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During the Gem War [F, Steven Universe]


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I've been very stressed recently, so I wrote another story.

Here's the pastebin version.

This story takes place a mere hour after the shattering of Pink Diamond. Garnet was fighting alongside the other Crystal Gems, while Rose Quartz and Pearl were still running from the infuriated Homeworld Gems.

A commanding voice spoke in the distance. "Find the leader of the Rebellion! Bring her gem back, undamaged. The Diamonds want to personally make her suffer for what she did!" A few moments past before the quiet sounds of running started. They were getting closer and louder. Rose and Pearl ran as fast as they could, in a hurried attempt to find a secure hiding spot. They needed to devise a plan to survive. Unfortunately, they had been spotted.

"Rose, look!" Pearl spoke while pointing to an old mine, about a hundred and twenty feet away. Quickly, they ran towards the entrance, tore the boards down, then ran inside. Rose Quartz emitted a dim glow from her gem, similarly to a flashlight. The ran down many, many different paths before finally stopping. Rose continuously punched at the bottom of the wall. She continued to do this, making a tunnel going downwards. It was big enough for Rose and Pearl to stay comfortably for as long as needed. They went in. Rose stopped the emission of light from her gem. They were in complete darkness now. However, they could not discuss a plan just yet. They couldn't risk being heard.


The Gem Soldiers arrived at the base of the mine.  They illuminate their gem before entering the mine. They see different paths and decided to split up to cover all options. It kept splitting over and over again. Soon, the army of nearly fifty Gems... had been reduced to a mere four per shaft. Rose could hear footsteps nearing. She peeked her head out for a brief moment, seeing two Ruby guards, an Amethyst, and a slightly malformed Jasper, before hiding her head again. The Gems slowly walked past the hiding place of the rogue Gems. While walking past them, dust got kicked up. Rose Quartz inhaled, the dust entered her nose. It caused her nose to tingle. Rose sniffed quietly, trying to subdue the itch. The dust rapidly shot up both her nostrils.

"Heh..." She was failing to hold it back. Pearl looked at Rose and saw her breath hitch. If she sneezed now, the Homeworld Gems may find them. Pearl raised her left hand, covering Rose's nose, using the other hand to cover the mouth. Pearl hoped this would at least lessen the sound.
"EhX-teew!" Rose sneezed, soaking Pearl's hands. Rose blushed deeply. 
"Ugh. Bless you..." Pearl whispered pearl as quietly as possible.

Pearl absolutely hated sneezing, it was a gross expulsion of mucus. She avoided it unless it couldn't be helped. Rose, on the other hand, loved it. It made her feel closer to humans. On rare occasions, she would even induce a sneeze out of herself.

"I-I'm very sorry, Pearl! I didn't mean to!" Rose whispered. "It's... alright..." Replied Pearl, also whispering.

The Gems ran into a dead end and returned the same way they came. The dust got kicked up one more. The dust once again infiltrated Rose's nostrils. "Ah... Heh..!" Rose hitched, loudly this time. Pearl rose her hand and pinched Rose's nose shut. An Amethyst heard Rose's hitching. She saw a  little hole right next to them and peeked her head in.

The Amethyst shouted. "There you are!"
Pearl released her grip, bringing them to her side. This allowed Rose to sneeze.

"Echeew! Ahx-Tew!" Rose sneezed directly onto the Amethyst's face.

Amethyst Groaned. She grabbed Rose Quartz by the gem and yanked. Rose got poofed.

Pearl screamed in sorrow and anger. She summoned her weapon and jumped out of previous hiding spot. She used her spear to slice through their physical forms. Although engulfed with rage, her fighting style still seemed to be highly precise. She bubbled all the enemies' gems, before falling to her knees, staring at Rose's gem. She knew Rose was okay, but she couldn't help but tear up.

This story was intended to be longer, it wasn't intended to end this way. When I first thought of the story, I meant for Rose to reform, and then they escape the Gems.


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woaaaaaaah, this story is great! Their ideas about sneezes match their personalities amazingly! I love it! :thumbs_up:

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