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First Kiss Stories?


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I've never been in a situation to have kissed anyone yet, but I want to hear how yours went, or how you hope it will go! Is it all that it's cracked up to be, or just something minor…? 

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Ohhh god :lol:

So I was on my first official date with this guy from my high school. I was never really romantically interested in him, but he liked me and my friends thought we'd be great together so I gave him a shot anyway.

So he planned a date to a bike path/walking trail, but when we got to the parking lot we couldn't find the trail entrance :lol: So we decided we should just walk around in the woods, which I thought sounded more fun than a path anyway. We went by a stream and skipped rocks and chatted which was actually really fun.

Then we fell into the stream while crossing it to get to a little "island." I also thought this part was pretty fun, but the poor guy got his Jordans (or whatever fancy shoes he had) on wet which I don't think he wanted:lol: So once we got to the island we were soaked, and we sat down and talked. Kind of for a painfully long time. I could tell he was trying to have a really deep conversation, which didn't really work. I think he was holding my hand the whole time.

Then during what I thought was an awkward silence (but he probably thought was an opportunity and/or emotional moment?), he leaned in to kiss me. I don't know how long it lasted. But it was really wet and really gross. The best description I can think of is the guy was brushing my teeth with his tongue. 

I decided that I never wanted to kiss anyone ever again and that kissing was really not my thing. But at the same time I was really proud of myself for having done it? 

I know now that he was just a bad kisser and that kissing can be really fun! I've had much better experiences since then, thank god :bleh: 

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I was in class and the second bell hadn't rung yet, so we were all talking with our friends and stuff. One of my classmates was eating gummy bears, and she offered me one. My response was, "Can I have a red one? :3" because red gummy bears have the best artificial flavoring okay. She pulls a red one out of the bag and holds it gently in her teeth, jokingly over-dramatically making flirty faces at me. I go over and use my teeth to bite the gummy bear, and then there's a kiss in there. I was really excited then, but it doesn't seem like a huge deal to me now. 

First time making out was a lot more interesting. It was with my guy friend, and we wanted to practice so we could get good at it and not fuck it up if we were to ever kiss someone when it actually mattered, if that makes sense…? After a few seconds, I was like "hang on this sucks how do I fix it," and we would give each other suggestions for improvement as it went along. I thought it was fun + a good learning experience. 

It would probably be a lot more "special" if it had been a guy with whom I was in a relationship, but it probably would have been gross like my first kiss with the guy friend. 

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I personally don't call this a First Kiss partly because I didn't want him to kiss me nor did I respond, so the official standpoint is that I am still at 30+ unkissed, but I do have two lip-locking experiences, both with guys which might explain why I wasn't into it. I'm not traumatised by either, but if I had the choice of going back I would've done things differently. I'm just going to tell the first one here because the second has so many TWs it's not even worth posting about.

The first was when I was 14 and had this online relationship with an 18-year-old guy (and no, in this area in that time and in my circles nobody thought this was inappropriate.) I had three reasons to keep this boyfriend. 1) Having a boyfriend meant nobody would know I was really into girls. 2) Having an 18-year-old boyfriend gave you SO MUCH street cred at school it wasn't even funny, and the girl who had bullied me for seven years at that point had a boyfriend in the same year as us which was still cred because he was one of the "cool guys" who smoked and did burglary jobs for booze, but still, he was just 14. 3) It was a pretty nice guy to chat with and we liked the same movies.

Get why this maybe wasn't such a good idea to begin with? Well. We had decided to meet for the first time, which we did, and we kind of... had ice cream at his house, went online to tell everyone at the chatting community where we had met that we were seeing each other, and took a walk around town holding hands and not talking to each other. :lol:  Then my parents came to pick me up at a parking lot and before we parted ways he leaned in and gave me a quick, closed-mouth, dry kiss on the lips (straight on, no head tilting or anything which made for a really odd and uncomfortable angle), which I just kind of puckered up for at the last moment because I hadn't had such a lousy time I wanted to pull away, and because at least I would be able to tell everyone we had kissed. I thought when I got into the car "how am I gonna get out of having to kiss him again??." Luckily, he cheated on me a month later and told me on the phone (in tears) that he was in love with somebody else and I was like "oh, okay..." so we ended things like we broke off a business deal. I had to pretend I was heartbroken or everyone would have wondered, but honestly, I was just glad I got out of that without having to break up and explain myself.

If I'm completely honest, I don't have much of a desire to be kissed either. I think it's scary when people get that close to my face, and the whole concept of "biting" at each other's mouths just seems messy and unpleasant. There are only two people I wouldn't be opposed to kissing, and only one that would really want to kiss, and they're both women. I don't know if that first experience has anything to do with it, but I doubt it. More like the other way around; my first experience was so lousy because it wasn't a lady.


ETA: I can't believe I just wasted my 5555th post talking about THAT experience!!  :rolleyes:   

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I got my very first kiss ever at fifteen, and from someone I had the giantest of crushes on. It's been eighteen years since, though, so I tend to look back on it through definitely rose-coloured glasses. I do remember the excitement of it, though. He had a nice mouth, as I recall. 

I have kissed many, many people since, and it's still one of my favourite forms of social interaction. ^_^ (The first time I got to kiss the person I'm currently kindasorta seeing was special too, by the way. You see, he twisted my arm around my back as he moved in for the kiss, and for some reason that made me fall for him SO HARD right then and there. It was one of those moments you suddenly realise something about yourself that you didn't know before.)

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My first kiss story is pretty boring. I was in high school,  and I went on a date with a friend of mine who had asked me out. We went to dinner, a movie, and then to a party at a friend's house.  He walked me to my door at the end of the night, and we kissed a couple of times. (I don't think it qualified as 'making out'.)  It was about as awkward as any first kiss tends to be. We smiled at each other afterwards, and didn't really say anything for a few seconds (It felt more like an hour!) I finally said good night, we shared an awkward hug, I kinda slunk inside my house, and that was it. We 'dated' for maybe a few weeks after that, then broke up. It was mutual; there was definitely not a shred of romantic chemistry between us. :lol:  We're still friends though, and I don't regret the experience. 

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Hmm..if memory serves right I had my first kiss at 12 or 13 from a boy that at the time I was smitten with because, ya know, first boyfriend yadda yadda. Anyways, we went bike riding one day and ended up at this cul-de-sac by his house. He said something to the effect of 'Hey, what's that over there?' and the moment I turned to face him and say 'What?', he snuck a kiss. It was a different feeling and the whole ride home I was practically beet red and even more smitten than I had been. We ended up dating for like three years after that before I ended things for personal reasons. All in all, kissing is waaaay too overrated in my opinion and it's not something I enjoy doing even now unless I've had one too many drinks, lol. :lol: 

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How the hell do y'all remember your first kisses, oh my god :lol:

I have no idea who my first kiss was with. I've kissed like, so many people, hot damn :laugh: seriously, it used to be a thing when we went out, that we had 'pulling competitions', which was essentially seeing who could have kissed the most people by the end of the night. Ohmygod, I cringe so hard when I think about it, because we literally went up to RANDOM PEOPLE and asked if they would kiss us :rofl: most of the time, the answer was a yes, which was good for my ego, ngl. 

I do remember my first female kiss though. It was with one of my best friends from school, and she was really very special to me, because bisexuality was sort of taboo when I was at school. But G was also bisexual, and we sort of discovered ourselves together. It was really liberating to be able to have that person to talk to at that age, y'know? 

Anyway... the kiss. We were all at my friend R's house, and being 14, we split a bottle of wine between like, 5 of us :lol: so we were a teeny bit buzzed, and decided to play spin the bottle (me and G were the only females there). Of course, the first round, it landed on us two. The guys were egging us on, of course, but she was so, so up for it xDD I remember that she shifted to kneel next to me, put both her hands at the back of my head, and pulled me in. 

Lemme just say.. it was actually one of the best kisses I've ever had xDD It was a serious kiss too, with tongues and everything. But it wasn't sloppy or untidy; just soft and gentle. It went on for probably too long while there were 3 guys watching us, but I remember feeling so utterly smitten after it, and had the biggest crush on G for like, 3 years after xD

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Mine was at the age of four, in one of those play facilities with the interconnected tubes. Apparently I wanted some privacy.

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2 hours ago, Chanel_no5 said:

 ETA: I can't believe I just wasted my 5555th post talking about THAT experience!!  :rolleyes:   

I apologize for creating this post on that note xD. Although on another note, I don't regret it because of the responses so far, I love reading about all of your stories, embarrassing or not. :lol:

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1 minute ago, MysteryGirl said:

I apologize for creating this post on that note xD. Although on another note, I don't regret it because of the responses so far, I love reading about all of your stories, embarrassing or not. :lol:

Nah, I just got too eager to share the misery. :lol: 

No, that's unfair. I wasn't miserable, it was just not right for me. I know this is something every adult tell young people and every young person think is bull, but there is no hurry! There is truth to the saying "you always think the first love is the last, and the last love is the first".

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This thread is kind of cute! Fun idea. 

I was 19 when I got my first kiss -- spring of freshman year of college, and I had just gone on a first date with a girl I had met at an open mic night. We got Indian food and then held hands when we walked back to campus. 

Her dorm room was right across the landing from mine (same floor but different wing), and we hugged awkwardly on the landing before parting ways. I was halfway back to my room when I went "you know what, fuck it" and marched back to her room. 

I knocked on her door, and she was very confused to see me haha. But I came in and explained that I had really wanted to kiss her but didn't want to overstep, and her eyes got all soft and she stepped towards me...and the rest is history ;) 

very sweet and warm-fuzzy, and I tried an on-again-off-again thing with her for most of undergrad, but it didn't work out. 

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My first kiss took place circa 12:30 AM today.  I was at a band party :naughty: and it was very crowded.  A sophomore girl I'd met at band camp ended up bringing me over to talk to this junior guy, whom I'd found attractive since I saw him at frosh orientation.  We were talking for a good twenty minutes, about music education and college and life, but because it was so loud, we had to talk into the other's ear.  My forearms were resting on top of his.  Eventually I realized that he seemed interested, and I told him that I'd never had my first kiss, and he seemed surprised.  Then he leaned in, I closed my eyes, and it was pretty awesome.  It lasted around 20 seconds.  My first kiss was making out and I loved it.  I was always worried that it'd feel icky, but it was so much fun and we must've made out another six times at least.  One of those times he was playing with my hair and it felt so good. x) <3

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I was 19, and like Winged it was the second semester of my freshman year of college. There was this guy I had met after a theatre performance some months back. His name was Beau. We ran into each other again in the cafe and started hanging out. The second time we did, we just chilled in his dorm and I watched him smoke pot and blow it out the open window. We listened to some Yann Tiersen, talked for a bit, then he suggested we go out for food. There was a 24-hour place that did breakfast just down the street from the college. We had chips and queso and I got pancakes. He paid. Later, as we sat in the car, he checked his phone and asked if I would mind swinging by his dealer's place so he could get more pot. I laughed and told him no, then he laughed too and leaned over and kissed me. He put a Bjork CD on in my car and we drove around and listened to it for a while before heading back to his dorm. We kissed a lot after that, too.

To this day I'm kinda torn about whether or not I'm glad this was my first kiss. It wasn't great exactly, and this guy was far from the right dude, but it also just sorta helped me get over that "omg my first kiss!!!!" anxiety and turned kissing into no big deal...or at least, not this huge monstrous deal I always thought it was.

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Oh, this topic is really cute haha!

I got my first kiss pretty late. I was quite adamant during my youth that I was going to save kissing for someone special, and didn't meet that person until I was 20 years old. 

I met the boyfriend online and we met in person at an anime convention. By that time, we'd been talking for months and determined that we really liked one another. We even did matching cosplay of these two characters. It was expected that we were going to date -- my entire friend group was waiting for him to ask me out. I remember fretting in my hotel room with my friends on and off, worrying he didn't like me, and my friends were just like "No, no he's going to ask!"

Well, we were supposed to do this big panel in front of a crowd of people at the anime convention. It was actually a "celebrity roast" of one of my best friends. (It's a long story for another time LOL). Me and my to-be boyfriend were both on the panel as roasters. He asked me out literally right before the panel went on, and I said yes, I wanted to be his girlfriend :blushsmiley:. So we'd been dating for like, 1 hour basically by the time the panel was going on and when it was time for my best friend (the one being roasted) to do his rebuttal and roast everyone else, we had run out of time. My friend had this whole speech prepared to roast everyone else, but didn't have time to say it. So impulsively, he screamed into the mic, "SCATTER KISS YOUR BOYFRIEND."

So then I was sitting there, red as a tomato, while literally a crowd of like 300 people in an audience watched and cheered and clapped, egging us on to kiss. Boyfriend tried to go in for one, but I turned my head so he caught my cheek, then hid my face in my hands. I didn't want to kiss him on the lips for the first time -- and have my first kiss ever -- in front of so many people. We kissed later in the hotel room -- he was terrible, I thought the kiss was gross and like skatergirl, gave up on kissing until I realized he and I were both just bad at it LOL -- but the leading up to it part was more memorable :razz:

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Looks like I'm not the only one who had their first kiss at 19 lol. I posted it here a long time ago but my first kiss was almost "on topic" - I had an online boyfriend who came to visit me at uni for the first time, and I didn't have a car yet so we were taking the train back to campus from the airport. While we were waiting he sneezed, and since he knew I had the fetish I was awks about it but I did think it was cute, then he said "I'm sorry for sneezing" and I was like "wow cute" and we almost kissed but then we got shy and didn't. Later that night we kissed though, and tbh it wasn't super exciting, it was just a thing that happened. Unfortunately we broke up on bad terms so I'm not too fond of him anymore, but I'll still remember my first kiss with him anyways.

My first gay kiss was totally different though - I kissed my current girlfriend two and a half years ago on New Years at midnight. I always thought she was cute and knew her for a while, and we were also kind of tipsy so the kiss really did feel magical, it was just a simple kiss on the lips that lasted a second or two, but it was the best ever. I just remember being so happy in that moment, though it probably also helped that we were waiting all day for the moment and we had been drinking a bit and just the excitement of the moment, etc. Obviously first kisses are the kind of thing that vary from person to person, just like anything to do with romance and relationships - some people don't even remember them at all, haha.

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My first kiss was when I was 15. It was barely even a peck and it turned me off immediately. I won't go into it but the person I kissed was not the right person and he essentially forced me into it. I don't really count that as my first kiss now because a few weeks ago I kissed my best friend and that was good compared to the other. She enjoyed it, too. 

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My first kiss was with my first boyfriend and we were watching tv and I just went for it let's just say bat gotta good unintentional lip biting game and I'm neck person  :naughty::naughty::naughty:

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My first kiss was at my 14th birthday party, from my boyfriend Chad. I'd had a crush on him all through middle school and finally he became my boyfriend in 8th grade. But the first kiss was in my basement, in front of ALL of my friends. And I think I actually still have a picture of it, as one of my dear friends took my camera and got a shot of us. 😋

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My first kiss was during a warm day in may 2012, with my first girlfriend. I was the pure age of 18 summers old. 

I had just given her a bouquet of red roses, which somewhat stunned her for some reason, so I grabbed her by the waist and sank my lips into hers. 

Needless to say, the relationship slowly fell apart and ended much like the movie Requiem for a dream, in total chaos. 

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Haha my first kiss was like The most unromantic thing ever. There was this one guy that i was in love wih for about two years And we started dating. First month it was all like „we wont kiss on lips we can hug And held hands nothing else” 

He was my first Real love And i’ve always wanted him to be my first kiss. I was waitng And waiting And one day we were coming back from school And we were on The bus. I gave him a present And i kissed him on a cheek And suddenly he turned And kissed me on lips. An I was about to cry he thought he did something Wrong or that he bite me but i was so sad that my first kiss was on The bus. Now i think it’s kinda funny And it’s a Nice Story to tell hahaha (sorry for mistakes but i dont have english keyboard)

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Without going into detail it was a looooong time ago and sadly the clash of teeth still goes through me!

Unless she is reading this in which case it was as if angels were dancing on my lips.

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