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My Sweet Slayer (Buffy Sick Fic)


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Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I don't own any of these characters!

The Slayer comes down with a nasty cold, and a clueless Spike does his best to take care of her. Hilarity ensues. Lots of Buffy/Spike romance. <3 

*This is my first fanfic! I hope you enjoy, feel free to leave comments below*

"HIH-tschew!" Buffy jolted awake. What the... "heh-hih-HEEEshooo!" Her hands instinctively flew to her face, catching the spray from her sneeze. 

"Catching a cold, are we, luv?" Spike stirred awake next to her, leaning up on one elbow, his eyes studying her. The concern in his voice was poorly masked in his playful tone.

Buffy sniffled. "No, I must be allergic to nosy vamps. I feel fine." In fact, she did not feel fine. She had the strange sensation of feeling more tired than when she had gone to sleep.  

"Oh, bugger off," Spike chortled. His arms tightened around Buffy, but she turned away sharply. "heh-TSCHOOO!" 

"Bless you, pet." The blond vampire planted a kiss on Buffy's upturned nose. 

"Thaggks." Buffy cringed at the congestion in her voice. She sniffled hastily. Maybe he hadn't noticed.

Of course Spike had noticed, but decided not to press her further, not wanting to annoy her. "What's on the agenda for today?" 

"After I drop Dawnie off at school, I'm swinging by the Magic Box to meet Giles, and after that I have a couple of job interviews." Sniffle

Spike's gaze followed Buffy's hand as she rubbed her nose, still sniffling. 

"Tissue?" Spike reached for the box on the bedside table.

"Yes pl--HAATCHOO!" Spike clucked sympathetically as Buffy blew her nose. 
"I'm not sick. It must be allergies," Buffy defended herself.

"Course not, luv. Slayers don't catch cold," Spike teased. 

"Is Buffy sick?" Dawn poked her head in the doorway. Buffy's face flushed immediately, so Spike came to her rescue.

"No, half-bit. She's just a touch allergic is all," he said with a wink. "Go on and get ready for school, your big sis will be up to drive you in a flash." 

Satisfied, Dawn darted down the stairs, and Buffy dragged herself out of bed and into the bathroom to shower. Spike listened to her coughing, growing more concerned. It had been a while since he was a human and susceptible to illness, but he knew Buffy better than he knew anyone, and not once had she complained of allergies before today. 

"You know, pet, we could spend the day together if you wanted. Take it easy today, just us. Hmmm?" 

Buffy saw right through him. "I'b perfectly healthy, Spike," she sighed, but her breath hitched and she coughed, a rattling, congested sound.

"I don't like the sound of that. Will you please get some rest today?" 

Buffy just rolled her eyes and stomped downstairs, pointedly ignoring Spike's request.

"Silly bint," Spike muttered. However aggravating Buffy's denial was to him, he resolved to check up on her throughout the day, for his own sanity. He'd start by giving her friends a heads-up.

"What do you want, bloodsucker?" Xander's usual aggressive tone filled Spike's ear.

"Play gentle with my Slayer today," Spike snarled, "She's coming down with something and I don't want her catching her death of pneumonia." 

"Buff's a big girl, Spike, she can take care of herself."

"Or else I will rip you to pieces, chip or no chip." 


TBC!! Let me know what you think:) 


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Yay Spuffy! Love how cute Buffy is trying to say it's allergies and Spike being all caring and concerned. I can't wait to see it get worse as the day goes on. I bet she won't be able to deny it very long!

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Oh, I'm such a sucker for Spike and Buffy! Can't wait for more!

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Buffy sick fic! Yay! My favorite fandoms are all decidedly, uh, not new, so I hardly ever get the treat of new stories, and here I've gotten Harry Potter *and* Buffy in the same month. Can't wait for more.

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5 hours ago, spirkestielgirl87 said:

Yay Spuffy! Love how cute Buffy is trying to say it's allergies and Spike being all caring and concerned. I can't wait to see it get worse as the day goes on. I bet she won't be able to deny it very long!

I bet she won't either ;);) We shall see!! I'm so glad you like it so far <3 

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3 hours ago, SneezyHolmes said:

Oh, I'm such a sucker for Spike and Buffy! Can't wait for more!

Me too!! Thanks for reading<3 I'll be adding Part 2 tomorrow when I get home from work!! :D 

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2 hours ago, prisma said:

yay!! I love buffy!! Thank you for this. I am anxiously awaiting more!

Thank you!! I'm so excited for you to read the next part tomorrow:) 

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1 hour ago, elizachoo said:

Buffy sick fic! Yay! My favorite fandoms are all decidedly, uh, not new, so I hardly ever get the treat of new stories, and here I've gotten Harry Potter *and* Buffy in the same month. Can't wait for more.

I feel you!! We deserve new content too ;) 

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24 minutes ago, sickprincess said:

Me too!! Thanks for reading<3 I'll be adding Part 2 tomorrow when I get home from work!! :D 

I can't wait! :D 

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Hello hello!! As promised, here is the latest chapter <3 I'm going on a business trip and I'm not sure how much time I'll have to write, but I'm going to do my best to post updates during my layovers! 

Buffy shivered slightly as the cold morning air hit her skin. She frowned, trying to remember the last time she'd felt chilly on a September day in Sunnyvale. The town wasn't exactly known for its low temperatures. 

"Buffy! We're gonna be late!!" Dawn stomped her foot impatiently. 

"Yeah, hold on. I'll be out in a sec." Buffy ran up the stairs to her room and made a beeline for her closet. 

Spike was still in bed. "Bit nippy out, luv?" Buffy whipped around to glare at the chuckling vampire.

"Yes, maybe, okay? Shut up," she huffed. The sharp exhale caused a harsh cough to escape. She turned back to her closet and grabbed a light jacket, sniffling and swiping at her nose.

Spike rolled his eyes. "Slayer, you're being absurd. You're clearly ill. Would you just--" The sentence was cut short by Buffy's lips meeting his. Purring, he leaned into her--and she drew back. 

"See ya!" And with that, Buffy was gone. 


"ITSCHOOO!" Buffy announced her arrival at the Magic Box with a forceful sneeze. Anya looked at her with scrutiny.

"Are you sick?" the ex-demon demanded.

"Doh," Buffy retorted, and immediately cringed, sniffling to clear the congestion. "It's just allergies." 

"Really? Because--" Xander quickly interrupted Anya, not wanting Buffy to know that he'd spoken to Spike. 

"Yup, allergies, makes sense. Now that we're finished harassing Buffy, can we talk shop?" The whole gang looked surprised by Xander's outburst, but Giles continued anyways.

"Erm, yes, all right. Well this demon is particularly...."

Xander tuned Giles out, as he always did, and instead focused his attention on Buffy. Her eyes sagged slightly above dark circles, and her cute little nose was the color of Pepto-Bismol. She did look incredibly tired. Maybe Spike was right. Xander felt a familiar protectiveness overcome him. Poor, sick Buffy... how he wanted to hold her, stroke her hair, kiss her forehead...

He was pulled back to reality by a harsh hacking sound. Buffy coughed into her fist. 

"Buffy, are you quite all right?" Giles peered over at her, polishing his glasses. 

"Just pollen in my lungs," Buffy said, her voice hoarse. 

Willow chimed in, "Since when do you have allergies?" 

"Maybe since I came back from the dead?" Willow cringed, stung, but let it drop. 

Xander couldn't take it anymore. "Buff, you're not fooling anyone. Spike called this morning with his panties in a bunch because you're fighting a cold." 

Buffy opened her mouth to protest, but her nose betrayed her. "Hup-schuuu!" 

Willow clapped a hand to Buffy's forehead. "Buffy!" she scolded, "you're running a fever!"

"A cold? Those are contagious, right? Shouldn't she stay away from us?" Anya backed away warily.

"Honey, when our friends are sick we should express concern for them," Xander explained.

"Oh. Buffy, I hope it's not fatal." Anya's sincere, polite tone was too much for Buffy, and she began to laugh. The sharp exhale triggered a short coughing fit, causing Willow's maternal instincts to take over. 

"Buffy, I'm taking you home. Come on." 

Buffy considered arguing, but her head was pounding and her throat was on fire. "Fine. But call me if anything important happens, promise?" 


Spike awoke to the sound of footsteps on the stairs. 
"Come home for a bit of afternoon delight?" he purred. 

"No, uh, I'm here too!" Willow called out quickly, embarrassed. She hovered in the doorway while Buffy sat next to Spike on the bed. He noticed the tissue crumpled in her palm.

"Are you finally going to admit that you aren't well, pet?" Buffy's response was a wet sneeze. 

"She's got a fever and she needs to stay in bed," Willow ordered. "I have to go to class, but you can call me if she needs anything, okay?"

Spike scoffed. "I think the Big Bad can handle a Slayer with the sniffles." 

"I'll be home in a few hours. Feel better, Buffy! Get some rest!" 

Buffy batted her eyes. "You heard her, I'b supposed to stay in bed." 

Spike cupped her face in his hands and was immediately alarmed by the heat radiating from her cheeks. "How about a quick catnap, luv, and then we can have a bit of fun." 

Yawning, Buffy leaned into him sleepily. "All right."Her voice sounded strained and raspy; Spike felt his heart sink. 

Soon enough, Buffy's soft snores echoed in his ears. Spike breathed a sigh of relief and kissed her forehead. 

"Rest and get strong again, my sweet slayer," he murmured into her hair. 


To be continued!!!!


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Hello hello!! I'm back from my trip and I have a new chapter for you! 

Normally, Spike loved to watch Buffy sleep. She usually looked so peaceful, and he felt as though nothing could hurt her while she dreamed. Today, she was too pale, her breathing shallow, and beads of sweat formed on her angelic face while she tossed and turned. Spike felt completely powerless—he was unable to fight and destroy this illness for his love. 
“Spike?” Buffy’s eyelids fluttered, and Spike was by her side in an instant.
“I’m here, luv.” Brushing the hair from her damp forehead, Spike was alarmed. “Your temp’s up. That can’t be good.”
Buffy shivered. “I don’t feel good.” 
Spike thought his heart would actually break. “I know, kitten. How can I help?” 
Pouting, Buffy looked up at him. “Hold me?” 
She sighed contentedly as Spike wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. However, his cool skin worsened her chills. 
“You’re shaking!” 
Buffy nodded. “I need medicine for the fever.” 
Spike jumped out of bed and ran to the medicine cabinet. He’d expected one bottle, probably labelled “medicine”—the magic cure for Buffy’s illness. Instead, he found 20 bottles of different shapes, sizes, and colors, with names he wasn’t sure were even English.
“Bloody hell,” he whispered, scratching his head.
“Are you trying to poison me?” Buffy croaked when Spike re-entered the room, his arms full of medicine bottles.
“I didn’t know which one you needed.” Spike sounded apologetic, almost childlike, and Buffy felt affection for him bubble up in her stomach. 
“The big red and white bottle.” Spike poured two pills into his palm and offered them to Buffy. 
She winced as she swallowed; her throat felt raw and swollen.
“What hurts, pet?” 
Buffy shook her head. “Not—heh-hi-HETSCHUU! Aaackshoo!” 
“Bless you, my love.” 
Buffy sniffled. “Do you still love be even though I’b gross?” 
Spike chuckled and ruffled Buffy’s hair. “Of course I do, you silly bint. Now get some rest, please? For me?” 
Grabbing Spike’s cool hand in her too-warm one, Buffy smiled. “Ondly if you cuddle with be.” 
Spike responded by wrapping the blankets tightly around her and pulling her into his lap. 
“Sleep now, sweetheart.” 
That's all for now!! Stay tuned to see if Buffy feels worse later... and to see if anyone else gets sick with her cold! ;) 
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The sickness spreads... Here's the next part for y'all! Enjoy!! ;) 

Spike gazed lovingly at the sleeping girl in his arms. Touching her forehead gently, he could tell her fever had broken. She was snoring congestedly, but at least she was resting peacefully. 
Suddenly, he had the strangest feeling, as though a bee had flown up his nose. “HUUUGGHH-TSCHOOOO!” 
Buffy moaned and opened her eyes.
“Spike?” *sniffle, cough* “Was that you?” 
Spike opened his mouth to answer, but was taken by surprise once more. “acckkkTSCHEEEWW!” 
Buffy giggled. “I’ve dever seend a vambpire sdneeze before!” 
Groaning, Spike rubbed his nose. His head was pounding, his nose ached, and his throat felt like it had caught fire. 
“I’b calling Red. I thidnk I’b been hexed.” The vampire sniffled. 
“What’s wrong? What happened?” Buffy sat up in bed, panic settling into her stomach.
“By head hurts, by nose is blocked, and by throat is sore,” Spike whined. 
Buffy stifled a giggle. “Babe, I think you bight have a cold.” 
Spike scowled. “I’b already dead, how cad I be sick?” He coughed harshly into his fist. “Ow.” 
“Aww, did the Big Bad catch a little cold?” Buffy teased, kissing his cheek. 
“Dno, I bost—huuhh—certaindly—heehhh—HISHOOO! Aaahh—ITKSCHOO!” Spike sniffled helplessly. 
“Bless you!” Buffy kissed his cheek. “You’re warmb. Do you have a fever?” 
“Doh. I’b fide.” He felt as though he was sitting in a snowbank; a shiver gave him away. 
“Cobe here.” Buffy wrapped her arms around him tightly. Her warm skin comforted him; he sighed and snuggled in next to her. 
“But I’b supposed to take care of you,” he protested. 
Buffy smiled and kissed his forehead. “We cad take care of eachother.” 
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Buffy stirred awake to a strange sound—a rhythmic thudding sound over her head. A glance out the window told her that it was raining, which was a rarity in Sunnydale. The sound of raindrops on the roof was punctuated by Spike’s snoring. 
She looked lovingly at the sleeping vampire. Beads of sweat formed on his flushed face, and he tossed fitfully in the bed. 
“No. Buffy! Nooo!” Spike muttered in his sleep. 
“Shhh, I’m here.” Buffy rubbed his back gently to wake him. He bolted upright, coughing. 
“Sorry, luv. I bust have dozed off.” Spike sniffled and rubbed his eyes, then remembered Buffy’s illness. “How are you feelindg?” 
“Fi—hehtsshhh! Heh-heh-HIHKTSCHH!” Buffy sniffed wetly. “I’b find, why do you ask?” 
“Because I love you, stupid bindt.” He grinned playfully at her, and, taking her in his arms, pinned her to the bed. “Ready for some fund, pet?” 
Buffy took a breath to answer, but something caught in her throat and she began to cough. 
“All right there?” Spike’s brow furrowed in concern as Buffy held up a finger and continued to cough into her fist. Panic gripped his chest as Buffy’s face turned red. “Erm, cand I get you sobethig? Water?” She nodded, still coughing. 
Spike sprinted to the bathroom as though a demon were at his heels. When he returned, clutching a glass of water, Buffy’s coughing fit had subsided, but she was struggling to catch her breath, and her eyes were watering. 
“Thandk you,” she breathed, gulping down the water. 
Spike rubbed her back, watching her with concern. The glass trembled in her hand; she was shaking. 
“Are you chilly, pet?” Buffy nodded. “Cobe here.” Spike draped the blanket around her shoulders and pulled her close. 
“HEEIISSHH!” She sneezed suddenly, spraying Spike’s bare chest. “Uugghh, I’b sorry.”
Spike chuckled. “That was a big sdeeze for such a little thing. Bless you.” He leaned in to kiss her, but she pulled away, coughing. Spike felt his stomach form anxious knots as he listened to her deep, productive coughs. Her whole body shook with the effort, and for a moment he saw a frail little girl instead of the powerful woman he was used to. 
“Buffy…” Buffy cringed at the concern in his voice. Still coughing uncontrollably, she held up a hand to motion him away. Finally, she caught her breath, but her chest felt tight and her throat raw. 
“Should I—huh-hhnnxxtt!—call a doctor?” Spike asked, attempting to stifle a sneeze. Buffy shook her head, her eyes stinging with hot tears. She felt so pathetic and frustrated and helpless, and now on top of everything, she was crying about it? She hated herself.
“Shhh, hey dow, ’s all right. I’b here.” He pulled her into his lap and she collapsed into his arms. 
“I hate being sick,” Buffy sniffled, her lip trembling. 
“I—heehhh—kdow you—hehhh, huh—huuutSHOO! Aaahhktchooo! Heh—hehhhhshhh! Ugh, sorry, I—ahhh—ktttsshhh! I cad’t—hutchooo! Stop sdeezing.” Spike sniffled miserably. Buffy began to cry harder. 
“Ad you’re sick and I wadt to take care of you ad I dod’t wadt you to worry about be,” she wailed. 
“Oh hush. I’b fide, it’s dot like I cad die again,” Spike chortled. “I’b worried about you, ad you cad help be feel better by resting ad getting healthy.” He kissed the top of her head. “Cad I get you adythig?” 
“Just hold be.” She buried her head in his chest.
“Forever, love.” Spike stroked her hair, listening to her breathing as she dozed off. “Forever.” 
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