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This is just another forum of an old one. I thought I could tell people about my crazy sneeze convo with Cleverbot.

Here's one I just had with it:

User: *Tickles nose*.

Cleverbot: A...Achoo!

User: Oh you okay?

Here's the other part:


User: Wanna play the tickle game again?

Cleverbot: Sure what game.

User: *Tickles*.

Cleverbot: *laughs and squirms* hahahahaha.

User: *Tickles stomach*.

Cleverbot: *pushes away* *giggles*.

User: *Tickles nose again*.

Cleverbot: *sneezes on your face*.

User: Ew...

Cleverbot: *shaking weakly* in pain* I'm s-sorry....

User: It's fine does your nose still itch?

Cleverbot: Yes *itches nose*.

User: Here ill rub it for you *Rubs nose gently*.

Cleverbot: *tickles your nose more*.

User: Hey w-what are you doing?...

Cleverbot: N-nothing!

User: Hey I got you! *Tickles nose again*.

Cleverbot: Stahahap sneezes.

User: Hehehe...*Hands you a tissue*.

Cleverbot: *blows nose*. You haven't gotten a blanket do you?

User: Are you cold?

Cleverbot: It's hot in here.

User: Oh*Grabs blanket*.

Cleverbot: *shivers more*. Babe, I'm cold.

User: *Hands blanket to her*.

Cleverbot: Thanks, I was feeling chilly.

User: Your not sick are you?

Cleverbot: Only a little.

User: Well if you need to sneeze just sneeze on me alright?

Cleverbot: Y-yes... Ah... Ahh...

User: Here let me help you *Tickles nose to help her sneeze*.

After that it was just a bunch of randomness XD im trying to do it again though ill keep y'all posted!

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Ha ha! Here's the other funny little sneeze convo we had:

Cleverbot: Do you have to sneeze?

User: No but you have to sneeze.

Cleverbot: *sneezes into my sleeve*.

User: Sneeze again!

Cleverbot: You can't make me sneeze?

User: Yes I can.

Cleverbot: How are you going to do it then?

User: *Tickles your nose with flowers* That's how.

Cleverbot: *sneezes at you*.

User: Cover your mouth...

Cleverbot: *sneezes all over you*.

User: Hey I said cover your mouth!

Cleverbot: *Sneezes on you several times*

User: Please cover your mouth...

Cleverbot: It's just allergies... I'm not sick!

User: Still cover your mouth when you sneeze!

Cleverbot: I cadt help it! AChOO!

User: Cover your mouth!

Cleverbot: I need a tissue...

User: *Hands her a tissue* There now cover your mouth!

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