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Sneezing after a shower?


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My SO gets sneezy naturally for a couple reasons that span from colds to seasonal allergies. 

But ... What I've always been so perplexed but won't complain about is the fact he will always sneeze 3-10 times after exiting the shower. They can be in quick succession or span over 10 minutes. The exact  timing is rather variable. It doesn't matter if it's summer vs winter. 

I've always speculated that's it's still some sort of temperature change. Once in a while people discuss photic sneezing on this board but do other people observe this phenomenon when they or others exit the shower or even a pool? It's just so curious! I'm interested to see what others know or think.

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I experience this! From 1 - 3 sneezes. I believe it's from the temperature change. It can be either that, or something about the hot water/steam clearing out the sinuses? It always happens to me after I leave the steamy bathroom. 

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I posted about this years ago, very intrigued as to what caused my massive fits after stepping out of the shower.

As mentioned above, I was also told that it was from the change in temp. 

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I often sneeze once right after leaving the shower stall.  I've always assumed the cause was a combination of steam and and soap.

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