will help." He eased out, grinning when Wayne was complying wordlessly. Again, Chris attempted to help Wayne up off the couch and this time succeeded. 

It was a steady and slow pace, but together they made it to the stairwell, where both of them glanced to each in pure exhaustion to the task in front of them. Chris then glanced over to a cowering Tyler looking to them in pure fear and guilt, not knowing what he should do to help. Chris honestly felt bad for the kid. He was so terrified of getting close to Wayne like this, but on the other hand, he really just couldn't help it. And at the same time, he knew he couldn't get Wayne upstairs without some kind of help either.

"Tyler." Chris called, using his full name. "Think you could stand behind us? In case he buckles?" He asked with a pinch of worry in his voice. He knew if Wayne's body gave out even the slightest, they would both stumble down instantly. Tyler fidgeted in his spot for a few seconds, drawing desperation from Chris, and a little from Wayne when he looked to the stairs again. It was relief and shock when Chris saw Tyler move to the request. Cautiously, but surely. He gave Tyler a nod of thanks and went step by step up, Wayne wobbling just the slightest with each one. It was only a few steps up before Wayne sniffled again glanced over his shoulder to Tyler. 

"B's-sorry..." His voice was terribly congested and hoarse, but so full of guilt for putting Tyler through this. Tyler in turn looked up, meeting the tearing and bloodshot eyes that looked down at him. His pale face and flushed cheeks covered in sweat. It made him blush slightly and look away.

"Shut up." He mumbled back, not really sure what to say. Wayne couldn't help but huff weakly at that, a small smile on his parted lips. Chris glanced over to Wayne at the returned comment and shook his head with his own grin, glad that there was some peace treaty forming between this. A few more steps and they finally reached the top, the trio celebrating the task as if running a marathon. But when Chris took a step to continue, Wayne paused with a small head shake. Chris knew why, but Tyler was still behind them and hadn't caught it. Wayne drew in a silent breath, his eyes fluttered shut and chest expanding slightly. Tyler then looked over just as it happened. Wayne, fortunately, raised his arm and released a wet double into the back of it.

"Hushh'zz! Hishh'sue!" Wayne winced to the pain in his chest from restraining them and followed with a muffled fit of rolling coughs that bent him at the waist. Tyler backed himself against the wall dramatically while Chris held his shaking frame up through the fit, rubbing his back and turning away with a pained expression on his face. He could practically feel Wayne's chest spasming with each one.

"Jeeze...how did you manage to hide this for so long?" Chris asked aloud, not expecting an answer back. Wayne wheezed heavily before forcing his eyes to squint open and gripping onto the wall for support. 

"Drugs..." Wayne gasped out, trying to correct his balance from the fit. Chris huffed exasperatedly and couldn't help himself.

"Taking hardcore drugs again, bud? I told you about those." He grinned half heartily, easing the tension slightly. Wayne found himself with the energy to huff a small laugh to the joke, as did Tyler who was now uncovering himself from the wall. But sure enough, all three managed to make it to the bedroom in one piece. Helping Wayne under the covers and sitting him upright to help him breathe a little batter. Tyler was the first to notice all of the medicine bottles on the night stand, his expression softening. Pain killers. Fever reducers. Cough suppressants. Liquid and pill forms. Wayne was desperate to hide this and suffer through it on his own. Whether it was for them, or for Malia. Who would have never even expected it or caught on. And the question rose. How long had he been taking these? Together, they would have upset his stomach if not careful. They hadn't had a show in a few days and it was just today when they noticed him off. It wasn't long before Tyler had pieced the puzzle together. Wayne had clearly taken more than the usual dose to last through the show, even if it would have had a bad effect on him later. Tyler sighed heavily.

"You idiot..."


Haha! I got my motivation for writing back! I'll try and have the next part up tomorrow! :D 

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Christmas Special

Part Three


Warning- V-Mention and Language

So...its come to my attention that im using these band mates longer than I intended to. So i'm just gonna through some visuals in here because I suck at giving visuals in stories :upsidedwnsmiley:

(images again not mine and from Google)

Donny Valentine : https://igcdn-photos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xat1/t51.2885-15/e35/12081058_1639062983035884_1357649728_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTEwMDEzNjQwODI1MDQ1MTgyMQ%3D%3D.2 :

Chris Magnolia http://static.zerochan.net/Kuroo.Tetsurou.full.1841382.jpg :

Tyler Freeman : https://d.wattpad.com/story_parts/140913501/images/13fc6bb9df35fb9e.jpg :


Christmas Eve~

"Hehhhh....Eschhh'ieu! Eng'tchh'ue! Heh-Eng'schhh'ieu!" Wayne whipped his arm around just in time to smother a trio into the crook of his arm, releasing a string of rough coughs after. Tyler pushed himself to the far side of the room and against the wall, cringing with each sound and shivering in disgust. Chris rolled his eyes and once again leaned down to move Wayne's arm to press a wad of tissues to his nose.

"Come on, once more, bud." Chris said, turning a light glare to Tyler for being such a coward. Wayne did as told and blew his nose, the wet sound making Tyler cringe and Chris grin in pure amusement before tossing them out. "You were saying?" He asked, pulling the covers back up over Wayne's shoulders as he was sitting up. Tyler glared back in disbelief before crossing his arms and leaning in the corner.

"As I said...he overdosed on all of that stuff just so he could push through the concert. Taking all of that at once, it's no wonder his stomach isn't keeping anything down." He finished explaining, glaring back to Wayne as he gave another wet sniffle. 

"Heh, sounds like him. But it's stupid. Seriously, bud? You couldn't have just told us you were sick?" He asked Wayne, who was currently staring out into space at his covers. "Damn...you're really out of it, huh?" He huffed and moved back to the night stand to see what medicine his mate actually consumed.

"And unsanitary. You will remember to wash your hands frequently with dealing with him?" Tyler spoke with a twisted frown, disliking everything he was around.

"Would you shut up? He's not doing it on purpose, and I'm not gonna catch this with just being near him." Chris growled, having grown tired of Tyler's pathetic complaining. "He's not gonna sneeze on you." On purpose. "He's feverish, not stupid." He hissed over his shoulder, causing Tyler to flinch and walk over.

"Really? Cause as far as I can see, he can't even cover a cough without you babying a tissue in front of him." Tyler hissed back, not liking Chris' tone. "He's stupid for catching this thing." He huffed. Chris turned around with balled fists, reaching his limit with Tyler's mouth.

"You think he caught this on purpose? Are you serious? Do you even hear yourself right now?" He growled, defending their band mate. "Unless you've fuckin' forgotten, he's got a sister to look after. He wouldn't just go out and catch bugs to risk giving to her." He seethed, reaching his end point for any patience. Tyler scoffed loudly and swished is hair out of his face. 

"If he wanted to be careful, he would have done a better job of making sure he wouldn't catch a bug in the first place!" Tyler hissed back.

"So what? You want him to be like you? Jumping to the slightest of sniffles and spraying sanitizer on every fucking thing that exists!?" Chris yelled, vibrating slightly with anger. Both Tyler and Chris glared each other down for the longest of times, both trying to think of more to say to the other. It was needless to say that the two didn't get along well, or at all to be fair. Chris was always the daredevil and head first guy while Tyler was the introvert germaphobe that just wanted to spend his time in his clean room. But even though Tyler did care about Wayne, it was clear he wanted nothing to do with him now. And that pissed Chris off. Tyler suddenly huffed and crossed his arms, getting a sneer from Chris.

"Y'know what? Go screw yourself, Chris." Tyler growled, Chris in return visibly twitched. "I didn't have to help you carry him. I didn't even have to get near him at the stage. But I did. And not once did I get a damn thank you. This 'thing' I have, may not mean anything to you, but it does to me. It bugs me to be anywhere near, or even in scenting range of something sick or infested. A beetle scares me from what it can carry. And yet I helped carry a vomiting band mate to Donny's car." He hissed tightly, each word hitting Chris in the gut. "So go screw yourself. I don't need this. Not from a Bi-Sexual freak like you." And that was Chris' breaking point. Chris had all ran forward, fisted Tyler's shirt and pinned him hard against the wall with him dangling in the air. Tyler gave a pained gasp and gripped onto Chris' thick masculine wrist to try and squirm free.

"Fuck you!" Chris slammed his free fist into the wall just barely an inch away from Tyler's ear, making his heart stop and fear pulsing through his veins.


"If it weren't for me, you wouldn't even be here! I am the last person you ever want to piss off!" Chris screamed, truly and maddening trying to hold back. Tyler was pressed firmly against the wall with no chance of freeing himself. His eyes lit up in brute fear and terror of the man in front of him.

"C-Chris, I didn't-" Chris punched the wall again with more force.

"Shut up!"


"You want to mock my sexuality? You got fuckin' nerve, kid! At least I'm trying to get my life together and not holding myself up in my room every second of the day because I'm terrified of catching a small fucking sniffle!" Chris was fuming and vibrating with every nerve twitching in his body. "Do not push me! You know what I've been through and I will use it! What happened five years ago wasn't an accident! Who's the idiot now, huh!? You moronic little-"

"GUYS!" Chris stopped mid scream to the rough shout, lowering his head slightly with panting breaths through his nose. Tyler hesitantly looked over to the bed to see Wayne barely standing up with his hand on the bed to hold him up. He was panting and sweating and three shades paler as if he had ran a full blown marathon in the snow.

"Wayne...don't..." Tyler whispered out a warning but still saw Wayne walking just ever slowly over.

"Chris...?" His voice was horribly hoarse and congested. Tyler glanced back to Chris with still wide eyes, seeing his head down and body shaking. "Chris...jusd breathe...breathe." He panted, trying to keep his voice intact by speaking low and slowly. Chris was still breathing heavily, his grip on Tyler's shirt tightening slightly. "J-jusd...juhhhsssssd...hih...hih-hih! Haschhhh'shhhieu! Eh! Etchh'schhhhiew-Eschh'schhhhiew!" Wayne didn't cover in time but was hardly able to turn away either. Tyler shivered in spite of himself to how wet those clearly were, but saw the twitch in Chris' head. He looked over just enough to see Wayne up and gearing up for another. Slowly, his arm came down from holding Tyler until he was on the floor again. Tyler didn't dare move. Once Chris was lost it was very important nothing distracted him, especially with how he would get. After a moment though, Chris moved. His hand slowly uncurled from Tyler's shirt and fell to his side, leaving Tyler the chance to move away and to the bed just as Wayne's knees buckled and sent him to the floor.

"Easy, easy, easy! I got you, I...I got you?" He paused himself, realizing how close he was to his breath hitching mate. He swallowed and his whole body felt full of tingles to what he knew was about to happen. 



"Ehh ehtzzz...eshhhhh...."

"Wayne, don't."



"EH'SCHHHHIEW!" Wayne couldn't hold it back anymore and his head shot down with probably the strongest sneeze he'd ever had. And of course, Tyler was hit with it all over his chest.  And just like that, Tyler had literally fainted and fallen back on the floor, leaving Wayne to lean himself up against the bed in a heavy daze. Suddenly, there was a door closing downstairs.

"Guys, we're back!" Donny's voice shouted.


Yes yes, I know it's a bit of a cliff hanger, but i promise it will get much better! I'm getting more and more into this by the sentence and I can't wait to see what happens myself! :D 

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Christmas Special

Part Four



Christmas Eve~

"Wayway! We home!" Malia cheered happily as she marched up the stairs with Donny behind her. "Way...way?" She paused at the front step to seeing Chris leaning against the inner door with an arm over his eyes. Donny looked to Mailia's puzzled expression and gently squeezed her shoulder as he went around, letting her know to stay.

"Guys? You good-oh my god-" He quickly slapped a hand over his mouth to the curse and wen inside. He didn't know exactly what happened, but he was smart enough to piece more than a few pieces together. He ignored Chris and went straight to Wayne who was struggling to stay awake at this point, shaking his head and repressing a sigh. He carefully helped the band mate up and placed him back into bed with the covers pulled up and a we cloth to his forehead. He then took in a deep breath and turned to the fainted band mate on the floor, rolling his eyes with an exaggerated sigh and went to pick him up as well. "Chris." His voice was far in demand for attention. Chris jolted with a shiver in acknowledgement but didn't turn from his spot. "Living room. Now." He said sternly, earning a swallow from Chris. Donny looked back to Wayne before walking out and giving the honest of calming smiles to Malia. "Everything's okay, dear. Wayne is asleep and Tyler here," he paused to shift Tyler better in his arms. "He was passed out next to him. I'll take him to the guest room and Chris will go with you downstairs." He explained gently, earning a small nod from her in return. But the second Donny turned his back, Malia rushed inside her brother's room to see him. She had her overly large teddy bear wrapped in her arms as always. It had definitely seen i's more than fair share with patches and a sewing needle.

Malia shuffled her way to the bed and pressed her body against it, too small to actually see over it really and settled for hearing her brother's breathing. It was cute how curious she was to see her brother sleeping, but it was dangerous for her to be that close to him.

"Way? Do you want Henry?" Her soft voice spoke, breaking Chris from his trance and turning his eyes to the bed.

"Whoa, there. Not too close." He suddenly said and walked over to pick Malia up in his arms. "He uh...he caught a nasty bug." Malia looked to Chris was a small head tilt. "It's like uh...well...he over worked himself and is really tired." He said softly, not wanting to scare her. "He'll be okay in a while, 'kay?" He assured. Malia hummed sadly but nodded to it, understanding what Wayne went through with the concerts.

"But...how we open presents?" She asked innocently, looking up to Chris while he carried her out. It didn't hit Chris until just then. Right. Presents. Christmas. Shit. He didn't much celebrate himself, but he knew how much this meant to both Malia and Wayne. 

"Hey. I'll tell ya what. We'll let you open one present early when Wayne wakes up tonight. That work?" He teased lightly with kissing her forehead. Malia nearly shouted with excitement to her privilege to open a gift early. Chris inwardly sighed that his last second plan worked. He didn't care if it would get him in trouble as long as he kept her away from the room. With any luck, Wayne would wake up later that night and just roll with it. He carried Malia to the kitchen and set her on the counter. "You want some crackers?" He asked, trying to hold his arms close to keep them from shaking from the argument. Malia's expression softened into a frown.

"We have no more." She answered, making Chris frown now.

"Um...okay. How about an apple? I know you have some of those" He asked, opening the fridge. Malia shook her head, her hair flailing around.

"Nope. I had the last one for lunch." She piped up, still sitting casually. Chris frowned to that answer and what he saw in the fridge. It was practically bare. Did Wayne use all of his food stamps already? No, he was more careful than that. "I have gummies. But Way doesn't let me have them before dinner." She said softly, hoping to help Chris think of what hey did have. Chris closed the door and looked up to see a jar of said gummies on top. Gummy bears. 

"Heh. Well, I think he'd make an exception this time." Chris said slyly and reached up to get the jar and easily opened the childproof lid. Malia held out her hand was given a small handful of them before the jar was put back. "Wayne can talk to me if there's a problem, how 'bout that?" He teased and poked Malia's cheek, making her giggle before carefully helping her down.


It was a few minutes later when Donny came downstairs from wrapping Tyler up in 'fresh sheets', knowing how the boy's head was. He slipped down and was about to announce himself when he caught Malia and Chris both on the floor in the living room with building blocks and a pile of gummy bears balanced on multiple blocks. Malia taking one and quickly popping it in her mouth. Donny had to paused and cross his arms, leaning on the wall opening to the sight. How could someone with such an unstable anger have such the biggest of hearts? He could never get around it. Kids just loved him. He stood there for another few minutes before slaughntering his way over and plopping on the couch. Chris glanced up from his tower but didn't say anything, not knowing whether or not ti situation was just forgotten or being left for later. Malia seemed all focused on her own tower, seemingly forgetting the other's in the room.


Hi again! Yes I know it's a little small and with no sneezy goodness, but I'm trying to get more plot and stuff into here before blowing some noses in here ;) It's also really late and i'm tired as balls, so I hope this will last until I get some more time to write and finish this glorious story.

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Christmas Special

Part Five


Warning- V-Mention


Christmas Eve~

Wayne PoV-

I hadn't even started to wake up when I felt an ache all through my body. I felt numb and cold but at the same time sticky and hot. It was very unpleasant and I was more than positive I looked worse than I felt, if that were even possible. I never liked being sick, especially this sick. But it wasn't something I could just avoid either. Between homeschooling sessions and our concerts, Malia and her school and shows, I didn't have much time to relax any. Our parents never visit anymore due to their high maintenance jobs, and Malia...well...I'm the only family she knows. Aside from the gang that is. It was tiring, but I managed pretty well. At least I thought I was. I never asked for help if I could do it myself, and honestly I thought it was a good lesson to teach. I wont always be there for Malia, and I just wanted her to be ready. The world is cruel and there aren't many shortcuts. So the knowledge is good to have, but at the same time I've never forgotten that she's a child. "Sigh...." I guess I goofed then. 

I tried to go back to sleep but the sound of soft giggles kept me from doing so. I didn't know what it was at the moment, but I should have realized it sooner. That is, if my head wasn't pounding and spinning like a record player. I slowly squinted my eyes open to a dimly lit room and blinked the blur from my eyes. My room? I guessed. It looked like it at least. I slowly glanced around the room, taking in the set up. Dresser, table, Van Halen Poster, a poorly made excuse for an art painting. Yup, definitely my room. Now, question is, why am I in my room? I didn't have an answer and I really didn't want to know. The last thing I remember is playing on stage and feeling this weird feeling in my stomach, I don't know anything after that. I waited for a minute or so before slowly pushing the covers off and sitting up just as slow, easing myself up against the headboard. My head was screaming and not even rubbing my temples was helping. I felt my nose starting to run the same instant my sinuses flared up in a raging itch. I was taken so off guard that I just let it happen. 

"Huh! Eh'YEEshhh'shhhh'ue! Hwehh....WISCHH'shhhhi'ue! USchhh'shhhoo!" I was taken aback by how strong my sneezing was, leaving me panting and dazed. They're never that strong, or loud even. Wet yes, but never breath taking. I wiped my nose along my sleeve absently and again looked around, only to be taken again by a fit of chesty coughs. I felt goose bumps on my skin and my face burning from the fit, making me even more dizzy. I held my head in one hand and closed my eyes, wheezing heavily to try and stop the room from spinning so much. And then I heard it again. Malia's giggles. They sounded so happy and...playful. That itself was almost enough to calm my headache, but not entirely. I coughed again, wincing to the soreness in my throat, and decided I had better go see what the commotion was about. I had no doubt in my mind that someone was with her. I thought maybe Donny since she looked up to him like an Uncle, and then turned to Chris. He was such a Mamma bear with her and it was almost too cute for his persona. With that in mind, I felt myself relax a little. Calmer. She was safe and happy, that's all I wanted. 

With a little effort that I could give, I pulled my legs free and stepped onto the floor with shivers encasing me. I sat back down to a wave of nausea and held my breath, counting in doubles until the feeling passed and I could open my eyes again. I glanced to my night stand that had all the medicine in the house on it, petty much, and frowned. I can't believe how stupid I was. Taking all of that just so I could do the show? Stupid...

But despite my stupidity and my stomach's already protests, I reached for the bottle of Flu medicine and took a decent swig of it straight from the bottle, nearly choking on the bitter flavor that I forced down. I figured I was in the safe zone for it, and if not, well, I'd find out. I cleared my throat and wiped my nose again before trying to stand a second time, this time holding onto the wall for balance and slowly walking my way to the door. I paused half way and looked to my desk chair, there was a folded quilt on the seat that I know for certain wasn't there when I left earlier. Donny for sure. I couldn't help but grin to his mother henning and quickly draped it around my shoulders, sighing heavily to the warmth it brought instantly. I don't know what I would do without these guys...

Normal PoV-

"I'm gonna get ya!" Chris laughed as he peeked up from around the coffee table, his hands held out like claws.

"No!" Malia squeaked out with a giggle and continued to run around the couch. Donny was sat back on the couch with one leg propped over the other and arms laid out on top, watching as the two chased around the room. Tyler was sitting on the other side with arms and legs crossed on the couch, looking to the News Channel on TV. He had came down about an hour ago after he took a decently long shower to rid whatever infectious organisms were on him. It was as if nothing had even happened hours ago. The sun was nearly set and everyone was just as they usually were. One playing. One observing. And one sitting on the side. Donny took pride in his group of friends, even though they all had their own ways and quirks to work out. But that was the fun in it, right? No one is perfect, and he would rather be different anyway.

"So." Tyler's voice broke through after the longest of silence. "Are we staying the night, or what?" He asked bluntly with as little irritation as possible. Out of everyone, Donny knew Tyler the most and how he was. Especially around sick people. But given Tyler was still in the same house, it was an odd improvement.

"You don't have to, but I am." He answered simply, watching as Chris gently pinned Malia down and playfully tickled her on the floor. She squeaked and laughed breathlessly, kicking out to his sturdy chest to stop. Chris really was just a big teddy bear. "Wayne needs someone to take care of him right now. He can't do this on his own anymore. We understand you're uncomfortable with this, so we wont judge you." He continued, still looking to the two on the floor who have now switched roles with Malia tickling Chris and Chris allowing Malia to 'hold' him down with heavy laughs. Tyler furrowed his brows and looked down to his crossed arms, pursing his lips. He wanted to stay and make sure Wayne was okay, truly, but just the thought of being in the same house with those infectious germs made his skin crawl. Was there really no shame in leaving? Would it really be okay? 

"I...it's not that I don't want to stay..." Tyler breathed, closing his eyes. 

"I know, Ty. It's okay." Donny assured. "To be honest, I'm surprised you only passed out once." He teased with a sly grin, making Tyler flush a deep red and turn away with a grumble. The soft creek of wood got Donny's attention and he knew instantly Wayne was awake.

"Guys...?" His voice was broken and squeaked, only Donny hearing it. 

"About time you woke up, runt." Tyler instantly shot his head up from his arms and looked over his shoulder to see a wobbly and bundled up Wayne on the stairwell. His heart leaped into his stomach. "You good?" Donny asked, still not looking to Wayne knowingly he was on the stairwell still.

"Y-yeah..." Came the squeak again. Tyler barely heard him this time. When Wayne slowly made the rest of the way down, Tyler shot up from the couch and scurried to the front door. Wayne looked over to him confused for a second before flushing deeper and turning away guiltily. Tyler wanted to apologize but just couldn't find the words.

"Hey." Donny's voice was deep, earning Tyler's attention just as a pair of keys came flying at him. It was an easy catch and Tyler knew what they were for. "Grab some tissues and lemon drops, would'ya?" Donny ordered simply, his eyes closed and resting back on the couch like he had been. "And pick up Take-Out. My wallet's on the dash." He added, giving a loud yawn at the end. Tyler nodded to his orders and looked to Wayne, getting a look back before nodding his way out. Wayne stood wobbly in the center between the couch and stairwell, unsure of what to do now. "You just gonna stand there, sleeping beauty?" Donny teased, this time looking over his shoulder and patting the space next to him. Wayne looked over and coughed into the quilt, making his way over slowly and sitting next to him as told. Curling his legs up in the quilt so only his head was showing. His hair was sticking up everywhere from the gel not being taken out and being rewet from the sweat. "You look like hell." Donny said bluntly. Wayne only gave a wet and stuffy sniffle as response. 

"I kdow..." Wayne sniffled again and scrubbed at his nose with the quilt. Donny winced in sympathy to the youngest's voice, it made his own throat hurt. "Hih..." Donny looked back over to the small hitched breath, then back to the two oblivious ones wrestling on the floor, and again back. "...hih hih snff...hihh...snff snff..." Wayne's eyes fluttered closed and he brought the quilt up to his nose, preparing for it. His breath kept hitching but nothing more seemed to come, leaving him aggravated and on the edge. "Ughh...snfffk..." He coughed, closing his eyes and shivered.

"False alarm?" Donny guessed with a small grin, his brows furrowed. Wayne gave a few more sniffles before sighing a nod and moving the quilt back down. Donny took the chance to press the back of his hand to Wayne's forehead, making a huffing sound. "Your fever's gone down at least. That's good." Wayne closed his eyes to the cooler touch and moaned, puffing out a breath through his mouth. Donny's arm gently slid behind him and pulled him down onto his lap where Wayne instantly curled up and nuzzled closer. "Get some sleep, runt. I'll wake you when Ty gets back." He said, gently combing his hand through Wayne's sweaty hair in an attempt to tame the bed head there. Wayne's eyes were slowly drifting closed to the comfort given, watching Malia play and laugh without even noticing him there. Chris was her fun right now. And Wayne couldn't be more happy for that. He closed his eyes and let sleep take him again.


Thank you for the awesome comments guys! I plan to finish this story soon enough as it has lasted past it's expected date :lol: But until then, please keep enjoying!

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Christmas Special

Part Six


Warning- V-Mention


Christmas Eve~

Wayne had long passed out on Donny's lap before Chris and Malia realized he was even downstairs. They had been running around so much that they hadn't even noticed him on the couch next to them. Donny was watching them the whole time in amusement, just waiting for them to look over and find him there. It was hilarious when Chris turned red, he always was oblivious, but never that bad. Donny raised a finger over his lips when hey both came closer to the snoring band mate, who was really just softly breathing, but still counted.

Malia hugged her giant bear close and peeked over its head to stare at her sleeping brother, who she never really saw sleep much. She sat herself on her knees quietly and watched at a distance, her eyes wide with energy and not even an ounce of tiredness to be found. It really was a relieving sight to her. Chris stood from the floor and quietly walked over to the couch to get a better look. Donny moved his hand slightly from combing through Wayne's hair for Chris to feel his forehead, frowning at the warmth still there.

"It's still pretty high, boss..." Chris whispered, moving his hand back so Donny could continue. "I'll get a rag or something." He offered, making his way back to the kitchen in search. Donny glanced over to Chris as he walked away, still amused by how his person could change so quickly from fun to serious. Wayne coughed then and curled up slightly more, gripping onto Donny's pants in his sleep and nuzzling his nose into the fabric. Donny merely grinned and continued to comb through his hair, hoping to ease his slumber for just a bit longer until the food came. Sick or not, he knew Wayne needed the sleep regardless. "Here." Donny looked up to see Chris holding out a ripped and sewn piece of cloth. "It ...was the only thing I could find. I don't think they have much anymore since they moved." Chris said with disappointment. Donny grimaced at the overused cloth but it was better than nothing. He took it and gently started to dab around Wayne's burning face, making him shiver from the cool wetness but also relax a bit more. The cold feeling made his nose twitch and Donny instantly covered his mouth and nose with it

"Hip'schhh...! Mp'schh...!" Everyone held their breath for the longest minute ever in fear it had woken the band mate. Wayne sniffled confusedly with his head lifted slightly and brows furrowed before laying back out on Donny's lap, coughing lightly and resuming his soft snores. They all breathed out exasperatedly at that. Donny then moved the cloth from Wayne's face and set it across the back of his neck to try and get his fever down.

"Bless you." Malia piped up when the tension died down, feeling it was correct timing to give her manners. Both Donny and Chris grinned with small chuckles to how cute she was. "Um...can I open present now?" Donny blinked confusedly and looked to Chris in question, who in turn turned red in the cheeks at being accused.

"What? It was the only way to keep her down here." He admit, trying to keep his voice down. Donny sighed with a shake of his head and looked down to Malia, who was anxiously awaiting her award for being good and patient, her eyes wide and still full of energy. Donny, though highly respecting of waiting until Christmas to open gifts, just couldn't say 'no' to that face. He sighed.

"Go right ahead, Malia. Pick one out and open it on the table." He said with a gentle smile, thinking it wouldn't hurt. He was expecting Malia to jump up and bounce over in joy, but she only remained there with a sudden wide stare. "Malia?" He looked up to Chris, who had the same stare with a bit lip grin. "Chris? What's wrong?" He asked, feeling a bit uncomfortable now with not knowing what was going on. He turned slightly with a weirded frown and slowly looked down to where they were staring. And suddenly he realized why they were staring. Wayne was glancing up to him with the tiredest and most glazed over eyes ever. Donny blinked wide eyed. Wayne coughed. "Um....hi?" Donny wasn't sure what else to say. He wasn't expecting Wayne to actually be awake. "You uh," he cleared his throat. "You wanna sit up?" He asked, still taken by surprise. Wayne slowly shook his head and pulled the quilt closer around him, looking far too childish for his own good. He swallowed roughly and shifted his arm under the quilt to hold his stomach. "You feel nauseous?" Donny huffed with a shake of his head and laid his head back, looking to Malia who was hugging her bear more anxiously. She so desperately wanted to hug her brother and curl up in his lap. It was adorable. "Soon, Malia. I promise." Donny assured, able to read her like a book. Chris kept his grin as Donny relaxed back, not able to help himself. 

"You two need a room?" He snickered to himself and immediately slapped a hand over his mouth when Donny delivered a hard glare his way through narrowed eyes. Chris was suddenly bursting out with laughter at his reaction. "You just look so cuddle happy right now!" He laughed heartily with a step back. He knew Donny wasn't going to move with Wayne on his lap, but at the same time he knew damn well that Donny had a good reach and could easily throw something at him.

"I wouldn't be making jokes if I were you. You owe me from that little 'pop' earlier." He tested with a raised brow, shutting Chris right up. "Don't think you're out of the woods on that." He warned, feeling a bit more at ease when he saw Chris look away and avert his stare to the floor with a hand rubbing his arm shamefully. 

"Way?" Malia whispered when Donny's attention drifted. Wayne looked to his baby sister and pulled the quilt up a little to cover his mouth sightly. "You wanna hold Henry?" She piped, scooting herself just a little closer and holding the large teddy bear out to him. Wayne's brows furrowed worriedly and he shook his head slightly, not wanting to infect the thing she loved so much. His eyes fluttered at that moment and he pressed his face into the quilt.

"Hik'shhhiue! Hih! Ishh'shhiue! Heh heh hehh! Eschhh'shhiew! Eshhhiew! ...ESCHHIEW!" The last one pulled him forward slightly with the strength and Donny was quickly brought back to the lump on his lap, wrapping an arm around him and holding him up through the rest of the fit. "Eshhh! Eshhhh! Eschhh'shhhiew! Huh hh-hhhuh! Heh'USHHH'shhhiue!"

"Jesus, Wayne. Breathe already." Chris startled, moving over to help Donny sit him up.

"Ishhhh'uh! Eschh'uh! Escch'uh! Hih hihhh..." His breath kept hitching and stalling, tears flooding down his cheeks from the unending fit.

"Easy, runt. Don't fight it, just let it happen. Fighting will only make it last longer." Donny informed, knowing the kid by heart. He moved a hand up to brace his mate's back while he reached his other other to hold his grabbing hand tightly.

"Eschhhiew! Eschhhiew! Heh! ESCHH'shhhoo! Heh hehh...snnfff snfff...guh...huhh....snnfff..." Wayne panted heavily, his breath stuck between hitching and heaving for breath from the massive fit. Fits weren't' exactly rare for Wayne, given he would have a good fit  of seven or so normal sneezes suddenly. But at the end he would just rub at his nose with a sniffle and be perfectly fine. But sneezing in general was actually rare. He really only sneezed when sick, or hit with just a random fit. So it wasn't entirely shocking that he would have a fit when sick, but just the strength of his sick sneezes in a fit was a bit worrisome if anything. Both Donny and Chris were rubbing his back and arms, trying to calm him down from the suffocating fit.

"Easy...easy. There you go, just breathe. Deep breaths." Donny cooed gently, honestly feeling heavy sympathy for the kid. He couldn't help it. He had five younger siblings of his own and he was the literal 'Big Brother' of the bunch. Always caring for them any way he possibly could. And Wayne was no exception.

"Wayne, bud. Ease your breathing, you need to calm down a little here." Chris offered, reaching up to massage the back of Wayne's neck. Malia was left on the floor to endure the sight of her big brother's pain. Tears were in her eyes and she desperately wanted to hug him tightly and make sure he was okay, but she knew he was sick and she knew she was told to keep her distance. She was torn between following directions and just following her heart to hold him. She had witnessed one of his fits before and saw just how much they tired him out, but at the same time he would bounce right back like nothing happened. And after witnessing another with the complete opposite effect, it actually scared her. Donny was the first to hear the small bubbling whimper that she made and turned his head, seeing her on the verge of loosing it. Shit.

"Chris. Chris!" Donny called, Chris looked over quickly and turned to Malia.

"Shiiiiii-oot." He corrected just barely and quickly left Wayne's side to kneel down next to Malia. The last thing they needed was for Malia to cry and cause Wayne's big brother instincts to kick in. He was literally sicker than a dog and him dropping into big brother mode wasn't on the schedule. He would push everything away and go right to her. "Hey, hey, hey. Don't cry, please don't cry. Wayne's fine, he's gonna be just fine, sweetheart. Don't cry, okay? Please?" Chris was keeping the panic in his voice as mild as he could, knowing the same as Donny. Malia was Wayne's whole world and he knew the second he heard anything he would jump off the couch. They were lucky he was too out of it currently or he would have jumped over already.

"B-b-b-but W-Way-y's...h-h-he..." She was on the edge and holding her bear tightly. Chris moved in front of her and quickly wrapped his arms around her, picking her up gently and holding her closely.

"Shh shh shh, it's okay. He's okay. Shhh." He shushed gently and quickly moved her into the kitchen, hopefully far enough away to calm her down without escalating the situation. Meanwhile, Donny was still rubbing Wayne's back as he heaved through the aftershock. It wasn't long before he was bent over with a hoarse fit of coughs that always followed. Donny gently pushed him down towards his knees a little, hoping to ease the fit some. He kept looking over his shoulder to the kitchen in fear he would hear Malia start crying or see her running out to them. But his prayers were answered when he heard a faint giggle, deflating him instantly with a heavy sigh.

"Thank you god, Chris." He breathed out, thankful that Chris had managed to distract her for the time being as he went back to Wayne. He was heaving and panting deeply, face flushed and covered in heavy sweat. Pale, fevered, shaking, and 100% sick. "Jeeze...keep your head down, take it easy." Wayne gave a nauseated moan and wrapped an arm around his stomach, his other tightly gripping Donny's hand. "I know...I know. Breathe through it, I'm right here for you." Donny ushered softly, still rubbing his back. He felt the heat from his back and winced in sympathy, the kid was burning up and there was nothing he could do about it right now. It was massively pulling at his heartstrings and he absolutely felt useless...


Boo-ba-doo! Another one down! :P 

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Christmas Special

Part Seven


Warning- V-Mention


Christmas Eve~

Donny had finally managed to calm Wayne down from his expressive fit after a good forty minutes. He couldn't help but take pity on the ill band mate, having to hold his firmness to keep calm in this situation. He wanted so desperately to wrap Wayne up in blankets, read him a story, feed him some soup and medicine, and tuck him in bed. Of course that was all he did with his younger siblings, the process just lingered. He held Wayne close to him and rubbed his chest in firm circles, his other combing through Wayne's colored bangs and hair. Donny sighed out tiredly, watching the clock from his spot on the couch and then to Malia and Chris who were sitting on the floor and watching the Christmas Parade. Giving the occasional glance over to Wayne as the poor boy coughed and heaved in exhausted misery.

"Where's Tyler with the food, boss?" Chris spoke after what had been a long silence. Donny looked down to see Chris rubbing his belly with an exaggerated starving face.

"Soon. You know how long it takes for them to make it." Donny answered, his voice tired.

"It's been over an hour! I'm starving here!" Chris complained, making Malia giggle and reach out to pat his stomach, which was already a little plump with muscle. Donny huffed with a small grin and looked at his watch, frowning when he realized it had been over an hour. He was a little concerned then, it didn't usually take this long to order and drive back. One, considering they were practically ordering from there every other day, and two, Tyler had his car. He was always straight forward with his vehicle, given he hated needing to put gas in.

"Maybe we should call-"

Knock knock knock!

"Finally!" Chris jumped up from the floor and ran to the door. Donny rolled his eyes and shook his head with a laugh at the perfect timing. "Jesus! What did you order, the whole restaurant!?" Came Chris' overly excited voice.

"No, you moron. They had specials going on and just through in some extra stuff." Came a very irritated, and very Tyler, voice. Chris came waltzing in with a large box full of Chinese food.

"Christ! Tyler, I only had about a hundred bucks, did you break me?" Donny teased heartfully and bucked in laughter as Chris set the box on the floor, eagerly digging through it to find his share of food. 

"No. As I said, they had specials going on. We go there so often that they threw in some extra food. Though, I'm not sure what." He said, walking in with crossed arms. "I don't know what Wayne can stomach right now, so I got him the sweet and sour chicken instead of his sesame chicken, and white rice instead of pork fried. They also gave us a small container of broth for him too." Tyler said, blushing through his frown and slightly turned stare.

"Cool, that was thoughtful of you. I'm sure that will stay down better." Donny praised, slowly sitting himself and Wayne up to get in a better position to eat.

"And..." Tyler paused, tightening his arms around his slim waist. "Moshi said 'hi' and to 'feel better soon'." He added, glancing to an exhausted looking, yet still awake, Wayne. Fighting back a cringe. "She said to give you a hug, but don't hold your breath." He muttered coldly. Donny sighed with pursed lips but chose to ignore the tone and turn towards the box of food. 

"I...appreciade id...Dy..." Wayne's gravely voice spoke, bringing Tyler back to just how miserable the boy felt. He did feel sympathy for him, but he just couldn't do it.

"Yeah yeah, just...do us a favor and try and keep something down, would ya?" He said lightly, walking to the other side of the table and peering in over Chris and Malia. 

"Dude, you got crab cakes?" Chris asked shocked, looking up to meet his stare. He simply nodded and pulled the bag out to hand it to Malia's eager hands.

"She likes them, so there hers." He stated, watching her eyes widen in joy. Chris winced at the way she hugged the bag close and scurried over to the end of the couch with her prize. "Be sure to wash your hands after eating those, Malia. Chris is allergic to seafood, remember?" He called out to her, getting a small nod before she smooshed one into her mouth. Chris gave a small shudder to the crunching sound but continued digging in, pleased when the crab cakes were actually in a separable smaller box and not touching anything. He pulled his few containers out and placed them on the table with a pair of chopsticks and some sauces before moving over for Tyler to get his. Tyler reached in and first took out the container of broth so Wayne could try and get something in him. He handed it to Donny, who nodded wordlessly and gave it to Wayne, who just stared blankly at it.

"You think you can stomach some broth for us?" Donny asked gently, really wanting him to eat something but at the some not wanting to force him to if he didn't want it. Chris and Tyler had looked over to the question, hoping he would at least try some. Wayne swallowed as he looked at the amber liquid and bit his lip. His stomach was growling but he wasn't sure if it was a good growl or bad growl. But, regardless of what he felt, he knew he hadn't eaten in about two days and this was probably something he needed to do.

"Here, bud." Chris said, reaching over to hand him a spoon. "If anything, we wont push you. But you really need to eat something. Even if it's just plain soup." He encouraged lightly. Wayne sat there for a few moments in debation. He was probably worrying for nothing, but he really didn't want to jinx himself. He felt a hand rubbing his back and the growling die down slightly, figuring it was now or never. He popped the lid easily open and filled the spoon, swallowing to just the thought of it coming back up.

"Stop. Don't think about that." Donny said firmly, rubbing his back in soothing circles. "Just breathe and calm down, it wont happen." Donny assured with a small grin. 

"Stop watching him, it's making him nervous." Tyler mumbled out, pulling out his own food onto the table. Chris frowned and turned away, glancing over to Malia to keep an eye on her. Donny huffed at the weak tone but did as told, looking back to the TV until everyone had their food before grabbing his own. Wayne blushed under his fevered cheeks when everyone looked away and reluctantly slurped down a spoon full of broth. It was salty with a smooth texture that coated his mouth and throat, though he couldn't really taste much through his stuffed nose. The steam wasn't doing much to anything to help with that either.

"How is it?" Donny asked, his voice a soft whisper. Wayne shifted under the quilt, holding the container in his lap with his other hand holding his stomach, feeling the growls easing some. 

"Id's...id's good." He mumbled stuffily and slowly took another spoon full. Donny grinned gently and nodded, reaching down for the box and pulling it towards him to get his own food.


I'm baaaack! Vaca was awesome and it feels great to be back with everybody!

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Christmas Special

Part Eight


Warning- V-Mention



The late evening had never been so relaxed with the group. It was calm, no fans around them to take pictures. No phones blowing up. No sirens zooming through the streets like usual. Nope. Just Chinese food. Christmas Specials on TV. Peace and quiet. And the best part about it?

...Chris was fast asleep on the floor. His arms under his head, back to the carpet, one knee pulled up. And Malia laying half on his full stomach with her larger than life teddy bear in one arm. The smallest of yawns escaping her and earning the attention of the remaining band mates.

"Looks like someone's tuckered out." Donny commented gently with a small grin. "She didn't even get to open her present." Tyler found himself giving the faintest of smiles to how tired and small she looked compared to Chris, who was a decently size larger than her.

"You are talking about Malia, right? And not the giant lump of muscle on the floor?" Tyler said in half a snark, feeling it the right time to get some come back in. Donny rolled his eyes playfully and chuckled to it.

"Mal...lia?" Donny turned to the hoarse voice settled next to him and saw Wayne shifting slightly from his nearly asleep state. He had done a great job in keeping most of the broth and chicken down and hadn't felt really nauseous through it. Though he wanted to eat more, he knew jinxing it wasn't on the schedule and decided to stop ahead of himself.

"Shh, she's okay, Wayne." Donny cooed, moving his arm with a frown when he saw Wayne struggling to sit up. He saw the intentions and quickly put an arm out to block him from standing. "Stay, we'll take care of her." Donny said softly, not wanting Wayne's big brother instincts to kick in.

"I got her, Wyane. You just relax and...contaminate the couch..." Tyler said, mumbling the last few words with a cringe when he saw Wayne's features slacking.

"Eh-heh...Etchhh'shhhiew! Ep'tshhhhiue! Et'kshhhiue!" Wayne snapped forward suddenly, not having the time to cover properly and misting the quilt over his legs. He then resorted to cough wetly half into the crook of his arm in a tired attempt to cover them.

"Bless you, runt. See? You wouldn't have been able to carry her like this." Donny stated, pulling the poor boy back against him and wrapping his arm back. Wayne sniffled wetly and extremely stuffily next to Donny, nuzzling back into his shoulder.

"She...she deeds be...she...she's dired..." Wayne mumbled out, his eyes already closed again. Donny snickered to his congested words and turned to Tyler, who was shaking his head upward.

"I'm more than positive I can handle putting her to bed. It's not that hard." Tyler said, kneeling down and gently scooping her up in his arms. The bear dangling from her hand with a firm grip even though she was cuddling close and half asleep.

"Bud..." Wayne coughed, forcing his eyes to crack open. "She always ged's a sdory...add warb bilk...thed-"

"Yes, yes, I know the routine. Big brother ritual and what not." Tyler rolled wrist in a continuous matter. "Tucked in first with her blue blanket and then the sheets. Story, The Squirrel and the Chipmunk. Warm milk, powdered and stirred, not shaken. And lastly a kiss on both cheeks and then her forehead. We know, we've endured this countless of times." He sighed exasperatedly. Wayne merely nodded his head and closed his eyes again, his head falling limp against Donny's shoulder again. "I'll be back." He said softly, shifting Malia better in his arms and taking her upstairs. Leaving Donny, Wayne, and a passed out Chris on the floor.

"Just get some sleep, we'll head back upstairs in a bit so you can get in a bed." Donny offered, glancing over to Wayne's already snoring breaths. He sighed with a small chuckle and laid his head back, listening to the Christmas parade and clock as it struck Midnight. The bells and chimes of Christmas Day brought a smile to his lips, knowing that his siblings were just waking up to get a head start on their presents. Running into their parent's room and all of them jumping on the bed at once. His smile widened to the image and it warmed his heart. He didn't believe in Santa Claus anymore, but many of his siblings did and it was the greatest thing he could imagine. He closed his eyes and thought of what his siblings would think when they noticed him gone, wanting him to join them in opening gifts. He would have to apologize later, but it was all worth it to make sure their idiot Guitarist got better.

Donny suddenly opened his eyes and sat up slightly, feeling an off feeling in his face before he suddenly clamped a hand over his nose and jerked to a perfectly stifled sneeze. Small tears formed in his eyes with a light head rush before he whipped his head around to see if anyone had heard him, giving a small experimental sniffle and rubbing his nose curiously. He never liked how he sneezed. They were sudden with no warning other than that odd feeling, yet he still managed to fully stifle them perfectly. He laid back against the cushions, thinking nothing of it other than a fluke, and closed his eyes to continue listening to the Christmas chimes.


Sorry its a little short and on the lame side. It's late and I'm tired and blah blah blah. :P Hope you like it in the mean time and I'll be sure to make a longer part next!

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OMG!!! :jawdrop::jawdrop:  this is amazing!!! I love this story! I was actually hoping Donny would start catching it. :twisted::innocent:  I love how all the guys are helping Wayne and his adorable sister. Thank you so much for writing this and I wonder how long Donny can hide him getting sick from everyone :twisted: 

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On 1/23/2017 at 2:24 AM, Zane said:

OMG!!! :jawdrop::jawdrop:  this is amazing!!! I love this story! I was actually hoping Donny would start catching it. :twisted::innocent:  I love how all the guys are helping Wayne and his adorable sister. Thank you so much for writing this and I wonder how long Donny can hide him getting sick from everyone :twisted: 

Haha! Thank you so much! To be honest I wasn't going to put any contagion in here, but somehow it was gonna happen. I'm really thilled that you like this story and I'll try my hardest to 'hide the inevitable' heehee~

On 1/23/2017 at 9:38 PM, Arty said:

Oh Donny!!!!!!

Oh Arty! ;) 


Well, i'm not sure if it's longer than the last, but I was really trying to focus more on Tyler in this one. :P 


Christmas Special

Part Nine


Warning- None



Tyler tucked a sleeping Malia in under the sheets and placed a small peck to her cheek before turning the lamp off and making his way to the hallway, closing the door quietly and leaving it cracked open. He took in a deep breath, held it for five seconds, and breathed out heavily. He wasn't sure how much more he could take with this. He felt like the only sane one in the apartment who knew to stay away from sick people. He understood Malia, given Wayne was her brother, but Chris and Donny? Did they just not care about the possibility of contamination? Contagion? Germs!? It was madness. 

"Alright, one down, two to go. Get Wayne upstairs, put Donny in the guest room, then go home to properly sanitize my entire being. Easy." He spoke to himself, making a check list in his head as he made his way downstairs. He paused however when he didn't see Donny's head laid back on the couch. "Don?" He called out quietly, not wanting to wake Wayne or the snoring beast still on the floor. He rounded the couch curiously and froze with his mouth open and wide eyes. "Oh no..." Now he knew they were all screwed. There, laying on the couch and dead asleep, was Donny. With a very sickly Wayne laying on his stomach and an arm wrapped around him. Donny's arm laying over Wayne's side with the quilt just over Wayne's waist. The sight was disgusting and Tyler couldn't stop from backing away with a cringe. There was no doubt that Donny was in the germ zone now. Wayne was all over him and Donny was just holding him there. "Enough is never is enough is it? You just had to go and keep him close. There's no reasoning with this, none. Nadda. Zip." Tyler complained in exasperation to himself, flailing his arms and pacing in circles in panic. They couldn't afford for them all to get sick, and he was not going to be the one to care for everyone. No way in hell. Nope. Ain't gonna happen. He warned them. Wayne was sick, take him home, and leave him. But nooo, Donny wanted them to stay until he got back. And now look at them. It was insane. It was disgusting. And it was-

"Eh'pshh!" Tyler jerked at the petite sneeze from Wayne's sleeping state, watching as he shifted slightly and nuzzled his face against Donny's shirt. Tyler was over taken by shivers to how disturbing it all was. He couldn't stand how unsanitary this whole thing was. Everything. It just wasn't right at all!

"Calm down, Ty. You can just leave. See? No big deal. You can just leave and never come back. That sounds like a plan. Yeah, a good plan. They'll all be fine, just fine. Right? Right." He rambled to himself, going between looking to the door and continued pacing. He held his head and groaned out loudly, not able to get himself to do just that. He couldn't just leave them here. He wasn't that guy. But dammit if they were asking a lot of him. Even though they were all asleep and unconscious. He really should stop talking to himself. No. Yes, yes he should.

He heard a small muffled cough and jerked back again to the couch, shivering to every little sound Wayne made. He just couldn't help it. Everything was screaming at him to run away, and yet his chest ached for him to stay like the good friend he was. Which he found absolutely ridiculous given his situation. Tyler jumped to a ruffly sound and turned quickly, looking down and sighing when it was just Chris rolling onto his side, giving a tired moan. He heard the familiar rough breaths and panic was never more clear on his face. Dammit, he'd forgotten all about that! He rushed over and knelt down beside Chris, shaking his shoulder a little roughly from his nerves.

"Hey. Chris, get up. You can't be down here like this, man. Come on." He urged hastily, earning a rough moan and weak swat from his hand. "Chris, come on. A little nap is fine but you can't breathe good at this angle. Please?" He ushered, shaking just a bit more before finally getting a mumbled 'shove off' from him. Tyler would've rolled his eyes if his heart wasn't racing from everything. Chris finally squinted his tired eyes and instantly started panting from how out of breath he was. "Easy, I got you." Tyler slowly helped to pull him up off the floor and used both hands to steady his shoulders as he swallowed and tried to calm his breathing some. "It's okay. Slow deep breaths now." He urged, using one hand to rub his back, Chris closed his eyes and reached up to press a palm over them to clear the blur, feeling light headed.

"I...I didn't...mean to..." Chris panted, slowly getting in oxygen.

"I know. It's fine. Everyone kinda passed out, so you're not alone." Tyler huffed slightly, trying to give him a small grin. Chris merely nodded and slumped a little against Tyler, weighing him down some. "oh, Jesus! I swear, you need to lay off the fried dumplings." He huffed, earning a breathy chuckle from the muscle toned lump.

"S-sorry, Ty..." He mumbled out and pushed himself forward, taking a few seconds to get in needed air, his chest feeling slightly tight from it all.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's get you propped up in a bed where you can breathe. As I said, a nap is fine, but you can't be sleeping at that angle with Sleep Apnea. It isn't good for you, and we don't exactly have your stuff here either." Tyler said, standing up and offering a hand out to Chris to help him up. Chris blushed slightly and reached out to take the offer, pulling himself up with a wobble in his knees. Tyler wrapped an arm around his waist and then proceeded to help him to and up the stairs, leading his half awake frame into the guest room and propping the multiple pillows up for him. "Get some sleep, I'll see you guys in the morning." He said. Chris had already molted from his two layers of shirts and was climbing in bed, not even hearing Tyler anymore as he flopped onto the pillows and curled up on top of the sheets, this time earning an eye roll. "You idiot..." He sighed and walked out, closing the door behind him. He then made his way back downstairs and paused to the sound of soft snores. Curiously, he made his way back over to the couch and saw both Donny and Wayne still wrapped around the other, Wayne snoring congestedly and Donny breathing softly through his mouth and nose. Yeah, this really was going to be a problem.

Tyler ignored every instinct in his being and slowly went around the couch to pull the quilt more over them and tucked it in slightly, getting a small shift from Donny but no where near waking him. He thought of leaving a note that he would be back in the morning, but then dismissed it. Knowing he would probably be back before they even woke up anyway. He also needed to make a mental note to get some, or many, boxes of tissues and bags of cough drops in the morning. Given he absently forgot to get them earlier. And sanitizer. Lots and lots of sanitizer. But with that all in mind, he grabbed his bag by the door and made his way out, fully able to walk the two miles home, shower, and get a few hours of needed sleep before reluctantly giving up his sanity and coming back to that dreadful contagious place.


~~~ :heart: ~~~

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Awwww Ty. When it comes to his friends...he's a cutie and will try to put aside his issues.

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Christmas Special

Part Ten


Warning- V-Mention



The following morning when Tyler woke was shrouded in a soft blanket of snow through the whole neighborhood. The sunlight shining off of it hit his room like a pure sunbeam, and he couldn't wait to start the day. The same as Chris, he didn't really celebrate Christmas as much, but for his own reasons. Chris' family didn't celebrate for religious reasons, Tyler didn't celebrate it as he was alone in his own home. His family and himself had years parted ways when an issue of inheritance came into the picture. And though that might had seemed like a stupid reason, he just didn't have anyone to celebrate it with. However, he did still get gifts for his band mates, as they most likely did for him. This was more of a generous Holiday thing. And speaking of his band mates...he needed a lot of stuff for them. A large list to be exact. And his first stop of the morning.



It was a few hours passed when Tyler pulled up to the apartments and parked his bike, bags of bought items dangling from both handle bars that he swore was needed for entering the place.

Two boxes of gloves.

Face masks.

Two large containers of hand sanitizer.

A whole bag of canned soups.

Seven boxes of tissues, lotioned and puffs.

Four bags of cough drops of all flavors.

He even took the extra thought to bring everyone's gifts from his and Donny's place, figuring it would be good to explain why he wasn't home to open gifts today. And also to pick up Chris' bag that had his medication and inhaler in it, knowing it would be good to have it just in case he did need it. He didn't really see himself as a caretaker, especially with how he was with every little speck of germ. But he had to admit he did have some sympathy for everyone's well being. Even if it was just getting their medicine or a box of tissues. It counts.

He made his way up the stairs with all the bags in hands and made his way down each side railing, cursing to himself of how anyone could bring groceries up this way. It was impossible to make so many trips. By the time he rounded the fourth turn, the scent of smoke hit him in the face and he stumbled back. He was ready to shout at the person to put it out when he sniffed the air, realizing he scent of the exact cigarette.

"Chris?" He called, turning the corner again and pausing to the sight. Yeah, it was Chris. "I thought you quit that crap." He growled, though it lacked the bark he intended. Chris looked over and blinked, tapping the burnt bud off and walking over to take a few bags from him.

"I did. I'm not taking drags, its just the satisfaction of lighting one and smelling the smoke. It kinda works the same." Chris said with a small shrug, looking back over the balcony and back down to the cigarette burning in his hand.

"Doesn't it still like...temp you?" Tyler asked with a frown, hating seeing how something as illogical as smoking had such a strong effect on people. He absolutely despised smoking, and the health hazard it was. Which was why Chris supposedly quit in the first place, because it would interfere with his mood on stage and his breathing. Chris hung his head to the question, not wanting to answer or not having one to give. Smoking was hard to quit once you started, he knew that, but it didn't help the fact that it did help him calm down. Even if it is a harmful addiction. A hand was on his shoulder and Chris glanced over, gritting his teeth slightly. "Put it out, Chris. It's only going to be harder if you don't." He said, his voice hard but encouraging. Chris sighed out heavily and moved to the railing to burn out the bud before tossing it over. Tyler nodded to the act and opened the sliding door for them to go in, knowing it was best for both of them to get away from the lingering scent of smoke.

"So, what all did you get? There's half a store in these." Chris commented, looking through all the bags curiously. Tyler scoffed and bat at his hand.

"None of your concern. It's for Wayne, and hopefully just for him." He said, taking a peek into the living room to see if Wayne and Donny were still as he left them.

"Boss is still passed out like a light, I took Wayne to his room a few hours ago after he woke up. He's not looking too much better, but not worse either." He informed, sighing with a hand rubbing the back of his neck. "He said his stomach was rolling but so far he's still keeping every down last I checked. What do you think this even is? A stomach bug? Cold? Flu?" He asked, not really ever paying attention much to illnesses to know the difference. Tyler paused from unpacking the bags and thought about it, looking over every symptom that Wayne had shown and how he was feeling. 

"I would guess a mild case of the flu if anything. Which means we should be even more careful around him. You might think you're immune to everything, but a simple cold is no exasperation. A little caution wouldn't hurt." Tyler grumbled, knowing how blindly confident Chris could be. He wasn't even going to start with Donny. His heart was too big to just let it slide without some sort of comforting. And speaking of Donny. "Has Donny shown any symptoms? Wayne was all over him yesterday." He asked, looking back in from the table. Chris turned as well and crossed his arms, trying to think if he noticed anything. 

"Not that I know of. He's been out cold as I said. But...he was snoring a little bit earlier if that counts for anything?" Chris offered, though not really seeing how snoring could be a symptom of anything. Everyone snored in their sleep, right? Tyler hummed lowly to himself and walked out of the kitchen to the couch, looking over a lightly snoring Donny who was on his other side and sprawled out partly under a thin sheet that Chris no doubt tried to cover him with. He reached his hand down slowly and brushed his fingers on Donny's forehead, curious if there was any signs of illness. Donny wasn't an early bird like Tyler was, but for him to sleep in longer than Chris, and Wayne, it had to be addressed. He moved his hand back and reached over to pull the sheet over his shoulders before going back the kitchen.

"No fever or anything...but I'm shocked that he's still sleeping." He said with a grimace, not liking it.

"He's probably just tired, Ty. We did all stay up late so I wouldn't put too much thought into it." Chris chuckled, then sniffled, and groaned. He turned with a grimace of his own and walked back outside, gaining a sly smirk from Tyler as he watched the masculine figure bend forward in three perfectly timed jolts. The sound was surprisingly blocked out by the closed glass door. But Tyler could hear them almost perfectly from memory. The deep chesty inhale. The long pause of breath holding. Then the outrageous loud sound of a barked sneeze, following the same pattern twice more. "AURRSHHHH'TCHHHH!!!" His frame would waver from the enormous strength and loss of breath afterword, nearly toppling him over from how lightheaded he would become. His lungs were almost super human that you'd never expect something that strong to exist. It was pure amusement as well. How embarrassed Chris would be about sneezing near anyone for the sole purpose of that. You'd think he could bring a wall down. It was times like these when Tyler actually thanked the Lord for him never getting sick. He saw Chris stiffen while holding the railing as he caught his breath and slowly glance over his shoulder with tears in his eyes. They undoubtedly hurt his chest, and Tyler could only cringe to the thought of even one of them trying to be stifled.

He reached for Chris' bag and pulled it up on the table, unzipping it and pulling out his inhaler just in case he actually did need it. His thoughts were true when Chris shyly slid back in through the door with a massive blush on his cheeks, that or really heavy flush. Either way, he looked pink in the face. Chris took the inhaler, using the table as a leverage as he tried not to sound out of breath.

"Dod...a word." He heaved, taking a pump of the inhaler. Tyler sucked in his lips to hold in a laugh. "I bead id." He added weakly, gripping the table tighter. But Chris knew better than to think Tyler would take his threat in his state.

"Smoke get to you?" Tyler snickered, earning a growl from Chris as he took another puff. It was really hilarious that something as small as smoke could cripple the masculine Bassist, given his stature and personality. This was also why Chris needed to quit. Which needed no explanation of why. "Go sit down, big boy. I'll need your help later with fixing food for everyone, assuming we don't have leftovers?" He said, watching as Chris had dazed off and was wavering on his feet. Tyler rolled his eyes and walked over to wrap an arm around his waist, guiding him to the lounge chair before returning again to the kitchen. Yeah, this was going to be a great Christmas morning if he had ever saw one.


On 1/30/2017 at 0:27 AM, Arty said:

Awwww Ty. When it comes to his friends...he's a cutie and will try to put aside his issues.

Yup yup!

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On 2/5/2017 at 2:27 PM, Arty said:

Like this new development. Oohhh people are getting sick though!!!!!! :P

Heehee very subtly.....


Christmas Special

Part Eleven


Warning- None



"Presants presants presants presants!" A cycle of cheers clouded through the room as Malia jumped up and down next to the small, decorated tree. 

"Easy there, Hopper. Don't you want breakfast first?" Chris asked, smiling softly at how eager Malia was to open her gifts. Well, the few that were even under the tree.

"Nope!" She piped back, earning an amused snort from Tyler. "I wan' this one." She said, pointing the medium sized gift just out from the tree. "I's pretty." She giggled, going over and pulling it out with slight difficulty.

"Whoa! Not that one yet, cupcake. Why not start with a smaller one? Save this one for last?" Chris interjected, gently picking her up from the gift. Malia giggled as she was lifted into his arms and squirmed playfully, earning a harmless eye roll and head shake from Tyler.

"Both of you need to be patient. We'll wait for everyone to be up and ready before any gifts are open." Chris and Malia looked over to Tyler with pouty faces. "Hush, it's only fair we wait for them to wake up."

"Aw come'on, Ty! They could be asleep all day!" Chris whined, holding Malia carefully as she shifted around in his arms to get comfy.

"No they wont, behave. And even if they did, it wouldn't matter." Tyler stated blankly, raising a brow as if tempting Chris to speak up to him. Chris opened his mouth to do so, but decided to close it. "Thought so. Now, you two." He called, thumbing to the kitchen. "How about we make some Christmas cookies for everyone?" He said, eyeing two hyped eyes staring right at him.

"Seriously? Cook-"

"Yay!" Malia screamed out from in Chris' arms, making him wince suddenly to the pitch in her voice. "Cookies!" She chimed, making Tyler grin in victory.

"Looks like I win. Come on." Tyler ushered lightly, prompting Chris to put Malia down to run over to him. Chris then crossed his arms and humphed, looking back to the tree. "Don't be like that, you big baby." He taunted, earning a growl from Chris. "I'll let you lick the spoon?" He teased, knowing Chris and his sugar addiction habits. Chris actually bit his lip in thought of this. Two things though. Accept the tease and get to lick a spoon full of cookie dough, or sit in the living room and wait for Donny and Wayne to wake up. On one side he would prove he wasn't as easily manipulated as Tyler accused him to be, but on the other hand...he did want cookie dough. Damn him for abusing his attention span for sugary things!

"Hah-Axnn'xschhieu!" Both Chris and Tyler turned from each other to the stair well. A shaky and half dressed Wayne was gripping the railing with the back of his hand under his nose.




"Eschhh'xshieu! Eh-Echhh'shhieu!" Wayne panted heavily from the breathy fit, swaying slightly but not too unbalanced that Chris would rush over. They both waited just outside the kitchen, watching as Wayne recovered himself and made the rest of the trip down. The towel around his neck dripping water down his bare chest, leaving them to glance at his body that was more tan than the pale tone he had yesterday.

"You done?" Chris asked, taking a step forward while Tyler stepped back.

"Ye-" Wayne winced and cleared his throat. "Yeah. Sorry." His voice was hoarse and congested.

"Well you definitely look better than yesterday. Talk about Death entering the building." Chris huffed, earning an embarrassed neck rub from Wayne.

"Aboud thad..." Wayne started, turning to cough. Chris waved him off and walked over, swinging an arm around his shoulders and palming his forehead.

"Fever's lowered too, that's a relief." He grinned, earning a small smile from Wayne who pushed him weakly.

"Ged off, you bear." He laughed slightly, still pretty out of it but much more lively than he had been. Chris snorted with laughter and placed a hand on his shoulder to steady him. 

"You take a shower or something?" Wayne nodded, clearing his throat again.

"I was covered id swead, id was kidda disgusding." He admit shyly, knowing he usually loved the scent of sweat from when their concerts were more than average some days.

"Pshh! Nothing new." Chris snickered, patting his shoulder and leading him to the couch where Donny was still sleeping. Tyler watched as Chris led him to the couch and went back to the kitchen, hoping to keep Malia distracted and away from him for now. Though he looked better and more stable, he knew it was still too early for her to be cuddling and crawling all over him.

"Heh...jusd ad average Chrisdbas, righd?" Wayne huffed, rubbing under his nose with a wet sniffle.

"Yeah, something like that." Chris grinned, handing him one of the boxes of tissues Tyler brought over. Wayne quickly plucked a few and blew his nose messily into them, not even caring about who was cringing to the sound. He knew he was a mess, and embraced it. Not really.

"God...I feel like shid." He winced, clearing his throat again.

"You sound like it too, just sayin'" Chris snickered again, earning a small huff from Wayne. He laid back against the couch and closed his eyes, sighing out loudly to how awful he felt and how much better he felt as well. It was weird how he felt, he wasn't sure what he was feeling. Chris shook his head and went back to the lounge chair, plopping down and turning the tv on, the volume just up enough for everyone to hear. Now they just needed to wait for Donny, who Chris assumed, Wayne hadn't noticed sleeping next to him.


Yeah it's a lame chapter, but it's something! Work is bombing me and I hardly have time to get on anymore :P 

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