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Does every sneeze turn you on?


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Okay so i'm sure this has already been a topic multiple times on here but i'm to lazy to try and find one of um so i'm starting another thread for it. :thumbs_up:

So for me I really only find certain sneezes "attractive". And even then, I think a better word for it would be "cute". I think certain sneezes are really cute and they just make my heart flutter when I witness them. But, just a "perfect sneeze" from some random person won't give me butterflies unless I actually find that person attractive. Like for example, I actually really like multiple softer sneezes instead of really loud ones. Might just be because my mom and dad both have very loud, explosive sneezes and so it's probably just hardwired into me to not like those kinds. But anyway, I tend to like more "feminine" sneezes cause I just find them adorable coming from a usually strong male. But if I hear my "perfect sneeze" from a female, it doesn't do anything for me, cause i'm just not attracted to females. 

I think people forget sometimes that people with "weird fetishes" don't find their specific fetish attractive on everybody. Like for example if you have a foot fetish (at least this is what I would think?), you probably aren't turned on by every random foot you happen to see. You probably have a certain type that you like more whether it's small, big, clean, dirty I don't know whatever but you probably don't get turned on by every foot. It's the same with sneezes. I really don't wanna tell anyone I know about my fetish because if I did I think they would be scared of sneezing in front of me because that might turn me on or something. But honestly, it probably won't. Especially if your family or female, then their's a 0% chance I find you sexually attractive even if I would otherwise like your sneeze. But people usually don't understand that, which is really annoying to me at least.

Also, even if I was attracted to you but I didn't particularly like your sneeze, I mean ya that's not necessarily great, but I probably won't find you any less attractive for it. In fact, if I really like you, then whatever your sneeze sounds like i'll probably enjoy it. ;) 

I'm really curious what the rest of you guys think about this. I only discovered I actually have a fetish for this about a year ago (but i've always been weird about sneezing, even as a little kid), so I haven't actually "lived with it" for that long. So let me know your struggles and we can rant to each other. :D Do you have a certain sneeze-type you like? Does every sneeze actually turn you on? What about sneezing do you like? (For me, I like the loss of control aspect of it, even if it's only for a second.) And does this kind of stuff bother you as well? (Am I totally wrong/overreacting about everything? Probably.)     


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 I only find some sneezes attractive, some are neutral, and some actually turn me off and Gross me out a little! 

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