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Sneezing after eating mint?


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I've noticed after the longest time that I'll sometimes get the urge to sneeze when I chew mint gum, or eat a peppermint, etc. Sometimes even with mint toothpaste. 

And I've been wondering why. But I guess after thinking about it, it may obviously just be the strong minty taste and the sensation it gives me.

But I've asked other people if they've had this experience, and most of them replied with no. But what about you guys?

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Yep! Every time I eat a tic tac (mint), I'll sneeze. I think it's the strong cool sensation when it gets in your nasal passages. Definitely happens to me a lot.

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Yes, it happens to both me and my husband! I've only ever had it happen with Altoids, but it happens with my husband more often, with other mints and even mint-flavored gum sometimes.

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I used to work with a girl who had the loudest sneezes after any kind of mint smell...she mentioned her whole family has that reaction to mint.  her sneezes were glorious and made it very hard to concentrate at work when it happened.

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