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Telling my BF (M)


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Soo, I'm new at the forum c:. This is my first time posting, and I'm not English, so excuse my grammar. 

Hope u like. 


The other day, I was talking with my boyfriend about strange/gross fetishes, and he asked me if I had any fetish. I didn't know what to do, but I decided to tell him. He said that it was so cute... And asked me if he can help me. (mini-scream)

-How can I make myself sneeze, cutie?- He asked

-Well, you can twirl a tissue and introduce it into your nose...

He went to the bathroom and grabbed a tissue. I couldn't believe that he was going to induce for me OwO.

He introduced it into his nose and... 


He stifled a double. I was shivering. 

-B-bless you... 

-Thank you, love... Wait... Hhhg... Hhh... 


This time he didn't stifled it. 

-Bless you again, darling... 

-Thank you, honey...

He blew his nose and kissed me. 

-Thanks for doing it... 

-No problem, hon. I really loved it. 

Sooo, that's it. I have the cutest boyfriend in the world c':. Btw, let me describe him: he's 5'9, thin, and he has a lil bit of beard. He also wears glasses. He's a huge blesser too and he ALWAYS says "Thank you" when someone blesses him (I love it, btw)

See you <3

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On 31/8/2017 at 2:15 AM, PennyLane said:

This is so cute! He sounds like a great boyfriend.

Yes, he is! And I have more obs about him c:


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1 hour ago, Pheonix_Mandrill said:

Good thing you do cuz I wanna read em' I loved this first one! 

I'm going to upload a new one! 

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