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Possible cold on airplane


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Just a quick OBS from a plane ride a couple of weeks back.

I had an aisle - seat and on the other side of the isle sat sat a mid 20's woman, kinda petite, hazel eyes, and wavy brown hair that went a bit below the shoulders. Anyway, this was a ~4 hour flight, and when we took off she seemed completely fine. Soon after taking off she dug out a pair of headphones from her bag and was soon fast asleep. About an hour after falling asleep she started doing these tiny little sniffles in her sleep, and she developed a quiet snore that hinted at congestion.

I must have fallen asleep as well at some point, and when I woke up she was as well, sniffling every once in a while to keep her nose in check. I only got to see her sneeze one time, a violent double that obviously came as a surprise, since the first was a messy, desperate - sounding girly sneeze and the second one was muffled in the sleeve of her sweatshirt. After the sneezes she seemed to be able to keep her nose in check by doing these deep, congested sniffles once every minute or so.

I didn't see her after leaving the plane, but I suspect (and hope) that she woke up the morning after all congested and sneezy, and had developed a full-blown, feverish cold by evening.


That was all for now, but I do have another great OBS from that trip and I'll try to get it written down ASAP!





















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At first she was sitting by the window and that's when the sneezes occured. She did sit in the aisle seat for the last part of the flight, so I got a lot of close - up sniffles but sadly no sneezes :(

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Airplanes are always goldmines for good sneeze observations. There have been a variety of theories about this floated on the forum - air pressure, trapped allergens, etc. but when I fly I nearly always get to witness a good sneeze. Thanks for posting :) 

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