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oh look, paws is on the hunt for HBC content again

I was going to just throw this in Looking For, but I was hoping to sort of incite a discussion by asking about this, I guess. Recently this play from 1915 has been brought to my attention from ye olde Tarot of Sneezing's Movies and TV list, in which it's stated that:

This is an old play (circa 1900?)by the extraordinarily named Arthur Wing Pinero. It's often revived in stage productions and features a great scene where the rebellious heroine o/d's on snuff and sneezes uncontrollably. (and loudly which "ladies" just didn't do in those days !).I saw a version of a stage production on tv a few years back which featured (I think) Helena Bonham Carter as the snuff snorter par excellance and it was great

Seeing as this was on a televised broadcast, I adamantly refuse to believe that it's been lost to the sands of time, despite what the rest of the Internet is making me think. From what I can understand, this production starred Sarah Brightman in addition to HBC, and it was produced in either 1992 1993 -- perhaps filmed the same year as well.

This truly does feel like a cry of desperation, but if anyone has supplementary info it would be most appreciated!!

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Interesting!  It would indeed be great if someone could locate this production so that we could all see Helena Bonham Carter's acted sneezes!

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On 7/23/2017 at 1:05 AM, Paws said:

(and loudly which "ladies" just didn't do in those days !).

This sounds like a potentially great plotline for a fic. A lady living in the early 1900s who has uncontrollable, loud sneezes who struggles with holding them back to be lady-like.

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I think in the version you're referring to it was Sarah Brightman as the character Rose, although Helena Bonham-Carter was also in the cast. Rose's stage directions include "Rose gives way to a paroxysm of sneezing" and she is led away "helplessly".

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Yes, I think that's the one! From what I can tell by the limited production photos, it seems to be a match.

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Decided to revisit this topic, as one does when they're knee deep in having few other obligations -- and lo and behold, I found what I believe is a truncated version of the show that was performed as an audio drama for BBC Saturday Night Theatre! Two decent fakes in there, and plenty of buildup beforehand. ^_^

There appears to be an audiobook reading currently online as well, though I know much less about that at this point. I'll keep you posted if there are any interesting further developments!

(~37:15 if that stamp doesn't work.)

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Thanks for finding and posting this. As you say, not bad fakes compared to many.

I was amused by "young ladies do not sneeze quite so continuously", which of course is nonsense in certain cases, for example people with uncontrollable rapid fire sneezes.



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