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The Christmas Town Cold (SS for MoonDuck, 10 & Rose)


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MERRY (Belated) CHRISTMAS, MOONDUCK!!!! (And a Happy, early New Years!) It was such a pleasure getting to write for my first and best forum friend! I really wanted to post this on Christmas, but you know how I am. I always have to wait until the last minute. This is just a smallish part because I feel bad I haven't posted your present yet. There is much more (I think) to come. There's no sneezing in this first part so I am sorry about that, I'll make up for it in the next part! Just think of this as a prequel. :P


Floating around in space, it was hard to know what time or day it was, but the Doctor kept a secret calendar under the TARDIS’ main console so he would know when Rose’s birthday was coming up, or when she needed to go see her mum, Jackie, for Thanksgiving and other holidays, or even to know when to just steer clear of her and bring her lots of her favourite chocolates. He had been monitoring the calendar closely since Thanksgiving so that he would be prepared for this day. Christmas eve.

The Doctor knew Rose would want to be home with her mum for Christmas and New Years, so today would be their last day of travel before a short trip back to Earth. He had been up most of the night (not that Time Lords needed much sleep anyways) decorating the TARDIS with various Christmas decorations. He was shocked to discover there was an old, fake Christmas tree on board that he set up in the large, empty, space beside the main console. He smiled as he put the star on top of the tree and looked around at all the tinsel lining the walls and the stockings that he hung on a mantle over the fireplace the TARDIS had been thoughtful enough to supply last night. Rose was going to love this. He was just about to go make breakfast for the two of them when he heard footsteps coming down the hall.

“Good morn…” That was as far as the Doctor got into greeting Rose before he trailed off. That was weird. His voice was all hoarse. He guessed it was to be expected seeing as he hadn’t used it since his companion had gone to bed and he hadn’t bothered to drink anything overnight while pulling out all those dusty, old, boxes of decoration. His new body must be allergic to dust.

Thankfully Rose was still partially in the hall when he tried to greet her so she didn’t hear his croaky voice. The Doctor cleared his throat as she entered the room and tried again. “Good morning, Rose! Sleep well?” He was pleased to hear that his voice came out just as cheery as ever.

“Yeah…d’you do all this?” Rose asked as she looked around in awe.

“Well, with a bit of help from the TARDIS. This old girl loves Christmas...The TARDIS that is not me. I mean I love Christmas, but I’m not a…” Rose hugged him, effectively ending his rambling.

“It’s beautiful” She said. She had been missing all the festivities that she was used to on Earth. Christmas was her favorite holiday. The snow, the twinkling lights, even the long lines at the shops. She missed it all.

“I’m glad to hear you say that! Now, how would you like to spend our last day traveling for this year in a town where it’s Christmas all the time? You can even get your mum and Ricky some presents from the local shops?”

Rose rolled her eyes and smiled. “Mickey, and yes I would love to! What planet is it? What are the creatures like?”

“The planet is called Trenzalore and it’s the town of Christmas. Most of the creatures look shockingly like humans, however, at this time of year they’re bound to have tourists from other neighboring planets to see all their lights and to try their famous fruitcake and hot chocolate.” He ran over to the main console and whispered to the TARDIS “You know what to do!” and flipped the switch.

“Hang on, Rose!” He hollered as they made their rapid descent.

After a typical crash landing, the Doctor went over to the nearest closet and pulled out his and Rose’s heavy coats, along with some gloves, a hat, a scarf, and some thick furry boots for Rose to wear. The planet was quite chilly and he didn’t want Rose returning home with a cold.

“Welcome to Trenzalore!” The Doctor exclaimed as he opened the TARDIS doors. “Huh, that’s weird.” He said as he stepped outside. The sun was shining brightly on the sandy terrain. It was really cold outside, but there was sand on the ground, not snow.

“What is it? Is this not the right place?” Rose asked as she followed him outside, making sure to close the door behind her. The last time she had left the door open, her and the Doctor had almost been killed by a venomous silurian that had made itself a home in the TARDIS while her and the Doctor were off exploring.

“No this isn’t Trenzalore…” The Doctor looked around as the two ventured out further. He picked up his sonic screwdriver to scan the area when he heard it. Two, small hisses.

“Where are…” Rose began but the Doctor cut her off.

“Shhhhh!” He looked around frantically and saw the sand moving in side to side waves in the distance. “Run!” He grabbed her arm and they both ran frantically back to the TARDIS. Thankfully, the TARDIS’ doors weren’t locked so it wasn’t but a moment before they were safely inside.

“What, was, that.” Rose panted, trying to catch her breath.

The Doctor coughed harshly. His throat was burning from the cold air. This new body of his was giving him all sorts of trouble. First, the dust irritated his throat, now the running? “Ice snakes. Very deadly if they were to bite you. We were on the planet Centuria.” He coughed a little bit more, clearing his throat as he headed over to manually input the coordinates for Christmas Town.

Rose looked at him with concern as he was coughing but shrugged it off as he started inputting the coordinates. With the flip of a switch, they were off to Christmas Town.


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Ooooh! This is really really good. You've set things up in a way that makes me really excited for more development. :P

(Look at me trying to sound eloquent)

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OH MY GOD YOU GOT MEEEE :lol: You finished your Secret Santa before me, don't worry about it. :P I really appreciate you writing Doctor Who, I love youuuuuu <3 

I'm just realizing how terrible the forum is with quoting now, heheh…

1. I'm laughing at the Doctor's calendar it's just the first paragraph and I can't
2. I LOVE THAT HE DECORATES IT FOR ROSE, TOO! you know I love Christmas xDD It's the little things. :D
3. I like that he immediately starts finding explanations to be okay and not sick. 
4. Okay their characters and voices are like so in-character I can hear them in my head and Rose hugging him is ADORABLE I SHIP IT
5. AAHH TRENZALORE oh and they're already in trouble xD 

You have to keep writing cuz we're just getting started. :innocent: Thank you so so much for writing this I really love it and ack it's so good! 

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