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Abigail stood at the stove, heating up some chicken noodle soup.  After three days listening to the man she'd come to care for sneeze and cough his lungs out, she'd had enough and had set up housekeeping at his house.  When she heard a door open down the hall, she got a bit concerned and looked over.  "Shane?"  She turned the burner off as the soup was steaming and went to investigate.  She sighed slightly and put her hands on her hips when she saw the man standing up in the hallway leaning against the wall heavily.  His normally dark tanned skin was pale and clammy looking, with dark circles under his eyes and a dark pink colouring his cheeks and nose.  He stood there shivering like  a leaf on a tree despite the sweat pants and hoodie he wore along with thick winter socks.  He was fumbling with the thermostat and Abigail shook her head, going over.  "Shane, hun, you're gonna roast me out if you turn that up much more."  She gently laid her hands over his, shocked at how warm his skin felt.  "You're burning up." 

Shane sniffed wetly, clearly congested, and coughed hard.  " 'S cuh-cold...Abby..."  He sniffed again, rubbing at his nose. 

"No, it's almost 80 degrees in here and you're sicker than a dog.  You need to go back to bed; I'll bring you some soup."  Abigail stood there watching Shane, but he didn't move.  His glassy eyes took on a far away look and his slightly rattly breath got shaky.  "Did you hear me?  Shane?"

Shane shook his head a bit.  "Haf tuh...sn-eh-sneeze..."  His nostrils flared and his head tilted back a little for a few torturous moments before he snapped forward almost bumping into Abigail.  HUH'XSHIEW!  EHG'CHIEEW!  He sniffed wetly and staggered a bit.

Abigail sighed softly.  "Feel better?"

Shane sniffed again and shook his head.  "N-no..." he sniffed again, rubbing at his nose.  "Nehd tuh...sneeze...agah-heh-again..."  He managed to bring his arm up to cover the sneeze this time with his hoodie sleeve.  HUH'XSHEW!  EH'CHTIEW!  He coughed and staggered away from the wall to the side, hitting the other wall. 

"You okay?"  Abigail laid a hand on his forehead, pursing her lips.  "Shane..."  Just like that, the man crumpled to a heap on the floor.  Abigail's eyes widened and she knelt down, shaking his arm.  "Shane?!  Shane wake up!"  She looked around for...she had no idea.  She sighed, shaking her head knowing she had to somehow get this man up and back into bed at the other end of the hall.  Physics were working against her though, as he was considerably heavier than she was not from fat but just because he was taller and more muscular.  She tried picking him up outright a few ways, which didn't work at all.  "Oh good grief how hard can this be..." she mumbled.  Shane wasn't responding to being jostled around, which was worrying.  Abigail grunted and tried waking him up again though she doubted that would work, and it didn't.  Defeated, the woman slumped onto the floor against the wall and sighed, shaking her head.  "If this were me you'd just pick me up..." she mumbled to the passed out man beside her.  With a look of determination, she stood back up and grabbed him by his arms under the armpits and proceeded to drag him down the hall towards the bedroom.  It wasn't what she would call easy, and likely looked as far from dignified as possible but who cared when there was no one else watching? 

Once Abigail got Shane into the bedroom finally, the real test began.  She knew she couldn't leave him laying on the floor, not with how sick he was and how high his fever was already.  Picking him up had proven to be a bust, but maybe now with the bed itself as leverage...She crouched down and looped one of his arms over her shoulders, standing up slowly and draping him partway onto the bed with a strained grunt.  Holding him in place, she reached down and brought his legs up as well and nearly fell on top of him on the bed afterward.  She stood up and looked at him laying on the bed.  Success at last, but she didn't feel accomplished since he was still passed out with a raging fever.  She went to the bathroom and wet a cold rag, draping it over his forehead and sitting on the side of the bed next to him.  She sighed as she stroked his warm cheek.  "Wait until you hear all about this when you wake up," she whispered.

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What a lovely story! Can't wait to see where it goes! :)

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6 hours ago, Leafeon78 said:

Such a good start on this.


2 hours ago, Tippy said:

This is lovely! And so adorable! Thank you for sharing!


2 hours ago, SneezyHolmes said:

What a lovely story! Can't wait to see where it goes! :)

Thank you all so much!  I hadn't actually intended on continuing this but I will now since that seems to be the consensus. 

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