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She has hoped it was a joke. A cruel joke. 

There was no way her mother had actually invited her ex-love interest and his family to her house. Not only that, but to stay for 4 weeks while their house was under construction. She thought when Peter had moved 5 hours away two years ago, that was the last she would see of him. And as much as it hurt when he left, after she had gotten over the initial heartbreak, she was glad she'd never have to see those eyes again. 

Of course, as he stepped out of his parents car. She realized it was not a joke, or a dream, or a nightmare. 

Well, it was a nightmare in a way. 

He was here, back in front of her. And she had a find a way to not fall in love with him again over the next 3 weeks. She dropped her gaze, unable to look at his caring eyes. Or his now prominent jawline. Had he developed abs over the past 2 years? His shirt clung just close enough to show them. Not to mention of course he had chosen a sleeveless top that showed off his defined arms. Now she had to look at the ground. It was the only way not to stare. If she wasn't looking at him she'd be fine. All she had to do was keep her eyes closed for 3 weeks. 

"Hey Eliana." His voice. 

This was going to be harder than she thought. 


Looking at the flames in the fireplace through the dark living room was just enough to coax the tickle that has been building all evening in her sinuses out. She stifled a single sneeze against the back of her wrist quickly before rubbing at her returning to her book. 

"Bless you."

Eliana looked up to find blue eyes watching her closely. She hadn't known Peter was standing there. His eyes seemed to be looking right into hers, and then in the same moment, looking her over. She felt her cheeks warm up as she watched him relax, leaning against the door frame. How did changing his posture manage to make him look even more attractive than he did 5 seconds earlier. 

"Stop that." She sighed, forcing herself to look away from him and back to her book. She could feel his eyes on her. Burning her skin as she tried to ignore him, she let herself look back for just a second. 

"Stop what? Being polite?" The grin that he held for a moment before letting fade told her he knew exactly what she meant.

"Stop looking at me like that. Like you used to." Her tone was firm. 

The smile faded, maybe they were not on the same page as she had thought. Maybe he was genuinely just being nice. I mean, she had no reason to believe otherwise. He always was just that, nice. It wasn't his fault she had fallen in love with him and he hadn't felt the same way. It wasn't his fault she spilled her feelings for him all out at one time and all he replied with was a goodbye. He pushed himself off the doorframe and ran a hand through his wet hair. He must've been running in the rain, running was one thing about him that eve changed, he was always athletic as long as she had known him. His body looked it more now than it did two years ago.

"Well, you're welcome." 

She raised one eyebrow not sure exactly what he was on about now. 

"You sneezed. So I said bless you," the smile returned. "You're welcome."

With that he turned swiftly and disappeared around the corner. How was she going to deal with him being there for 4 weeks.... living in her house. She could barely handle the first evening and she only saw him for 15 minutes before skipping dinner and hiding in her bedroom for the remainder of the night. Now it was barley dinner time on the second day and she felt as though all her old feelings for him had already returned. 

She had to find another way to make this work. There had to be a way she could make his presence bearable for her heart. 


Her mother obviously didn't understand the hatred in her eyes as she asked Eliana to go see what Peter was doing. "You two should do something together, it's been so long." Yeah, exactly. And last time she saw him she told him she loved him. And he couldn't return the phase. Why she did care if they hung out anyway? This wasn't a playdate. 

Despite the whispered argument between her and her mother in the kitchen, Eliana made her way down their long hallway and stopped in front of one of the guest rooms, the one Peter was staying in to be exact. She held her hand by the door for at least 2 minutes before getting up the courage to knock. 


She didn't get a response aside from a slight hum as if she had just woken him up. She cleared her throat before speaking again. 

"Can I come in?" 


She pushed the door open slowly, he was bent over tying his shoelaces, his bright eyes and perfect teeth meeting her gaze quickly before she throws her hands over her eyes and shrieks slightly. "Sorry! You said I could come in!" 

Eliana peeks through two fingers upon hearing him laughing, one hand is placed on his hip, the other brushing his hair back. Wow. She left like an idiot. The way he was bent over made it look as though he was naked. Her cheeks flushed a light pink as she realized she had made quite a fool of herself. 

She couldn't help but stare at his body. His long blue athletic shorts coming up to meet his tan abs. Which by the way, were stupid defined. Even more so than she thought when she saw his body through his clothing. He pulled a shirt on snapping her attention back. She pulled her eyes up to find his. "I was just about to go for a run. Want to come?" Of course she wanted to come. She wanted to spend every second of the day with him. There's nothing she'd rather do than be by his side. "No thanks."

"I'd like the company." How was she supposed to say no to that smile. Those perfectly white, braces straightened teeth. The ice cold blue eyes that were somehow so soft. "I'm not much of a runner, you know that." 

"Anyone can be a runner," he states "just not everyone likes to run." 

She opens her mouth to speak but he continues. 

"And you like to run. It clears your head." How did he remember that? "So I'd say you're a runner, in a way." The smile eased off slightly as he watched her puzzled expression. He pulled his foot back off the bed, done tying his shoes and shrugged. "I can go slow." 

Nope. No no no. He was not going to get her back that easily. She spent two years trying to get over him, and when she finally did. Here he comes, waltzing back in like nothing happened. Well, this time she wasn't going to give her love away and spend all her time with him for 4 weeks and then have him break her heart as he drove away. It wasn't happening. She was telling him no. 

"What do you say?" 

Damn those gorgeous blue eyes.

All she had to say was no. 

"Let me get my shoes." 

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Ahhh! This is awesome! Please do continue! I wonder if Eliana will end up telling Peter about her love for him again, and based on the tags, looks like he'll be getting sick, too!!! Classic contagion is always one of my favorite things in stories! I'm looking forward to the next part. :) 

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Oh my god this story is wonderful so far!! I can relate to Eliana so much. I can't wait to read more! So excited to see where this goes, great job!

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Thank you guys! I'm glad you like it:) let me know anything you'd like to read/ what you'd like their relationship to be like? I'm just trying to get the story established right now. 



They completed most of the run in silence, Eliana following closely behind Peter as he ran the familiar path he used to everyday before he left. She had accompanied him on this run multiple times and she had no trouble keeping up with him, but stayed a foot or two behind to make sure not to bust his ego. She knew running, and sports was his thing. For her, running was just a thing. 

He slowed to a jog, and then a walk as her house came back into view. Moving slower than his long legs could have carried him  so she knew that was her cue to get back in line with him. 

She felt a blast of wind hit her from behind and it was the first time she realized she was dressed for a summer run. But he had been smart enough to being a sweatshirt. 

She couldn't control the shiver that went through her from head to toe. Although now, forcing herself to look away from the boy beside her, she wasn't sure if it was from the air. That despite being uncomfortably hot during the day, managed to cool right down as it flowed off the ocean at night. Or if it was from Peter being so close to her. 

He quickly slipped out of his sweatshirt and was about to offer it to her when she shook her head. 

"I'm fine." 

He rolled his eyes. "You're shivering." 

She wasn't shivering, she shivered. There was a difference. She ignored his comment and continued walking. Furthering herself from him slightly with her steps. The sniffle that escaped her happened before she could even realize it was going to. Peter grabbed her arms and spun her around to face him. He pulled the sweatshirt over her shoulders and then patted her on the head as if she was a puppy. She went to pull it off but he took her hand, gently placing it back down by her side. 

"Give it a rest Eliana. Wear the damn sweater so I don't feel like a jerk walking beside you while you're shaking." Was he being sweet?

She decided to accept the sweater then. Not because he told her to, simply because she decided she was over the whole tough girl, I don't need a man act. They both knew it wasn't her. And frankly, she was cold. "Thanks." 

He nodded, a smile forming at the corners of his lips. Her heart was happy being with him. It felt just like the good days they had before his family had left the beach. Before he had left her. 

He pulled her away from her own thoughts just in time. "So.. how have you been?" 

She shrugged. "Same as always. How have you been?" His hand was running through his hair again. It seemed to always be. Anytime he was happy, or sad, or frustrated. The curls were pushed away from his face and she was able to see his eyes more clearly. It was wonderful, in the worst way. 

"I've been alright." She struggled to hear the sincerity behind his statement. He sounded unsure. "I mean, well I'm good. Everything is good." That tone was more clear. It was a bold lie. "I've missed it here."  The truth was in his eyes for the last part. She missed him here. He looked at the ground. 

Oh no, not this again. She turned quickly to the side hiding her face in the elbow his his sweatshirt. 


A giggle escaped her as she saw him flinch following the sudden sneeze. "Sorry." 

He watched their feet moving side by side, an innocent smile across his lips. "No need to apologize. And bless you." 

Hi'eitchh! Ugh. 

Peter watched her, the concern clear in his eyes being slightly masked by his calm smile. "Allergies acting up?" She shrugged. "I don't have allergies." 

He nodded and seemed to drop it until she was weak enough to let another shiver fall through her, despite having his sweatshirt on to keep her warm now. 

"Aw. Don't tell me you're getting a cold in the summer time Els." He playfully knocked against her with his shoulder. 

"It's barely summer anymore. The leaves are beginning to change colour." He looked up towards the trees as if he didn't believe her. Then brought his attention back as she let another sniffle escape her. "And no, I don't have a cold." 

His smile showed more concern than anything else. "We should head back in." He sighed as a drop of rain fell between them. And then another. The wind was harsh as it warned of an oncoming storm. 

With a single crash of lightening the storm began, instantly soaking the two. They stood for a moment, neither of them moving. Eliana wanted anything but to go inside but as the wind pushed her hair from her face another shiver fell over her and Peter took her hand to head back inside. She tried not to react as his fingers wrapped around hers.

He pushed through the back door letting her run in before him. "I'll be right back." She smiled running into the bathroom to check her appearance, she was upset with herself that she cared how she looked around him, but that didn't stop her from checking anyway. 

Wow good thing she checked. Her hair was beginning to curl as the water droplets fell down her back. She luckily hadn't been wearing makeup so that wasn't all over her face, however she looked slightly more pale than usual and her eyes were dark beneath her lower lashes. She was sure it was from the cold. She grabbed two towels and went back out to the back room.

"Seriously?" She asked tossing him a towel and wrapping hers around herself before crossing her arms over her chest. "Like why..." A cocky grin came across his lips, he knew exactly what she was talking about as he stood there wringing out his soaked t-shirt. "That is just..." she said motioning towards his bare torso. He looked down at his abs, rubbing a finger across them slowly. "Ridiculous." She finished rolling her eyes at his inhuman muscle tone.  

He laughed once before bending over and aggressively drying his hair with the towel. "You should change into dry clothes." He said standing up straight and dropping the towel onto the floor. He took a few steps closer to her so they were inches apart. His hand touched hers for a second before she pulled away. "You're freezing." He exhaled and she felt the warmth of his breath against her collarbone. She wanted nothing more than to lean into him, but instead she stepped away. "You're right. I'm going to go change." She turned quickly before she was able to change her mind. Keeping her eyes on the ground knowing if she looked behind her and saw his body, she'd be heading back in his direction.

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I love this so far and how he insists she let him take care of her. So cute. Do continue! I love seeing their relationship's development

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"Good morning." Peters voice was way too cheery for it being 8 in the morning. She glanced over to see him dressed and ready for a morning run. She looked down at her blanket wrapped body. Why was his life so put together... 

"Morning. Going for a run?" Oh god. It was the first time she had spoken since waking up, she didn't realize how the congestion had settled into her voice. On top of that, her throat was aching and she was obviously hoarse. He stopped halfway to the door and spun around on his heels. "What's up with your voice?" 

She shrugged and wiggled beneath her blanket. "Just woke up." She cleared her throat in hopes that it would help. 

"Oh. Okay. Well, I'm just gonna run a quick 2 mile. Want to go for breakfast or something when I get back?" 

Did she miss the part where they became a couple? Or like.. friends again? Why was he asking her out for breakfast? Despite being slightly confused and extremely concerned about letting herself get too close to Peter again. She nodded. "Cool. Be back soon." He shut the door behind him and she watched through the window as he ran down the driveway. 

2 miles wouldn't take him that long, she should get up and get ready to have breakfast but she figured she could close her eyes for a couple minutes first. Two minutes of relaxing on the couch before she got up, that was it. She closed her eyes and cuddled up against her blanket.

"Els?" Whose voice was that? There's no way he was back from his run already. She opened her eyes to a blurry figure. Her hands quickly rubbed the tiredness away and she blinked to let her eyes readjust to the light to see Peter standing over her. His hair was slightly damp with sweat, and he had pushed it away from his face. He looked gorgeous like that. "Sorry. Shit. I didn't know if you were actually out. You just go back to sleep." 

She shook her head no and quickly sat up. Too quickly apparently cause she instantly got a sharp pain behind her eyes and she squeezed them shut and felt her head in her hands. "You okay?" He asked putting one hand on her back and the other against her cheek. "You're really warm. Maybe you should just lie back down." 

He took a seat on the couch by her feet and rested his arm over her legs. "I'm fine."  She said throwing the blankets onto Peter and standing up. 

"Come on, you're over tired or something." He was up and in front of her before she could even notice him moving. She didn't recognize the look on his face. It wasn't that he was angry, or upset. She knew those looks. He looked.. concerned? She had to show him she was well enough to have breakfast, he'd stop worrying, and then she could hide out in her room the rest of the day. It was the perfect plan. 

"I want breakfast, I'm hungry." He wouldn't tell her not to eat. She had won. 

"Well just let me bring you something. I can make cereal. Or toast." He laughed at himself. "Yeah I'm sure I could handle toast." Or maybe not... 

"I'm seriously okay. I just was under the blanket in front of the fire too long." She had to smile at her cleverness for coming up with that excuse on the spot. 

"Your eyes have that fevered look going on." She looked offended by his comment. Although she knew exactly what he meant, she crossed her arms over her chest. "Well, I mean. I only even noticed cause I was looking at how beautiful your eyes are." 

Eliana rolled her eyes. Her head felt a little dizzy but she knew it would pass. "I'll be right back." She walked slowly to her room, staying close to the walls just incase she started to fall over. She pulled on ripped jeans, a tshirt, long sleeve shirt, and a hoodie. Socks and shoes on, and she glanced in the mirror, pulling at her messy bun slightly to make it a more controlled mess. 

"Sorry, didn't mean to make you wait. I'm sure you're hungry." She was glad at least her voice sounded slightly better now. 

He closed his eyes for a moment, holding his breathe before letting it out. That exhale sounded frustrated. "Are you sure you want to go?" She nodded. 

"Okay." His smile wasn't genuine. "I'll drive." 

He went out the door and Eliana followed quickly behind him. With the sun hitting her eyes so suddenly, she couldn't hold back a lingering sneeze from this morning. 


"Hey," Peter took ahold of the passenger side door handle and opened it before pointing at her, a smile creeping on his lips. "No sneezing in my car." 

Eliana slipped in past his arm and sat in the passengers seat. Peter took ahold of the door and looked down at her. "And bless you, of course." He shut the door gently and sprinted around to the drivers side.

"So," he started the car. "Where to?" 


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Awww, this is so cute!! I can't wait to see where they're going and what will happen! Is Peter going to fully figure Eliana out and tell her? It looks like he's getting close. How would Eliana respond when it's obvious he knows and isn't backing down on his statement? I'm really looking forward to the next part! :bounce: 

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Ah man....I hate when I find a great story only to discover it was never finished....(says the person who has literally never finished a Story)

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