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Yummy coworker sneeze


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So I've written about my coworkers before, but not this one! We'll call him AF. AF is 6'4, short dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and glasses. He's lean but built and suuuuper yummy. I think my favorite feature about him is his husky voice. I have the biggest crush on him, lol. 

I was working in the back of the restaurant and he had been working next to me for most of the day, but went to a different part of the kitchen to grab something. I didn't get to see him sneeze, but I heard it: "Huh-too!" It wasn't super loud which was surprising because his voice is pretty booming. There wasn't any "chhh" or "shhh" at all which I thought was super interesting (and also cute). One of my coworkers blessed him (I don't know who, I didn't actually hear it) and he said thank you. He then walked past me, stopped next to me and kind of paused, and shook his head and said "woooo!" as if he was fighting another sneeze or taken aback by the first one. I have to say that is my weakness!! I thought I might melt. Sooooo cute. 

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