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Crazy night (super long, F, self and friend)


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So I'm just gonna warn right off the bat that this story is about alcohol (I hope that's okay? if not move to adult?) and puking and possibly some swearing... I feel like this is gonna be written really poorly cus I'm pretty hungover at the moment and just bleh and out of it. :/ 

I've been on vacation for the last couple months, and my best friend (whom I have previously called "Mushu" on here) and I start our college classes up on Monday, so we wanted to have one last fun night... We're both 24, by the way, we're just late to the college scene. Every once in a while, like once every few months, we plan for a "drunk night" where we get together, play some drinking games in the form of video games, and just have fun haha. So she came over at like dinner time, we hung out for a while and ordered pizza and played some video games sober before starting off the night. She sneezes a lot. Both of us have pretty annoying allergies. So she was sneezing a few times before we even got to the drinking part. Her sneezes are really harsh hahah. She's pretty tomboyish, so none of the high pitched girly sneezes. She's like 5'6" probably, 120 lbs, very toned, long wavy blond hair. So I don't have to describe myself later on, I'm 5'4", 115 lbs, straight brown hair that's pretty long atm... Her sneezes I would maybe spell like "herrreshoo" or something like that. I don't know. Almost sound kind of cough-like, but also not at all... She usually has like no build up and looks like she's about to punch herself in the face when she jerks into her elbow to sneeze lol. They're pretty loud and people have definitely been caught off guard and startled by her sneezing haha. I usually stifle, but apparently not as much when I'm drunk. I don't even know how I would describe my own sneezes... like my breath usually wavers for a bit before taking a deep breath haha... maybe like "heh-CHUH" or something. I'm also not super girly, and I feel like my sneezes are kind of loud when not stifled. D: Her sneezes are pretty vocal, mine are not except for maybe a tiny bit at the "heh" part. Also ftr, her sneezing does absolutely nothing for me, and I'm like maybe asexual anyway, so I just kinda find sneezing cute, love the illness / care taking aspect... my "fetish," if you would even still call it that, manifests in a more emotional love kind of way rather than a sexual love. 


Anywayyy, getting to the point... She sneezed a few times while we were playing an old Rocket Power gamecube game that sucks, but was something I played growing up so we decided to take turns through the single player story mode. It totally scared my dog, who was sleeping. He like jumped up when she sneezed, and I just laughed and was like "that was terrifying." She laughed and was petting my dog that she had scared awake. She kept talking about needing to sneeze again. She does this allll the time. We were getting our food and she sneezed and was babytalking to my dog, telling him that he was making her allergies act up cus she hasn't been around dogs in a while. So I was like "I have some claritin stuff if you want it." And she accepted, so I got one for her. After handing it to her, she said, "I've never had this stuff, what if I'm allergic to it?!?" (sarcasm). And I told her she could take like 20 and surely that would be enough to combat her allergy to the allergy pills (also sarcasm, like nearly everything we say is sarcasm). 


Soooo once we got to the main event of drinking, we of course lost like all inhibitions. We so overdid it, but we were having fun at first, trying to play computer games while totally drunk while also like talking (with total gusto) about like stuff from my vacation, her work, family and their ridiculous quirks, etc haha. Soon we gave up on our gaming to just be drunk and obnoxious and have fun. My boyfriend kindly prepared us drinks and things, he was working today so he couldn't participate. He had just bought a box of cocoa puffs that me and Mushu tried to use as chasers (AWFUL). Eventually, Mushu took them out of the box and was carrying the bag everywhere. She started throwing them allllll over the apartment lolol. We were trying to catch them in our mouths (which we were freaking great at), and inventing like an olympics of ways to catch them like bouncing off the walls into your mouth lol. Don't worry, my true bestie the dog was safely in his crate for bedtime at this point. My bf set up our dance dance revolution mats for us cus I thought that sounded like a great idea when drunk. At this point, Michelle sneezed again, and started talking about how she still needed to sneeze. It went on for forever... she was like "why can't I sneeze!!!" and literally complained by saying "I need to sneeze but it's stuck!!!" lol, I never thought someone would say that outside of like a fic...


I think this is around when I started getting sneezy too. I was being obnoxious and insisting to my bf that he needed me to resuscitate him by giving him chest compressions to the beat of "staying alive" and "another one bites the dust," as my nurse aunt taught people to do to keep the right rhythm for chest compressions lol. I also had him give me piggy back rides all over the place and was trying to do flips by holding his hands and like pushing off of him with my legs. He's a good sport who finds it hilarious luckily. After like hanging upside down off of him my whole nose / face just felt super itchy, so I like kind of pushed my nose into my hand trying to get rid of it. There were sooo many times where I was like just trying to say something and like sneezing mid-word, or almost sneezing and my breath would be like allll over the place. I can't remember at all what we were even talking about... We just shoot the shit and make jokes / talk sarcastically. Mushu was recording for like a half an hour straight on her phone, so I'm pretty sure there's video of me awkwardly having at least one weird sneezing fit. I also do not rapid fire sneeze at all, but sneeze once, build up again for at least another breath or a few breaths before having to sneeze again. I remember vaguely trying to hold my arm over my face and also just like snapping downward and sneezing toward the ground / on myself. I remember my boyfriend saying something about me sneezing in the middle of a sentence I was trying to say, where I just had some false start and got right to where I was going to sneeze but kinda just choked on my breath and coughed once instead, before it came back and sneezed while I was still trying to finish the same sentence. I like didn't even care, which was kind of liberating. Usually I'm super self conscious about sneezing, but I just paid it no mind and went on with whatever I was doing / saying lol. 


We kept trying to call Mushu's bf, because we were obnoxious drunks, and were accidentally leaving sooo many voicemails that we filled up his voicemail inbox. We convinced my bf to drive us over to his house lol. I don't think he was going to take us there at first, but Mushu texted him saying we were coming and he was cool with it. I remember sneezing a bunch in the car lol, and like rubbing both of my hands all over my face and saying "my face is so itchyyyyy" Part of the car ride I was like folded in half with my head resting on my legs, and like sneezing toward the floor between my knees a few times. I remember saying that I was like suddenly dying from sneezing or something. I could tell that my voice sounded super stuffy and that I was sniffling a ton but didn't really care. We got to Mushu's bf's and kinda just chatted drunkily some more for a while. I ran around in the backyard and like swung on his tire swing and went down this slide cus the house he bought had this random "clubhouse" with a slide lol. After a bit, we started feeling badddd... Mushu's bf got like a trash bin for us, but soon Mushu just went into the bathroom and puked. She was super relieved about it and was talking about how she was now so much better after puking lol. She started the bath water and was just chilling in the warm bath with her clothes on. She called me to come join her cus I was like gonna throw up any moment and she was like the bath will helpppp. So we sat in the bath with our clothes on lol, which was very comfortable. Eventually I stepped out to go sit by the toilet with a towel around me. At first it was sooo awful hahah. I just felt super nauseated and wanted to just get it over with but it wasn't happening. I think I might've even cried for a second, not that anyone noticed. My bf and Mushu's bf would just come occasionally check on us and be like "you guys look miserable." lol... Eventually I finally did start puking, and Mushu was just sitting in the bath and I was like "don't mind the gross puking noises coming from over here" in between puking. She was like "I don't care" in a very reassuring way, and I felt better about awkwardly hurling my guts out while we're just chilling in the bathroom lol. She sneezed once while I was over by the toilet, and I was like "holy crap that was loud." Later on, I also sneezed like 3 or 4 times during some conversation in the bathroom, after I was done puking, and I tried to stifle them but they were still very easily heard. Mushu started laughing at me, cus they were again while I was in the middle of trying to say something. I think we were talking about how we hated the feeling nauseated part and just puking and getting it over with was way better. 


Once we finally started getting sleepy, bf took me home and it was freeeezziiiing cus my clothes were all wet hahah. That's about it. Sorry, I went way heavy on the details. It was just something I wanted to completely write out to remember. Was totally a fun night, but we had too much. Usually we're really good about stopping once we get drunk and just enjoying ourselves. But this time the alcohol we had was a lot stronger and we hadn't drank in a long time and we went toooo farrr lol. Never again. 

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