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"The Bye Bye Man" movie


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NO SPOILERS HERE! DON'T WORRY! Movie is available online.


Hello everyone. I'm the man who loves horror movies, but I had very long break with watching those, so finally I decided to find interesting title for me and it fell on "The Bye Bye Man". When I saw that the movie pot is placed on winter and there was nice girl, I thought "Lol, Could be funny and nice to see her catching a cold", but I was 100% sure that this won't happen, 'cause this is horror movie and that does not matter. And you know what? She caught it, lol! Firstable, she just realese a few little coughs, then she started to shivering sometimes. Her boyfriend touch her forehead in one moment and said that she have a fever. And at one scene, she finally SNEEZED, lol ;) This was, little, cute, sexy sneeze.


Btw. I recommend you this movie, it is really nice.

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i remember that when i saw this movie. i was like "cold symptoms...random, but i'm not complaining" :laugh:

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