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Our Love is Here to Stay - Tommy/Hayley


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“Our Love is Here to Stay” – 29 months, November


The first thing I noticed when I got home was the music.  Frank Sinatra.   One of my favorites.

“It’s very clear…”

Snow had been falling all day in perfect, glistening flakes.   I had been at work, but spent much of the day taking a few minutes each hour to gaze out the window and simply get lost in the sight of the gathering winter wonderland, which explained my lack of productivity.

I absolutely loved snow.

It was two days after Thanksgiving.  My office didn’t care that it was a holiday weekend.  My office didn’t care if it was Christmas Eve, the 4th of July, Mother’s Day… if a client needed something, your ass was at your desk working on it.   So, I was.   We hadn't been able to go to my parents' for Thanksgiving dinner because I was behind on my deadline, and had come in at 9:00 every morning to try to catch up. Today I had only planned to stay until noon, but the complications of this particular client dictated otherwise.

Dimly in the back of my mind, I knew that Tommy would have gone out this afternoon to shovel the rising snow away from our sidewalk and walkways.  That his sensitive nose would be exposed to the freezing cold air that produced this perfectly fluffy snow, air that would produce the incessant, watery sniffles and light wheezes that caused every nerve ending in my body to tingle with need.

The thought of Tommy made my lips curve into a dopey smile, my heart pounding just a little faster and my stomach fluttering with the proverbial butterflies.  Even after all this time, I couldn’t wait to get home and wrap my arms around him, feel his big muscled body hold me close, hear the rumble of his deep voice and the sexy little sniffles from his large, sensitive nose.

Shaking myself lightly, I had repeatedly torn my gaze away from the fairyland being created outside and tried to focus on the file in front of me.

“Hey,” my co-worker, Kayla, had poked her head in when she knocked on the doorframe just after 3:00. Kayla and I were both gunning for promotion, thankfully in different departments.  “Aren’t you supposed to be gone by now?”

“Yeah,” I had sighed, feeling the first twinge of a headache bloom behind my eyes.  “I’ve just got to triage this current train wreck,” I gestured vaguely to the pile of paperwork in front of me. “And then I can head home.”

“I hear ya,” she had given a wry smile, eyebrows cocked sympathetically.  “Well, I’m off.  Enjoy your weekend.”

“I’ll try,” I had given her a grimacing smirk in response, knowing I had at least another hour’s work of ahead of me.  “Thanks, Kay.”

When she was gone, I had fired a quick text to Tommy.

ME: Still working.  Sorry, love.  Be home as soon as I can.

His only reply was:


Three hours later, I had finally finished and started gathering my things. 

ME: Finally heading home. 

TOMMY SAVIORBIKER: Okay, baby.  Dinner’s ready.

TOMMY SAVIORBIKER: Can’t wait to see you.

I smiled, wondering how I had gotten so lucky.

“Our love is here to stay…”

Sure enough, our driveway and sidewalk were pristine.  Walking in the front door, I dropped my box of files and laptop bag, slipping off my shoes and coat and scarf. 

“I’m home,” I called, smelling something wonderful.  The headache had grown to railroad-hammer proportions, and I was starving.

When I’d first met Tommy, his idea of ‘cooking’ was reheating delivery pizza or Chinese food.  After more than 2 years with me, he was now able to cook for himself – and for us – up to my exacting standards.  Granted, he had only about a handful of staple recipes, but those were always delicious.

As I turned, I saw Tommy standing at the end of the entry hall, a glass of red wine in his hand.

He looked… breathtaking.

Dark hair was washed and brushed, lying in shining waves against his cheek.  Dark jeans slung low and hugging his lean hips, a black button-down shirt with rolled sleeves tucked into the belted waist.  His green eyes were sparkling, sexy smile gently curved with love.

“Hey there, beautiful,” he rumbled.  “You hungry?”

Anyone who didn’t know Tommy wouldn’t have noticed the slight pink tinge to the wings of his nostrils, the faint smudge of bruising under his eyes, his cheeks just a shade paler than normal.

But I did.

My beautiful, brawny biker had caught cold.  Again.  He’d had nearly a dozen colds since we’d known each other, of varying degrees of severity.  As he sauntered toward me, I debated calling him out on it.  But… as he pressed the glass of wine into my hand and snaked a wide palm around my waist to the small of my back, urging my body to lie flush against his… I decided to ignore it.

To my secret delight, Tommy was the most sneezy man I’d ever met, suffering from pervasive allergies as well as susceptible to every cold germ on the planet.   

But Tommy had been on paid leave from his job these past two weeks while the shop was being renovated, and spent most of the time sleeping and doing odd jobs around the house.  He was well-rested, well-fed, and – thanks to the multivitamins I had insisted he start taking – more than prepared to keep any ‘wicked bitch’ cold at bay.   Nothing could keep Tommy from catching a cold, but I was learning that there were ways to keep it in the ‘sexy-sneezy’ stage and out of the ‘bronchitis-bordering-on-pneumonia-hospital’ stage.   I’d had to fight him tooth and nail for this knowledge, but it was worth it.

So, fingers crossed that this time he wouldn’t suffer more than light coughs and a sneezy nose.

“I’m starved,” I leaned against his broad chest with a deep sigh.  “And my head hurts.”  One big hand rose, long fingers digging into the back of my neck and gently massaging at the kinks while the other wide palm settled against the small of my back. 

“How was work?” he murmured. I let him take more of my weight, melting into his embrace but careful not to spill the wine.

“That Garcia file is going to kill me,” I replied, eyes closed, letting those miraculous hands soothe the headache from pounding to dull.  “I’m supposed to have it finished by Tuesday.  There's at least another six hours of work to do.”

I felt Tommy shift a little, his green gaze taking in the box I’d dropped by the front door. 

“Not tonight,” he stated softly but firmly, giving me a gentle squeeze before wrapping an arm around my shoulders and steering me toward the dining room table.  Tommy had made perfectly seared steak, parmesan risotto, and a side salad. 

It was simple, but delicious. 

Thankfully, he didn’t press me for any further conversation.   As we ate, Tommy took every chance he could to touch me: laying his thigh against mine as we sat close, reaching over to tuck a strand of hair behind my ear and caress my cheek...  Slowly my blood sugar began to rise, the wine unscrewing the hard knots in my skull, and I started to relax and feel miles better.  

“Not for a year…”

Tommy kissed my temple when he got up to take our plates, stroking a loving hand across my back and leaving me to nurse my wine.

From the kitchen, I heard him give a few stuttering huffs.


“Bless you, love.”

He grunted in reply, interrupted by strong sniffles and a few light coughs.  I hauled myself up from the table, heading into the kitchen intending to help do the dishes.  But Tommy intercepted me, slipping his hands around my waist and settling them on my hips. 

One of the things I loved most about Tommy was the way he touched me.  I knew I wasn’t the skinniest or prettiest girl on the block, but Tommy touched me slowly – almost reverently – as if I were the most stunning woman on earth.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he smiled, bottle-green eyes twinkling mischievously.

“I was going to help you clean up,” Gazing at him, my eyes were immediately drawn to flushed nostrils that were still pulsing with need.

Nope,” he raised a fist to knuckle at them.  “You go upstairs and d-draw y-yehh yourself a--…  ah-ZDXSH’iiUuu!... a bahh--… hk’NXZTddshoo!... ugh, sorry,he pulled a bandana from his back pocket.  “Draw yourself a bath, have a long soak, and then come downstairs, okay?" he finished, swiping his nose clean with the cloth before tucking it away and reaching for the wine bottle to top up my glass.  “I’ll handle clean-up.”

“But forever and a day…”

“Are you sure?” I asked on a long, relieved breath.  A bath sounded heavenly.

“Completely.”  Tommy’s fingers skimmed up my side to gently cup my face, dropping a sweet kiss to my lips.  We’d established long ago that I never caught any of his colds, and the pleasure of kissing him would have been worth the risk anyway.  “I’ve got it.”

“Thank you,” I breathed against his mouth.

He hummed and kissed me again, his calloused thumb brushing against my cheek, before pulling away sharply.  One glance to his handsome face told me that the humming had aggravated the cold-induced tickle that was setting up shop in his sinuses.  “ihh… hihh-ihh… hh…” His broad shoulders were jumping with tight, high gasps that he was desperately trying to silence.  Vague, green eyes fluttered to half-mast, lashes dark against pale lids, a furrow of concentration between his brows.  He jerked the bandana up, hovering expectantly in front of his quivering nose.  “heh-hh!... AH!... h-ZDsshu’…-hr’RGXShoo!!...”

“Bless you, baby,” I reached up to lay a hand on his firm chest. “You all right?”

He blew lightly, chuffing a small laugh, “You know me, Hals,” he massaged the offending organ with the cloth before lowering it with a soft sniffle.  “Got a touch of a head cold.  But I feel good, other than the annoying need to sneeze every other second.  You don’t need to worry.”

And I wasn’t worried, actually.  We’d danced this dance enough times that I could tell with a glance and a listen where we were on the scale of one of Tommy’s colds.   He was probably a little tired and sore from shoveling, plus that feathery tickle fluttering in his sensitive membranes.  But his breathing sounded good, and the energy coming off of him was steady and strong. 

“I’m not worried,” I kissed him again, feeling the softness of his lips, the rough stubble of his chin, and the damp, hot skin of his fluttering nostrils against my cheek as he sniffled reflexively.  “Thank you, baby.  I needed this.”

His 1000 watt smile and soft caress was my answer.

Climbing the stairs, I heard another pair of light sneezes echo behind me.

“ht’GKSCHH!-uu!... ihhh!-KNgk’SSCHoo!”

“Bless you,” I called over my shoulder, slipping into our bedroom and peeling off my clothes. Unbuttoning the lavender silk shirt, I let it fall to the ground while simultaneously shimmying out of my slacks, taking down my hair and carefully laying my jewelry in its box. 

Sitting on the edge of the tub in just my bra and panties, I turned on the taps and added some bubbles and soaking salt. I lit some scented candles, turning off the lights and letting the small flames throw large shadows on the tiled walls while Frank’s voice floated up the stairs.

“The radio and the telephone and the movies that we know…”

The panties and bra were quickly flung aside, my tense body sliding into the steaming water with a long, shuddering sigh.  I soaked until the tension was drawn out by the heat, the water slowly cooling to tepid and my wine glass empty, then drained the bath and stepped into the shower for a quick rinse. 

When I opened the bathroom door, my breath caught in my throat.

The bedroom was full of white candles, the bed strewn with red rose petals.  But what caught my eye were the pink footprints cut out of paper that led from the bathroom door to the hall, each with a silver Hershey’s kiss on it. 

What the…?

Worrying my lower lip between my teeth, I debated whether or not I should get dressed.  Knowing that Tommy would have heard the shower turn on and off – and that he would come in search of me if I took too long – I opted to pull on a pair of black lace panties and matching satin negligee.

Twirling a damp strand of hair, I picked up one of the chocolate kisses and unwrapped it, popping it in my mouth as I gingerly tip-toed around each footprint, following them to the hall. 

A clear shower curtain was draped across the hall from one of those spring-poles.  The curtain had been cut into long strips, and each strip had masses of roses threaded through it.  I ducked through, feeling the velvety petals caress my face and arms.  Candles were spaced evenly down the hallway to the stairs, glinting off of each silvery chocolate wrapper.  I helped myself to another, feeling the sweet treat melt on my tongue. 

The footprints led to our living room, where a blaze crackled happily in the fireplace, Frank’s voice crooning over it.

“May just be passing fancies and in time may go…”

The furniture had been pushed to the edges of the room, a bucket of champagne and two glasses resting on the hearth.  Spread before the fire was a nest of pillows and blankets, draped with snowy white sheets. 

A blanket fort.

Tommy had made me a blanket fort.

As my eyes widened with childish delight, they also registered where the footprints stopped.

A wreath of roses surrounded a construction paper card with a big heart on the front of it.  I picked it up, smelling the sweet aroma of the flowers mixed with the warm smoke of the fire.  God, Tommy really was a closet romantic…

Inside, in Tommy’s strong scrawl:

Now that I’ve kissed your feet and showered you with roses,

Will you be my love… for the rest of my life?

Startled, I dropped the card and turned around, looking for Tommy.

And he was there, kneeling behind me.  I hadn’t even heard him over the music.   His green eyes were soft and deep, glittering in the firelight.  In his shaking hands, he held out a small, black velvet box.

“Hayley Elizabeth Cartwright,” his deep voice was husky, wavering just the slightest with choked emotion.  “You’re the most beautiful, intelligent, funny, imaginative, and loving woman I’ve ever met… and I would be beyond honored if you would m-… make me the happiest man on earth… and consent to be my wife.”

“But oh, my dear, our love is here to stay.”

I stared at him, my mouth hanging open, barely daring to breathe.  Tommy’s eyes shimmered with wetness and hope as he opened the box, revealing a stunning antique filigree ring, a large diamond twinkling in the center.  My whole body jolted at the sight of it, lungs subconsciously sucking a deep breath as my hand fluttered to lay against my chest.  

Tommy sucked a breath, too, but for an entirely different reason.


His handsome face was struggling not to collapse in that perfect, helpless way.  A small muscle was jumping in his cheek just below his right eye, his right nostril flaring wide and pulling up that side of his lip to reveal a flash of white teeth.  “Ugh, not now…” he grumbled softly to himself, his body betraying him with another stuttering hitch.

“Yes, Thomas Michael Erikson,” I breathed quickly, smiling down at him with all the love in my heart.  “Yes, I will absolutely marry you. Yes, YES!!”

His irritated expression melted into a beaming smile, even as his nostrils continued to flicker dangerously.  Rising to his feet, he fumbled to pull the ring from the box and slide it onto my finger.  It fit perfectly.  Smiling like a fool, Tommy slipped his large hands around to cup my shoulder blades, pulling me against his hard chest and kissing me slowly, deep and perfect.

Until he had to sneeze.

Breaking off, he turned his head, pulling the bandana from his back pocket and aiming a set of stifles into it.

“hk-NGT-shu!- heh-MPT’uh-ZXT’shoo-K’XNTshiu!... ugh… God, I can’t even propose without ruining it…” His husky whisper was full of self-disgust, pale cheeks flushed scarlet with humiliation.

“Tommy.” Reaching up to cup his cheek, I turned his blushing face to look at me.  My other hand pulled the bandana down, exposing flushed nostrils shining with wetness around their quivering rims.  “Love. You haven’t ruined anything.”

And I kissed him.

“Together we’re going a long, long way…”

Tommy groaned, scooping me into his arms and carrying me to the blanket fort where we continued to kiss and touch, to pop the champagne and toast to all the things we loved about each other.

“I love the way your forehead crinkles up when you’re chopping vegetables,” Tommy said, clinking his glass to mine and kissing that sweet spot behind my ear.

“I love the way you hum to yourself while you’re under the hood of a car,” I countered with another ‘ting’ of crystal and a kiss to his strong jaw, unbuttoning his shirt and sliding it off his broad shoulders.

“I love the way you moan in the back of your throat when I kiss you,” he rumbled, leaning in for a soul-searing kiss to my mouth in demonstration.  I obliged him with a breathless moan of desire.

“I love the way you touch me,” I confessed, pulling back to stroke his arm and gaze into his loving eyes. “Like I’m precious to you.”

“You are,” he assured me with another kiss.  “I… I love the way you take care of me when I’m sick,” he offered, and I knew what it cost him to admit that.  “And I’m always sick,” he growled, bringing a palm up to scrub at his increasingly-reddening nostrils with the heel of his hand. 

“Well…” I murmured, staring as his brows slowly lifted, lids struggling not to drift shut as the tip of his nose twitched.  His dark head slowly tilted back, exposing increasingly irritated pink tissues up inside the wide, twitchy red nostrils.  Lips quivering, he turned slightly away and lifted the bandana one-handed.


“I…” I swallowed hard, feeling the champagne swimming in my bloodstream, and the words just tumbled out.  “I love the way you sneeze.”

Watery green eyes peeked at me over the top of the cloth. 

“In time the Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble…”

“Is th—hh… is thad righd?...” his husky voice was suddenly thick with congestion, causing hot tingles to shiver from my head to my toes even as another sneeze quaked through his long body. “heehh-GXNTz’sh-uU! –uhhh…”

My eyes closed, teeth digging into my lower lip as I bit back a moan.  Tommy had already admitted a few months ago that he had guessed how much I enjoyed his allergic fits.  But I had never confirmed his suspicions, never said it out loud.  I still liked to pretend that he didn't know.  

I wouldn't be able to do that anymore.

“You ligke whed I’b all sdiffly…” he murmured, closing the bandana in one fist with a thick snuffle.  Arching his body over mine to set his glass down, he fluttered his lips at the juncture of my neck and shoulder.  “…ad sdeezy?…”

“Mmm, yesss…”

“Whed by breath is ahll, HIH!—hitchy ad… Huh-huh’uh! –ik’HYIBP’ssch!... Hehh!!...” He didn’t cover it, the cool kiss of spray landing on my overheated skin.  “…ad I sdeeze… hh—... ad… sdhuh-heeze… Gyy’eeiihGTXschieu! –uhn’hh…. hh!...AH!...Guh’yeehiiSHSSHuu!”

His hands managed to take the glass from mine as he continued to expel the tickle, no longer fighting back the symptoms of the light head cold and – actually – seeming to indulge in them…

Tommy pressed his quaking nostrils right against my neck. “hh! HWUMPbj’tssch-oooo… damb, bless be…”

“…oh god…” I gasped, fire skittering through every nerve ending I had.  Tommy had never blessed himself before, and with that deep, raspy, congested voice…

“They’re only made of clay…”

“Gy’huh-eh!... hhUPBSCH’hh!-uu… wow, I’b od a roll here,” a low chuckle rumbled up from his broad chest, even as his voice continued to hitch.  “… by doze won't s-stob... tihhcklig…”

Suddenly, he pressed the slightly damp bandana into my hand and brought both up to his face. 

“I dhhh!... deed to sdeeze... Hh!—help?...” he choked out, clearly struggling to hold back until I took over, cupping the cloth securely against his hot, running nose.  “…hyie’NXZyuhTSCHH! …Th-… hihhh-ignk’GYIZTSHtt! –huhh… ohh…”

The strong sneezes bent him forward, forcing the muscles in my arm to engage as I caught them, wetness bursting through to cloth to drench my palm.  When he finally had a break, I placed my other hand in the soft hair on the back of his head and commanded softly, “Blow, baby.”

He did, the sound liquid and thick.

After, he stayed still as I folded the bandana over and rubbed under his nose, massaging his tickly, damp nostrils with my thumb and forefinger through the cloth. 

“Ahh…” his broad shoulders heaved a relieved sigh, his green gaze vague and dazed as he angled his neck so I had better access.  “That… feels s-so… gooood…”

I continued to pinch and squeeze, wicking away the moisture trickling down to overflow the rims of his nostrils and massaging away the cold-induced tickle.  Tommy’s hands grasped either side of my waist, rolling back and pulling me with him until he was lying on his back in the nest of pillows and I was settled on top of him, still massaging his large nose with my fingers and playfully tracing his nostrils through the fabric.

“Mmm…” he rumbled, eyes slipping closed as he enjoyed my ministrations.  “You should have told me a long time ago, baby.  I could have used this… so many times…”

Heat flooded my body, causing it to pulse and thrum with need.

"Well, we have the rest of our lives," I smiled, imagining years getting to play with his strong nose through his colds and allergies...

Tommy must have felt the slight shudder that went through my body, because he opened one eye to look at me, the apples of his cheeks lifting in a wide smile.   “Do you wanna… go upstairs and… bake be sdeeze?...” his voice became suddenly congested, raising my suspicions about how much he was playing up this cold for my benefit.  His large hand took the bandana from mine, reddened nostrils widening with a deep sniffle as he sat up, leaning in to give me another passionate kiss.

“… yuh... yuh huh…” I managed to reply, a little beyond tipsy from the combined effects of the champagne and this sexy, sneezy man.  How did I ever get so goddamned lucky?...

“But our love…”

Once again, Tommy scooped me up, carrying me through the house to the stairs, doing his best to blow out the candles as we went.  Sometimes he had to fumble to kneel low to reach one, wobbling me dangerously in his arms but refusing to put me down.

It made me throw back my head and laugh before burying my face into his neck to nibble at his delicious sweaty-salted skin.   “You’re the most amazing, wonderful, sexy man I’ve ever met,” I giggled drunkenly into the shell of his ear before nipping at his earlobe.  “I love you so much.”

In response, Tommy stopped at the bottom of the stairs, ducking his head into my neck for a hard, shuddering, “–ik’HYIBP’ssch!...” that seared me down to my bones.  His low, husky voice rumbled, "You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” causing my heart to fill with love nearly to bursting.

We managed to douse all the candles going up the stairs, ducking through the rose-curtain and into our bedroom.  Tommy laid me in the middle of the petal-strewn sheets, shedding his jeans before kneeling over me.

“You know how I’m…” he ducked his head, peering at me through the curtain of dark hair that fell into his eyes.  “I’m allergic to pretty much everything?...”

“Mm-hmm,” I responded, fingering the velvety petals surrounding my satin-clad body. 

“Well,” he quirked a shy, boyish smile, reaching to pull a lush, long rose from under his pillow.  

My eyebrows shot up.  “Really?..." I asked with a wickedly sultry smile of my own, bringing my hands up to let petals fall across my stomach and breasts. 

Tommy answered with a sneeze. “Hh-AHSHOO!...”  and a watery sniffle.

We both smiled at each other, feeling utter acceptance and love flow between us, a new openness that deepened our relationship in a way I could never have imagined was possible.  Still grinning, he skimmed the rose down from my collarbone to my breast, before slowly lowering his body onto mine.

As the door to the bedroom slowly drifted closed, another door opened.

One that led to the rest of our lives.

“Our love is here to stay.”



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omg this is so hot, i really like your tommy/hayley stories! person A being super sneezy and person B having the fetish is literally my favorite trope in any fic. thank you for this :notworthy:

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These stories are absolutely wonderful. I adore their relationship and every aspect of it. Your writing is a pleasure to read. I was wondering if you'd ever write a story with Hayley being the affected person and Tommy being the caretaker. I know you have most of the stories mapped out on that list, so I'm sorry if this is something you absolutely wouldn't consider. 

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16 minutes ago, Sophie83540 said:

These stories are absolutely wonderful. I adore their relationship and every aspect of it. Your writing is a pleasure to read. I was wondering if you'd ever write a story with Hayley being the affected person and Tommy being the caretaker. I know you have most of the stories mapped out on that list, so I'm sorry if this is something you absolutely wouldn't consider. 

Hey Sophie, 

Strangely enough, I was thinking about that earlier today!  It's definitely on the table. :thumbsup:  Not sure when the Muse will strike for that one, but the plot bunny has been planted!!...  That THC list was more "guidelines than actual rules," (cookie for movie reference) so I am not sure that all of those stories will happen or that those will be the only stories. All I know is that I am writing my own personal fantasies through Hayley at this point... and so ridiculously happy that all of you are enjoying them, too! :wub:  Thank you for all the lovely feedback!! :heart: 


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I saw "Tommy/Hayley" in the title and immediately clicked it, because I love these two! And wow! Why did I just see this now instead of earlier?? You again did not disappoint! I love this! Tommy's sneeziness is amazing as always! I love that they're getting married, too, and I guessed she'd tell him about the fetish when they were playing that game with toasting to what they love about each other. And she did! And his reaction! Oh my god, is he going to be inducing for her now?? Mmmm, I can't wait for the next chapters!! Keep it up!

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As always your writing is amazing! I absolutely love reading about these two! Can't wait for the next installment!! :)

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Oh my lorddd this series is amazing. The style and fluff has me quaking. Can't wait to read more :nohappy:

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Loving this Tommy/Hayley series! I would love it if the roles reversed as well. Like if Tommy got Hayley sick and Tommy took care of her. Just an idea, keep up the amazing writing!

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Forever all starpollen story fangirl here but I especially love every single Tommy/Hayley fic including this adorable and steamy number! Thank you so much for sharing your creative awesomeness with us!!!💞🤣😍

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On 10/08/2017 at 2:02 AM, starpollen said:

Hey Sophie, 

Strangely enough, I was thinking about that earlier today!  It's definitely on the table. :thumbsup:  Not sure when the Muse will strike for that one, but the plot bunny has been planted!!...  That THC list was more "guidelines than actual rules," (cookie for movie reference) so I am not sure that all of those stories will happen or that those will be the only stories. All I know is that I am writing my own personal fantasies through Hayley at this point... and so ridiculously happy that all of you are enjoying them, too! :wub:  Thank you for all the lovely feedback!! :heart: 


Pirates of the Caribbean!

It feels so repetitive to say it again, but I love love LOVE these stories. This is another wonderful instalment. They're my favourite stories around at the moment. 

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On 10/18/2017 at 3:51 PM, stargazer1122 said:


Please update soon! I am absolutely in love with your character


I second this-- I've reread this story an embarrassing amount of times (and still will ) but I'd love more whenever you have time!

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Fucking HELL this is INCREDIBLE! I absolutely adored this. So hot, so loving, so beautiful! Thanks so much for writing and sharing! It's made my night haha

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