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Hello There, I'm Your Neighbor(Reboot)


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I'm going to try again at this story. Just to let you know this is going to be based off Hello Neighbor, but from a fetish point of view, and my point of view as well so please just read before you hate. P.S comment down below if you want me to restart the other B and J series and my other B and A the Giantess series.

Part 1:Welcome to the Neighborhood!

"It feels great to finally have our own house out here in the suburbs again", said Brendan with a smile. The Bennett family had finally found a decent house out in the suburbs.

They were all in there car driving to there new home. In the car was Brendan, his wife Jasmine, His son that looked excatly like him Brendan Jr, and his daughter Jasmine Jr that looked excatly like Jasmine.

They were all looking at the beautiful sunset as it was evening time while driving through the peaceful suburban area, while listening to some Smooth Jazz by Wayman Tisdale that Brendan was playing.

They were driving for about 40 mins. After a while, they drove past a huge flower field. It had flowers blooming and pollen flying all out threw the air.

Brendan had smiled and looked over at his wife. As expected, she was rubbing her nose and sniffling ferociously. She was breathing heavily as her small nostrals had flared. Her breath was hitching slowly but surely as well. He looked back toward the road and said, "Need a tissue Jazz?". She was about to answer when she had sneezed twice and rubbed her nose. 

Ha....Haa...Hatshieww! Hatshiew!. Brendan had felt great pleasure as he grabbed some tissues and handed them to her. She snatched them and blew her nose messily. She then sneezed loudly into the tissues causing Brendan Jr to jump. 

HATSHIEW! Ha....Haa....HAtsHiew! Hatshiew! HATSHIEW!. Brendan Jr frowned and had said, "Geez mom...You never fail to catch me off gaurd with those...".

Brendan started laughing, and Jasmine looked at him while giving him a cold stare saying, "I bet you drove by that flower field on purpose...".

Brendan put his left hand on his chest and said, "What? C'mon Jazz you know I don't do those things on purpose...Well atleast not 90% of the time anyway...".

Jasmine gave up and replied, "Whatever...Can't you at least wait till we get to our new home first?". She had blew her nose messily again after that. Brendan shrugged and replied, "Who knows? Only time can tell...".

She shook her head and went back to looking out the window sniffling wetly every few seconds. After 5 mins later, they arrived at there wonderful new house.

Brendan told everyone to get out right away and start moving boxes swiftly inside as nightfall was nearing. 

After 45 mins...

Everything was in the house. Jasmine had set up most of the house and rooms while Brendan set up Brendan and Jasmine Jr's beds so they can get in bed and go to sleep for the rest of the night.

After him and Jasmine had finished they both had turned on some night lights and there security system they set up as well, and walked outside. They had looked at each other and kissed, and then looked up at the starry sky.

After a while they both started yawning, and decided they should get some sleep for the night. They both had walked back inside the house and went to bed and slept for the rest of the night.

The next morning...

Everyone woke up and started unpacking the last of the stuff they brought. After that the family decided to eat a nice big healthy breakfast. Jasmine was going to cook and went into the kitchen to start preparing breakfast, while Brendan played around with the kids. 

40 mins later...

Jasmime told everyone breakfast was ready and they all sat down and ate.While they were eating Brendan said, "Woah slow down there! Make sure you thank your mother for all of this alright?". They both nodded yes and kept stuffing there faces.

After a nice big healthy breakfast...

Brendan had told the kids they could go play outside in front of the house, while they stand out there with them checking out the area. Brendan and Jasmine Jr jumped up and down and ran to the door immidiately and started runnin after each other playing tag.

Shortly afterwards, Brendan and Jasmine followed them outside and started checking out the area. Brendan looked around for a little bit then had saw something crazy.It was the humongous house in front of them!. He jumped and said, "Yo Jazz check this out! This house is huge!".

His wife had looked over at it and was surprised at how huge it was and how it had many things on it as well. Jasmine looked at the train traveling around the house and the windmill and replied, "Geez...How could someone afford a house like that....".

Brendan was scoping out the area while his wife kept looking at the huge house. He had noticed that there was a nice little area with some flowers on it and had ran over amd grabbed one.

He had ran back behind Jasmine and tapped her shoulder saying, "Hey Jasmine check this out!". She had turned around and the flower ended up directly under her nose.

She had started to rub her nose and her nostrals flared intensly as she breathed heavily. She had tears in her eyes as she tried to fight back the strong tickle in her nose, but it overwhelmed her and she started to have a mini sneezing fit. 

Haa....Haaa....Hatshiew! Ahtshiew! HATSHIEW! hatshiew! HaTShiew! hATSHIEW!. Brendan stared at her while she sneezed in awe as he felt refreshed. He kinda felt bad but he removed the flower and threw it as soon as she started to sneeze. 

While Jasmine sneezed though...

The curtains from the big house opened up in the big house and It seems there neighbor was watching the little event from his window staring at Jasmine mostly smiling with the same smile Brendan had while Jasmine sneezed. 

Jasmine had sneezed one last time loudly. Haa....Haaa....Haaaaa....HAAATsHieW!. 

After she was finished, Brendan pulled out some tissues from his pocket and handed them to her. Jasmine snatched them and blew her nose loudly, messily, and very wetly. 

Jasmine sniffed wetly a couple times and looked over at Brendan very angrily. She had went over and punched him in his arm amd said, "Brendan! Don't do that I don't want to disturb our neighbors...Besides if there are more people around here like you...Then I don't want them staring at me...".

Brendan smiled and said, "Aw c'mon Jazz! I was just messin with you! Besides it's not like anyone else around here is like that...Trust me it's pretty rare to just found someone with my fetish you can trust me on that one".

She ignored him and walked back inside the house. Brendan had told the kids they should come back inside to for now until there mom was ready to come out again. They had nodded sadly and walked back into there house.

The curtains on the big houses window closed as they walked back inside.

Well that's Part 1 of this reboot series! I hope you liked it! Amd please leave any kind of critques or comments you may have if you want it will help me improve even greater! See yall for Part 2!


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On 9/2/2017 at 8:33 AM, AC/DC Fanboy said:

I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Im glad you did just wait for the next part it will be even better it's just that i'm very busy right now sorry guys my bad...

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Chiller, a sneezy skeleton
On 9/9/2017 at 8:01 PM, bben9 said:


Im glad you did just wait for the next part it will be even better it's just that i'm very busy right now sorry guys my bad...

Dont worry, i think its pretty busy all around

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