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Chemistry Lecture Obs


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Chemistry Lecture Obs

So, last Monday (12.9.2016) I was attending a lecture on organic chemistry, and this rather attractive girl, let’s call her I, was seated next to me to my left. She was about my height, maybe a bit taller than me I think, but not too much (thankfully), had medium length to long dark brown hair a beautiful loli-face and very nice large breasts. She also seemed to have a cheery personality . So anyway, she kept sniffling and rubbing her (rather beautiful) nose throughout the first half of the lecture, even coughing forcefully once. So I knew to expect a treat from her ;-). And sure enough, about a third into the second half (at max) I saw her bringing her hands to her face and looked into her direction, well in time to witness her succumbing to a forceful sneeze that bent her right over . The sneeze itself sounded very full and satisfying ”TSSHHHHH!!!” with a tiny bit of moisture. I said ”Bless you.” trying to sound as casual as possible and doing a decent job I think, but she didn’t hear me properly through all the other noise of the echoing auditorium, and asked  ”What?”. So I said ”Bless you.” again, same as last time, but a little bit louder and closer to her ear. This time she heard me, and replied with an appreciative ”Thank you.”, giggling a bit, either out of embarrassment over her powerful sneeze (no need to be embarrassed my dear ;-)) or out of being discombobulated, for not being used to being blessed by strangers. Either way, I think this definitely made for a post-worthy obs, especially after all this long drought of decent observations that has been the bane of my existence for several months now. 

Take care and keep sneezing!


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