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Cat Help Part 2!


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I want to start off by saying I really appreciate that you guys took time to help me the first time. In the end, I decided the boys would be happier being returned to the breeder. Saturday, she came over to pick them up, but they were really freaked out about all the people trying to round them up and put them in carriers. In the end, she only left with one-- the other one is still here. We've been trying to get him into a carrier but he is fast and smart.

It breaks my heart because him and the other cat were close-- now he wanders the house meowing sadly and looking for his missing friend. I've tried to trap him in the bathroom but because he had watched me do that to his friend, he knows to avoid the bathroom. I put a litterbox and food in there in order to trap him but whenever he hears someone get close he bolts. None of us can get close enough to him to catch him and put him in a carrier, once we get a few feet close to him he runs away. He's always on guard too.

We can't wait it out for him to calm down because he's literally always like this. He's been like this since I brought him home over a month ago-- it's just how he is.

So what I'm asking is: got any ideas on how to capture him? Here's what I've tried: trapping him in a room, putting food in a carrier to draw him in, just straight up grabbing him. All have failed.

I'm wondering if I should contact a vet and ask for a sedative or something to calm him down so we can grab him. I really want to reunite him with his buddy and have him live happily back at his original home! Seeing him so depressed really breaks my heart.

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You could contact your local vet, or any cat charity that traps feral cats. They will have humane cat traps that automatically close when the cat goes in. Only provide cat food inside the trap and the cat will go in at some point. Sedatives that go in the food are not likely to be all that successful. There's a good chance the cat won't eat it and most things you can mix in food are not sufficiently reliable. They may be able to loan you one if you ask nicely.

Hope that helps. Best of luck.

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Thanks! I did contact the breeder who has a friend who is a vet. She suggests using a trap of sorts like you described. Here's hoping!

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