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Best to worst nose blowing material


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Rank these items best to worst in terms of practicality, convenience, feel (roughness), and personal choice

1 Fancy tissues (eg puffs/Kleenex with lotion/aloe)

2 Everyday brand name tissues

3 Home brand tissues

4 Mens size handkerchiefs

5 Ladies size handkerchiefs

6 Kid size handkerchiefs

7 Bandanas

8 Brand name toilet paper

9 Generic toilet paper

10 Public bathroom style toilet paper

11 Paper napkins

12 Kitchen towel

13 Public bathroom/gym paper towels

14 Pocket square

15 Shirtsleeves

16Towels/face towels

17 Cleaning rags

Anything else you think of

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For me, the best is everday brand tissues.  I tend to have a reaction to something in the fancy ones (the lotion or something).   The worst on that list is probably the restroom paper towels as they are very harsh.

Im not a fan of bandanas or handkerchiefs.  They are soft, but tend to get snotted up pretty quickly.

I have never used a cleaning rag, and im not sure what a pocket square is.

The worst I have used not on that list was looseleaf paper.  I had gotten very desperate at school a few times.

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For me, from best to worst would have to be:

Best: Puffs tissues.  If I have a cold (like I do now), I prefer Puffs tissues.  I usually alternate between the Puffs Basic and Puffs Ultra Soft tissues.  For some reason, the Puffs Plus is a bit too oily for me, but in a pinch, I will use them.  I also like the Kleenex Ultra Soft tissues too.  I tend to produce a lot of snot when I blow my nose, especially in the morning (with a cold or not), so I need something that is going to hold all of it.

Worst: I would have to say those brown paper towels at work or the white paper towels in my kitchen.  I have used handkerchiefs before (which I do have videos of), but I am not a fan of it.

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I like thick men's sized handkerchiefs or normal tissues best for me. Sometimes the extra soft tissues are really nice, but I've reacted to some before so am wary. The handkerchief is good because it is soft, and convenient in the sense that I don't have to replace it as quickly. Tissues are good because I don't have to carry them around wet if I use them in public.

I've used towels a few times, only when I'd used them to catch sneezing fits, which was usually under specific circumstances (pool, bath, etc) when I didn't have a better option. Soft and durable of course, but only if needed. Would never be my first choice haha.

Paper towels, paper napkins, and toilet paper all feel too rough on my nose, especially the ones from public places.

Shirtsleeve...I've never blown my nose into my shirt sleeve, and I hope I never do.

I've used a blanket before, but only once and only because I really needed to. Felt gross doing it.

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okay every thing * and under oh sweet legend of Zelda never!

I mean I hate having to use paper towels or public one I've never used a sleeves a a handkerchief/tissue. But I have used a blanket before my friend dared me to becuase it was truth or dare spin the bottle, and since my nose was jammed He said "I dare you to blow your nose into the blanket" I died! it was gross it wasn't even mine! never again man it's just....N.O NO!

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The best would have to be mens size handkerchiefs especially the ones i have which are all between 18 and 22 inches in size and are very soft on my nose. Next would have to be branded tissues such as the kleenex balsam ones but mansize again.

Im not a great fan of home brand tissues as they are too small for my nose and i end up blowing a hole in them.

Worst would have to be paper towels and loo roll and also paper napkins as they are too sore on my nose.

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