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My boyfriend has been sick/ getting over a cold for almost a month now. I keep telling him he should go to the doctor since he's not getting much better, but, unsurprisingly, he doesn't listen. Anyway, he's really congested and it's usually the worst in the morning when he wakes up. This morning, we had just gotten up and we're laying in bed watching TV, when I hear him take a quick breath in and hup-SHHOOO! I blessed him, but then again, he takes a quick breath and another hup- ISSCHOO! Louder than the first. I said, "Wow, bless you again babe!" As he usually only sneezes singles. He says thanks, but then closes his eyes and his large nostrils grow even larger and flare for a moment, and he lets out an even bigger and wetter HUP-ISSCHHOOOO! in my direction, and a little bit of spray misted my arm. I bless him a third time, and he says "Tissues" breathlessly and I watched his nostrils flare again and his breath hitch, but then unfortunately, the sneeze left him. He was a sniffly congested mess afterwards, and when he blew into the tissues, it actually soaked through and some got on his hands. He asked me for paper towels instead and proceeded to fill three whole paper towels with the wettest, gurgliest blows. It did help his congestion a bit, but he was still sniffling the rest of he morning. Also, he knows about the fetish so he lets out his sneezes totally uncovered for my benefit, which I absolutely love :wub:

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