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The Dead Forest (LOTR/Legolas)


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I've had this head-cannon for a while, and decided to turn it into a various parted Fanfic. This first part will be mostly introduction to the headcannon but I promise more will come :)


Title: The Dead Forest 

Fandom: Lord Of The Rings

Characters: Legolas (Victim), Gimli, Aragorn

Pairing: unkown (let me know if you want one)

Summary: The three get themselves in a terrible spot, but the only way to get out of it, is to go through the Dark Forest. 




In the Elven community, there is a legend about a dark forest. Millions of years ago, Sauron had tried to eradicate the elvish kind by creating a kind of weed that would suffocate any living thing it touched. He spread it through the forest and it began to invade every tree in it’s wake. Now Elves live and make their towns by making peace with the forest and sculpting the tree to form their lives. The weeds corrupted the trees and drew the elves from their homes. In terror, they attacked the weeds, even taking down some trees to try to stop the spread. It was of no use. It continued to spread, and the only thing the elves could do was leave. They ran from their forest and made sure to isolate that forest, so that any neighboring community would not be hurt. They had to set fire to the surroundings. Heart broken and homeless, the elves went their separate ways and made new communities in different lands. This forest became known as The Dead Forest. All of the trees and other Flora became sickly and wilted, but never died. The weed had possessed them and taken all color from the flora. The elves past down the story to keep people away from that evil place. It still inspires fear into all. The elves could never let that happen again. With their connection to plants and animals, the amount of damage would be overwhelming to say the least. The Dead Forest is a poison. No elf would dare step foot in that place, and it has been abandoned for millions of years.



Part 1:


Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn knew that they had someone on their tale. They had quickly packed from their previous hideaway and started moving south. Legolas had warned them while on watch and they didn’t argue. Legolas had told Aragorn that he saw Orcs coming this way. They were unprepared for any sort of battle and decided to avoid it at all costs, much to Gimli’s disappointment. They got on their horses and have been riding for half of the day out in a desert like location. Something wasn’t siting right with Legolas and he assumed it was the orcs far behind them. 

“Up ahead!” Aragorn yelled behind him, drawing Legolas attention. HIs heart sank. He saw the dark, and sickly looking forest and a memory of his mother telling him of the legend popped up. He gasped and slowed. Aragorn turned around, “what’s wrong?” 


Gimli looked around from behind him, “Why are we stopping? Have you decided to kill the disgusting orcs!” He went to grab his Axe, but Legolas put a hand on his arm to stop him, “then what?” 


“Th..” he stopped himself. He looked behind them, as Elf eyes could see past anything, he could see the Orc army. He weighed his options and looked back at the forest. He knew no one dared go into it. It even scared the halls of the dead. He knew it was the safest place for Aragorn and Gimli. That settled it, “Nothing, we must hurry.” Legolas trotted on and close to the forest. 


Aragorn had given him a strange look and continued behind him. Legolas knew that the forest would not kill him or his friends, but this stories of how it would torture, haunted him. As the drew nearer, Legolas could hear faint screams from when the elves ran. The range of emotion that went through his body, took him off guard, and he let out a sob. It was only a quick gasp before he felt Gimli hold on tighter and look around, “What’s happened?!”


 Legolas quickly took a few breathes before wiping his eyes and trying to calm himself, “Your Axe is loose.” He quickly said, making an excuse that the axe was hurting him. Gimli quickly apologized before moving it further back. “Thank you.” Legolas closed his eyes for a moment and tried to block out the screams. He could hear how the trees weeped for being left behind. He felt abandonment and terror. He felt sick to his stomach as the breeze from the forest entered his nostrils. It smelt of decay and destruction. Of course, Neither Gimli or Aragorn felt these things. Legolas started to feel nauseous and knew he would regret this. They were not even in the forest and he was feeling this way. He knew he needed to keep this to himself, less the others want to turn back. 


“Legolas, How dense is this forest? Can we get through it?” Aragorn caught up and looked to him. 


Legolas quickly pulled himself together and looked through it. “It will be at least a four day ride if we were to never stop and run into no obstacles. Every bone in his body was screaming for him to turn around and run away. Like all of his ancestors were pulling at him and screaming for him to run. He wanted to cry and scream, but held it all in for his friends. He needed to remember his friends were in danger. 


“Will this draw us back too far? how far do we wander from our path?” 


Legolas was glad Aragorn was asking him questions. His voice seemed to keep the voices and feeling down, “It mirrors our path, hopefully only a couple hours out of our way.” Legolas turned away from Aragorn and put a hand to his mouth.  He pretended like he was looking back for the Orcs and looking at their original path. Instead he stifled two sneezes, silently, into the back of hand. Fortunately, neither Gimli or Aragorn seemed to notice. 


“Alright, we should head in before the Orcs reach the clearing.” Legolas nodded and followed him in. 



(I know it's short, but I wanted to introduce the idea first! part 2 will be longer! promise!) 



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Omg yes!  This makes me so nostalgic for 2001-2006 or so, when LOTR fic (and specifically, Legolas-centric or Three Hunters-centric fic) was practically all I read, all the time. 

Fic headcanon about the Dark Forest accepted. I am so looking forward to what you do with this!

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Oh, and I ship Legolas/Gimli mainly, but I'm equally fond of gen fic with just extremely strong bonds of brotherhood. ?

I also don't turn my nose up at Legolas/Aragorn, but I don't truly buy it unless it's set prior to the main canon story. Still fun though.  And tarotgal has written some really amusing stuff where Aragorn and Gimli "share" Legolas, lol. ?

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@hotsneeze : I did! Thank you so much :) i'm glad you enjoyed it! 

@Lady K  : YAY!! I love making people re-live fandoms they haven't seen in awhile :) I'm re-reading the hobbit and got some really cool posters about it, so i thought it would be appropriate to write some fics :) I am SOOOO glad you accept my head-cannon :yay: I decided to go with your ship (Leggy/Gimli is grooowing on mee!) and added some past Leggy/Aragon :wubsmiley: I have read most of Taratogal's stuff and I FREAKIN' LOVE IT! such an inspiration :inlove: I hope you enjoy part 2! many more parts to come!! 



Part 2: 


Once Legolas’s horse entered the forest, he felt a surge of energy that hit him. It was like getting punched and he fell off his horse. He felt the floor hit his head and things began to swim. He had the winded kicked out of him and he gasped. He coughed a bit, and stayed down. He faintly heard Aragorn shout, and Gimli grunting as he tried to stop the horse. He closed his eyes for a moment, but soon felt A hand on his arm. He opened his eyes too see Aragorn, mouthing something. It took a while to understand. He was saying his name.


“Legolas! Legolas!” He could see worry in his eyes. He saw how Legolas was flung from the horse and had immediately dismounted his to run to him. Thinking Legolas was hurt, he put a hand to his face and tried to get Legolas to look at him. 


“I’m alright.” He coughed a bit before sitting up. “I’m sorry.”


“You have nothing to be sorry for.” Aragorn pushed his hair back, “Something hit you? Like a force, but I could not see what.” 


Legolas smiled and begun to rise to his feet, “worry not, the forest will not harm you” He put a hand on Aragorn’s shoulder to relax him, “It was a shield around the forest. Old magic, it had me off guard.” Legolas was relieved when Aragorn bought the story. Something in the way Aragorn looked at him, made him think he didn’t quite buy it, but trusted Legolas to tell him if this was dangerous. 


Gimli was holding the horses frantically trying to get them to stay still, “Ay! Someone help rein these beasts!” Aragorn laughed and ran to help him. Legolas slowly walked over, trying to blink away the slight dizziness of hitting his head. The screams had already given him a headache. 


A leaf fell from a branch and brushed past his nose, “hih…Hih’Mmmpt.” He stifled into the back of his hand and sighed gratefully when the two others were too busy restraining the horses to notice. 


Legolas reached them and took the reins from Gimli, “Are you alright, Laddie?” Gimli put a hand on his head, searching for bumps. 


“yes.” Legolas took the hand off his head and kissed it. Gimli seemed to like that answer and nodded. They all got back on their horses and continued their track. 


“we should settle down for the night, soon.” Aragorn said, “It is about to set, and I want to make sure you have not been injured, properly.” Aragorn looked worriedly at Legolas. 


“I have been through much worse.” Legolas knew Aragorn knew something. He feared that Aragorn had heard the story and knew exactly what Legolas was feeling without feeling it, himself.


“Aye, but it is getting late.” Gimli gave him a little squeeze.


Legolas nodded and shrugged, “There is a streamed not too far ahead, that might be the best place to stop.” He sniffed  and put a hand to his mouth as he turned away. Aragorn was to busy looking for the stream to notice. 


Legolas stifled a few more sneezes, as Aragorn went up ahead, “Nxxxt… hih..nxxt..hiih..hih’mmpt.” Gimli was jostled slightly and held on tighter. 


Gimli thought maybe he had hurt Legolas again, and begun to check his weapons, “Legolas, What is the matter?” He lovingly rubbed his sides, “Do you see something? Are you cold?” 


“it is nothing, Melleth nín.” (my love) Truth be told, he felt very hot. He rubbed at his forehead and felt it was wet. He sighed and rubbed at his temples. 


Unfortunately, Gimli heard that, “Something is the matter.” he poked at his side and rubbed at his thigh. “tell me.” 


Legolas didn’t want to let on what the forest was doing to him, but did not want to lie, either, “It is simply a pain in my head.” 


“from the fall?” Gimli’s voice sounded worried and he moved the hair from the spot that hit the floor. 


“nay, I had felt this headache since before.” Not too long before, but Gimli didn’t need to know that. 


“ah,-“ Gimli put the hair back, “Then maybe some hot tea and a little kip will do you some good.” Legolas hummed and noticed Aragorn had stopped. He heard the running water and immediately felt sick to his stomach. 


“We shall stay here for the night.” Aragorn tied up their horse and helped Gimli down. Legolas stayed up for a moment looking at the water. He could tell from here that it was safe for Gimli and Aragorn to drink, but something about it made his feel worse. He slowly dismounted and begun to set up camp. “Legolas.” His looked up, “Do you think the water is safe?” 


He nodded his head and went back to looking for Fire-wood. Gimli followed him a little deeper into the woods and watched him idly. Gimli already had an armful of wood, while Legolas had nothing. He was afraid to touch anything. “Do you think that is enough firewood for the night.” Gimli seemed to notice his change in demeanor and said nothing about it. 


“aye, it should be.” Legolas sighed with relief and they walked back. “Is there something on your mind.” 


“No,” He put a hand on Gimli’s head and moved it through his hair, “I am just weary.” 


Gimli tried to hide his worry. Elves did not need to sleep, only short time of rest while in their dream state. Only when they were ill or weak did they really sleep. They reached the site quickly and Gimli began the fire. Aragorn had begun to put water in a pot for tea. Legolas felt uneasy and looked away. He went groom his horse and used their cover to wipe his brow and sneeze. He felt the need while out picking up firewood with Gimli, but held it back. He looked over to see both of them at work and tucked his head into his elbow, “hih..Itsh…híih..HI’iSh-ISh..” he took out his handkerchief and blew his nose a bit, “Hi’isch.” Feeling satisfied, he put it away and rejoined the group. 


Gimli was idling his pipe, which thankfully wasn’t lit, and looked at the water. He saw Legolas coming and quickly put away the pipewood. He knew it made Legolas sneeze and didn’t want to bother him. “Legolas, come.” He was leaning against the tree, sitting on it’s roots. Legolas was actually kind of relieved that his pip wood was near. If he happened to need to sneeze, he could blame it on his friends’ smoking habits. 


Legolas slowly sat in-between Gimli’s legs and leaned back. He was grateful, and begun to play his his beard. Gimli leaned down for a quick kiss. Aragorn rolled his eyes and continued with the tea. It was rather draft in the forest and he could see Aragorn shiver slightly. Legolas’s nose itched and he scrunched it up, “you smell of pipewood.” 


Gimli put his arms around him and hugged him, “i didn’t light it.” He looked slightly taken aback. He didn’t think it would bother him, just by being close. It didn’t. Legolas felt a bit guilty, but he couldn’t tell them what really bothered him, not yet. “I am sorry, does it bother you too greatly.” 


“Never.” He closed his eyes and listened to Gimli’s heartbeat. Truth be told, He never really minded the smell of pipewood, nor the sneezes that ensued. Gimli seemed to enjoy his sneezes a little, not used to an elf acting weak or vulnerable. He seemed to find little pleasure in it, and Legolas did not mind one bit. Aragorn was the same way, and they had used it in several occasions, many years ago. “Hih’mmpt.” He stifled into the back of his hand, as Gimli rubbed his back, “hih’mmpt’sh…hih…” 


“let it out, Laddie.” Gimli chuckled.

“Hih’tsch.’ He bent forward a bit with each sneeze. he leaned back with a sigh. 

“Galu.” Aragorn said from the fire.


“blessings.” Gimli played with his hair.


“Thank you.” Legolas leaned into the touch. 


Gimli felt that the hair was a tad damp, and looked over at Aragorn. He raised an eyebrow and Aragorn returned it. Gimli didn’t want Legolas to know that they were talking about him, both having noticed a change in his demeanor, so Gimli pointed at his hair, then the water. Legolas’s eyes were closed so he could not see their interaction. Aragorn but a hand to his own forehead, then fanned himself. Gimli continued to pet him, trying to subtly check behind his ear. He stroked his ear, which made Legolas purr and shiver slightly. He looked up at Gimli who smiled back at him. He put a finger behind his ear and frowned. It was warm. 


“What?” Legolas raised an eyebrow.


“nothing. Would you like some tea?”


 Legolas tried not to jump up, and slowly sat up, “no, thank you.” He stood up and begun to walk more into the forest. 


Gimli looked slightly hurt at the missing body warmth. He grunted and took some tea for himself. Aragorn looked at Gimli and raised an eyebrow, “aye.” 


Aragorn furrowed his brow and ran after Legolas. He was pretty sure this forest rang a bell and he needed to know what was going on. 


“Legolas!” Aragorn finally caught up to him and grabbed his arm, “Legolas.” 


“Aragorn, I’m sorry, I was unaware you wished to join me.” Legolas smiled and took his arm. 


“I know I know this forest from something I was told as a child.” Legolas tried not to show his shock and disappointment in his face. “you are not telling me something.” 


“There is nothing to tell.” Legolas continued to wander through the forest, careful to not touch any trees.


“I know you better than anyone, Mellon nín.” (my friend) Aragorn put his arm around his middle, “You are not yourself. I have never seen you walk through a forest and not touch the trees. Listen to their stories and gossip.” He put a hand under his shirt slightly and Legolas jumped at the cold. “You are too warm to the touch.” He spun him around to face him. 


“Im Maer” (I’m Fine.) Legolas pleaded.


“le Caeleb!” (you’re sick) Aragorn frowned and grabbed both of his arms. 


Legolas sighed, “This place..” Aragorn let go and Legolas closed his eyes and wiped his forehead with his sleeve. He sighed, “you know of it. It is The Dead Forest.” 


“Man?” (what?) Aragorn looked terrified and pulled Legolas away from the trees and into a hug, “Goheno Nin” (forgive me)


“Ú-moe edaved” (There is nothing to forgive.) Legolas pulled back from the hug, “this was the safest place for both of you. Please do not tell Gimli.” 


“he already knows something is not right with you.” Aragorn held him by the waist, afraid he might topple over. 


“Yes, but-“ he turned away to cough. Aragorn grabbed him tightly and rubbed his back. They were not harsh coughs, but they sounded tickly and frustrating. “-Im Maer.” He stood back up, “Please, mellon nín. Not until we are unable to turn around.” 


Aragorn sighed and let go, “Alright, but let us make camp and take it down. You need to rest.” 


Legolas shook his head, “he will know..”


“He already does. We will say you are fevered, for now. Say the fall has injured your head.” Legolas nodded. He was dizzy. So maybe it wasn’t too far from the truth. 


Legolas took out his handkerchief and turned away from Aragorn, taking a few steps, “Hi’TSCH…hih..Hih’ITSCH-TSCH.” He blew his nose and coughed slightly, “ITSCh-itsch-isch-isch-ish.” He blew again and put his handkerchief away. Aragorn tried not to coo had how adorable his sneezes were. They were so small and quiet, but forceful. Nothing like Aragorn’s sneezes. 


“galu.” Aragorn put an arm around his waist, “We should get back.” Legolas nodded his thanks, and they made their way back. 

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Part 3: 


As they made their way towards the clearing, Legolas could see Gimli pacing about. He stopped in his tracks and watched him. Guilt was climbing in his chest, along with increasing congestion and tightness. He leaned against the tree and continued to watch. Aragorn had stopped to watch Legolas. At first he thought maybe he was winded and would topple over, but seeing the look in Legolas’ eye, he knew it was Gimli. 


“He is pacing..” He rubbed at his nose, “I did not mean to alarm him.” His ears were twitching madly and Aragorn knew he would sneeze soon. Legolas made no movement, and wondered if he even knew he needed to sneeze. 


Aragorn raised an eyebrow, “It is not your fault that you are ill.” 


Legolas sighed. His face contorted into a sneezy expression before he launched forward, barely getting his hands up, “HETSCH!” Aragorn was surprised at how loud and forceful it was. That was not normal. 


He rubbed his back and frowned, “Galu. Are you alright?” 


The sneeze had bent Legolas at the waist and he took a moment to regain himself before standing back up, “Yes, sorry.” He coughed lightly into his hand, “I was not prepared.” The sneeze had erased the tickle from his nose, and for that he was grateful. He blinked away the tears that threatened to fall from the force. He put a hand on his chest and pressed, “we should get back. Gimli looks very unsettled and he might just axe a tree.” 


Just as they went through the clearing and into camp, they saw Gimli pick up his axe. At seeing them he dropped it and sighed, “Where have you two been!” 


Aragorn and Legolas looked confused for a moment before Legolas gasped. He looked sympathetic, “My apologies.” he looked at Aragorn then to Gimli, “The forest has a way of confusing you, making you lost to time.” He rubbed his forehead, “we had been gone for much longer than it appeared.” 


Aragorn could see the forest was taking its tole, and fast. Every part of him screamed to get Legolas out of there. HE wasn’t sure Legolas would even make the journey out. He noticed him sway and quickly put a hand around his waist and kissed his check, “not your fault.” He remembered his promise to leave Gimli out of this. 


Gimli grunted and went to pour tea, “Don’t do that again! Running off like that! Thought to orcs had gotten to ya!” He motioned to his axe again before sitting back down, having lost his nervous energy. 


“To which you would have bravely rescued us.” Legolas smiled and made Gimli blush and mumble something under his breathe; Something about a cheeky elf and half hearted threats. Legolas heard and smiled to Aragorn. On the other hand, Aragorn did NOT want to know. 


“You should rest.” He rubbed his back and looked into his eyes. Legolas nodded thankfully and walked over to his pack. Aragorn followed him with his eyes, to make sure he was alright. He remembered how Legolas coughed during their walk and made a mental note to check on that in the morning. His elf needed tea, but he knew he couldn’t use the river water. He took out a new pot, and poured water from his pouch. They had plenty of water from before they entered. 


Legolas walked over to Gimli and sat next to him, “I am sorry for worrying you.” 


“I was not worried.” He began to mess with his beard to hide his lie, “You are fevered, you should not be wondering about.” 


Legolas put a hand on Gimli’s, “you are right.” He rubbed his hand with his thumb, “I am not at my best.” 


Gimli finally looked over at Legolas and frowned. He took the elf’s face in his hands, to which Legolas brought a hand up to place on top of Gimli’s. Legolas smiled and leaned into the touch. Gimli furrowed his brow and moved one hand behind Legolas’s ear. 


The dwarf closed his eyes and sighed, “Lay down, Laddie.” Legolas felt heavy, so he did not argue. He laid his head on Gimli’s lap and closed his eyes. Gimli looked at Aragorn, not caring if Legolas heard, “You know he’s sick.” Aragorn nodded, “How did I not notice until now..” he mumbled to himself. Legolas, of course, heard and wanted to say something, but he didn’t have the energy. “How long?” Gimli yelled to Aragorn, making Legolas wince. His ears hurt with the sudden loudness. 


“Not long….It was sudden.” Aragorn poured some tea, the one specifically for Legolas, and walked over, “you missed nothing.” Aragorn knelt down and gently put a hand on his forehead, “Mellon nín… Iesten, Meth îdh lîn.” (my friend… Please, end your rest). 


Legolas opened his eyes and slowly sat up. Gimli put a hand on his side to help steady him. His head was pounding and the trees were speaking to each other. He could not make out what they said, for it was not entirely elvish. It was a distorted version that sounded dark and gloomy. It made him sad and alone. He would have cried if it not for the hand on his side and Aragorn’s hand on his face. He knew he was not alone. He took a breathe and looked over at Gimli, who pulled him closer. 


“Tea.” Legolas looked weary, “Estellio Enni.” (trust in me) Gimli looked rather annoyed with not understanding what they were saying, but kept quiet since it seemed to give Legolas some comfort. 


“Estellion Allen.” (I believe in/trust you) Legolas took a sip and let the liquid sooth his throat. He glanced at Gimli and felt guilty again, “I am sorry… this is rude..” He coughed away from both of them, into his elbow. Aragorn was pleased that it didn’t sound much different, which meant not worse.

Gimli on the other hand had no idea Legolas had a cough. “Don’t worry about me.” He rubbed his back and took the tea from Legolas. “I told you we need some good old caves! It is this nature that is making him so ill!” Legolas tightened and looked at Aragorn. 


Aragorn smiled to raised an eyebrow, ‘You truly hate nature.” 


“Bah!” Gimli humphed, “Nature is too wild, you need good ol’ steady rocks!” He rubbed Legolas’s arms, “At least they keep the winds away and keep you warm!” he glared at all the trees, “and rocks do not tell gossip.” 


Legolas, feeling in better spirits, looked over, “ah, I find rocks gossip more.” He kept the back of his hand towards his mouth, but he smiled slightly, “you have just never learned to listen to them.” 


Gimli looked slightly scared but quickly shook it off, “too much green.” Legolas gave a little laugh, which made Aragorn laugh. He hadn’t heard Legolas laugh in a while and he forgot how wonderful it was. Legolas kissed Gimli’s cheek and held his arm, “What’d I do?” He looked from Aragorn and Legolas smiling faces. Aragorn simply went to pour Legolas more tea.


Legolas sighed and nuzzled into his chest and begun tracing patterns on his chest. Gimli chuckled a bit, as the touch tickled. He did not want to jostle him too much but Legolas batted away his hands, “I like your laugh.” He looked up and smiled. He could hard see Gimli’s face with all the hair and beard, but he had nice eyes and a joyous laugh. It rumbled through him and made you want to join in. 


Aragorn watched from the fire as the two cuddled and gazed. He missed the times were that was him and Legolas, in bed together in Rivendell. He shook his head of his thoughts and tried to think about Arwen. He loved her, but a part of him still loved Legolas. He suspected he always will, and he was happy with it. He loved that Gimli and Legolas had gotten together. His attention was pulled away from his thoughts when something fell. He unsheathed his sword as Gimli jumped up, wielding his axe. 


“it is simply a branch.” Legolas smothered a smile before leaning weakly against the tree. Aragorn sheathed his sword and brought him is tea. 


Gimli surveyed the area, just to be sure. ‘Nothing will sneak up on me!’ he thought as he swung his axe around at nothing. like a threat to anything hiding.


 Legolas chuckled behind his hand and took the tea from Aragorn. There was a quick breeze, that sent Gimli swinging again, and Legolas turning away from Aragorn to sneeze, “HitSCH..hih.ITsch…hiih..heh-esh-ISh.” HE sniffed and pressed his wrist to his nose. Aragorn pushed the hair back that fell out of place; He thought, ’His hair is never out of place..’ Legolas kept turned away and rubbed at his nose, “ITSssch…” he looked on the edge of another sneeze that wasn’t ready to come out. Aragorn watched as his ears twitched madly. He could hear the little faint intakes of breathe. He felt horrible that his friend was suffering. He reached and put a finger on the elf’s ear. He stroked to slightly and it seemed to calm down a bit. Sliding his finger down, then slowly rising to the tip. Legolas’s breathe caught and his nostrils flared. Aragorn smiled and pinched the tip, very lightly “EISH!-EISH!-IsH!-ish.” Legolas came back up with a sigh and looked at Aragorn, eyes showing his gratitude. 


Aragorn winked and gave him back his tea. Gimli had heard the sneezes and looked shocked from his spot a little further away. He was in no position to see what Aragorn had gone, but he heard every sneeze. Gimli had only heard a couple sneeze from when he would smoke before seeing Legolas. He did not know what to do with a very sneezy, and feverish elf. He slowly walked over, making sure to have Legolas know his every move, not like he could help it anyway, and went to sit next to him. 


“I am sorry that I am..” he gestured to himself, at a lose for words. Another thing that was not like Legolas, which worried both of them. 


“Don’t you dare apologize.” Gimli grabbed him and laid him down on his lap. “Go to sleep, we will keep watch.” 


Legolas wanted to protest but Aragorn spoke first, “Hodo vea, Elei Velui!” (rest well, sweet dreams.) His tone was soft but left no room for argument. Legolas begrudgingly closed his eyes and let himself fall to a deep sleep. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Part 4: 


Gimli and Legolas were fast asleep when Aragorn woke up. The first thing he did was look over at Legolas and try to distinguish his condition. He noticed that his ears were tinted pink, as was his nose,  and his breathing was even but sounded off, he couldn’t quite place it. He put a finger behind his ear and frowned as it had not changed since yesterday. He scooped Legolas up into his arms, the elf waking slightly to wrap his arms around his neck, and walked him back to lay on his mat. Aragorn didn’t want Gimli to wake up and notice Legolas’s ailments, and he wanted him closer to the fire. He quickly made a fire before starting breakfast. 


Gimli woke up to the smell of food. HE opened his eyes and noticed that Legolas was no longer on his lap. He looked around and saw him sitting by the fire. The fire obstructed his view, but could see that he looked unhappy. 


It was true, Legolas was unhappy. He woke up feeling very nauseous. It certainly wasn’t helping that Aragorn was cooking. He was trying to muster up the strength to stand, but feared that he would sway or empty his stomach. Taking a shallow breathe, he slowly made his way to stand behind Aragorn, while using his arm for support. He noticed Gimli was looking at him so he gave a small smile and wave. Gimli nodded back.


 “I shall be back, eat without me.” He patted Aragorn’s back.


“Where are you going?” Aragorn caught his wrist.


“Out for a stroll.” He turned so Gimli could not see him and put a hand on his stomach. Aragorn looked sympathetic and caressed his face.


“Come back soon, we need to get out of here as soon as possible.” Aragorn seemed even more eager to get out. 


Legolas nodded, but quickly put a hand to his cough to stifle some coughs. The smoke had blown towards them, making Legolas cough and his stomach to tighten. He turned away and begun to walk out of their site. He walked until he was out of their hearing range, but could still see him faintly enough to make sure he has not been taken or hurt. Aragorn watch him lean against the tree. In a normal forest, he would blend in so well that if you didn’t see him walk there, you would have completely missed him. In this black and dead forest, he stood out like a sore thumb. Aragorn find him easily and tried to distract Gimli with helping the preparations. 


“How is Legolas?” Gimli asked over breakfast. 


Aragorn looked over at where Legolas was and sighed, “He’s alright.” He lied. He was so worried about him, that he wanted to run over and pull him into his arms. 


Legolas walked a little further, holding his stomach. he coughed and tried to hold in the bile. he put a hand to a tree and listened to what it had to say. He tried to get past all the pain and suffering, and asked it for permission to throw up. Tears streaked down his face with the effort and all the pain made it more difficult to hold back. The tree, thankfully, opened up a hole in the ground, giving him permission. Legolas fell to his knees and held his stomach. 


Aragorn was watching and say him fall. He dropped his mat and sprinted over to him. Gimli was confused and stood up, “STAY HERE!” He yelled back. Gimli obliged. HE couldn’t see anything but grabbed his axe, ready to protect their things. 


Aragorn finally reached Legolas and dropped to his knees at his side, “What’s the matter?” Legolas tried to hold back but couldn’t anymore. He threw up into the hole and Aragorn winced. “Oh, Mellon nîn.” He held his hair and rubbed his back. “it’s ok.. let it out.” Legolas threw up again. He was shivering. Aragorn took off his coat and put it around him. It was rather warm out and he only had it on so he didn’t have to pack it. Legolas coughed wetly before throwing up for a third time. 


“Hen Na-oer” (This is gross/disgusting/nasty) Legolas coughed and shivered. 


Aragorn shushed him and let him lean against him, “It is going to be alright, Melui nîn.” (my lovely.) 


Legolas moved away, At first Aragorn thought he had upset him, but Legolas threw up. “I am not lovely…” He was sweating and he looked exhausted. 


“you are…” he rubbed his back, “You should go lay down and sleep.” 

“we must keep moving.” Legolas looked at him, “We are running out of time.” Aragorn looked scared, “no no, mellon nîn, Our quest. Im Maer.” (i’m fine.) He coughed into his fist and held his stomach. 


Aragorn raised an eyebrow, “You are far from fine, you can not ride like this.” 


Legolas closed his eyes and swayed, “we have no choice..I will only get worse…” Aragorn moved to steady him but he held up his hand to stop him. “i’m alright.. we must go relieve Gimli.. I can hear him swinging his axe at every fallen leaf..” He sounded exhausted. 


“You are right… but you shall ride with me. Gimli can figure out his own horse for a day.” he watched as Legolas coughed and shook, “You need to rest.” 


“Gimli will fall…” 


“So will you. Gimli is used to falling.” He stood up and went to pick up Legolas.


“I can walk.” He took Aragorn’s hand and slowly stood up, slightly bent at the waist. “my apologies…” he put a hand to his mouth and burped silently, “it won’t stop..” 


Aragorn wrapped arm around his waist, “I have you.” 


Legolas nodded slowly and they begun to journey back. Once they reached the camp site, Legolas’s legs felt like Jelly. Once they stopped walking, his knees buckled and he fell into Aragorn. He quickly caught him. 


Gimli dropped his axe and ran over, “What’s the matter?” He helped set him down, “Your brow is hotter than the fires of blacksmiths!” 


Aragorn was at a loss for words, he didn’t know what to say. Legolas leaned against Gimli, “I am sorry, Meleth nîn, terrible time to catch the flu.” 


Gimli furrowed his brow and held him close, “The flu! I knew we should have stayed in that town a bit longer! you need healers!” He pushed Legolas’s hair back and rubbed his stomach. Legolas moaned and snuggled further into him. 


“We shall send for healers once we are in the next town.” Aragorn nervously moved way to finish setting up the horses, “Gimli, do you think you can manage your own horse to today… Legolas is..” Aragorn couldn’t say it. He was so worried. He wanted to hack away every tree in this goddamn forest. 


“aye..” He rubbed Legolas back as he was overtaken by a coughing fit. The sounded wetter than they had earlier. Aragorn frowned and tried to find something to help. 


“we need to get moving..” Legolas said weakly. The throwing up and coughing left his threat dry, and raspy, “I am alright to travel.” He slowly got up from the floor and held on to a tree. Aragorn finished setting up the horses and went over to help Legolas. 


Aragorn got Gimli up on the horse, then helped Legolas. Legolas got up quickly but without his elvish grace. It looked more human and that scared Aragorn. he quickly got up and urged Legolas to lean on him. “lostanîn.” (you sleep) 


Legolas let his eyes fog over as he entered the dream world. His eyes remained open which freaked Gimli out a bit. Aragorn kissed the top of his head before riding, slowly forward. They were silent for the first couple of hours while Legolas was ‘asleep’. Neither one of them wanted to wake him. Aragorn knew his stomach was terrible upset and didn’t want him to wake and have the movements make him ill again. It was about to be mid-day when Legolas finally woke up. He seemed to be in better spirits. 


“Aragorn…” Legolas looked over at Gimli who had just gotten back up from falling off, “I think it is best if I join him.” Aragorn was about to argue, “My stomach has settled and he is going to get hurt soon.” 


Aragorn could see the worry in Legolas’s eyes and relented, “fine.. but If you feel sick, stop.” Legolas nodded and Aragorn stopped his horse. 


“Why are we stopping?” Gimli looked over and say Legolas was awake, “Aye, laddie. How do you feel?” 


“worried. He smirked, “I believe you have fallen seven times since we left camp?” While in dream state he is still aware of what is around him. 


“Dwarves are not made to ride such creatures!” He gestured to the horse and grunted. 


Legolas hopped down, some of his gracefulness returning, “yes, this is why we ride together.” 

“Legolas.. You should stay with Aragorn. I do not mind a bit of rolling practice.” he chuckled, not quite masking the worry in his eyes. 


“I feel better, and If i do not think I can take hearing you fall again.” He hopped up and in-front of Gimli. “I only ask you to not squeeze too tightly.” 


“Aye..” He rubbed his sides and kissed his shoulder, “then lets get on with it, the sooner we are off these things, the better.” 


Not long after they continued to ride, Legolas began to feel queasy. He wasn’t about to empty his stomach again, but he longed to stop and lay down. He sighed and rubbed his nose. It was beginning to tickle again. His eyes fluttered shut and he brought a hand to his face, “hih’ish..” he pressed his wrist roughly against his nose, “hin’tssch..hih-“ Gimli began to rub his back, “-hit’Sch.” his body relaxed and he sighed, “thank you.” 


“Do you want to stop.” Gimli held on and rubbed his side.


“i am alright.” he swallowed a bit and shivered, “We must continue.” He wrapped Aragorn’s coat more securely around his shoulders. Gimli put his hands on his back and massaged it slowly. Legolas sighed and relaxed a bit, “ohh… Melleth nîn.” Gimli smiled and continued the massage. 


Aragorn watched out of the corner of his eye and smiled. He remembered a time were they were in Rivendell and Legolas had caught fever. He had been sweating and fainted in his arms, not unlike he did back at their first campsite. He helped him into bed and gave him a massage. He remembered how Legolas moaned and relax under his fingers. He remembered ever soft spot and places that would make him moan louder. He would kiss his sore spots and nibble his ear. Aragorn could almost feel Legolas on his skin and didn’t notice the branch. It hit him in the face and he almost fell off his horse, “gah!”


Legolas look up and chuckled, “Are you alright?” 


Aragorn brushed it off and cleared his throat, “yes.” he blushed, “I was not paying attention to my surroundings.” 


“That is very unlike you…” Legolas looked worried. Aragorn could tell he was afraid that since Aragorn had an elvish background, that maybe the forest was affecting him too. 


“I was thinking. I am alright.” He made his horse come close the them, and squeezed Legolas’s hand. 


“you have leaves in your hair..” Gimli scoffed. Legolas chuckled and coughed. 


Aragorn ran a hand through his hair and looked embarrassed, “we can stop here for tonight..” He honestly wanted to get out as soon as possible but he wasn’t sure how much Legolas could take. 


“There is much time before we loose sunlight, we can-” He coughed, “-keep-“ he couldn’t talk between coughs anymore and Aragorn was afraid that he would throw up. 


Aragorn looked sympathetic and worried, “we are resting here.” He got off his horse and tied it to a tree, “you need rest.” He walked over to Legolas and helped him off the horse. Gimli followed suit and tied their horse to a low branch. 


Gimli turned to see Legolas leaning heavily on Aragorn’s chest. His face was hidden and Aragorn wrapped his arms around him. Aragorn looked at Gimli with worried eyes. Gimli’s heart sank as he began to put the packs up against a tree and went to look for firewood. Gimli was more worried than Jealous. Of Course we wished it were him, Legolas leaned against, but he knew he could not hold Legolas upright like that. He needed the support that Aragorn could give, and he was ok with that. As long as He was still GImli’s. 


As Gimli was off getting Firewood he heard Aragorn scream for him, “GIMLI!.” He dropped the wood and sprinted as fast as his little legs could hold him. He saw Aragorn laying Legolas Down on the ground, with his hands behind his ears and ear near his mouth. “he’s breathing, but he fainted.” 


“this is no damn flu!” Gimli got down and took off some of Legolas’s clothes, “he is too hot.” It was true, he had a raging fever and his hair was matted with sweat. 


Aragorn was terrified, he let some tears fall down his face as he put his head on Legolas’s chest, “Please wake up.” He moved his head to rest against Legolas’s forehead, whispering, “Ceven dhaer, anno vellas lín enin 'raw hen” (Healing prayer. Great earth, may you give your strength to this body). He rubbed his cheek. He was frustrated, scared, and more than anything, PISSED OFF. He stood up quickly and pulled out his sword. He angrily stuck it into the ground, “LEAVE HIM ALONE! HE HAS DONE NOTHING TO YOU!.”  He screaming into the forest and opened his arms, “YOU WANT TO BLAME SOMEONE! BLAME ME!” 


Gimli looked shock, “What are you talking about?!” 


“This damn forest!” He kicked the ground, “it is a tale of death and ruin form Elf lore. Legolas knew what it was before we ran in… I only found out once it was too late.” He put his head in his hands and tried not to sob. 


“Legolas is dying?” Gimli was so soft that Aragorn almost didn’t hear him. 


“I don’t know…” Aragorn wiped his face and turned back around. He looked down at his friend and noticed something strange about his arms, “Gimli, roll up his sleeves.” 


Gimli did as he was told and sighed, “oh, laddie.” His arms were coved in splotches, almost rash-like. Gimli began take more of his clothes off, until he was just in his leggings. The splotches were all over his body, but lessoned at his neck. Gimli ran a hand over them, “it is just discoloration. There are no welts, bumps, nothing. It is far too warm.” 


Legolas could hear people talking above him, but he couldn’t understand it. He knew they were his friends but he couldn’t distinguish their words from the trees. He did notice the difference in the trees speech. They sounded almost guilty. They seemed to be apologizing to him. Legolas tried to focus on his friend’s voices. He felt Gimli’s fingers on his torso, it felt so good on his itchy skin. He secretly wished he’d scratch. Next he heard what sounded like Aragorn; he was suppressing gasps. At first he thought Aragorn was hurt, but then noticed he was crying. He felt something wet on his chest. 


Legolas tried to open his eyes, but it took too much effort. He settled for moving his fingers slightly. Gimli popped up, “He’s moving.” 


Legolas wanted to speak but he was so tired and weak, “huh..” A small gasp escaped his lips and he felt a hand on his cheek. He slowly moved his head into the touch. He noticed the ground felt a little different. IT felt softer. 


“Aragorn… What’s that.” Gimli was pointed to a dandelion next to Legolas.


“A Dandelion? But nothing grows here.” Aragorn watched as Legolas’s hand moved towards it and his finger stroked the stem. 


Legolas focused on flower and tried to gain strength to open his eyes. He felt heat on his face, as the sunlight came through the trees. Aragorn looked around, confused. Legolas moved his arm, palm faced down, and moved it over the ground. Grass began to grow around him and he felt slightly better. Aragorn smiled and laughed a bit. Gimli looked Terrified, but felt reassured with Aragorn’s laughter.


“Legolas… Are you…?” Aragorn looked down to see Blue eyes staring back at him. 


“The trees…They felt your pain.” Legolas whispered, eyes still cloudy. Gimli got a bit of water and urged Legolas to drink. He did and smiled. 


“You gave us a good scare.” Gimli sniffed and placed a hand on his head. 


“It was not my intention.” He could feel his strength coming back to him. The pounding in his head began to lesson when the trees became quieter. “The trees have stopped talking.” He smiled at Aragorn, “I think you shamed them.” 


“Good.” Aragorn smiled. Legolas was back, “If you ever pull a stunt like that again..” 


“I would do it again.”  Legolas took his hand, “I am sorry, but your lives were in danger.” 


“And now your life is on the line.” Gimli scolded him. Legolas looked guilty and Gimli kissed him, “I love you, you stupid Elf.” 


“I love you too.” Legolas stroked his cheek and beard lovingly. “I did not wish to deceive you.” 


“hush. You need to rest.” Gimli smiled.


Aragorn looked away and looked at the sudden little patches of green, “how did this happen?” 


Legolas looked up and Gimli straightened, “Legolas did it.” Legolas looked confused at the Dwarf, and Aragorn raised an eyebrow. “you said it yourself, Elves taught Trees to speak a long time ago, is it so strange that you also taught them to re-grow?”


“the weed… It was too strong to let anything grow.” Legolas furrowed his brow. 


“Back then maybe. You are the strongest Elf I’ve ever seen.” Gimli smiled, “There is not much you can’t do.”  Aragorn smiled, even though Gimli had probably not seem any elves before Legolas, he had a point. Aragorn nodded; now he had seen a lot of elves. 


Legolas eyes widened and he sat up, despite Gimli and Aragorn’s attempts to lay him back down, “I did nothing?” 


“Apparently not.” Aragorn positioned himself behind Legolas so he could lean into him, “You created enough live flora to heal yourself slightly.” Aragorn checked behind his ear, “your fever has lessened greatly.” 


“I do not think I could repeat the process.” A breeze came through the trees and Legolas cupped his hands in front of his face “KKSSHH…Kiiishh.” 


 Aragorn rubbed his stomach and kissed the back of his head, “Galu.” 


“Gaylo.” Gimli tried. Legolas giggled slightly and Gimli flushed, “That tongue is difficult.” 


“yes,” Legolas nodded, “but you are sweet to try. “He kissed his forehead, only worsening Gimli’s blush. Legolas sighed and closed his eyes, “Must I move?” 


“no.” Aragorn tightened his hold, “sleep.” Legolas nuzzled into him lovingly and fell asleep, enjoying the sun and new grass. 

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  • 3 weeks later...


Part 5: 


Aragorn ran his fingers through Legolas’s hair and waited for him to wake up again. He felt Legolas stir several hours later. 


Legolas’s ears twitched and he sneezed into Aragorn’s chest, “kitsch.”  Aragorn chuckled and kissed his head. Legolas had no quite woken up yet and had no idea what he did. Aragorn only tightened his hold and stared at him. He missed this. He missed the days that it was Him and Legolas. He wish he could go back to those carefree days with their adventures and lazy days in bed. 


“He still asleep?” Gimli asked and Aragorn snapped up, startled. 


“Y-yes.. “ He looked back down, slightly ashamed, “I think he will wake soon.” 


Gimli was stoking the fire and making breakfast for them, “do you think he’ll eat?” 


“Not… hungry..” Legolas mumbled into Aragorn’s shirt. 


“you need to eat something, Melui nîn.” (my sweet) Aragorn rubbed his thumb against Legolas’s cheek. 


“I can not.” Legolas put an arm around his stomach.


“Stomach hurts?” Aragorn furrowed his brow.


Legolas sat up and put a hand to his mouth he gaged a bit before jumping up and running through the forest. He ran to a tree a little ways away, and vomited again. Aragorn had run after him and held his hair back. 


“aw, Melleth nîn.” Aragorn let it slip out, hoping Legolas didn’t notice.


“Can we get out of here?” Legolas whined and tried to hold back tears. 


“A fast as we can.” Aragorn wrapped an arm around his waist as they came back to camp. 


“I do not think I am strong enough to ride a horse…I need…” Legolas couldn’t finish it. He felt guilty being so needy and even more guilty about how he was treating Gimli. Gimli couldn’t help him and Legolas felt like a bad partner. 


“do not worry for Gimli, he understands.” Aragorn felt his heart drop.


“I… hiih…” Legolas put his hands to his face, “HIIH’KSch…KITSCHh’u.” 




They finally made it back to camp and saw that Gimli had already put everything on the horses, “whatcha waiting for! We gotta get a move on.” Legolas moved towards the horses, “Love, I think it’s best you ride with Aragorn.” Gimli smiled, “you need the support.” 


Legolas knew he was right, but his chest tightened no the less. Legolas started to cough. The coughs were wet sounding and Legolas had to lean against a tree to keep from falling. 


“Cough it up.” Aragorn put a hand behind his back and started to pat it harshly, “You have to spit it out.” Legolas coughed harshly and bent over. Not long after, he spit it out and Aragorn’s eyes widened. It was black?  


“what in Erebor is that?!” Gimli yelled in horror.


“I have not the slightest.” Aragorn rubbed Legoals’s back, “It’s something about this place.. but I’ve never heard of this.” 


“We can ask… Elrond..” Legolas struggled to regain composure, “when we leave here.” 


“alright,” Aragorn sighed, “on the horse, come on.” Aragorn helped Legolas up then jumped behind him. Gimli quickly mounted his horse and they rode off. For the first half of the day they rode as fast as they could, but the horses needed a break. They continued at a trot. 


“The horses tire, Mellon nîn.” Legolas ran a hand down Aragorn’s chest, “They need rest.” 


“you need out of this forest.” Aragorn tightened the arm around Legolas.


“We will not get out any faster if the horses collapse.” Legolas had his cheek against his chest and looked up at him with shining blue eyes. 


Aragorn sighed, “You are right…” 


“hmm.” Legolas kissed his neck, “Do not worry, I will survive the trip.” 


Aragorn tried not to moan at the touch. Oh how he missed Legolas’s touch. 


“Remember when you came to Mirkwood while I had fever?” 




“You were worried then, as you are now. You are a great healer. I am in no better hands.” Legolas nuzzled closer and listened to his heartbeat.


“That was under different circumstances.” 


“yes, I was yours then.” Legolas smiled ruefully and closed his eyes. In truth, When Aragorn had left Legolas for Arwen he was crushed. Aragorn was his first love and he would always love him. He loved Gimli, but it still hurt having Aragorn take care of him, knowing he was for another. 


Before Aragorn could respond, Legolas fell into a coughing fit. It was wet and harsh and he leaned forwards, out of Aragorn’s grasp. Gimli, who was trying very hard to stay on his horse, so far without incident, piped up. “What’s happened?!” Aragorn stopped the horse, and Gimli followed. Legolas waved them all off. “You are not fine, love. You are as pale as a ghost!” 


Once Legolas regained his breathe, “I simply meant there is not reason to stop the horses.” HIs voice was raspy and if they weren’t looking at him, they would’ve thought someone else had spoken. 


“You don’t sound good.” Gimli took his hand and frowned, “you are ice.” He put his other hand on top and rubbed. “You need to rest. We are stopping here for tonight.” 


Aragorn was slightly taken aback at Gimli’s orders, but agreed. “Right, I’ll start a fire. Rest with Gimli.” Aragorn jumped off the horse and avoided looking at Gimli. Something told him Gimli was mad at him for hogging Legolas. 


Legolas slid off the horse and the horse moved his head so Legolas could use it as support. Gimli walked over and took his hand, placing it on to his opposite shoulder, “I won’t let you fall.” 


Legolas smiled a bit, eyes showing gratitude. They walked by where Aragorn had begun the fire and laid Legolas down. Gimli sat down by his head and Legolas pull him closer to use his lap as a pillow. Gimli smiled and ran his fingers through his hair. Legolas sighed as it felt nice to have his hair played with, but he really wanted Gimli to stroke his ears. He didn’t want to say it, and missed how Aragorn usually knew exactly what he wanted. Legolas opened his eyes and watched Aragorn make the fire. Memories of their nights in bed or their morning walks flooded his mind. Tender kisses and feathery touched out under the moonlight. Passionate sex that lasted a life time. Words spoken between them without opening their mouths. Legolas missed how Aragorn’s strong arms held him tightly, in the rare occasions he had fallen ill. He missed the caress of Aragorn’s finger as it stroked the tips of his ears. The nuzzles that made Legolas giddy and the playful bites at each other. He missed hearing Aragorn’s carefully sculpted elvish as he seduced Legolas. HE missed hearing his own tongue. 


Think of Sindarîn and his home. He begun to think about Mirkwood. He left it. He left Tauriel to deal with the spiders. He left the guard to fend for themselves. He left his father alone. Oh Valar, he left his father. His father, uncertain if he would ever see his son again. Legolas felt the sting of tears in his eyes. His father could think he was dead. He had sent no word to his father throughout the trip. He could be worried. He could be sick. He would never know.


“Legolas? Man Prestad?” (what troubles you?) Aragorn had knelt in front of them and had a hand to Legolas’s cheek. 


Legolas was startled out of his thoughts, “Man?” (What?) After blinking a few times, he noticed his face was wet. The memories had prompted him to cry. “I’m Maer.” (i’m fine) He wipe the tears away and remember he was laying on GImil, “Forgive me….” he was searching for an excuse, “I…I was listening to the trees.” 


Gimli looked around suspiciously and continued to stroke his hair, “what are the beasts talking about now.” 


Legolas closed his eyes and listened. His ears started to ring slightly and he winced, “They do not want us here.” 


“is that so? Well then why don’t they send us out? Can’t this damn forest just magic us out!” Gimli waved around angrily. 


Legolas looked confused and Aragorn followed suit. Legolas turned to face him, looking him over, “I did not think this forest could harm a dwarf?” 


“Argh!” gimli waved away the worry, “you said this forest can mess with time. Why can’t it just get us out quicker.” 


Legolas furrowed his brow then groaned. His head felt foggy. He leaned back down and closed his eyes. Theoretically, Gimli made sense, but right now Legolas’s head hurt too much to care. 


“That’s not how it works..” Aragorn rubbed Legolas’s side, “Anything we can do?” 


Legolas felt calmer with the familiar hand, but also felt sadness creep back up, “no.” He felt his nose tickle and he pressed his nose to Gimli’s leg to will it away. Gimli saw his ears twitch and pulled out a handkerchief. He took the handkerchief and held it to his face. He curled into himself, careful to avoid Gimli, “hih”Mmnph..HIh”Imph.” He sniffed and rubbed his nose. He laid back down on Gimli lap and sighed. He really missed laying with Aragorn on a nice bed. He just wanted someone to make him feel better. 


“Galu.” Aragorn tried not shiver. He was slightly miffed about how Gimli pushed the handkerchief on him. He knew it was irrational, not all people had the fetish and didn’t care if he was sneezed on. He tried to shake off the thought, but seeing Legolas so down and sick made him want to hold him and make him feel better.. NO… he couldn’t… He wasn’t his anymore. 

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Part 6: 

The sun was setting and Aragorn was putting a blanket around Legolas, who had fallen asleep. Gimli was watching Aragorn with a fixed fascination. He noticed the twitched in his eyebrows and the wetness to his eyes. Gimli knew Aragorn was upset. He couldn't help notice the gentle touch and the smile that threatened to appear on his face as he stroked Legolas's ear. Gimli didn't saw anything and smiled as he watched Aragorn take care of Legolas. He knew deep down that Aragorn and Legolas were meant for each other. Gimli loved Legolas, sure, but he had been thinking for a while now, that they were better friends. He had a feeling Legolas felt the same way. They had even talked about it before. They both choose to stay in the relationship because they felt like they needed the affection and attention. They were each other's rebound, and they were ok with it. 

Gimli finally stood up, letting Legolas's head rest on a pack, and walked to the fire, where Aragorn was now making Dinner. "Why did you choose Arwen?" 

Aragorn almost dropped the pan but quickly caught it before it could make any noise, "What?" 

"you heard me." Gimli sat down, "You obviously love Legolas, but you chose Arwen... why?" 

"I.." Aragorn was trying to think of something to say. He felt horrible that Legolas's current boyfriend knew, and he also felt horrible that he couldn't come up with an answer. He touched the stone on his chest and sighed, "I honestly don't know. I love them both." He felt an ache in his chest, Arwen had been so sudden. He felt like magic had entered his life when she fell in love with him. 

Gimli huffed, "I don't care that you love Legolas." He looked over at the sleeping elf, "I love him, but more as a friend than lover." He sighed and looked at Aragorn who now had wide eyes, "he feels the same as I. We only held the relationship title to stop strange looks." 

"you two... are just having sex for fun?" Aragorn raised an eyebrow, "No romantic attraction." 

"who said anything about sex." Gimli almost yelled, "no... none of that." 

Aragorn winced in sympathy, "Sorry, I didn't mean to pry.."

"bah.." Gimli flushed, "we both needed attention.. someone to hold at night, that is all." 

Something clicked in Aragorn's head and his shoulders sagged, "I thought..." he closed his eyes and sighed, "I'm an ass." 

"Don't beat yourself up. Legolas is fine... In that matter." Gimli looked down into the fire.  

Aragorn couldn't speak. He just poked the fire, finished dinner, and went to bed. Gimli took this as a sign that he did not want to talk anymore. leaving him to his thoughts he went to sit by Legolas and fall asleep. 


Aragorn gasped in his sleep and he could see Arwen. She was on a horse. He realized by the army of elves and flags that she was heading to the boat. She looked at him and gave a sad smile, "I'm sorry." 

"It is alright my love, you deserve to be with them." Arwen could see Aragorn and smiled at his words.

"I will always love you." arwen whispered as she smiled through wet eyes.

"and I will always love you." Aragorn's projection walked up to her and kissed her hand, "I wish you well, for all eternity." 

"and I wish you luck on your journey." she caressed his face, "I know your heart. It is great. You will find someone who will have earned your heart." She watched as he looked down, ashamed, "You already have." He looked up quickly to retort, "I'm glad." She smiled, and he was taken aback, "You deserve happiness, my love." 

"as do you." Aragorn smiled back. Truthfully he was glad she was going. He couldn't ask her to die for him. He would never forgive himself. She leaned forward and gave him one last kiss before they both evaporated from each other's vision. 


Aragorn woke up with a sigh. He felt a weight lift from his shoulders and he smiled. A sole tear fell from his eye and he, for the first time in a while, looked up at the sky to enjoy the view, worry free. He felt elated. He could tell Legolas how he really felt. The night before with Gimli made his heart beat again.

He smiled and gave a chuckle before his daze was interrupted by a hoarse voice asking, "Was it a good dream?" 

Aragorn sat up quickly and looked at Legolas, who was sitting near the small fire, eating a bit of Lembas bread. He couldn't keep the grin from his face, "yes.. very good." He let out a little breathy laugh and looked away. He ran a hand through his hair, "how are you feeling?"

"Alive." Legolas gave a small smile. Aragorn stood up and walked over to sit behind him. "You are too kind to me." Legolas turned to look at him through his peripherals. 

"hush and lean back." Aragorn put a hand around his waist and pulled him back. The moan that escaped the elf's mouth made Aragorn shiver. "You must feel awful." He stroked the back of Legolas's ear. 

Legolas shuddered and closed his eyes, "oh.." He put a hand on the ground and opened his eyes slowly, "truthfully, I could do well with the story of your dream." 

Aragorn smiled and kissed the top of Legolas's head, "you must promise me to wait till the end to feel." 

"I do not understand." Legolas raised an eyebrow and knitted his eyebrow. Gimli had gone to get more firewood, and stopped by the tree line to watch them. He grinned and watched them. He wanted them to be happy together. He has been trying to push them together this whole trip. 

"just promise not to be sad or happy until you hear the whole thing." 

"I will leave my assumptions till the end." Legolas sat up slightly, so he could look at Aragorn. 

Aragorn furrowed his brow, "What is it?" 

"I am concerned for you." Legolas turned to face him.

"For me?" Aragorn smiled and chuckled, "I am not the ill one." 

"Your heartbeat is erratic, I do not understand..." 

"Come, lay against me, rest." Aragorn put a hand on his shoulder and eased him against him, "I am filled with glee, I promise that." 

"Then tell me your story." Legolas smiled and faced him. 

"Arwen decided to go to the land of the undying with her family." Aragorn saw that Legolas looked worried, "I had hoped she would. I could not bare to watch her die when she could live forever." He smiled and moved a strand of hair out of Legolas's face, making sure to stroke his ear along the way, "I could not let Ada watch his daughter die." 

Legolas purred but regained his composure, "I am sorry you two could not stay together." Legolas placed a hand on Aragorn's heart, in sympathy, "I know she meant a lot to you. But I am in better spirits hearing you are happy with her decision." Legolas closed his eyes and snuggled closer to him, "I want you to be happy." 

"and I you." Aragorn wrapped his arms around Legolas, "This illness is weakening you, do you think you are strong enough to continue?" 

"I have to be." Legolas tried to stay awake. He found new strength in knowing Aragorn was single again. There was hope. "I wish we could leave this place." he looked around tenitivly, "I apologize for being a burden, You asked me on the quest for my strength and skill, I am neither strong or skilled at the moment."

"nonsense." Aragorn teased, "You are very skilled in keeping audiences with the floor." Legolas blushed at the reference to his fainting. Aragorn sobered, "I asked you here because I always need you. You are my friend and most trusted companion. I would go nowhere you could not follow." 

Legolas gave a smile, "At least one of us is enjoying my suffering."

"oh now." Aragorn squeezed him a little, "If you wish for me to leave you to your dirt." 

Legolas laughed, "I admit, I... appreciate your strong arms, keeping me upright and comfortable." Legolas almost said that he missed being in his arms. It was far too early for that now. 

"What kind of man would I be if I let you go now?" Aragorn kissed his temple and leaned his forehead against him, "I think it is time we leave the forest." 

"I agree." Legolas sighed, "but we do not know how long until..."

Gimli interrupted, "I see the end!" He ran towards the tree line, "How could we not have seen it!"

Legolas looked over at saw it himself, "it is not more than 10 miles away. If we keep a steady pace, we should reach the end before hobbits have second breakfast." He laughed. (9 am)

Aragorn watched Legolas's eyes lite up and he felt the warmth in his chest. He couldn't help but smile and laugh too, "then let us move! How could we have not seen this before?"

"The trees." Legolas looked around, "They have moved." he closed his eyes and listen, "The voices are different now.. I don't understand."

"Nevermind that! let's go before they change again!" Gimli was packing up and throw things on the horses. 

Aragorn quickly helped Legolas up and carried him, bridal style, the his horse. Aragorn was about to lift Legolas up, but Legolas jumped and landed on the horse with newfound grace. Aragorn looked up in aw, hope filling his chest that he was feeling better. "You're strength is returning." 

"I believe our new found exit has given me the strength for a miracle." Legolas smiled down at Aragorn and he got on behind him. Aragorn Lifted the reins and the horses dashed forward. 

It was not long before the horses jumped past the barrier. Legolas gasped and held his head, slumping back against Aragorn. "Legolas!" 

"I am well." He patted Aragorn's chest to calm him, "my head feels as if the dwarf in my head has stopped his hammering and has vanished completely. 

"I am glad." Aragorn grinned from ear to ear and kissed the back of his head, "I am glad of it." 

The rest of the way to Rivendell was smooth. Legolas had fallen asleep and was peacefully laying against Aragorn. Gimli had winked at Aragorn and pushed ahead. Not long after mid-day they arrived. Aragorn woke Legolas to find that he was foggy and exhausted. "Get the healers!" Aragorn jumped off his horse and picked up a barely conscious Legolas. He ran through the buildings and fields until he was in the guest room that was specifically for Legolas. Elrond came in shortly after with other healers at his heels.

"Mae Tollen na mar (welcome home) " Elrond put a hand on Aragorn's face, "You must go, I will fetch you when we are done here." Aragorn took one last glance at Legolas and left the room to go sit in Gimli.

"He will be alright" Gimli patted his back, "Strongest elf we know." 

"And best healers there are." Aragorn gave a soft smile then turned to watch the door. "He will be alright soon."

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@AngelEyes I'm a sucker for a happy ending :wink2:


Elrond and the other elves made quick work of making solvents and medicine to help Legolas get back on his feet as quickly as possible. After Legolas was considered stable, Elrond went back out to talk with his son; asking about what happened. Through the story, Elrond made little to no emotional response and only grunted at the end. 

"Ada, is he well?" Aragorn tried not to sound desperate, but Elrond could hear the difference in his breathing

"You may go see him, but take caution. He is still ill." Elrond walked down the hallway towards his study, wanting to check on the lore of the forest for any indication of Legolas's illness and if there were any side effects.

Aragorn was already moving to the room the moment Elrond allowed his entry, but slowed down as he heard ada's warning. His heart was beating so hard he thought it might come out of his chest. What if Legolas is worse? What if it was all false hope, seeing him get better as he left? The questions made his throat close and his eyes water. Quickening his pace he finally made it to the door and opened it. 

The room was brightly lit from the morning sun bouncing off the light colors of the room. Legolas was laying in bed, dressed in a white nightgown, elbow against the matress, holding his head in his hand, "you look afraid? Did you think i would be lost to you so easily?" 

Aragorn burst into a grin and walked over, eyes following the way in which his hair gently outlined his body and caught the sunlight, "I was afraid you had grown weaker..." he let out a strained laugh, "I should not have underestimated you." 

"hmm." Legolas made an amused noise before gracefully sitting up, taking his hand.

"please... lay still, rest.." Aragorn knelt down, holding the hand between his own, "do not strain yourself for me."

"I shall strain nothing." his other hand lay on Aragorn's cheek, "I have grown stronger since leaving that forest, but you are right. I need rest." He made no move to push Aragorn away or even take his hand back.

"Yes.. Rest." Aragorn's voice trailed off as he looked into Legolas's eyes. Normally, he would have stood back up and let him rest alone, but there was something in him that wouldn't let him move. He was unaware that he was leaning closer to Legolas, until he was sitting on the bed, inches from Legolas's face, "forgive me.. You said you needed rest." He tore his eyes away, "I do not know where my head has gone." 

"It is right where it should be." Legolas turned his face towards him, "I should rest, yes. But I did not mean alone." His thumb gently moved along Aragorn's cheek, "I missed you, Melleth nîn." 

Aragorn's eyes lit up with the name, and just as quickly, he smiled and came closer until their foreheads met, "I miss you." 

"I have been by your side all this time.."

"no.. You have been next to me, yes... But not with me." Their noses touched, "I hurt you, deeply, goheno nîn" (forgive me)

Legolas's voice was soft and airy, "melleth nîn, you could never hurt me as long as you are here.."  he put a hand over Aragon's heart, "Le uivelin" (I will always love you.)

Aragorn slowly moved closer until their lips met and they fell into a steady rhythm like the last years apart never happened. Which is why he was slightly confused when Legolas moved and lightly pushed him away, "forgive me.. I shouldn't ha.." His head was bowed in embarrasment,

Legolas ducked into his arm, "hih..TSCH!.. hih?hh.. HIKSCH!" 

Aragorn looked up quickly, finally understanding why Legolas moved away, now feeling even more rediculous. 

"I am not pushing you away for ill manners." Legolas looked a little guilty, "I did not wish to sneeze in your face." 

Aragorn started laughing and pulled Legolas close, "I am not Gimli.. you had no need to push me away."

"I was unsure and did not wish to assume all was as it once was." Legolas felt like maybe Aragorn had changed, or still liked the same things about Legolas as before.

"nothing has changed... Galu." Aragorn kissed the tip of his nose, and watched it wiggle along with his ears, "I missed that too." 

Legolas blushed and moved to hid the tips of his ears, "I can not help it." 

Aragorn chuckled again and kissed him soft and sweet until he was slowly moving Legolas down against the mattress, "May I court you once again?"

"Who told you to cease?" Legolas snuggled up to him and took a deep breathe of Aragorn's musk, "hmm." He was starting to tire, something he had grown used to over this journey.

"Hodo, melleth nîn.." (rest, my love) Aragorn gently moved his finger along his ear to calm him, "I will be here when you wake." As Legolas began to drift off Aragorn whispered, " Le Melithon Anuir." (I will love you forever.) They finally fell asleep in each other's arms, and everything felt right again. 


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Awwwww...you know my preferences are not the same as yours regarding this but that was still AMAZING!

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I’m so glad you ended up pairing Aragorn and Legolas - I was rooting for them the whole way! This story was wonderful <3

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