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Shake it up fan fiction Logan is SICK (Caretaking)


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Cece have already woke up. It was just another winter day, or maybe not. Today’s special. She and Rocky got a performance. Bathroom stuff- everything done. Let’s have a breakfast. She saw Logan. He looked a little pale. Whatever….

- What are you eating?- she asked.

-Nothing special. Just flakes with a milk.- he answered hoarsely and then he sneezed.

- Feeling alright?

-  Yeah, i’m totaly fine.

 Flynn entered the room. Cece heard Logan coughing but she quickly forgot about it. Suddenly she saw Rocky coming by the window.

- Hi! Give me something to eat. I’m starving- she moaned.

They all have breakfast together. Logan had to be work earlier. He was going to exit but before he done it he started to sneeze. All cluster looked at him.

- Bless you- Cece and Flynn said at the same time.

Rocky asked him was he feeling well.  Of course he said that he was fine.   

- I don’t believe you at all- dark hair girl said.

-Stop it! I feel great, promise -  he answerd in defence. She would believe him if he doesn’t start to cough fit.

Rocky came to Logan and touch his forehead.

- God, Logan you’re burning up.

- Ok, maybe i catch a cold or something. But it’s nothing special. I need to hurry or i will be late for work. See ya!- he yelled and then closed the door.



 I sight. Truly- I feel like a crap but i really need to go to work. Flynn’s birthday are close and I need money to buy him a present.  Jesus! Why is there so damn cold. I’m freezing.

Let’s think positive Logan. First big trouble is behind you.  I came to work. I just have to act like there is nothing wrong with me. Everything would go according the plan but Sarah- my boss. Great!… I have to avoid her. My throat hurts so much…. oh God I am going to cough. Doesn’t matter in fact I was sniffling all the day. No, no, no no, Logan don’t..I sneezed.

-Are you sick?- Sarah asked.

I had to lie to her. She won’t let me go home, she will fire me if she noticed that I’m sick.  I am working in the restaurant, I am sneezing and coughing all the time so there are many germs around me. I can’t disagree with her proceedings.

-No,I think it’s just a hay fever- I said. It was the dumbest lie in my life. Sure.. winter and hay fever?!

- Yeah, sure…. but let me take your temperature- she leered.

She gots me. The costumer. I had to take  his order.. that was my job. Saved!

Now it’s the end of my morning change. I have to hurry and go to school. I’ve got a headache ,my brain is going to explode.  School… ended.




 -Is it ok to let him go?- I asked Cece.

-Yeah, he is a big boy. He will be alright. More important think. What should we wear?

-Oh, Cece but he looked really pale this mornig and i think that his fever was quiet high..

-Just don’t think about it. This is our BIG DAY!!!!!

- I’ll try- I said but I was still worried about him.

We went to the studio. It’s our BIG DAY. We have to work hard today. We did it..

-YEEEEAHH!!!- Cece shouted after leaving the stage.

-We did it! High five!- I smiled.  

I almost forgot about Logan but a checked the phone and i saw that he wrote a message to me.

-When are you going to be at Cece’s. I am dying!!! I would like the ground to open up if Flynn see me like that.-

I think that this message means that he is just sick. Guys often exaggerate their illness.




I’m at Cece’s. Dad and his new wife are on the trip and he took keys. I have to live here till they don’t come back. That sucks. I don’t want Flynn to see me this way. He always thought that I’m his super big brother. He would thinks that I am weak, I was weak but it doesn’t matter. I have to do something. I would write to someone but who? Dad is on the trip and i don’t want to destroy it. Cece would just start to joke on me. I have to write to Rocky. It’s so  embarrassing. I am going to throw up. I will die. No way that my little brother can see me this way. 

-When are you going to be at Cece’s. I am dying!!! I would like the ground to open up if Flynn see me like that.-

Why did I wrote it. Stupid me. My everything hurts a lot.  Why there are no blankets. I’m freezing. 



We were coming back to Cece’s home. Her mam was out so I am going to sleepover.

I was still thinking about his stupid message. If he could go to work and school on his own why is he writing to me that he’s dying? We are back home. 

-Flynn is going to be late so.. we’ve got flat just for us!- Cece squeaked. That was great. We opened the door. Suddenly I saw Logan on the coach he was shivering and looked really, I mean really pale. 

-Welcome home!- he tried to say it normally but he’s voice was harsh and he started to cough fit.

- Hi Logan but what are you doing here??-Cece asked him. Sometimes she has no intuition.

- Cece he’s sick. Can’t you see that?- I asked but i wasn’t waiting for the answer.

- Soo…o c.c.ccold- Logan said while he was shivering. I went to my house by the window to take some blankets. I put them on him. Then i took his temperature.

- Logan, your fever is really high it’s 103.2.

He couldn’t answerd because he sneezed.

-Yuck! Cover your mouth sicky dumby- Cece said, Jesus couldn’t she stop arguing with him just for a few days.

He didn’t answer. Unexpectedly he sit on the coach.

-Rocky..- he whispered

- What’s wrong?

- Please don’t let Flynn see me this way- I saw tears in his eyes

I don’t know. It wasn’t his fault that he caught a cold. Why was he so embarrassed about it? 

There was a party in the studio today. Cece really wanted to go. She got a message. They are asking about us.

-You should go-I said

-But… What about this jerk on the coach?- She indecited Logan.

- I will take care of him. Don’t worry.

-I have better idea. Let’s leave him here alone and go to the party together- she smiled

-Go… I will stay Cece.

-Thank you Rocky. You’re the best friend. 

About ten minutes later she went to the party.


Logan’s fever wasn’t going to be lower. He looks so adorable. Wait! what am I thinking about.

He was sweating all the time coughing and sneezing too, his hair cohere to his hot forehead. It should be disgusting for me not adorable at all.

- I’m so sorry Rocky and thank you. You should go to the party I really am sorry- he said. I could hear that his nose was stuffed and that his throat really hurts.

I was trying to make his fever  lower but nothing worked. He was lying and shivering all the time. Poor boy.

-Maybe you would lie down next to me to be my heater?- he asked, his eyes were close.

-Sorry that was stupid. It’s all because of fever- he explained quickly.

-I will- I whispered.

So i lied next to him. He was very hot. Logan hugged me and after few minutes he stopped shivering. He fall asleep.



It’s warm. I woke up with a sneeze. Oh no, Have I just sneezed on somebody. Wait who’s lying next to me. I can’t talk my throat hurts too much. I will vomit. I have to go to the bathroom. I feel dizzy. Is it Rocky?! I can’t wake her up. No,no,no…I threw up on the floor. Tears started to falling down the floor. I hate puking.

-Are you ok?- It was Rocky who asked me about it. But i couldn’t answer I was going to vomit again.

-Keep calm, everything is going to be alright- she started to stroke my back..

It is so embarrassing. I am puking, shivering and the one that is here with me is Rocky. I can’t stand it. I stand up. 

-I feel much better. Thanks for yesterday - I lied, I was feeling even worse than before but i had to act like i was healthy. It wasn’t really easy to lie to Rocky.  

-It’s just a common coooo..- I threw up. Great! She helped me to go to the bathroom. While i was changing my clothes i asked what was the time.

-8;30 p.m.- She answerd. 



He looked so weak. Logan must be really sick. I don’t think it’s just a cold.  He tried to act like everything was fine. I heard that somebody opened the door. 

- Hi everyone i’m back home- it was Flynn who said that.

I looked at Logan he become paler than before.

-Leave me here and told Flynn that i’m taking a shower, please- he whispered then he become green.

I done what he wanted me to.

- Where are Logan and Cece?-  Flynn asked me

- Oh! Cece is on the party and Logan…..hm… I’m not sure but i think that he’s taking a …a..shower- I smiled, maybe he won’t reconise that i’m lying.

- Ok, where is my dinner, i’m hungry- He singed.

I could hear sounds of water from the bathroom.  Suddenly Logan showed.

- Hi bro!- He sounds strangely normal. Flynn quickly jumped on him to said hi in his own way. I wanted to take him down but Logan showed me in sign language that he doesn’t want me to do that. I was truly worried.

-Let’s play football outside- Flynn shouted wit joy.

-Sure- Logan nodded.

- No, you’re not going anywhere. You’re really si..- Logan put his hand on my mouth to make me shut up. He was burning up.


- What is she talking about Logan? Is she you know.. mad??- Flynn asked

Logan didn’t have to answer because he started to cough fit. I walked to him but he pushed my hand. Was he really that stupid to be angry with me becouse of what i said??

-Let’s play- he said while couging

-But Rocky said that you’re….- Flynn tried to speak to his mind

-I’m totaly fine.     He couldn’t even breath normaly. Then he put on his jacket and took Flynn outside. I was staring at them by the window. How could he be that stupid?



What am I doing? But i really am happy that Flynn believes me. I’m freezing, my stomack hurts, there are flames in my throat and i can’t breath by the nose. Doesn’t matter…

 I should listen to Rocky. She was right. I was sick… really sick.  Everything is moving, I can’t stand anymore. I can see nothing but darkness. I woke up on a sofa.

-God, Logan. What were you thinking, you fall down. I was so scared. You should have listened to me- It was Rocky who said that. She was crying. It’s the first time I see her crying. I can’t stand up, space around me is still moving.

-I am sorry- I whispered.  Suddenly she hugged me. She was so cold or maybe it was just my fever but she was soft too. I hugged her back then I truly don’t know why but i asked her would she lay down next to me.

- I love you Logan - She whispered softly into my ear . I could feel that she was smiling to me. I LOVE her to. I want her to always be with me FOREVER.

- Don’t leave me, I love you too Rocky- I felt her tears on my neck. She kissed me.

-I’m sick, Rocky what if you catch my cold?

- If i have to catch a cold i want it to be yours, Logan even your germs are cute for me- She said so i kissed her, and we were kissing till i fell asleep.








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