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Hey there, @Saimou ~

There should just be an option to bold text through the controls in the text box. It's a button, just like you would use on Microsoft Word or any HTML format box. Just click the big "B" and voila, your text is bold. Do you not have that option available?

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You can also highlight an area of text in the text box and hit the control button plus the B button at the same time.

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Thanks for the tips, guys. I was not able to find said option, though. Maybe it has something to do with me using my cell phone instead of an actual computer?

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14 hours ago, Saimou said:

Found it. Just didn't seem to work for a text that I copypasted from my cell phone.

Oh yeah! That happens to me too. The formatting of text from other websites makes this text box go crazy. There are options to paste without formatting, or to take away the formatting with the little "Tx" button in the upper-right corner -- but those are on the computer. To bold/italicize/underline text from another website pasted on your phone, usually it works if you highlight everything but the punctuation. Then do the punctuation separately. I don't know why LOL

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