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Thranduil: The aftermath of the war. (Thranduil and bard/ The Hobbit)


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Title: The Aftermath of the War

Fandom: The hobbit

Characters: Barduil (Thranduil/ Bard), Legolas

Summary: After the battle of the Five armies, and the death of Smaug, Thranduil finally feels the weight of what's happened. 


Part 1

Legolas was training with other elves when a servant of his fathers came running to him, “Sir!” Legolas stopped and turned to him. He saw the urgency and worry in his face, “It is your father. He has collapsed…” Legolas didn’t hear the rest of what he had to say as he ran to his father’s bedroom. Panic had swept through his body. Yes, he had problems with his father, but he wasn’t ready to loose him. He was hoping to reconcile things with his father sometime in the next thousand years. He couldn’t loose him now. He wasn’t ready. 


He could feel his heart thumping in his ears and felt a prickling sensation in his eyes. No, he couldn’t think like that. He doesn’t know what ails his father. As he reached his father’s door, he slowly opened it to see Bard sitting to his father’s right, placing a cold cloth to his father’s forehead. 


Bard looked towards Legolas and gave him a small smile, giving Legolas some relief, “Your father will be alright, he was not feeling well this morning.” Bard let out a breathy laugh, “not that he would admit it, and collapsed while taking a walk with me.” Bard moved the clothe along the side of Thranduil’s face and gestured for Legolas to have a seat. Legolas took the seat to his father’s left. 


Only a few minutes later, Thranduil opened his eyes, and looked at Bard, “What happened?” Bard took his hand that was reaching up towards him, and held it to his cheek. 


“You’re stubbornness has given you a fever.” he smiled and kissed THranduil’s hand. Bard looked towards Legolas, but he shook his head. He had purposely sat to the left of his father. Thranduil was blind on his left side and couldn’t see Legolas. Bard, taking the hint, looked back at his lover and smiled, “Next time you feel ill, please rest.” He kissed his knuckles again, “you frightened me.” 


“Not such an easy feat.” Thranduil teased, his voice weak. His eyes were glassy and Legolas reasoned that Bard was the only thing keeping his arm up. 


Bard smiled and let Thranduil stroke his face, “My love, you looked distant this morning. I figured you had caught fever, but it seemed like something was troubling you?” 


“A great many things trouble me.” A riddle, gods Bard hated that. 


“Thran… please, what has brought this on?” Bard did not get his answer. He noticed Thranduil looking away from him and had become lost. HE sighed and looked to Legolas with pleading eyes, “We need healers.” he watched as Thranduil’s eyes closed; he had fallen asleep. 


“I shall retrieve them” Legolas practically shot out of his seat and ran to find some. 


Only moments after he had gone, Thranduil’s eyes opened again, “Back so soon?” Bard teased. 


“my apologies, I believe you had asked me something.” he had turned to see the spot were Legolas had been seated, only moments ago. He couldn’t possibly have known he was there, but it looked like instinct brought him to look. 


Bard ran his fingers through Thranduil’s hair in order to calm him, “yes, what troubled you to fall this ill?” 


Legolas had come back as quickly as he could and was about to open the door, when he heard Thranduil begin to talk. He did not want to interrupt, nor make Thranduil stop or give a false claim in oder to save face in front of his son. Legolas put his ear to the door and listened.


“The war has caught up to me, I believe.” Thranduil sighed into Bard’s fingers, “When the war was over, and I saw the bodies of so many of my soldiers, I was terrified. I could not find my son.” Tears welled up in his eyes. As much as he tried to keep composed, he couldn’t keep the sorrow from his voice, “I had felt such pain in my heart. I had lost his mother, I could not bare to loose him too. Especially after how i’ve treated him. I do not know how to make amends.” with what strength he had left, he squeezed Bard’s hand, “I thought my boy was dead. For so long, my Legolas.”  Legolas heard a sound he never thought possible, the sound of his father weeping, “My boy. Each face a saw, for a moment, I saw his face. I felt my heart break. I felt I might die.” Bard took him in his arms and rocked him slowly, whispering sweet nothings into his hair. 


He cried until he fell asleep, which did not take too long. Once Legolas was sure he was asleep, he came into the room and whispered, his voice not able to be louder without weeping himself, “They are coming.” he sat in the same chair, but took his father’s hand this time. He kissed it and held it between both his hands. Bard smiled at him and left to get Thranduil some tea. 


Several minutes later, Thranduil woke to Bard not at his side. He felt his hand being held and turned to see his son. He noticed the streaks of dried tears and moved his hand to tenderly wipe them, “Legolas.” Legolas had not heard his father say it in such a tone in a long while. It was full of love and affection, but underlined in sorrow. He couldn’t help the tears as they fell and he brought his father’s hand to his forehead as he bent down.


“Ada” He cried and Thranduil was struck. He wasn’t sure what he was allowed to do, but instinctively he grabbed his son and pulled him onto the bed, and hugged him with all the strength he had.


“My boy, I apologize for my behavior.” he kissed his head and felt Legolas wrap his arms around his middle, “I love you dearly, and I am disgusted with myself for how we have drifted so far apart.” Legolas could feel the heat radiating from his father, and it worried him.


“I love you, Ada.” he kissed his father and straightened back up. Thranduil groaned, missing the contact with his son. Legolas changed the cloth on his father’s forehead to a colder one, “Ada, I am too sorry for my actions. I am to blame for our distance, as well.” he wiped away the tears, “I was afraid i had lost you.” 


Thrandruil took his son’s face in his hand, “you will never lose me, my little leaf.” 


Legolas felt a weight lift from his shoulders, “you need to rest, Ada.” he kissed his father’s brow.


 Before Thranduil could close his eyes, Bard came in with a trey of tea, “You are awake!” Bard smiled and put the tea on the table, “You need something in you.” Thranduil raised an eyebrow, earning him a snort from Bard and a disgusted look from Legolas. Bard poured a cup and put it to his lips, “drink.” it was not a suggestion, and Thranduil smirked in respect. No one else would command him like this. He obliged and tried to sit up, “no, you need not get up.” Bard pushed him back down, “save your strength.”


Legolas agreed with Bard and put a hand on his shoulder, “please Ada, you need not push yourself.” Thranduil rested back down and coughed lightly. Legolas looked concerned but Bard raised an eyebrow. Seeing Bard’s confusion, he whispered, “For an elf, that is harsh.” he smiled slightly, “We are quiet creatures.” 


Bard rolled his eyes, “I must sound like i am on my death bed when I simply cough from dust.” 


Thranduil looked slightly taken aback, “It always frightens me. Man is so loud.” he kissed Bard’s knuckles. 


Bard, “you can’t get rid of me that easily.” It has been a short while, at least for an elf, that Bard had become a part of Thranduil’s love life, but Legolas found himself thinking of him as family. 


Legolas noticed a hair fall from it’s place and touch the left side of his father’s face. He watched him wince and quickly pushed it away. “Ada, please show me your scar. I know it pains you.” Legolas looked from Bard to his father.


His father took a breathe and winced as his face shifted to reveal an angry scar that covered half of his face. 


Legolas ran to the door yelling at some elves to hurry up the healers, “Father, your scar is infected.” he got a cloth and tried to dab away the infected area. HIs father hissed and squeezed Bard’s hand. “please forgive me.” 


Bard looked over and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, until he saw a silver line that wasn’t there before. It wasn’t like anything he has ever seen, but he had never seen an infected elf before. 


Heelers ran in and pushed Legolas and Bard out of the way. They started to work on the infected area. They had put some solvent on it. They placed green leaves over top the area to keep the solvent on, almost like a bandage. Once the healers had gone, Legolas and Bard went back to their positions. 


“Bard, please assist me in sitting him up?” Bard, confused, looked At Legolas, but obliged. He watched as Legolas sat on the bed and started to braid his father’s hair away from his left side. Almost like the braids on Legolas’s side, but continued the braid until it feel in a braid on the other side of his father’s face. All of his hair was put in a braid now, and Bard was sure he couldn’t look more elegant. He laughed to himself, Even while ill, the king managed to look even more beautiful. 


Legolas looked at his handiwork, finding it acceptable, he sat back and smiled at Bard. 


“Thank you.” Thranduil but a hand on his son’s leg and admired the braid. He placed his hand on the braid and smiled in admiration. HIs son had never done his hair before, and he quiet enjoyed his handiwork. 


Looking proud, Legolas smiled. An older elf emerged from the door. He had bright red hair, wearing armor. “Sir Legolas, you are needed.” 


Legolas looked from his father to the elf, “I can not…”

His father put a hand on his arm, “go.” he ran a hand across Legolas’s braid, “I will be alright.” he smiled slightly in reassurance, “I will be here when you come back. Go, you are needed elsewhere.”


“but I am needed here, with you.” Legolas leaned into his father’s touch.


“and you always will be.” he took his son’s braid in his hands, “I can share you for a few moments. We will have millennias.” 


Legolas seemed pleased with his father’s response and went to follow the elf.


“I am glad you two are making amends.” Bard took his seat on the bed and let Thranduil lean on him. He started to run his fingers down the braid.


“It was long over…due…” he turned away from Bard and sneezed into his wrist, “tsh’ue….hih..tish’iew.” They were small kitten like sneezes. Bard was melting.


A smile formed across his face, “Galu.” he kissed the right side of his face, “That was adorable.” 


Thranduil rolled his eyes, “You take too much pleasure in that.” He was teasing Bard and let him know by snuggling further into him.


“Possibly.” Bard kissed his nose and watched in admiration as he scrunched it up. he let out a little laugh and held him tighter, “How is it that you are so beautiful even when so gravely ill?”


“Elvish grace, I suppose.” he placed his face in Bard’s neck, “but I do not believe other Elf’s share your opinion.” 


“Maybe so, but it matters not.” Bard kissed his nose again, “It makes it none the less true.” 


Thranduil unceremoniously sneezed into Bard’s neck, “ hih’cheiw” he rocked slightly into Bard, sending shivers down his spine. he brought a hand to rub weakly at his nose. “You are a terrible man, for torturing me like this.” he placed a kiss on his neck and took his hand.


“terrible indeed.” he wrapped the blanket further around Thranduil as he shivered, “A terrible man who is very worried about you.” 


“I see no need. I will be in full health soon enough.” 


“in my life time?” bard teased.


“most assuredly.” he closed his eyes and fell asleep on Bard. 

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Awwww. I love these two.

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 Bard had fallen asleep soon after Thranduil did. He with a start, after having a nightmare. He gasped and moved forward a bit, jostling Thranduil slightly. 


THranduil’s eyes opened and sat up, placing a hand on Bard’s chest, “What happened? Are you hurt?” Thranduil eyed him with concern.


Bard immediately tried to get Thranduil to lay back down, “you are ill, I am sorry to have woken you. I assure you, I am fine.” He tried for a reassuring smile, “merely a nightmare.” He pulled Thranduil down to rest against him. He placed a hand on his forehead then moved to feel the back of his ear, “You have quite the fever, try to sleep.” 


He purred slightly at the touch, “I am more worried about you.” He turned his head to rest better against his chest. “You’re heart beats too fast.” 


“Don’t do that.” Bard tightened his hold, “Don’t take the focus off of you. I am not the one greatly Ill.” He kissed his head, “How does you’re face fair?”


Thranduil instinctively turned the left side of his face away from Bard, “It pains me, but not as greatly as earlier.” Thranduil put a hand on his own chest and put slight pressure. He began to cough. The sound grating from his throat and had him bending over. 


Bard held him and rubbed his back, “breathe, my love, breathe.” Bard covered Thranduil’s ears, unsure if they would be sensitive to his screams, “BRING HEALERS!” He heard the guard at the door run off, and looked back at Thranduil. He had a hand covering his mouth as he tried to suppress the coughs, “none of that….” Bard sighed, “Let it out.” 


Thranduil relax slightly and leaned back against Bard, coughing into his hand. An elf came in and put a hand on Thranduil’s forehead. They both closed their eyes for a moment before the coughing began to slow. Bard let out a breathe he didn’t know he was holding. Not long after, To Bard it felt like hours, Thranduil’s cough had ceased. He sagged against Bard and let his eyes droop shut. The elf lit some herbs and put it by the closed window. The air was filled with the smell of the herbs, a little strong for Bard’s liking, but it made Thranduil feel better and breathe easier. 


“Are you alright?” Bard rubbed his arm and tried not to sound as worried as he was. 


“Do not panic, meleth-en (my love).” he closed his eyes, “I’m alright.”


“I do not like the sound of this illness.” Bard buried his face in Thranuil’s hair.


“You now understand my fear, when you fall ill.” 

“aye. but You are not meant to fall ill. You are an elf while I am a mere, human.” He kissed the top of Thranduil’s ear, getting a shudder in return, “Illness is second nature to us.”


“Elves fall ill.” He cleared his throat, “we are just very efficient at concealing it.” He shivered slightly and Bard quickly draped a blanket around him. “hanta-en (my thanks? quenya)…” His ears wiggled and he lifted his handkerchief to his nose, “Tsch….hih..” Bard watched as the tip wiggled about and he smiled, “Tssch…hih…hiih’tsch.” Feeling satisfied, he put his hand down and tightened the blanket around himself.


“galu” Thranduil hummed and closed his eyes once more. “you must feel truly dreadful to sleep so much.” 


“It is the weakness that ails me.” he touched the side of his face, “The infection and old wounds have taken their toll.” 


Bard took the hand and kissed it, “Then rest, regain your strength.” 


“I do not have the luxury of rest.” he coughed, “I have duties to attend to.” 


“You are going no-where but here.” Bard tightened his hold on Thranduil. Normally, Thranduil could easily get out of his grip, but now he was far too weak. 


“For now, I do not intend on leaving.” Sweat was forming on his brow and he felt faint, “ My time to heal is short. I need to resume my duties.” 


“Humor me, How many days.” he put his fingers through his hair. 


“After seven sunsets, I do believe my people will become suspicious of my absence.” 


“surely your people allow you time to recover.” 


“Of course.” He leaned, “but I can not look unfit to rule.” Bard’s heart skipped a beat. He understood, but he didn’t like it. 


“What can I do to help?” 


“Stay with me.” he placed his hand on Bard’s arm. 


“till the day I die.” He placed his face in his hair and kissed it. 


That I fear.”  Tharnduil mumbled in Sindarian. Bard did not know much of the Sindarian tongue and was unable to understand. 


Legolas ran in before Bard could ask, “Ada.” He looked relieved and sat down next to him, “Forgive me for leaving.” 


“There is nothing to forgive.” He laid his hand, palm up towards Legolas. “I am glad you are here.” 


Legolas took it in his hand and looked concerned, “ada, you are far too warm.” Bard cursed himself for not noticing. Legolas ran and got a wet cloth. He began wiping his brow.


Thranduil sighed into the touch but his body shivered. Bard wrapped another fur around him and helped lay him back down. Bard felt useless, he knew nothing about how to treat a sick elf. Sick kids, human kids, sure. He tucked Thranduil in more securely and made sure he was comfortable. 


Thranduil turned to look at him, “I am not on my death bed.” He raised an eyebrow. 


It was that moment Bard relaxed a bit, still well enough to sass him. “I do not know how to help you.” 


Thranduil looked confused, “you have been helping me since the start of this ailment.” Bard’s eyebrows knitted together and Thranduil smirked a bit, “You and Legolas have been taking care of me. I would be much worse if not for you.” Legolas looked at Bard and nodded, smiling. Bard sat back down on the bed and took his hand. “You’re strength has helped me heal.” Thranduil squeezed his hand with more strength than he’d had earlier. 


“how?” Bard looked at Legolas who smiled and put the cloth back in the bowl.


“Being here with me, you have given me strength.” Bard knew there was more to elf magic than he knew of, but this was rattling his brain. Thranduil moved his hand to his face and kissed it, “You will understand one day.” Thranduil closed his eyes and Bard could feel energy in his hand. He closed his eyes and thought he could feel Thranduil’s energy. how weak it was but slowly getting heavier.


 When he opened his eyes, he saw Thranduil in a new light, like he could see the energy in his eyes, “you are incredible.” Thranduil smiled and Legolas stood up to leave the room. Bard turned to him with a questioning look. Legolas smiled at him, with a look of ‘I’m not welcome anymore.’ Legolas seemed pleased, which confused Bard. He watched as Legolas looked from Thranduil to Bard and to their joined hands. “ah.” Legolas nodded his head and made his way to the door. 


“I shall see what the healers say should be done.” With that Legolas left them.


“Does your son know something I don’t?” Bard leaned down to press a kiss on Thranduil’s lips. 


“A great many things.” Thranduil kissed him.


Bard chuckled, “about us, I meant.” 


“My answer remains the same.” Their faces were inches apart now, “Bonding with you has hastened my healing process.” he placed his hand to Bard’s face, “Faster then my son and I’s bond, which besides being so fragile and fragmented, is still blood-.” he twirled a piece of Bard’s hair, “-He sees that I love you, and he is happy.” 


“You are too ill for what you are attempting.” Bard looked at the leaf bandage.


“possibly.” Thranduil hummed.


“I will not take advantage of you in this state.” 


“Of course not.” Thranduil smiled and grabbed him by the waist, pushing him onto the bed. 


Bard grunted and inched closer to him, “Your fever is high.” 


“So it is.” Thranduil put a hand on his chest. 


“This is wrong.” Bard kissed his neck.


“Absolutely.” Thranduil moaned. His ears twitched and he pulled Bard up, threw off his shirt and buried his face neck. Bard noticed the twitching ears and shivered. “hih..TSSZCH.” he sneezed into his clavicle. Bard gasped and buckled his hips, “TSch..iTsch.” Bard was breathing heavily now, “You are fevered.”


“Shut up.” Bard smashed his mouth against Thranduil’s earning him a moan deep in Thranduil’s throat and completely lost it. He completely forgot about his illness and began ravishing him with kisses and his hands searched every inch of his elf lover. Determined to break the fever, as slowly as possible. 

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On 7/31/2017 at 1:22 AM, AngelEyes said:

Awwww. I love these two.

They're Hobbit OTP lol :) I'm glad you liked it :) 

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part 3: whump



Shortly after their attempt at riding Thranduil of his fever *wink wink*, they had fallen asleep in each other’s arms. A healer had come in, whilst they slept, and checked the bandage on Thranduil’s face. The elf smiled and replaced the bandage, leaving the topical on the bedside table, for re-application if Thranduil required it. 


Not too long after, Bard woke to a tightness around him. Thranduil was holding him very tightly; not enough to hurt, but it was uncomfortable. He looked down at his lover, who’s head was pressed against his chest, and could see the fear on his face. Bard became worried and gently shook Thranduil, attempting to wake him, “Wake up, it is just a nightmare.” 


Thranduil woke with a gasp and coughed. Bard helped him sit up and put a hand on his back to try to sooth away the fit. Once Thranduil had taken control of his lungs, he looked at Bard with a look of relief and great sorrow. 


“what frightened you?” Bard pushed back a hair that had fallen in his face.


Thranduil took a shaky breathe, one that only deepened Bard’s concern, “It was nothing, just the curse of time.” He raised a hand to cough into, thus interrupting any questions Bard might have had about the vague answer. Instead, he brought him closer to him and rubbed his side in attempt to comfort him. 


“Can you breathe?” Bard let Thranduil lean against him as the coughs settled.


“Ay.” Thranduil said weakly, “You are concerned.” 


“is that so wrong?” 


“no..” he sighed, “so am I.” Bard had a feeling we were no longer talking about the illness. 


“What plagues your mind?” 


“Legolas has not come back.” A look of fear flashed across Thranduil’s face as another bought of coughing seized him. Bard grabbed a cup of water which a Healer had previously brought in. Thranduil took it gratefully and drank until the coughing subsided. “we have had an outbreak of spiders.” Bard shuddered at the thought. “He leads to attack.” Thranduil looked out the window, “how long has he been gone.” 


Bard had never seen such vulnerability in Thranduil until this illness, and now he could plainly see how worried he was, every time Legolas went out to fight. “Since mid-day. It is now almost sunset.” 


With the speed, he did not think Thranduil had the strength for, he got up and through on some clothes. “Get up.” 


“where do you think you are going! You are in no state!” Bard jumped up and walked in front of him.


“Legolas has been out for far too long.” His eyes were bright with worry, “Something could have happened.” Bard understood his concern, but he was just as worried for Thranduil’s health. 


“Let me look for him.” Bard pleaded, “You could make yourself worse, or faint.” 


Thranduil was having none of it, “I need to find my son.” His eyes looked wet, threatening to shed tears. 


“I am going with you.” Bard put on his clothes and glared at Thranduil, “I go with you, or you do not go at all.” 


Thranduil gratefully looked upon Bard and nodded, “I accept.” 


Bard huffed and followed him out of the room. He had to jog at times to keep up with his elf. For someone so ill, he was remarkably fast. He blames it on adrenaline. 


“where is my son?” Thranduil demanded, scaring an unsuspecting elf.


“I do not know, my lord.” He bowed and Thranduil hurried out, towards his thrown room. Bard watched him closely and noticed the slight sheen of sweat on his forehead. 


“Thran…” Bard began but was cut short when the doors opened. Legolas came through telling another elf how the Spiders had fallen back. Bard sighed with relief. 


Thranduil let out a shakey breathe and sagged slightly against his thrown, in relief and fatigue. Legolas heard the exhale and turned. He immediately ran towards him, “Ada!” Legolas had worry written all over his face and moved to steady his father. “Ada, why are you out of bed? You are far too sick.” 


Thranduil raised a hand to push back some of Legolas’s hair, “I thought you had been wounded.” He grunted as weakness claimed his legs and he fell further to the side, and was caught by Legolas. 


Legolas looked shocked to say the least. Bard felt his heartbeat through his entire body and swiftly took Thranduil from Legolas and carried him bridal style. He looked to Legolas and they both headed back to his chambers. Bard placed him back in bed; He had passed out shortly after being placed in Bard’s arms. 


“Has his fever worsened? Why had he left?” Legolas stood idle by the bed and looked at Bard. He had the same look Thranduil had when he thought Legolas was hurt. 


“He awoke from a nightmare and asked me how long you had been gone. He was frightened after knowing how long you have been out. He feared something had happened to you.” Bard looked at Thranduil and bit his lip.


“He was worried about me?” Legolas mumbled to himself, “I caused him pain.” 


“It is the burden of a father, to always worry about their kin when they leave the safety of our arms.” Legolas looked up, and Bard gave a reassuring smile. “He may not show it, but he worries for you a great deal.” 


“I did not mean to…” Legolas trailed off. 


“come.” Bard beckoned him over, to which Legolas obeyed. Bard put a hand behind Legolas’s head and moved his thumb up and down. It seemed to calm Legolas and bit, before pulling him into a hug. It took a couple seconds before Legolas returned it. “He is going to be alright.” 


“I should not have left.” 


“You were protecting the kingdom.” Bard soothed.


“But not my father.” 


“That is my job.” Bard inched back to look at his face. “You are the son. Your father will always worry about you, whether or not you are fighting spiders, or finding new twigs to make arrows. it is his illness that has caused the fever, not your doing.” 


“He is too weak to hold that burden.” Legolas closed his eyes.

“But it is a burden we both bare.” Bard put his hands on both sides of Legolas’s face, “Stay with him. Help him heal.” 


Legolas opened his eyes, once more and gave a small smile, “I will stay by his side until he is well again.” 


“He would like that.” Bard moved his thumb to caress his cheek, “You are such a good son.” He smiled at him before letting go. Legolas stared in wonder at him, slightly missing the contact. Bard had such a warm presence and it sent warmth through his chest. Legolas hugged Bard, receiving a chuckle and strong arms around him. 


Feeling satisfied, Legolas let go and went to sit next to his father. 

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Awww. Bard being fatherly to Legolas, so sweet!

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 @AngelEyes I really like the Idea of Bard being key to Thranduil and Legolas regaining their relationship. They obviously can't do it on their own! I hope you like this next part! :heart:


part 4


Thranduil woke up, feeling two different weights on him. On his right side, curled into him, was his Lover, and to his left, with an arm wrapped around him, was his son, Legolas. He smiled down at his son and stroked his head. Tears formed in his eyes. It had been centuries since Legolas slept by his side, and he missed it. He took a shaky breathe and blinked the tears back. His son was safe by his side, and he was happy. 


Legolas blinked and moved his head up, “ada.” Thranduil smiled and kept his hand on his son’s head, stroking him with his thumb. “How do you fair?” Legolas reached up and checked his temperature, behind his ear. 


“I am well enough.” THranduil looked at Legolas the way he did when he was first born and held him in his arms. “I have missed you.” 


Legolas reached up and took his hand, “And I, you.” He sat down on the bed and looked at Bard. He was sound asleep, snoring slightly. 


Thranduil chuckled slightly, “let him sleep,” He pulled the covers over Bard more securely, “I have been very difficult. I owe him much.” 


“You feel stronger.” Legolas looked him up and down.


“yes.” He nodded and smiled. He touched the left side of his face, “but I’m afraid my scar does not share the sentiment.” 


Legolas got up and retrieved the herbs used to heal the infection. He pealed back the leaf bandage and inspected the wound. “It looks almost healed.” He looked down, “Is it only the face?” 


“yes.” Thranduil moved slightly away and pinched his nose, stifling two sneezes. He did not wish to wake Bard and silently prayed the rocking of the bed would not wake him. It did not. 


“Galu.” Legolas had gotten knew leaves, A basin with water, and a cloth. “ada, I need to clean the wound.” 


“We can call a healer…” 


“I want to.” Legolas interrupted him and rung the water out of the cloth, “May a begin?” 


Thranduil smiled slightly and moved to give his son more access to his face. Legolas took that as permission to begin and gently dabbed at it. He heard his father wince at the contact but quickly relaxed.


“Am I causing you pain?”


“Far from it.” Legolas was much more gentle than his usual healer. He usually dreaded a re-dressing, but his son made it bearable. “You should become a healer.” 


Legolas chuckled, “I much prefer my adventures.” he put the cloth back in the basin.


Thranduil hummed in agreement and sighed when the herbs touched his skin. The coolness of the paste felt wonderful against his fevered skin. Bard’s snoring had stopped and Thranduil looked over to see the man watched Legolas with pride. He did not wish to disturb the moment and kept quiet. Thranduil extended his arm to go around Bard and let his slender fingers play with his hair. 


“good morning,  Meleth nin” 


“Morning.” Bard didn’t bother moving, too enticed by Thranduil’s movements. Legolas smiled and continued putting the solvent on. Bard put his head on his hand, elbow resting on the bed, “How are you feeling?” 


“Far better than earlier.” He smiled.


Legolas had finished and begun placing the bandage on, “we should call for a healer later, for when the next application, to check on the infection.” Thranduil nodded and opened his arms to Legolas, “Ada, your scars. Will they not pain you?” 


“no. Come here, iônig.” (my son.) Legolas carefully sat down and leaned against his father’s chest, waiting for any sign of discomfort. Thranduil wrapped his arm around him and kissed his head, “Im Maer (i’m fine), Avaro Naeth (Don’t have woe/ Don’t worry.)” 


Bard smiled and sat up. He got out of bed, and walked to the door. Legolas raised an eyebrow, “Where are you going?” 


Bard turned around, “I shall be back.” he looked at Thranduil, “You need tea.” with that he left. 


Thranduil moaned and tilted his head away, stifling a few sneezes into his wrist before sighing a leaning back.


Legolas got up, “galu.” He grabbed a wet cloth and wrung it out. He laid it across his forehead. Thranduil closed his eyes at the touch and hummed. Legolas sat back down and tucked the covers more securely around him. 


Bard came back with some tea and another elf followed him in, “Sorry love, but he insisted.” 


The elf bowed before pulling out a letter addressed to him, “I was told it was urgent.” Thranduil sat up quickly, with much more strength than either of them thought he had, and stood up. He walked and took the letter, nodding to the elf, who left in a hurry. 


“What is it?” Bard put the tray down and went over to him. He wrapped an arm around his waist, mostly to make sure he was stable. 


“ada?” Legolas stayed on the bed, knowing he should not get involved in business unless his father wished him too. 


Thranduil sighed and coughed, “Bard, do you remember how I asked you about the favor the dwarves asked of you? Recently when they say they need help rebuilding?” 


“Yes, vividly.” He raised an eyebrow. 


“It appears…hihh..HIh’tTSSCH…kTSCh..” He sneezed into his wrist and swayed. Bard tightened around him, “There was a collapse…” He put his hand to his forehead.


Legolas knew about the men and elves they sent to rebuild each others homes. Everyone was helping each other out, trying to make amends, “I don’t understand, Dwarves are master miners, They always know when a collapse will happen.” 


“That is my understanding.” Thranduil looked slightly angry and tired. 


“There has to be more to this, It might not be anyones fault. How many?” Bard took the letter and closed his eyes. It was a very small percentage of deaths, most of them involved were only injured, but it begged too many questions. 


“I need to resolve this with the Dwarves.” Thranduil went to grab some proper garments to change into. 


Legolas looked nervous but understood that he had no choice. Bard stepped in, “You are far too ill.” 


“I will not be traveling there. I simply need to send a letter, asking him to come here.” He put a hand on Bard’s face, “You lost men as well, accompany me?” Bard nodded, “Legolas, send letters to bring our people home, I want none of them there in case this was not an accident.” 


Legolas jumped up and practically ran out of the room. Bard helped Thranduil get changed and they exited their chambers to the main hall. Messengers were waiting in the throne room for his response. He quickly walked to his writing station and begun writing in elvish. Bard sat next to him and wrote one as well. He followed Thranduil’s lead in bringing the dead and injured home. Thranduil sent the messengers off and sighed. He sat on his thrown, looking more tired than he had been in years. 


“Thran..” Bard knelt down in front of the throne, “This is by no means, your fault.” 


“This is what I get for trusting Dwarves.” Thranduil put his forehead in his hand and rested his elbow on the side. “ugh…Why must they make it so difficult to make amends. Their pride will only be their downfall.” 


Bard stood up and sat on the edge of the throne, putting his hand on Thranduil’s cheek, “We can deal with this later. “ Bard rubbed his thumb against his cheek, “You will relapse if you do not get some rest. This stress is making your fever worse.” 


Thranduil took a deep breathe, “I can’t let my people suffer because of my actions.” 


“You have done nothing wrong.” Bard took his hand and kissed, “Come, back to bed with you. This will be resolved when everyone is safe and the Dwarf kings comes.” He got Thranduil to get up and they walked slowly back to their chambers. 


“You are a good man.” Thranduil had his arm around his waist for stability, “Not many people would be so calm and understanding as you.” 


“ah, but I merely play a part, on the inside I am terrified and worried about a sick Elf King.” 


Thranduil hummed, “contrary to popular belief, I do feel. I simply do not have the luxury of showing my feelings to the public. It is the burden I must bare. But you can feel openly, for that I envy you. You hold the weight of the crown with grace, You should be proud.” 


Bard blushed, “No more compliments, you’ll drive me mad and my head will grow.” Thrnaduil looked confused, “not literally, it is a saying. I meant you will only feed my arrogance.” 


“You have arrogance?” Thranduil raised an eyebrow, “You are the most humble being I have ever met; and I have lived for a long time.” 


“You are too kind.” He lead him into the room and helped him into bed. “You were born to be king, I am simply a commoner who got lucky. Is it truly humble of me if it is the truth.” 


“ Being humble and telling the truth are perpendicular. Someone who is humble never tells the full truth. You leave out why you are king. You stayed the dragon that has plagued all of middle earth, and you have the love of your people enough for them to elect you. I was born and raised to be king, That is the truth.” 


“Now you are being humble.” Bard bent down to kiss him, “I know what you did for these people. I know your scar’s origin. 


“I would be king regardless of my actions.” 


“yes, but without your actions there would be nothing to rule.” Thranduil had nothing to say. Bard smiled, knowing he finally one, “now rest. We shall talk more when you wake.” Bard kissed his forehead as Thranduil drifted off to sleep. 

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49 minutes ago, AngelEyes said:

Oooh, the plot thickens! Loving this!

I appreciate you soooo much! 

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Part 5:


Bard has fallen asleep in the chair next to Thranduil’s bed and woke to sunlight in his eyes. The curtains were open and Thranduil was leaning against the wall, looking out. 


“Good morning, Meleth nîn.” Thranduil said without turning around. 


Bard yawned and stretched, “It can’t be morning.” he sighed, “I don’t remember falling asleep.” 


Thranduil turn around and noticed how stiff Bard looked, “Lay on the bed.” Bard looked up and raised an eyebrow, “The chair was an uncomfortable place to sleep.” 


“I’m awake now and the stiffness will leave.” Bard looked Thranduil over, trying to assess his wellbeing.


Thranduil walked over to Bard and begun to massage his back. Bard sighed and relaxed, “You don’t need to do this.” 


“you want me to stop?” Thranduil raised an eyebrow.


“ugh.. no.” Bard’s head lulled forward. 


Thranduil chuckled, kissed the back of his head, and continued to massage him. Bard closed his eyes and focused on Thranduil. He focused on the hands working through knots in his shoulders and how his thumbs expertly pushed against him. They both became so quiet, that Bard began to hear Thranduil’s breathing. There was something odd about it. He racked his brain for what it was, then remembered the time Dwarves were all smoking pipewood and Thranduil excused himself from the meeting. Of course Bard had followed him, and made sure his allergies weren’t too bad. That was the first time Bard had ever seen Thranduil nervous. The smoke from all the pipewood was making it hard for Thranduil to breathe; it took several hours outside and in water, to set things right. 


Bard bolted up and out of his seat, “You’re wheezing.” 


Thranduil looked taken aback and placed his hands on the back of the chair, “what’s the matter?” He looked up to him and knitted his brows together.


“You’re having trouble breathing?” Bard placed a hand on his chest and the other on his cheek.


“i’m alright.” Thranduil took the hand on his chest and interwove it with his own, “I am slightly short of breathe.“ Thranduil cleared his throat, “Unfortunately the illness has settled in my lungs.” He looked away; he had wanted to keep that to himself for as long as possible. 


“You need to go into your healing pool.” Bard squeezed his hand.


Thranduil shook his head, “My scar is to sensitive for the heát.” His voice cracked at end and he turn away to cough wetly into his sleeve. It was think and congested sounding, to which Bard winced and went to rub his back. when Thranduil came back up, he was flushed and looked winded, “please forgive me.” 


“hush.. you have nothing to be sorry for.” Bard put a hand on the nape of his neck and rubbed, “You are sick and need to be in bed.” 


“hmm.” Thranduil coughed again in his fist, “When does the dwarf king come in?” 


“In two days time.” Bard pushed Thranduil’s hair back, “so in that time, you need to be in bed.” 


“you are right.” Thranduil stood up slowly and sat on the bed, leaning back down. 


“I will boil some water.” Bard got up and put some water over the fire. Once it was boiling he placed it in a bowl, steam coming from the top, “This will help thin the mucus.” Thranduil winced at how disgusting it sounded. Bard chuckled, “I have three kids, Im sorry if I was blunt. I’ve become numb to such things.” 


“no, you are right. I have little experience in this area.” Thranduil turned to cough into his sleeve, “I despise being so weak and disgusting…” He let out a long cough in-between closed lips as he covered his face with his hands. Bard put the bowl down and rubbed his back. 


“you are not disgusting.” Bard kissed his head, “You’re not going to like my suggestions.” 


Thranduil sighed and leaned against him, “which are?” 

“To get rid of the mu….ehem.. Liquid.. in your lungs.” he waited for Thranduil’s disgust, which did not come, “You will have to thin it out with steam, and cough it up.” Thranduil waited.. “as in spit it out.” 


Thranduil whined for half a second before composing himself quickly, “You do not need to be here..” 

“No, I do need to be here.” Bard wrapped his arms around him, “there is nothing you can do that will disgust me.” 

“but..” Thranduil thought better of it and coughed into his elbow, “fine..” he coughed and rubbed his chest, “You should at least get yourself breakfast.”


“I will eat while you sit under the steam.” Bard got a towel and placed it on Thranduil’s head, “the bowl will under the towel and the steam will come to you.” Thranduil allowed Bard to set it up and once the steam came to his face he sniffed. He coughed freely and tried to soak up the steam. It burned his scar slightly, but not unbearable. 


“go eat.. I will be here.” he continued his sniffing and coughing as Bard went out to find a quick breakfast. 


He came back as soon as he could, practically scarfing down food and jogging back. He opened the door to see Thranduil hacking into a handkerchief. the bowl was on the table and a basic was to his left. He coughed something up and spit it into the basin. He watched Thranduil wince. He pulled his legs up against his chest, making him look small and vulnerable. Bard leaned against the archway and looked at him. His heart clenched and knitted his brows together. He felt terrible for him. Watching Thranduil shrink back and curl up, made Bard nervous. Thranduil had been hiding how he really felt this whole time, and Bard had hoped that meant that he didn’t feel all too bad. He was very wrong. He could hear Thranduil whining faintly, obviously not aware that Bard was there. Bard didn’t want to move so that he could get a better sense of how Thranduil really felt. 


“Must you linger in the doorway?” Thranduil coughed into the Handkerchief, not turning to Bard.


“It is unnerving how you do that.” Bard chuckled.


“Do what?” 


“Know I am here without seeing me.” Bard took a step closer, “I have made no noise.” 


“no noise you could hear.” He now turned to look at him, “I could hear your heartbeat.”


“And you guessed it was mine?” 


“no, I did not guess.” Thranduil leaned back and looked out the window.


Bard was touched. He crossed the distance and sat on the bed next to Thranduil. He noticed Thranduil’s paler appearance and clammy hands. Bard put a hand around his waist and rubbed his sides. Thranduil’s cough seemed to be more productive and he spit out quite a lot. Thranduil tried to keep Bard from seeing but Bard was more interested in making him better than his own personal comfort. Bard took a wet cloth and wet it. He placed it on the back of Thranduil’s neck and kissed his shoulder. 


Not much later, Thranduil abruptly got out of bed and into the bathing chambers. He knelt over a large basin inside and threw up. Bard heard it and ran into. He pulled his hair back and rubbed his back. Bard shushed him and whispered things like “its ok.” or “just let it out.” 


“ugh..” Thranduil moaned once his stomach calmed down, “I feel awful.” 


“I know, sweetie.” Bard winced as Thranduil bent back over the basin to vomit again. “I know your scar hurts, but I believe you desperately need that healing pool.” Thranduil whined and leaned against him. Bard gently held him close and kissed his hair. “You are not doing well…” He ran his fingers through Thranduil’s hair and checked behind his ear, “you are scaring me.”


Thranduil hadn’t thought about how scary this would be for a human…quite frankly, he was scared too. “Do not worry of my scar, I will go in.” he coughed, a little less wetly now.


“good.” he sighed through his nose, “Are you ready to stand?”


“yes.. my stomach is no longer threatening for a return appearance.” Bard helped him to his feet and steadied him as he swayed. he lead him to the pool and helped him shed his clothes. 


“slowly now.” Bard said softly as he guided him to the steps. Once the water reached Thranduil’s upper thigh he let out a hiss. “does it hurt too much?”


“no.” Thranduil’s face was contorted in pain, “we must continue.” 


Silently cursing himself for making him go through this, Bard helped seat him on the side. “I am so sorry.” 


“I am alright…Come sit.” Bard shed his clothes and sat by him. “You have been by my side through all this, You have my most sincere apologies, and eternal gratefulness.” 


“I would be no where else.” Bard kiss his  exposed shoulder and put an arm around his waist. “Do you feel any better.” 


“My body aches less.” Thranduil’s ears wiggled slightly and Bard stifled a smile. “ahhhh.” He put up slender fingers a hair away from his twitching nose, and turned away. He bent his fingers loosely and pitched forward with forceful sneezes, “hhheeeh’TTSZZCCHH’uee.”  he put the back of his fingers up against his nose and the tips of his ears became flushed. 


Bard raised an eyebrow and made a face, “It is never just one?”  he looked skeptical and Thranduil playfully pushed him. 


Bard chuckled and sat back up. Thranduil smiled and closed his eyes while leaning back. He cocked his head back, giving Bard the perfect view of his front. Bard looked from his neck to his lean chest, all the way down through the clear water to his tone legs. Bard traced his body with his eyes again and took up every inch of him. Once he got back to his face, his eyes were no longer closed. His head was cocked and he looked at Bard with a raised eyebrow. Bard blushed and playfully splashed him while looking away sheepishly. Thranduil winced as the water reached his left side. Before Bard could look guilty, Thranduil pulled him closer and nuzzled his neck. Bard smiled and raised a hand to hold him closer. He was careful not to touch his left but touch his hair. 


Thranduil cleared his throat before looked up at Bard, “you were right.” 


Bard looked down, “you’re holding back on me?” 


“Not a conscious decision.” He wiggled his nose, “I feel it, but not enough to sneeze.” 


Bard raised a finger and placed it on the bridge of Thranduil’s nose. He moved down the bridge and traced each nostril. Thranduil continued to lean against him, feeling no different. “hmm.” Bard bit his lip and moved his finger to the tip of Thranduil’s ear. He watched as it twitched as he moved it up and around the tip. Thranduil sniffed, but nothing came of it. “Stubborn one.” He thought for a moment and looked around. He spotted his jacket. That particular jacket had been cleaned by the elves, but he knew there was one jacket that they hadn’t cleaned yet because he hasn’t worn it. It should still smell like home. “ill be back in a moment.” Bard got out of the pool, Thranduil reluctantly sitting up, and quickly got his jacket. He sniffed it and could faintly smell fish and other smells from around Dale. He was hoping something in his jacket would set Thranduil off. He quickly came back and stood next to the pool. 


Thanrduil looked up, “why..?”


Bard interrupted him, “smell this.” 


Thranduil looked a little skeptical as Bard put the garment down and slide back in. Thranduil took the jacket and sniffed the sleeve. Immediately his nose felt itchy and his eyes watered, “what is in this jacket?” He put his hand up to scrub at his nose before taking another whiff. His nose tickled immensely and he sneezed before he could get his hand up. It was halfway to his face when it happened, “TSSZCH.”  He misted the jacket and Bard before his hand reached his face and he could cover for the rest of the fit, “HET’TSZZCHH..hi’TSSZCH..” These sneezes were louder than normal so Bard grabbed his waist to help stabilize him. Thranduil cupped both of his hands around his face before being launched forward, “HEIGH’TSZZCCHH”ueah.” He hair flew in his face and he took a moment before straightening back up. 


“Fuck me.” Bard whispered out of shock. “Bless you!” Bard looked shocked and rubbed back, “you alright?” 


“yes, I am alright.” He glared at the jacket, “that is being washed eight times.” He had his fingers pressed up against his nose. 


“As long as you are alright.” Bard held him against him after tossing the jacket further away. “what set you off?”


“everything.” Thranduil rubbed his nose and leaned against him, “We need to discuss…”


“no business until you are well.” 


Thranduil chuckled, “stop interrupting.. I was going to say we need to discuss your washing habits.” 


“oh.” Bard smiled and kissed his head, “Later.” 


“hmm.” Thranduil smiled and closed his eyes, “When I wake.” 

“When you wake.” Bard agreed as Thranduil slept against him, in the healing pool. 

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23 hours ago, RemedyBane said:

Thranduil walked over to Bard and begun to massage his back. Bard sighed and relaxed, “You don’t need to do this.” 


“you want me to stop?” Thranduil raised an eyebrow.


“ugh.. no.” Bard’s head lulled forward. 

This is so me. Men have entirely too much power to keep me captive when I have full intentions of leaving just by starting a massage.


23 hours ago, RemedyBane said:

Bard chuckled, “I have three kids, Im sorry if I was blunt. I’ve become numb to such things.” 

I love how nothing much phases Bard because he's a dad.


23 hours ago, RemedyBane said:

“Must you linger in the doorway?” Thranduil coughed into the Handkerchief, not turning to Bard.


“It is unnerving how you do that.” Bard chuckled.

It would be.


23 hours ago, RemedyBane said:

“no noise you could hear.” He now turned to look at him, “I could hear your heartbeat.”


“And you guessed it was mine?” 


“no, I did not guess.” Thranduil leaned back and looked out the window.



23 hours ago, RemedyBane said:

Thranduil chuckled, “stop interrupting.. I was going to say we need to discuss your washing habits.” 


I love this! It's great!

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IM SO SORRY THAT I HAVE BEEN GONE FOR SOOOO LOOONNNGGG!! College has made me so busy and since I have a roommate, I don't get much time alone. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Again, sorry for ghosting and sorry that this is so short. More to come! ;)I always make time to chat if anyone wants to message me :P 


Part 6:


Thranduil awoke as the sun was beginning to set. Bard figured that was what woke him. “hmmm.” Thranduil opened his eyes and looked up at Bard.


“Feeling any better?” Bard stroked his hair.


“Yes…” he touched his throat, “my lungs have settled, but i’m afraid a new problem has arised.” Thranduil’s voice was completely shot.


 It sounded strained to Bard’s ears and he furrowed his brow, “Does it hurt?”


“no, it is merely a nuisance.” He coughed lightly, most likely because of the strain. 


His coughs were no longer wet, but that didn’t lesson Bard’s worry, “Don’t speak,” Bard kissed the top of his head, “I will boil you some tea. You should go lay in bed.” 


Bard hopped out of the water, quickly drying himself and throwing on some pants. Bard watched as Thranduil slowly emerged from the water. Wet hair plastered against his back. He watched as water slide from his hair, down his back, and fell to the ground. Bard was completely taken. The setting sun cast a glow over Thranduil’s naked body. He watched as the light reflected off the beads of water. He drunk in every curve and muscle of Thranduil’s body before swallowing and coming to his senses. “geez…” Bard rolled his eyes and shook his head. -He is dreadfully ill!- Bard mentally chastized himself. 


Thranduil paid no mind to Bard’s prying eyes. He was more concerned with how his other senses were being dulled. He could hear just fine, and feel, but his nose kept tickling, making sense of smell practically impossible to focus on. With the constant need to sneeze, his right eye continued to water and close slightly, making him feel completely blind sided. He felt self conscious and on edge. He knew there was no danger, but if there was any, he would have no way of knowing until it was too late. He momentarily paused in his thoughts when the tickling became imbearable, “hihh….” He pressed a wrist to his nose, eager to get it over with, “TDZZSCHH..TTDZZCH”. Water droplets flew from him as his body convulsed with the sneezes. 


Bard took a breath before composing himself and going to dry Thanduil, “come on, let’s get you dry before you catch your death.” 


“it feels as though i already have.” 


Bard frowned, “I thought you said you felt better?” 


“Physically, yes… my illness is lessoning.” Thranduil looked away and outside. He looked past the trees until he could see the edge of his realm. He saw the dwarf king begin to approach, Dáin II Ironfoot. Thranduil grimaced and looked away. “He is almost here..” He pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. 


Bard put a hand on his back, not sure what to do. Thranduil began to hitch again and pinched harder. “Thran… You will only hurt yourself.” Bard kissed his neck and wrapped his arms around his middle. “Let it out. Come on.” He patted his stomach. Bard felt Thranduil tense as he fought against the sneezes. Bard chuckled and moved to kiss the top of his ear. 


Thranduil shivered as Bard’s lips met his ear, sending his focus away from his twitching nostrils, “B..Bar’hiih’d…HIIH… Hiih’tdsZCHH..haah…HATCH’dszczh.” Satisfied, he straightened back up, “oh..”


“So sensitive.” Bard hummed and squeezed him a little, “To bed?” 


“I am in no position to take you.” Thranduil teased. 

“hmm As much fun as that would be, I’d like a rain check.” He kissed his shoulder, “I want you to rest while I grab your tea. You will be in no condition to speak with Dáin when you have no voice.” 


Thranduil’s playful attitude dropped with the mention of Dáin, “as you wish.” Thranduil walked to his bed, forgoing any clothes, and laid down. 


-Way to kill the mood, Bard.-He internally sighed before boiling some water, “Are you warm enough?”


“Quite.” Thranduil loosely laid the sheets over his naked form.


Bard jumped as he noticed something in the window. He picked up the metal poker and pointed it towards the window. Thranduil, alarmed by his actions, straightened up and looked at the window. A Cat had perched itself on the window sil. Thranduil smirked and Bard relaxed. Bard began making shewing motions and tsking at it until it pursed it’s tail and ran away.


“It was merely a feline. They come and go, many of my people have grown fond of them.” Thranduil smiled faintly at him, still amused by his initial reaction. 


Bard stifled a sneeze in-between two fingers, “I hate cats..” he sniffed and looked towards the light, “Hih’nggt..ggt’ue.” Blinking away allergic tears he rubbed his nose and cleared his throat.


Thranduil’s ears moved at the sound of the first stifled sneeze. Worried that Bard might have caught his illness, he began to stand. After hearing Bard’s remark, he relax but still went over to him, “The cat’s bother you?” He put an arm around his waist, not needing an answer, “You chastise me for holding mine back, but you suppress your own.” Thranduil laid his head on Bard’s, thoughtfully. 


“Old habits, die hard.” Bard chuckled, “The children have a cat back home.” Thranduil made a confused noise to which Bard sighed, “I could never say no to my little girls.” 


“I understand. I have met your youngest, and I must admit, I find it rather difficult, myself.” That got a chuckle out of Bard. 


“It’s not too bad-“ he sighed, “-I’ve learned to live with it.” 


Thranduil ran his hand down Bard’s side, “You do not have to anymore.” Bard shivered at Thranduil touch.


 He leaned into his boyfriend and closed his eyes, “I thought you said-“ Bard continued in a poor impression of Thranduil, “I am in no position to take you, regardless of how much I want to.” 


“I don’t remember that last part.” Thranduil smirked, “not that it is untrue.” Closing his eyes for a moment, he took a breathe, “Come to bed with me, but it is true. I can’t..” 


“Of course.” Bard reached up and touched his face, “Go lay down, let me make your tea.” 


Thranduil reluctantly let go. He moved to close the window, less any other cats want to come say hello, and crawled back into bed. Bard came soon after and handed him a cup of tea.  “Le Hannon” (thank you)


“hmm.” Bard laid in bed, guiding Thranduil to lay on his chest. “Do you think you will be well enough for the meeting?”


Thranduil took a large breath and sighed, “Ask me again tomorrow, for I do not know for curtain.” 


“alright.” Bard took his hand and kissed it, “Drink your tea and no more talking. We shall see how you fare tomorrow, then.”


“Elei Velui” (Sweet Dreams) Thranduil closed his eyes. 


“hush.” Bard smiled and ran his fingers through Thran’s hair and as Thranduil smirked. “good night, my love.” 

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Awww. Sweet. 

1 hour ago, WolfsBane said:

He leaned into his boyfriend and closed his eyes, “I thought you said-“ Bard continued in a poor impression of Thranduil, “I am in no position to take you, regardless of how much I want to.” 


“I don’t remember that last part.” Thranduil smirked, “not that it is untrue.”


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Ooooooh how lovely!!! Truly love it~ i like how you potray Thranduil, high and mighty, with oh so warm heart toward his precious. Love it love it love it~ please take your time in continuing the story~ it very good~~ :wub:

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Part 7:


Bard woke before Thranduil as dawn shone through the window. He gazed at the morning sunrise and was about to say something to his lover, when he realized that Thranduil was still asleep. He frowned and checked Thranduil's temperature behind his ear; sighing with relief when there was no fever. Elves required little to no sleep when they were well, but seeing that Thranduil slept the entire night, and then some, left him with a terrible gut feeling. He did not wish to wake him, so he quietly slipped from his grasp and walked out of the room. He had put on some pants and roamed the halls, looking for an elf on duty.

Once he found one, he flagged him down, "any news on the arrival of King Dáin?"

"He should be arriving noon, King Bard." 

"Just Bard, and thank you." Bard bid him good day and went back to Thranduil, still sound asleep. "Oh love.." Bard sat down on the chair next to the bed and just watched Thranduil. He had lost track of time and was not sure for how long he sat staring; he was just so eager to know how Thranduil felt.

"you stare as if you expect something to ambush you at any moment." Thranduil did not open his eyes, but his ears did tick, "What troubles you?" 

"You trouble me." He moved to kneel down by the bed, "Thran...you slept all night, and awake now." He moved his hand to slowly push Thranduil's hair back, "Have you gotten worse?" 

"No, Meleth nîn." Thranduil opened his eyes, "I do not believe I have gotten worse. I just feel.." He searched for how to describe it, but couldn't, "I am not certain.."

"You still feel ill?" Bard was leaning closer now.

"regrettably so." He moved slowly, but gracefully, to lay on his ride side. "Has King Dàin II Ironfoot of the Iron Hills, arrived yet?" 

Bard gave a breathy laugh, "no, he should arrive by noon." he bit his lip, "I think it is best we postpone the gathering, until you are in full health." 

Thranduil took his hand, "You should meet him on arrival, tell him of my ill health." He rubbed his thumb over Bard's calloused hand, "Tell him we will gather before sunset, for maybe I will have a better understanding of what ails me." 

"Will he take offense to your absence?" Bard furrowed his brows.

"neither one of our species can control when and how illness comes and passes. He will surely understand the circumstances." 

"You should not be alone." Bard could not hide the worry in his voice. 

"I am never alone." Thranduil moved the tips of his ears, "I will call for you if things change." an elf came into the chamber, "they will hear." 

Bard got up reluctantly, "I know, Dain is here." He closed his eyes and counted to ten in his head before opening them, "right.. you-" he points at the elf "-stay with him or make sure someone capable is watching his health. Get me for any reason..."

"meleth-nin...go." Thranduil cut him off without room for rebuttal. 

Bard quickly went out the door and raced the gate. The faster he got Dain settled, the faster he could go back to Thranduil.  Dain had just arrived and had quite a few guards with him. Elves quickly helped get the dwarves down, who pushed their hands away, put their things away, to which dwarves would yell and hold their items close to their chests, and put the ponies in a stable, to which all the dwarves took out their axes.

 "Enough!" Bard said loudly, "Thank you for coming so quickly. Please-" He gestured to the elves, "- you make keep your belongings, but they are just trying to do their job. Allow them to take your horses to the stalls for fresh water and food." He looked at each of the dwarves and relaxed a bit when they put their axes away and grumpily let the elves take their ponies away. 

"Where is King Thranduil-" Dain stepped closer, followed by his guard, "-he always greets guests at the door! Is this an ambush!"

"No!" Bard put his hands up, "no... I promise you, this is a peaceful meeting." He took a cautious step forward, "come inside with me and I will explain all." 

Dain thought for a moment, and noticed that none of the elves have taken out their weapons, even though the dwarves had taken theirs out. They had no intention of fighting and were under strict rules to not engage. Dain thought that was a clear sign and nodded, following Bard in. 

"Thank you," Elf servants came by, "ah, yes, these elves will show your guards their quarters. I wish to speak with you alone." 

"I will not be left unguarded in this-" He spat it out "-place"

"I am unguarded and a stranger to this hall, as you are." Bard kept walking.

Bain moved his head around, as if to say 'good point'. He told his guards to follow the elves and to not fight them, 'no matter how much they look like they're asking for it.' 

Bard didn't like the phrasing, but figured if it kept the fighting to a minimum, whatever works. Bard stopped walked when they were alone, "I am afraid Thranduil has fallen ill and we will be meeting later than expected, but before sunset." 

"ill?" Dain set his jaw, "bah! This is a trick! The elf king is refusing to meet me for he has already made a decision! The treaty is off before it has begun, while he sits, lazy in bed, drinking wine from a ******** mouth!" Bard's whole body started to tingle with the rising anger, "He does not trust us dwarves in our own caves! I have come here to act on peace, but I will rage war!" 

"ENOUGH!" Bard turned around, face red, hands clenched, "THRANDUIL STARTED THE PEACE TREATY AFTER THE WAR BECAUSE HE WANTED TO END THIS SELFISH FEUD BETWEEN ELVES AND DWARVES! HE WORKED HARD TO GET YOU BOULDER HEADS TO AGREE TO THE TERMS, WHICH HE CHANGED HUNDREDS OF TIMES BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T LIKE THEM! HE DIDN'T WANT TO REST WHILE HE WAS SICK AND CONTINUED TO WORK UNTIL HE FAINTED IN MY ARMS!" Bard gestured wildly, outstretching his arms, "I THOught..." He closed his eyes and tried to stop the lump in his throat, "I thought I'd lose him.."  He could feel tears prickling at his eyes, as his heart clenched and stomach dropped, remembering the fever, the infection, the pain..

"King Bard.." Dain tried, no regretting all he had said... 

"NO!" Bard opened his eyes and stepped back, "he gave you the benefit of the doubt! saying that you would understand that he was too ill to meet you. He even.. He said 'neither one of our species can control when and how illness comes and passes'. He would have understood if it were you who was ill." 

"Forgive me..." Dain stepped forward, bowing, "I..."

"You are in his house, his domain, after an accident that could have killed hundreds on your land." bard looked a little less angry, but still pissed, "He wants to know why, and how it could be prevented." He set his jaw, "If Thranduil wanted to stop the treaty, he would have started war already." He paused staring at Dain, "If anyone sounds like they want this to burn, it would be you." 

"I want this to work.." Dain looked sheepish, "I will meet him at his convenience tonight, with my deepest apologies and regret." 

"no..." Bard looked into his eyes as Dain looked up shocked, "Tomorrow we will meet, for I am in no state to usher peace." He turned to walk out of the room, "If Thranduil has taught me anything, it is that you can not try for peace when you're head is clouded with anger." he took a breathe, "It would be a waste of time and would need another meeting once tempers have settles. I wish to skip to that part." He begun to walk out, "Ariäne will show you to your room." 

He left as Dain stood in shocked silence. Dain just nodded and followed the elf away, feeling shame.


Bard entered Thranduil's chambers to see him sitting up in bed with a look of sympathy. He reached out a hand to beckon Bard to sit with him. At first Bard did not understand what troubled him, but quickly realized. With wide eyes that turned to shame, "I am so sorry...you heard all of that.." Bard buried his face in his hands, "I just.. did I wake you?"

"no.. meleth nin.." He took bard's hand and kissed it, "I should not have made you go alone.." He pulled Bard close to lay on his chest, "Dáin is a stubborn dwarf with a distrust of elves far greater than my distrust of dwarves." 

"I noticed." Bard sighed and put a hand over Thranduil's heart, "I should not have snapped..I could have ruined the peace treaty."

"I believe you might have made the treaty sign itself." He kissed the top of Bard's head, "from the sound of his heartbeat, I thought he might faint from fear." 

"I scared him?" 

"Terribly." Thranduil smirked, "I thank you for speaking for me when I was not able." 

"I was just so angry...It is not your fault.. you don't deserve that." Bard looked up at him

"Perhaps." He cupped his cheek with his left hand, "rest now.. we will meet tomorrow, when the feelings have passed." 

"What if you are still ill." Bard frowned.

"I have rested as much as I can allow. I will go regardless of my health." 

"Thran.." Bard took the hand that was resting on his cheek and sat up a bit, giving him a better angle on Thranduil, "you can not push yourself so far.." 

"I will fair."  Thranduil moved to place a gentle kiss on Bard's lips, "Once this treaty is signed, I believe I will be closer to mending." 

"You are just saying that to convince me to let you go." Bard whispered.

"Perhaps." He kissed him again, "Is it working?" 

"...." Bard sighed, "yes."




(sorry for no sneezing in this one... sooorryyy) 

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New part is up :stupid:


On 10/20/2017 at 0:13 AM, AngelEyes said:

Awww. Sweet. 


I love you so much! honestly.... Glad I made you laugh :wink2:

On 10/20/2017 at 3:25 AM, Juto said:

This is delightfully cute :) 

yay! I think they're a cute couple sooooo :2lovers:

On 10/22/2017 at 10:30 AM, Nval95 said:

Ooooooh how lovely!!! Truly love it~ i like how you potray Thranduil, high and mighty, with oh so warm heart toward his precious. Love it love it love it~ please take your time in continuing the story~ it very good~~ :wub:

YAY!!  I'm so glad you love it! and thank you soooo much! I really love Thranduil and I am so glad that you think i'm doing him justice!  I am taking my sweeeet time :guilty: lol but I'm getting around to writing more since i'm on break! Thank you so much for reading!

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This is great. I love how Bard loses his temper and it actually gets Dain's attention. I feel like it's the only thing that would have won his respect. Way to go!

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On 12/19/2017 at 9:30 PM, AngelEyes said:

This is great. I love how Bard loses his temper and it actually gets Dain's attention. I feel like it's the only thing that would have won his respect. Way to go!

Thank you! I like to think Bard would defend any of his loved ones, regardless of the circumstances. :inlove: you're making me blush! 

12 hours ago, Nval95 said:

Yaaaaaaay another update~~~ uuuuuuh protective bard!! Your welcome, I love to read your story~ 

yyeess another update! are you ready for another one? lol :D I love protective Bard.. honestly.. like we all know Thranduil is badass, but Bard would fight anyone for that babe! lol 


Part 8:

Thranduil held Bard close to his chest as Bard traced lazy circles across it. The sun continued to shine through the window, bathing them in a soft light, as they lay on the bed. Thranduil watched as the sun danced across Bard's skin, giving it a soft glow, making Bard even more radiant than he normally was. The sunlight highlighted his strong cheekbones and nose, while making the gold flakes in Bard's eyes shine. He was absolutely beautiful in Thranduil's eyes, but a small pang of guilt and worry went through his whole body, when he saw a few grey hairs light up. It was the cruel hand of time, telling Thranduil of the sand pouring through the hourglass of Bard's life. He wished with all his heart that he could make him immortal. That would mean going to the undying lands; but he couldn't ask Bard to leave everything behind... It was too much.

Bard sensed the change in Thranduil's demeanor and looked up, "what's the matter?" Worried, Bard sat up a little and reached up to cup his cheek, "Is it the illness?" 

Thranduil's guilt got worse as he noticed Bard's worrying about his health, when he couldn't stop thinking of Bard's ticking clock, "I am alright.." He took Bard's hand that cupped his cheek and kissed his fingers. The emotions he felt, and the illness, were starting to take a toll on his mood, "I am just weary." 

Bard knew that there was something he was not telling him, but did not want to push him. He could feel the mood changing in his lover, which only made his first thought more evident. " my love.." squeezing Thran's hand, he pleaded softly, worry evident, "let me help you.." 

Thranduil looked away for a moment composing himself, "you are helping me..I just-" He put the back of his hand to his mouth and closed his eyes, "I am just now understand the weight of what is to come." He cough lightly against his hand, half turned away from Bard. He knew he should keep his spirits up, if he wanted to get better, but the topic would not leave him mind. 

"The treaty?" Bard laid back down and put his arms around his lover, "Thran... You will worry yourself into another fever. I am here to help in anyway that I can, and you should help yourself by resting." He moved his hand to rub Thranduil's chest, "does it pain you?" 

Thranduil shook his head, "merely a nuisance." The tickle in his throat has escalated to a dull hum in his sinuses. He closed his eyes and sighed, thinking about how sneezing would aggravate his throat.

Bard noticed his ears twitch and he hummed in sympathy, "poor love." He raised an eyebrow, "are you trying to hold it back?" When Thranduil opened his eyes to look at him, he faked a pout in hopes of amusing him.

It worked, "hm..." He moved his head to look at him, "Does that bother you?" 

Bard blushed a little, "Only if you suffer." He gave a little smile, hoping Thranduil would ignore the redness of his face In truth, he thought it a tease, but now was not the time for that kind of play, or knowledge. 

Thranduil knew and smirked, "come." He moved his finger to slowly touch Bard's chin, scratching the underside, and coaxing him to come further up. 

Bard did as he was told and scooted up to sit at Thranduil's side, but up against the headboard, "now what?" 

Thranduil huffed, "i am ill and wish to be held." The statement was deadpanned but Bard could have sworn there was a tiny pout at the end of Thranduil's lips, or maybe that was his own imagination. Thranduil leaned back against Bard's chest as Bard wrapped his arms around him. 

"aww." Bard cooed, "My poor, gorgeous, sick, little elf." He kissed his head.

"Do not pity me." Thranduil gave him a little smack on the side, but his ears went slightly red.

"Too late for that." Bard bent down and peppered his head with kisses, "You are just so pitiful.." he said sarcastically, "lounging around, putting off work, Ignoring your needy lover." he chuckled, "Because you have just been such a needy patient." The sarcasm was so thick in the air, Thranduil was tempted to cut it with a sword. 

"alright.." Thranduil mused, "I see your point..I know I tend to brush aside any illness, thinking it nothing-" he sniffed and his ears ticked, "until..it get'heh's to a point.." He cupped his hands around his face and bent over with the force, "TDSZCH!-" his ears were twitching like mad, "-hih'TDZSH!...hah..TDZCCH'uue" he let out a little sigh and kept his hands over his face. HIs ears calmed down after a few moments, then he let his hands fall to his lap.

"Galu.." Bard rubbed his sides, "alright, no more teasing." He kissed the back of Thranduil's neck and pulled him back down to lay on top of his chest. 

"It is alrįght" Thranduil's voice cracked, but it sounded strange. It was not higher pitched, but a lack of sound with a little popping noise. 

"Thran?" Bard rubbed his side, brow's furrowed. 

"Ï æm šôrrÿ..." his voice was completely shot now, "ít šêēmš thė îłłńēšs ìs áffęčtįñg mÿ thróàt.." 

"shh.." Bard held him close, "no more talking.." he covered Thranduil's ears and spoke a bit louder, "Will someone please fetch some tea?" 

Thranduil smiled a bit at Bard's uncertainty, still not used to being a king. Thranduil moved to lay his head on Bard's chest, hearing his heartbeat. THe steady beat was making it hard for his to stay awake. 

"You never do take a breather, do you?" It was a rhetorical question, and Bard was glad when Thranduil made no attempt to answer. A servant came in with a tray for tea, and set it on the counter, "Thank you." The servant bowed and looked sympathetically at their king before leaving the room; all having heard the voice change. He whispered into Thranduil's hair, "They worry about you" and kissed his head. 

Thranduil knew this to be true, and he only closed his eyes and nuzzled into his lover's chest. HIs previous thoughts still plagued his mind, but he tried to suppress them and think of the present. He ran his fingers along Bard's chest, feeling the muscle underneath the thin shirt, wanting to feel every inch,  and remember. He could hear Bard start to hum, which he could also feel; all of which slowly comforted him.

"Thran.. drink some tea?" he ran a hand through his lover's hair, "It will help with your throat." 

Begrudgingly, Thranduil sat up, and took the teacup from Bard. The hot liquid felt wonderful on his sore throat, and he closed his eyes as the warmth spread throughout his body. He kept taking small sips, until the cup was empty. Having pleased Bard, he slowly leaned back against him. 

"Try to sleep?" Bard kissed his temple and wrapped his arms around him, "maybe you will feel better after a rest."

Thranduil nodded slowly and drifted off to sleep.


Sleeping longer than he had expected, he woke up as the sun set.Confusion had set in, as he was not fully awake, and looked around the room, not quite sure what was going on. 

"Thran?" Bard's voice was filled with sleep, as he felt Thranduil move his head around, "What's wrong?" 

"Thë süñ īš šęttïñg." Thranduil raised his eyebrow

"as it does every evening.." Bard kept his eyes closed, not seeing the point.

Thranduil sighed heavily, "Į hävē šłēpt fär łøńgër thäñ Í ìńtėñdęd." 

"Good." Bard nuzzled the side of his head, "it might have done you some good."

"Į fęêł ńó bēttër," he coughed, "ì fėęl..." he moved his hand to gesture to his head, and waved around.

"disoriented?" Bard opened his eyes, and ran his fingers through Thranduil's silky hair. Thranduil only nodded. "I think it is best if you don't talk at the meeting,-" Thranduil looked shocked, "-only because I fear it will worsen your condition." Bard sighed, "If it were completely up to me, I would chain you to this bed and tell Dain to stick his axe were the sun does not shine, because I care more about your health than this stupid meeting." He rubbed his face, looking exhausted, "No one died, there were minimal injuries, it really looks like an honest mistake.."

Thranduil took his hands and kissed it, "śłéęp.." He cleared his throat, "wé wīłł dísçùšś įñ thë mœrńiįñg-" he became overcome by a coughing fit. It doubled him over and pained him greatly.

Bard jumped up and started to rub his back, pour a cup of, now cold, tea,  and giving it to him in hopes of calming the spasm, "Sh.. drink.." 

Thranduil took small sips and the coughing finally calmed down. He sighed and relaxed against Bard, once more. His throat felt like he had swallowed gravel and at the same time, like a spider had spewed a web. 

"Thran..." Bard's eyes shone with worry, "Are you alright?" 

"Ÿėš..." he put a hand on his throat and closed his eyes, willing the pain to go away.

"There must be something we can do," Bard reasoned, "You have been sick for far longer than you said would be normal.."

Thranduil knew why he wasn't getting better. His mood had darkened greatly these past few days, since the collapse, and Bard's hair...He needed to raise his spirits, something, to get better. "Còmé wįth mē?" He slowly got out of bed and took the medicine from another flower. 

"Thranduil, you should not be out of bed." Bard stayed were he was, hoping to make him stay.

"I féær thë béd wïlłł önłÿ wóršéñ mÿ çòñdïtiôñ." He put on some clothes and left the room.

Bard cursed under his breath and ran after him. Bard stayed with Thranduil as they walked in silence. They walked through the trees of Mirkwood and out to the pass. The sun was already set and it was rather dark. Thranduil could see, but Bard was left clutching Thranduil's arms so that he wouldn't lose him. 

"Fòrgïvé mé.." Thranduil forgot about human sight and grabbed a torch for Bard, wincing as he felt the heat against his skin.

Bard quickly took it and moved it to his other hand, away from Thranduil, "nothing to forgive." He wanted to ask him what was wrong, but he knew Thranduil had trouble speaking and it would probably take up too much energy; energy Thranduil couldn't afford to lose right now. 

Thranduil moved to a spot, a bit further down the path and looked at the clearing. It was then that Bard figured out what was wrong; he remembered the story of his wife. Thranduil was not getting better because he was depressed. Bard wanted to kick himself for not realizing until now; but what caused it. He wracked his brain, -It could be the cave in, but everyone survive...that can't be it." He ran his hands through his hair when it hit him. He had a flash back to before he left of Tilda.

"Da!" Tilda ran into his bedroom and jumped on his bed, "You are going to Mirkwood today, right?" 

"Yes, TIlda." He smiled and wrapped her in a hug, "You seem awfully excited for me to leave, what are you planning." He tickled her, in hopes of getting the plan

"I promise! No plan!" She squirmed and laughed, "I just want you to ask him something for me!" 

He stopped tickling her and raised an eyebrow, "ah! so I am a currior bird now!"

"no!" Tilda laughed, "It would be silly coming from me." 

He furrowed his brow, "What? why would you think that?"

Tilda looked excited but shy, "Because It's for you." Bard looked confused, "I was hoping you would ask to move to Mirkwood." 

"Tilda.." Bard started but was interrupted.

"You are always so happy when you are over there! and I'm learning elvish!" Her eyes were wide, "and we live so close that you could still work and see Bard and Sign!"

"Tilda.. I can't just ask to move in.." Bard put his hands on her cheeks, "He would have to ask me, and I can't ask him to come here."

"You never know until you ask.." Tilda looked at her dad with big eyes that melted his heart.

He felt like the weight of his little girl would crush him if he didn't promise to at least ask, "We shall see what happens." 

"yay!" Tilda jumped and hugged him. She was still moments later when she looked at his hair, "Da? why is your hair turning color?" 

He touched his hair and looked at the grey that was beginning to set in, "Thran.." He walked over and took his face in his hands, "Are you upset because my hair is changing?"

Thranduil looked away from him, not able to meet his eyes, "Ít ïś á grîm rémįñdér..." He cleared his throat.

"Oh love.." He pulled Thranduil closer, "You can't think like that." Bard rubbed his thumb against Thranduil's cheeks, "Besides, my family turns grey rather early, It does not mean that my time is up." His looked Thranduil in the eyes, and noticed tears were forming in them, as well as feeling them in his, "I am going nowhere for a very long time." 

Thranduil looked back at him and bent his forehead to meet Bard's, "Î..." He closed his eyes, not having the words..

"Meleth e-guilen..." (love of my life) Thranduil opened his eyes and Bard's use of his native tongue, "I am going nowhere." Bard closed the distance between the two and kissed him.

Thranduil melted into the kiss, emotions all over the place, as he felt tears run down his face form his previous panic, now love and warmth from the kiss and affection in Bard's words. He could feel his spirits lift as the kiss became more passionate and sweet. He had missed the way Bard tasted, like salt and smoke in a way he never thought he would enjoy. After his burn, Thranduil hated everything to do with fire, and for centuries, did not even want a fireplace to keep warm. Fire and smoke had always meant pain and destruction, but the smoke on Bard's tongue felt inviting, homely, and safe. The kind of warmth he felt when Bard smiled at him as if he had not seen him for centuries even though it had only been a few minutes. The warmth from the passionate nights that satisfied him in ways he had never thought possible. The warmth of being held late at night or cuddles when he was not feeling right. The specific warmth that not only heated you on the outside, but made his insides glow. It was like seeing light for the first time in a dark crevice, the feeling of hope and happiness and love. His hands wrapped around Bard's frame, as he kissed back deeper.

Bard had almost forgotten how soft Thranduil's lips were and surprised himself with how much he had missed it. He knew he loved Thranduil, that was never in question, but it was this soul level of longing that he had been pushing down since the illness began. He felt like a weight came off his shoulders when he kissed him. His whole body missed the sweet and tart taste of wine and the subtle hint of something he could never place before. Now that he was kissing Thranduil in the middle of the woods, he knew. Mirkwood and THranduil were intertwined, in body and mind. What he was tasting was the same smell of fresh air, the feel of the grass between your toes, the sunlight coming through the trees, and life. 

When they broke apart, they were both in a daze, looking at each other as if for the first time, now in a new light. Neither one of them needed to saw a word, as they stared into each others eyes. Bard was the first to break into a smile, and Thranduil could feel his entire body heat up, as he smiled too.

"Bard.." His voice was back to normal, 'Stay.." 

"forever." Bard nodded as a tear went down his face.

Thranduil smiled and agreed, "forever." 

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23 hours ago, WolfsBane said:

"Bard.." His voice was back to normal, 'Stay.." 

"forever." Bard nodded as a tear went down his face.

Thranduil smiled and agreed, "forever." 


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