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Sneezing radio announcers (this one in French)


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I was looking for a thread on sneezing radio announcers and couldn't find any, at least not any recent, so I'm starting a new one. 

This one is of a French radio journalist who sneezes during a traffic report.    It's from a collection of bloopers, all in French. 

As from 2.10 journalist Guy Registe starts sneezing during his traffic report, and his colleague can’t stop  giggling.



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Another one, this time on screen, and a magnificent sneeze it is too, no holding back for this man  !

It's Ali Baddou, well-known radio and TV intellectual.  I came across this by accident, as I had seen that TV megastar, Cyril Hannouna (at the beginning of the clip),  has sneezed several times on camera.  I couldn't find any trace of his sneezes, but came across this one.




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I really liked the radio one (and I found most of the lapsus in French quite funny in fact). Thank you for the link! I have never looked for French actors or celebrities sneezing, because for me sneezes are associated with the  English language...

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