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My bf is amazing❤️


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So I told my bf about my fetish about week ago.

right now he is on Holidays with his parents And i'm with mine so we are texting a lot And he told that he has pollen allergy And Right there were he is this tree that he is alergic to is blossoming??

so i Asked him if he Could send me a massage Every time he sneezes

and he agreed??

so he's already texted me twice And he is wrote me this; 

"I sneezed. I was in bed wearing pijamas And i felt that i have to sneeze so i sat up And sneezed without covering becouse it was to fast to cover"

and The second one 

"I sneezed. i was going to Put my swimming suit on And i had No t shirt And then i sneezed uncovered"

he has also told me that he has new fetish And its me being excited about his sneezes

he is The best 

Sorry that it's so long but i just have to share it ?

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Wow that's awesome I'm glad your bf is sharing all his sneezes with you :) can't wait to hear what happens when you two meet up after the holidays 

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Well he send me two more messages

first one

" So I was calmly going to The swimming pool. Without The shirt of course?. When The water reached my stomach i sneezed And coverd it with my hand"

second one

"I was making those gifs for you (he loves taking photos or making gifs ?? And those were made under The water)

and when i emerge from The water i sneezed immediately And i didn't cover"

so that's it but i guess that i will have a lot more so i will share it with you?? 

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