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Little Miss Atlas (Secret Santa for elizachoo! Harry Potter, Hermione)


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Hey elizachoo! I'm your secret santa this year and hopefully I've delivered something satisfying enough! I'm sorry I wasn't able to post earlier, I've been so busy this past while as I've signed up to far too many projects than I thought I could handle but alas, this is what I could do! I'm also sorry if I wasn't able to deliver to all your preferences but I tried as much as I could.  Also, haven't been active in the HP fandom for a few years now so apologies for inaccuracies! Anyway, belated happy holidays! 

* * *

Hermione was determined, and did not easily give up a fight. She was a fighter, and while she would never start a fight (she was smart as well, it was not in any form logical) but she sure as hell could finish them. 

So she was sure as hell she would not give in to this sneeze.

She tried her hardest to pay attention (or at least look like she was) to whatever Snape was saying, but all she could think of was the damn irritating tickle in her nose. Hermione brought her hand up and rubbed discreetly at her pink nose, rubbing at the side of her nose in massaging circles. Unfortunately for her it wasn't working, In fact the tickle was intensifying. 

"C'mon 'Mione," Hermione thought to herself, "Just two more minutes and classes are over for today, then you can sprint to the bathroom and sneeze your head off."

Her nose started flaring uncontrollably, and her breath started hitching. Hermione tried to stay as subtle as she possibly could, pressing knuckles against her nose in attempt to prevent the flaring but it was force that would not give in. She cursed mentally as she noticed Harry's concerned eyes glance over at her nose, and raising his eyebrows at her hitches that were doing up in a crescendo. 

"Hh..hh.." Hermione hitched, unable to stop her eyes from watering and eventually fluttering shut. 

"Dammit Mione! Just a few more seconds.." She scrunched her nose up in attempt to stop the upcoming outburst.

"Class dism--" Snape started but was interrupted.

Hermione felt the sneeze break through, and she took a large inhale and she knew the sneeze had already started and there was nothing she could do to prevent what was to come. Her nose flared widely one last time as she launched into her cupped hands, trying to cover her nose and mouth as efficiently as she could.

"HHhhhHHHAaHHHEHHHSHH-IEWWW! hahhrrRRSHHHOOO! HhhhEPschhIEWWW!" She sneezed harshly, doubling over in her seat with the force, remaining in the hunched over position, hands still over her nose, still recovering from her little outburst.

When she opened her eyes, she flushed in embarrassment as she came to the realisation that everyone was staring at her.

She scrunched her nose and sniffled, rubbing briefly at it, "E-excuse be."

Snape did not look too amused, clearing his throat, "As I was saying before Ms.Granger took it upon herself to interrupt me, class dismissed."

Everyone started to pack up and leave the classroom. Hermione fumbled around, struggling to get herself ready, and her runny nose was not helping her with that.

Ron started helping her with her stuff and looked at her with soft, concerned about eyes. 

"Bless you. Y'alright 'Mione?" He asked with a softness to his tone.

"Thagks--ib fide, Ron," She said, dismissing him but could not help the butterflies in her stomach and the warmth in her heart as he used that tone with her.

"Y'sure? You don't seem alright, don't think we haven't noticed your little sniffles and warded off sneezes," Harry added.

Hermione glared at her two best friends, "Like I said, I'm fine. Leave a woman alone would you?" The tickle suddenly returned as she doubled over into her hands, "haaaAASSHhhiEW!" She removed her hands from her face and straightened, scrunching up her nose.

"Excuse--" Hermione's face fell back into the pre-sneeze expression, nose flaring, eyes fluttering shut and launched back into her hands, letting out two harsher, congested and progressive sneezes, "hhAHHHRSSSHHOOO! HAAEEESSHHIEEWW!" 

She sniffled and scrubbed at her nose furiously, "Adyway, don't you two have a little double date with Cho and Lavender to attend to? Don't wanna keep those ladies waiting--bit rude to be late, isn't it?" Her tone hardened at the mention of Lavender, unable to hide her fiery jealousy for the annoying student, especially not this vulnerable. She was a little furious at herself, falling in love with Weasley? Pathetic, wimpy, stupid, lovely, adorable Weasley? Seriously, Hermione?

"Mione--" Ron started but Hermione waved him off, grabbing for her books and heading out the door swiftly, leaving the two boys in confusion. She made a beeline for the girls bathroom that no one really went to ever since the troll incident when they were only first years. 

She miraculously got into the bathroom in time and once the door shut she let loose, not bothering to cover or care about her appearance, hitching loudly and as carelessly as she wished. She took a huge inhale, nose flaring widely and released a powerful, desperate fit, one she had been holding back the whole day.


In the midst of her fit, she failed to realise that someone else had entered the bathroom. 

"Wow, bless you! That was quite some sneeze, Hermione! Well..a couple at that," Ginny Weasley giggled, approaching the girl.

Hermione was frozen, petrified with embarrassment. She scrunched up her nose and sniffled quietly, "E-excuse me. Uh--thagks."

"That doesn't sound too good though, are you coming down with something? " Ginny asked with concern, eyeing Hermione up with nothing but good and caring intent.

"Ib fide, Ginny, leave it, will you?" Hermione said with a hard edge, and felt her heart drop as Ginny's happy demeanour switched immediately to a hurt one. She regretted how harsh she was being and felt guilty, quickly changimg her tone to a softer one, "I..appreciate the thought, though, Gin." 

Hermione felt awful for how she treated the younger girl and sighed softly, giving her an apologetic, weak grin, "Imb sorry Ginny I didn't mean to..That was awful. I guess you're right, I'mb ndot feeling mby best.."

Ginny looked up and Hermione quickly added in, "But I'm fide, honest! Nothing a bit of tea can't fix."

Ginny gave her a soft smile and approached her, rubbing her shoulder kindly, "No--you're okay, just a little sensitive is all. You're unwell--and that cold looks really bad, can't blame you for being a little irritable."

Hermione coughed softly which gained a pitiful wince from the Weasley. The concern in Ginny's heart grew bigger as Hermione sneezed harshly into her cupped hands, "HHiTSCHHIEWW! HahhTSCHIEWWW!"

"Oh 'Mione, I couldn't help but notice you all day! You've been really out of it. You look awful, dear. Normally you're stunning, of course, you're not quite our normal ray of sunshine..Id like to get you back--you work yourself too hard, Mione.."

Hermione couldn't help but feel a little guilty--not quite feeling like she was as great as Ginny was making her out to be. She was not a ray of sunshine,  or "bloody brilliant" as Ron would like to say. She was just a girl. She could only hope she could be the slightest indication of what they said of her. 

Apparently she was running a fever because she suddenly got very emotional and she looked up at the girl, whispering hoarsely, "Ginny, please--don't call me perfect, I'm far from it. I'm not a ray of sunshine, I'm not a genius, Ginny, I'm only a girl." 

Ginny's face dropped and she immediately pulled her in for a hug, and all the chills Hermione felt was replaced by the most welcoming and loving warmth she had felt in quite some time. She had to admit, she was feeling a little homesick, missing Mum's little snuggles or Dad's wonderful hugs from behind. She hated feeling so down because of it--as many had it much worse than her, as Harry had grown up without even knowing what that felt like. 

"Oh 'Mione..I'm sorry--I won't anymore if you don't like it, but please let me reassure you you are our sunshine despite what you think you are, you're our sunshine with all your little nooks and crannies. Please dear, let help you."

Hermione gave in, letting all her worries wash away, dropping the weight off her shoulders. Had she not had a fever she would never had done this--but she sneezed into Ginny's chest, "hehhASSHOO! HrrRRSCHHIEWW!" Ginny didn't even wince. She nodded weakly, and allowed Ginny to support her all the way to the Gryffindor common room.

Upon entering her quarters, Ginny let her down onto her bed and helped her out of her robes, turning around as she changed into her pyjamas and once she was done helped her onto her bed and pulled the covers up. 

Once Hermione was in her bed, Ginny got up, "I've ought to ask Madame Pomfrey for some tonic or something--don't want you getting worse."

"G-Ginny, n-no, please. Stay just for a little bit," Hermione pleaded weakly, grabbing gently at the other lady's arm. Her nose twitched and her fever prevented her from remembering to cover, failing to register spraying the girl, "heehhITSCHHHHH!" The tickle returned almost instantaneously, the first sneeze not being enough, and let out a far more progressive sneeze, "hahhESSHHIEWW!"

Ginny chuckled, unfazed from being sprayed, "Bless you." She leaned in to feel the other girl's temperature and frowned at the result, "Mione ..you've taken really ill.."

"Please, Ginny," Hermione begged.

Ginny sighed, "Alright, fine." She gave her a kind smile, and her eyes reminded Hermione of Ron's warm gaze--only when he thought she wasn't looking though. She found herself imagining Ginny as her sister in law, ranting about--dammit, it was just a fantasy and she had to stop herself. She didn't see herself as a girl who'd dream about a boy--Weasley, no less!

"You're super into books? Aren't you?" Ginny asked. "I got this book off Charlie--this book about this Titan called Atlas."

Hermione was too exhausted to respond, she knew the story well and Ginny knew she was listening and that was all she needed to know."

"So Atlas was given the world on his shoulders. This responsibility. Atlas is so strong and so brave..so wonderful..So I wondered, 'doesn't Atlas get tired?' And you know what, Mione? I think he does. The way I see it.." Ginny looked at her sweetly, playing with her hair soothingly, "..Little Miss Atlas, you don't have to carry the world on your own. We can all help carry the world--me, Ron, Harry, hell, Neville would help..So many people. You gotta give yourself a break, Mione. Take care of yourself."

"And if you think you're alone--you're not. You've so many people who love and care about you. And that is so rare. Years ago I didn't have anyone like that--and I trusted the wrong people and..well we all know what happened because of that. But you can trust us, and we'll be there for you. You'd do that for us, wouldn't you? Just rest, Mione. Please.."

Hermione couldn't quite believe her ears, and was left speechless and frozen. No masterfully written book or wise words from some philosopher could describe how she wished to respond--and perhaps silence was the next best option. No book she had read could do what she wished to say justice.

She felt a huge weight lift off her shoulders, finally admitting to herself that she wasn't a superhuman. She  made mistakes. She got sick. She didn't have all the answers. She was afraid. She didn't always know what she was doing. She was tired. Oh, she was so tired. 

Ginny played with her hair, the sensation oh so relaxing and gentle, calling her into rest. She felt her eyes drooping, and soon the rest that she had been subconsciously been begging and yearning for finally came to her. She slept soundly, allowing her heavy body to become light. It would take her more than one sleep to let the world off her shoulders but she would get there. She didn't concern herself with that though, and she just let herself rest.


Days had past and Hermione had gotten better. Things went back to normal--Neville had lost his toad, Ron was always hungry, Lavender was clingy, Snape got Harry into trouble, but she felt anew. She stopped stressing about everything, allowed herself to come down to the lounge and laugh about, allowed herself to go to Hogsmeade, ate her food slowly and enjoyed dessert..All thanks to Ginny.

In fact, she couldn't quite find the lady and she wished to thank her. Until she came in through the doors of the great hall, so quick she could barely see her face but could not mistake the colour of her fiery and stunning ginger hair. The lady sat down to get some food and Hermione left her spot with Harry and Ron to greet her. Her presence wasn't missed as the two had been bickering over who's fault it was that they had gotten themselves into detention, which Hermione had simply rolled her eyes at.

Just as she had approached the girl and was about to greet her when the girl inhaled deeply, tilting her head back and pitched forward and aimed towards the floor.


"Bless you."

Hermione gave the girl a small grin, and she knew just what she had to do.

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Thank you so much, @Snowydays! This is such a sweet story. I especially love how genuine you've made Ginny, so truly concerned for Hermione and able to see what's really troubling her and help her with it. 

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On 31/12/2016 at 0:01 AM, Arty said:

Love love lOve!!!!!!!

Aww thanks so much! ^-^ Glad you liked!

On 31/12/2016 at 4:32 AM, elizachoo said:

Thank you so much, @Snowydays! This is such a sweet story. I especially love how genuine you've made Ginny, so truly concerned for Hermione and able to see what's really troubling her and help her with it. 

Aaahh im glad you like it! Thanks so much for the kind words ^_^ I hope you had good holidays and apologies it couldn't come sooner! 

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Oh I really liked it! Poor Hermione... I was intrigued by the title, and I loved the way you introduced the story of Atlas. I mean, what would they all do without Hermione? Die at the end of the 1st book, I bet.

On 30/12/2016 at 10:47 PM, Snowydays said:

Things went back to normal--Neville had lost his toad, Ron was always hungry, Lavender was clingy, Snape got Harry into trouble, but she felt anew.

Well, that's the best summary for the 6th book ever.:D

Ginny is wonderful and it's not common (in my opinion she is often poorly treated, but it's a great character in the books and you managed to write her very well here!).

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@LastHope Awh thanks so much!!<33

@Likesn Thank you!! Means a lot :D 

@Aliena H. Awh thanks!! I've always been so fascinated by the whole Atlas ordeal--I saw this spoken word about saving the environment and it used Atlas in such an interesting way and now I'm so fascinated by any usage of it!! And yeah that's so true, Hermione is just such a strong and excellent character poor Harry can't do without xD Gaaah that's so kind, I've never written hp before and I love Ginny so much I was hoping I could do her justice!! Thanks again!

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