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Chapter 1- Irma comes to life

Irma is a robot with hundreds of strains of the cold virus, which can be activated at any time.  I designed her.  Today I bring her to life!


I flipped her on switch.


She stretched and opened her eyes.  “Hi Irma.” I said to her smiling big.


“Hi.  How are you today?” She asked.  “I’m great!” I remarked.


I used my remote to choose a cold virus for Irma to come down with.  This was going to be so much fun.  Robots were common and had human like emotions, reflexes etc.  They sneezed, burped and farted.  The only different was that other robots did not spread contagion like Irma would.


Irma rubbed her nose and eyes.  Her nose ran and she wiped it with her hand.  “Do you have any tissues?” She asked.  I handed her a box of them and she wiped her runny nose.  She rubbed her nose again.  Then her face contorted and she sneezed. 

“HUHTCHOOPHXX!”  “Oh, excuse me!” Irma said.  “Bless you!” I responded.  “I feel like I am catching a cold.” Irma said.  I smiled as her face scrunched and she sneezed twice on me.  “HUH-TSS-CHEW!  HUHTISHEW!”  “God bless you!” I said.  “Oh gosh!” Irma exclaimed! 


I had activated a rather nasty bug in Irma, which automatically triggered severe cold symptoms. 


I took Irma with me to run errands.  She pushed the cart at the grocery store.  Her face was beet red and she sneezed every few minutes.  “HUHTSSSHOOPH!”  Irma sneezed onto her elbow.  “Bless you!” I said.  She sneezed as she unloaded the groceries.  “HUHKTSSSHOO!”  “Bless you,” remarked the cashier.  “I’m sorry.  I’m catching a cold.” Irma said.  “Sure sounds like it.” The cashier said. 


Most sneezes, Irma covered nicely.  Once we walked outside though, she was pushing the cart and sneezed openly all over the bags of groceries.  “HUTSHOO! HAHSHOO HAHTSSSHOO!”  “Goodness, bless you!” I said.  The mucus dripped down her face.  I handed her some tissues and she cleaned herself up. 


She also sneezed all over the dashboard in the car on the way home.  “HUHSHOOOOPHXXX!”  “Oh, goodness!” She exclaimed.


I sent her out to weed the garden and she sneezed the entire time.  “HUTSSSCHEW!  HUHSHOOOO!” 


After dinner, I took Irma with me to see a movie.  “HUH HUH HUHCHEW!”  She sneezed onto her napkin as I ate my popcorn.  “Bless you!” I whispered.  Every few minutes, Irma sneezed. 


The entire car ride home, Irma sneezed and now coughed as well. 


Irma sneezed on me in the bed that night and woke me up from a deep sleep.  “HUHTSSHOOO!” 


The next day, Irma woke up looked horrible. She was pale and her face was flushed. Her nose dripped and was bright red.  She coughed a deep cough.  Sweat dripped off her skin.


I had invited my friends over to meet Irma. They didn’t know she could spread contagion. 


The door bell rang at noon.  I had prepared lunch for all 5 of us.


They greeted Irma was a warm hug.  Irma accidently sneezed on my friend Emily mid hug.  “HUH-TSSHOO!”  “Bless you!” Emily said.  “Oh my god. You don’t look well Irma!”  Stacey said.  “I have a terrible cold.” Irma said.  Her face scrunched and she covered with her elbow this time.  “HUHSHOO! AHCHEW!”  “God bless you!” Frankie said. 


I wasn’t ready to tell my friends she was contagious. 


Irma sneezed the entire lunch. She kept the box of tissues next to her at the table.

“HUHCHEW! HUHSHOOOPPPXX! HAHCHEW!”  “Goodness, maybe you should go get some rest for that cold?”  Emily said worriedly.  “That might be a wise idea. Go ahead Irma and try to take a nap.” I said. 


Emily walked Irma upstairs and tucked her into bed.  “There, feel better!” Emily said.


I told my friends the truth when Emily came back downstairs.


“WHAT! Are you crazy!?”  They remarked in unison.  “Oh GOD, you are going to get us all sick!”  Emily yelled.  “Come on.  It’s just a cold.” I said.


The truth is that my throat already hurt and I felt a bit sick.  I had sneezed twice while I was preparing lunch.


My friends left pretty upset with me and I guess I didn’t blame them.


By that evening, I was feeling pretty stuffy and my body hurt.  I sneezed twice more while Irma sat next to be watching TV. “AHTSHOO!  HAH-CHEW!”  “God bless you!”  Irma said.  “Thanks,” I said.


I continued to sneeze all evening and eventually Irma asked if I was getting sick.

“I’m getting a cold.” I said.  “Then it is off to bed for you my dear Amile!”  Irma stated.

I didn’t argue.


I must have fallen asleep quickly because the next thing I knew it was morning. Irma had recovered from the worst of her illness and was in the kitchen making tea and breakfast for me. 


I woke up sneezing and coughing. “Oh, dear!”  Irma remarked.


After breakfast, Irma insisted I climb back into bed.  I had a fever of 101 and I was fully congested.  I fell sound asleep.


For the next few days,  Irma nursed me back to health and before I knew it I was myself again.  Irma had also succeeded in giving Frankie and Emily her cold, which they were not too pleased about, but forgave me for not telling them she was contagious.  I promised to let them know next time.  I guess it's up to me when next time is...

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Part 2

The thing about Irma’s colds was that I could program them, but she also would just get them randomly.


Well, she randomly got her next cold, not long after the first one and while my friends and I were at the cabin.


She started sneezing that evening while we played board games. huhTSSS-HUHCHEW!  HUHSHOOOPHXX!”  BLESS YOU! Several of us said the Irma.

Several minutes later, Irma had another fit of sneezing.  She turned around and aimed at her elbow.  “haHHtssssHEW! CHEW! HUHCHEW! HUHTSSS-CHEW!”  “Bless you!” We said again.  By the sixth fit of sneezing, we all wondering if Irma was coming down with something.  “Are you getting sick Irma?”  I asked.  “I’m afraid I am.  My throat is raw and my nose is quite itchy.  As you can tell, I am needing to sneeze a lot tonight.”

“I didn’t program her to do this. This is random.” I said in defense.

Irma’s nose ran and I got up and brought her tissues.  “HUHCHEW!”

“Bless you!” We said again.


Irma’s eyes ran and she coughed openly and sneezed unexpectedly. The spray hit the game board in front of her.  “hhhUHtsssHHHHOOO!”  “Oh, excuse me!” She remarked.

“ALL RIGHT! That’s enough.  You are going to bed before you get all of us sick!” Emily said.  Last time, Irma had gotten all three of my friends sick with her awful cold.


Irma followed instructions and left the table and went up to bed, still sneezing and coughing.


Irma was much better the next morning and we all seemed fine.  That is we were fine, but over the course of the next 2 days, we all came down with Irma’s cold and were cursing her germs.

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Part 3

The next cold I activated while we waited in the airport. No one would know. It was the perfect scheme because everyone assumes robots do not carry germs.


Irma and I sat in seats in the crowded airport, waiting for our delayed flight.  Irma had started to get sick that morning during our taxi ride to the airport.

“hhhttSSXXxCHEW!”  “Bless you!” The taxi driver remarked. 


Anyway, as we sat across from the other waiting passengers, Irma sneezed in fits every few minutes.  “hhhUHtXXXCHEW!  HUHCHOOO! HUHTICHEW!”  “Bless you!” I said.  She held the tissues up to her nose to cover on most of the sneezes and sort of half covered her coughing. 


We finally got called to board.  Irma sneezed over her shoulder as we waited in line.  “HUHTXXXCHEW!”  “Bless you!”  The woman beside her said.  “Thank you.  I’m terribly sneezy this morning!” Irma remarked. 


Irma sat in the middle seat, in between me and an unsuspecting woman.  Irma sneezed the entire flight.  txxHUHCHEW! HUHCHEW! HUH- HUH- HUHCHEW!”  “Goodness, GOD BLESS YOU!”  The woman said on the first round of Irma’s sneezing.  “Thank you. I must be catching a cold.” Irma said.

The woman smiled and didn’t appear too concerned.  “Well, you get some rest and feel better!” She said.  Irma sneezed into her elbow on the same side as the woman and I know she got the lady with her spray.  “HUHtxxxCHEW!”  “Bless you!’ The woman said, wiping her arm off.  "Sick robot, huh? Now, I've heard of everything!" The woman said to me.  "They make them realistic these days for sure!" I responded.


I woke Irma up when the flight landed. She sneezed in my face, accidentally.  "HUHTxxxSHEW!"  "Bless you Irma. We better take care of that cold, huh?" I said.

This was the downside of inventing a robot that could actually get people sick.  I was really destined to get this cold Irma was spreading around.

Three days later, during our return flight home, the cold hit me full force and I was miserable the entire flight home. Luckily, it was just me and Irma in the row, so my sneezing germs were somewhat contained.  I had a full box of tissues and hand sanitizer in front of me and dozed off when I could.

I wasn't planning on giving Irma any more colds, anytime soon. I just hoped she would not randomly get one.  I couldn't control that without wiping out her entire memory...


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Part 4

Irma and I went about our daily lives. I got used to having her around, not to mention the fact that she was very helpful.  While I was at work, she cleaned the house, cooked our meals and did my laundry.  For sure, this was the best invention I had ever come up with.  But, more than that, I began to think of her as a companion, like part of the family.


I needed a break from work and Irma was good company, so I took her with me on our road/camping trip.  I drove while Irma helped with directions.  Midway into our drive, Irma started to sniffle a bit.  “Oh my, I need a tissue.” Irma said as her nose dripped.  I didn’t have any within reach.  “Sweetie, I don’t have any. They are packed in the suitcase.”  I said.  Irma wiped her nose on her sleeve.  She rubbed her nose with the back of her hand.  I sure hoped she wasn’t coming down with something.


We stopped at the next gas station to fill up and I went in the grab a Coke and some snacks to keep me awake the next few hours.  I also picked up a box of tissues for Irma. She seemed to have a runny nose. Maybe it was just robot allergies or something. 


I put the snacks on my lap after filling up and handed Irma the tissues. She blew her nose, which was sounding a bit wet and congested.  “Are you getting a cold?” I asked. 

“Maybe. My nose is just a bit runny today.”  She said.  I felt her head, but she didn’t feel like she had a temperature.


We had an hour to go and I was getting tired, so I got back on the road.  Irma fell asleep, was not usual for her, unless she was sick and her programming defaulted to rest mode.  I sure hoped she wasn’t sick though.


We made it to the campsite in good time and I nudged Irma to wake her up.  She stretched and opened her eyes.  Then her face contorted and I saw that a sneeze was coming.  “HUTSXXXIIIEW!”  Irma flung forward and sneezed on her lap.  “Bless you.  It sounds like you have caught yourself a cold, Irma.” I said.  “Thank you.  Yes, I do feel a bit under the weather.” Irma said.  She was shivering and her nose dripped. She pulled out two tissues and blew her congested nose.


We set up our tent and then I had some sandwiches for dinner.  Irma and I climbed into our sleeping bags, huddled close to one another in our small tent.

I jumped when Irma sneezed on me, misting me with her cold germs.  “HUHTXXXIEW!”  “Geez, bless you!  You scared me!” I said.  “I am coming down with something for sure.” Irma said.


I fell asleep shortly after that, exhausted from the drive.  When I woke up, Irma was still in rest mode, another tell tale sign she was indeed a sick robot.  Not wanting to wake her, I quietly crawled out of the tent. After using the port a potty, I grabbed a few protein bars for breakfast.  Then I got dressed.


Irma was sitting up, with tissues in her hand to wipe her runny nose when I crawled back into the tent.  Her robotic skin had turned pale and her cheeks were flushed.  I checked her dial for her temperature and she had a slight fever.  But, we had plans to go on a wildlife tour and in fact bought tickets earlier that week.


So, we headed to the car, Irma with her tissues in her purse and me with a cup of tea I had made that morning.  Hopefully, Irma wouldn’t sound too sick. She looked pretty real as I had upgraded her features, so it was hard to tell she was not human.


It was a 30 minute drive and Irma was almost immediately in rest mode again.  Poor thing was not in good shape at all.  We pulled up to the location and I woke Irma up.


I found great seats for us on the safari car, right on the end where we could see.  After the guide introduced himself, we started our tour.  Irma was sniffling a bit and she held the tissues in her hand to wipe her runny nose.  Hopefully, she could contain her sneezes. There were people across from us and in front of us who would not be happy if she shared her germs.


But 10 minutes into the trip, Irma rubbed her nose and put her finger under it, trying to stop herself from sneezing.  The first time worked. However, the sneeze just built up and came flying out a few minutes later. “EH…Got it…EHHH…HEHHHTXXIEW!  AHTXXXXSHEW!”  Two loud sneezes into the tissues Irma held up to her face.  “Bless you.” I said.  “I EHH…OH …EHHHHHTISHEW!”  Irma sneezed again into the crumpled tissues.  “God bless you!”  A young man across from her said.


A few minutes later, we got out of the vehicle for a short hike. The wind was blowing and it irritated Irma’s nose, causing her to sneeze in a fit. She flung forward and just helplessly sneezed.  “HEHTXXXXSHOO!  ESHOOO! HUHTISHEW!  AHTCHOOO! ISHHHOOOXXX!”  She did not have time to pull tissues out of her pocket, so she turned away from the person next to her and sneezed toward me. I could see, after the uncovered sneezes, that the snot dangled from her nose.  I quickly handed Irma my scarf and she wiped her nose.  We now were getting looks from the other people on the tour.  “She has terrible allergies!” I lied. 


Irma fell asleep on my shoulder as we headed back to the car.  I gently woke her up when we got back from the tour and we climbed into my car.  “HUH..HUHHHTXXIEW!” Irma sneezed again once seated next to me in the car. She blew her nose on fresh tissues.  “Bless you. You poor dear.” I said.

“Yes, I have a terrible cold. I hope you don’t catch this!’  She said.  I hoped I didn’t either, but I wasn’t very hopefully with the way she was sharing her germs with me.


Our next stop was lunch because I was starving and needed a real meal.  We were seated at a table facing the ocean at a nice seafood restaurant. I sure hoped Irma could hang on just a bit longer. 


The waitress came over to our table with our drinks.  I started to place my order when I heard Irma inhale sharply.  She covered her face with her cupped hands to catch the sneeze and prevent sneezing on the waitress, who stood next to her.  “HUUUUHHTXXXSIEW!”  “God bless you!”  The waitress said.

“Thank you. I seem to be catching a summer cold.” Irma said.

“Those are the worst!  It’s been going around here too. I’ve been lucky so far, the waitress said crossing her fingers.”


Irma could not really eat, but she could consume liquids, which went into a container inside her.  With this cold, she just said she wasn’t very hungry, which made sense anyway.


We made it through our meal without any sneezing disasters from Irma and I paid quickly so we could get Irma back to our campsite to rest off this cold she had come down with. 


I thought Irma would fall asleep in the car, but she couldn’t stop her sneezing fits. “HUHXXXSHEW!  AHHHHTCHEW!  TXXXSHOOO!”  She sneezed another set of three and blew her red nose.  “HAHXXXXIEW!” That one snuck up on her and she flung forward, uncovered.  “Bless you sweetie.” I said. 


Once inside our tent, it took Irma a bit to stop sneezing and go into rest mode.  I was checking her internal temperature when another sneeze snuck up on her and she got me right in the face.  “HUHXXXXCHEW!”  “Oh, geez…sorry!”  She said.  “God bless you.” I said.  I was really destined to catch this nasty cold from her the way she was sneezing everywhere.


We both fell asleep shortly after that and Irma woke up still looking miserably sick.

We sat in camp chairs by the fire while I roasted hot dogs for my dinner.  Irma had the entire box of tissues next to her, which she frequently needed.

Her nose ran and she coughed a deep and wet cough. 


After sitting by the nice warm fire until sun down, we both climbed back into our sleeping bags inside the cozy tent.  Irma was shivering from robotic fever and coughing something fierce.  Her moisture from the cough hit me neck as she cuddled next to me.  “HUHXXXXX CHEW!”  I jumped when she sneezed right on my neck.  “Oh, excuse me.  This cold just keeps on coming.” Irma said, blowing her nose loudly.


When I woke up the next morning, I wasn’t surprised that I felt sick. My head was pounding, my nose was running and I had a slight fever. I sat up in my sleeping bag.  Irma sat up next to me. She looked way better and sounded better too. Sleep must have improved her robotic cold a ton. I, on the other hand, was starting to come down with her nasty germs.  My nose twitched and I sneezed on Irma.  “HATXXXIEW!”  “Goodness, bless you! “ Irma said.


I sneezed twice more as I made my oatmeal on the camp stove.  “haHHCEW!  AHTCHEW!”  “Bless you!  Are you catching my cold, love?” Asked Irma.

“I feel horrible Irma.” I said, covering another sneeze. “HXXTIEW!”

“Bless you!”


Today was our relax by the beach day, but I couldn’t stop the sneezing long enough to relax. By dinner time, I had fully come down with this cold and I felt miserable.

“txxxCHEW!”  I sneezed away from my food that was warming up on the camp stove.

“Bless you!” Irma said.  “Thanks. I feel really awful at the moment.” I said, removing the food from the stove.  I couldn’t even finish it. I wasn’t very hungry, I realized.

I climbed inside my sleeping bag and tried to get warm. Irma held me to help warm me up.  “HAHTXXXCHOOO!”  “Bless you!” Irma said, not minding that I just sneezed right on her.  I kept needing to blow my runny nose, which made me sneeze.  It felt like this went on forever, but at some point, I must have passed out.


When I woke up, it was nearly lunch time. I was congested and really afraid to see how badly I looked.  Luckily, there were no mirrors in the tent.

Irma broke down the tent and packed up our stuff while I showered and dressed.

I had a crazy sneeze fit in the shower.  “HUHTXXXIEW! HUHTXXIEW! ISHEW! AHTCHOOO!”  “Bless you!” the woman next to me yelled.  “Thanks!” I said.

She was getting dressed when I came out of the shower.   I tried to hold in the sneeze, but it was futile.

“HAHtchOOO!”  I sneezed into the towel that was wrapped around me. “God bless you. Looks like you have caught yourself a good cold there.”  “Thanks. My roommate has a terrible cold and I think she got me sick.” I said.  “Well, take care of yourself and stay warm!”  The woman said.  I nodded and quickly dried off and got dressed. No joke, I had goose bumps and was shivering.

“HAH UHHHTISHIEW!”  One more big sneeze made it’s way out of my nose before I left the bathroom. I had all my things in my hand, so I covered with my elbow.  “Goodness child, God bless you! “ The woman said to me as I exited the bathroom.

I wiped my nose on my towel and met Irma, who was in the driver’s seat of the car.

“Hi. Thanks ffff UHHTISHEW!  For…driv…EHTCHEW!”  I tried to speak, but couldn’t stop sneezing.  “Bless you. Bless you! I will drive yes.” Irma said as she felt my head.  “Temperature 101,” She said.  “You are sick.  “I’m sorry, but I gave you my cold.”  Irma said.  I nodded and closed my eyes.


When I woke up, we were home. I let Irma unload the car and I put on my pajamas and climbed into bed. I blew my dripping nose and then drifted off to sleep.


It took me another few days to feel like myself and thank goodness, Irma was there to help me out.  I just really hoped we could both stay well, at least for a little bit.  I had no desire to be sick again.

Part 5

However, I also was pretty obsessed with creating a male robot, similar to Irma.  And thus, 6 months later, Bob came to life.


Bob awoke with a sneeze and a cough.  “HARRRR…AHTCHXXXIEW!”  Right in my face.  “God bless you Bob!” Irma and I said.  I hadn’t planned for him to emerge into the world sick, but he did just that.  He geared up for another sneeze and I braced myself.  “HARRRSHIEW!”  He places his cupped hands over his face to catch this one. The first one must have caught him by surprise.  “I apologize, but it feels like I am getting a cold.”  Bob stated, before sneezing twice more. Irma handed him a box of tissues. 


The doorbell rang.  Bob answered the door and shook hands with my friends Dan and Tim.  Luckily, he turned his head away and faced Irma when he sneezed another huge, wet one.  “HAHTCHEW!”  “Geez, is he sick?”  Dan and Tim said in unison.  “Yeah, sorry… he seems to coming down with a cold or something.” I said.

Bob stumbled forward as he sneezed twice more.  “HARRRTISHEW! AHHHTCHEW!”

“Bless you man!” my friends said to Bob.  “Thank you. Stay away because I seem to have caught myself a bad cold!”  Bob said. 


Bob sat down on the sectional next to Dan and Tim, even though he told them to keep their distance.  A few minutes later, he sneezed, uncovered.  “TXXXCHEW!”

“Bless you.  Geez, cover!”  Tim said to Bob. “Oh Gosh, that one snuck up on me!” Bob said.  He stood up to get some tissues and then closed his eyes as his head flung back and he sneezed right on me.  “HARRRTISHIEW!”  “Bless you.” I pulled a few tissues out of the box Irma held and I quickly held them to his nose to catch the next sneeze.  “HARRRTISHIEW!”  “AHHTISHEW!  HARRRRSHOOOO!”  Or three sneezes in a row…

“Goodness, bless you!” Irma said. She took his hand and led him upstairs to his room, where he could try to go into rest mode and get better.


We ate pizza for dinner while Bob rested and Irma tended to my sick bot.  After my friends left, I fell asleep.  I came downstairs the next morning and Bob was sitting, slumped over, at the kitchen table.  Irma was fixing me breakfast and tidying up.

She turned away from the food the cover a bit of a sneeze.  “HxxTsIEW!”

“Bless you Irma.” I said.  “Thanks. I have been sneezy today. I sure hope I am not getting Bob’s cold!”  But, it was really clear by mid morning, that she had indeed come down with a cold, Bob’s cold.  “HUHXXXTEIW!”  She sneezed into her tissue as we sat and watched Netflix. Her sneezes were getting bigger and wetter.  “God bless you Irma.” I said. 


Bob was an absolute mess, still sneezing and coughing all over the place.

“HARTISHEW!”  He sneezed on my mom as he opened the front door, a while later.

“Bless you! Sounds like you have a cold!”  Mom said.  “We all do.” I said.

“HAAAHTXXiewWW!” Bob sneezed again as he hung up mom’s coat for her.

“Goodness, BLESS YOU!” Mom exclaimed. 


Mom stayed and tended to all three of us, which was great because I was feeling pretty sick with this cold.  She had great immunity herself and somehow managed not to get this cold Bob had given the rest of us, even though he sneezed on her multiple times.



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Awesome update!!!  I love how she chooses to sneeze all over him.  Love it. Keep going please.  I liked how he'd take her to the store and around friends and so many social things.  Maybe she needs to learn to not sneeze in her hands and touch stuff... Or they set the table for a dinner party and sneeze and cough over everything bc they didn't know. IDK you have great ideas on your own

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Irma, Bob and I fell into a smooth routine.  I came home from work to a clean house with meals prepared for me, which was seriously, AMAZING!

I had the desire for another Bot and so 6 months after I activated Bob, Clover came to life.  Clover had red curly hair and freckles, but medium toned skin.  

I planned a dinner party at my house to celebrate Clover addition to our family.  While I was out shopping, Irma, Bob and Clover prepared all the food, cleaned the house and set up.  

I arrived home just a few hours before the party was to begin.  "hssshhxxxph!"  Clover sneezed into her cupped hands.  She had sounded a bit congested this morning and last night she was coughing a bit.  She hadn't had a cold yet, so this would be her first one.  "Bless you." I said.  She wiped her hands on her apron and continued to form the meatballs for the dinner tonight.  Her faced scrunched up and she cupped her hands, once again, to her face.  "AHHchoo!"  "Goodness, bless you!" I exclaimed.  She sniffed hard and then continued to form the meatballs.  "HEHTCHOO!"  Into the tray of meatballs, Clover sneezed as she walked to the oven.  Her nose dripped and dangled from her nostrils. She placed the tray in the oven.  I grabbed a baby wipe and cleaned up her face.  "Here love, let me clean up your face." I said softly.  Her face scrunched as I wiped her drippy nose and she sneezed in my face.  "AHHTISHEW!"  "Goodness, I must be catching a cold!" Clover exclaimed.  I handed her a box of tissues and she blew her congested nose.


Clover grabbed the plates and began to set the table, while I headed upstairs to change.  She must have sneezed at least 10 more times as I curled my hair upstairs.  Certainly, she had come down with a good cold.  This wasn't the best timing, but what could I do?

Just as I finished my hair, the doorbell rang.  I came downstairs as Clover let my friends in and introduced herself.  They both shook her hand.  I thought about all the cold germs on Clover's infested hand.  Her nose dripped onto the floor as she hung up their coats.  It must have tickled her nose and triggered a sneeze.  "HUH..HUHHESHOOO!"

Clover sneezed onto her cupped hands, just after she hung up the coats.  "Bless you!" Said my friend Emily.  "Thank you. I'm afraid I have a bit of a cold."  Clover said.

I invited 5 friends total, an intimate group of friends.  Clover greeted each one at the door, shook their hands and hung up their coats.  I wondered just how many people Clover would manage to infect in one night.  

Clover's sneezing turned into a wet cough a few hours into the night.  She was yawning the whole last hour of the night, as we played cards around the table.  Clover shuffled the cards and I could tell, as she shuffled, a sneeze was coming.  "HISSHHHEW!"  "Bless you." I said as she sneezed on the deck of cards.  She handed the deck to the next player in charge of dealing, while she blew her runny nose.

When it was time for my friends to go, Clover handed each one their coat and thanked them for coming.  Stacey gave Clover a big hug and a little kiss on the cheek.  "Nice to meet you. I hope you get some rest for that cold of yours." Stacy said.  Clover coughed and nodded.  

I felt Clover's head when my last friend left and she was burning up.  Clover yawned and sniffled.  Her eyes looked droopy, her nose dripped and her body just sagged.

"AHHHTISHEW!"  She sneezed onto her cupped hands and the snot covered them.  "Bless you." I said, followed by, "Go get some rest love."  Clover nodded and headed upstairs.  She changed into pajamas and climbed into our bed.  I joined her shortly after.

I thought she was alseep (well rest mode actually), so I jumped about ten feet when Clover sneezed on my face.  "UHCHEW! HSSHHHEW!"  "Bless you."  

I put her on rest mode, but the cold kept her awake.  She tossed and turned all night, sitting up frequently to blow her congested nose. She coughed something fierce and sneezed a ton.  Every time I fell asleep, she woke me up with her cold.  

By the morning, Clover looked like a real mess.  She had dried snot in her hair, her cheeks were flushed and her nose dripped onto her pillow.  But, she was finally resting, poor thing.  I felt like hell, being kept awake all night.  I had a tickle way in the back of my throat that drove me nuts all morning.  

In the kitchen, Bob sneezed all morning. He had come down with Clover's cold. Bob was very likely to catch colds and it seemed like he always had one.

"HARRSHOOO!"  "Bless you Bob!" I said as I checked my email at the kitchen table.  "Gosh, thanks. I seem to have a bit of a cold." Bob said.

My nose dripped and I reached for a tissue to blow it.  "Oh goodness.  You have a runny nose." Bob said.  "Yes, I think I too am getting a cold." I said.


After I had breakfast, I went upstairs to check on Clover.  She sat up in bed and stretched.  Her nose dripped and her face contorted into a sneeze.  

"Bless you." I said.  "Thank you." She responded.  I helped her wash her hair in the bathroom and we cleaned up her face.  Her nose dripped as I helped her put on clean clothing.  She was chilled and shivering.  Seems she had a bot fever.  "HUHTISHOOO!"  She sneezed onto her cupped hands.  "Bless you. Back to bed you go until you are better.  I covered her up with the blankets and laid down beside her, feeling a bit worn out myself.  


I must have fallen sound asleep because it was mid-afternoon by the time I woke up.  My phone had exploded with text messages.  (Emily) "How are you doing?  I think I am getting Clover's cold. I have been sneezing all morning and my throat is raw."  (Stacey) "Can I get a cold from your bot?  I'm feeling really congested and I have been shivered all day today."  In addition, I had a bunch of messages from work and from my mom.  I'll answer the messages later, I thought to myself. My nose itched and slowly dripped. I needed to sneeze, so I sat up in bed and looked up towards the blinds.  "AHTCHEW!"  "There, that felt good!" I said aloud.  Clover was still sound asleep. She was mouth breathing because her nose was so stuffed up.

My phone rang.  "Hi Fred." I said.  "Yeah, I have a cold." I answered when he said I sounded stuffy.  Fred coughed and cleared his throat.  It was evident that Clover gave him her cold as well.  "Me too. Clover had a nasty cold." He said.  "Lief has it too.  He has a terrible headache and a super runny nose."  Fred said.  "I'm sorry." I said.  Luckily, Fred didn't seem upset by it all.  Clover had woke up while we were still on the phone and she was coughing something awful.  "Geez, she sounds terrible!" Fred said.  "I know. It's her first cold and it has hit her really hard. I caught it too, by the way, but I'm just a little sick." I said, clearing my throat.  "I have to go see what I can do to help her." I said.  "I don't want her to overheat and malfunction."  I finished.  "Ok, feel better too!" I said to Fred, hanging up.

I tended to Clover and her coughing calmed down.  She comfortable slept in rest mode under all the covers, poor thing.  I still felt a bit run down with this runny nose and sneezing, but nothing as bad as Clover.  

Clover slept through the night and seemed better the next morning, thank goodness.  

By the weekend, Clover was fully recovered.  I was eager to spend time with her, so we had plans to go out.  First, was dinner out and then a play.

I ordered a burrito and Clover just had a glass of water.  Clover's eyes seemed a bit glassy and she rubbed her nose.  "I need to sneeze." she announced.

It must have went away because she didn't sneeze.  We continued to talk as I enjoyed my food.  Clover's mouth opened and she sneezed into her cupped hands.  "HUHTISHHHHPHHXX!"  "Bless you!" I said.  Goodness, I sure hoped she wasn't coming down with another cold.  Clover was thinking the same thing.  "Thank you.  I hope I am not catching a cold!" she said.  

When I finished eating, I took Clover to the bathroom with me.  She opened the door and held it for me to pass through.  I thought about all the germs on her hands and I did hope she wasn't getting sick.  "hhhhUHtxxxPHH!"  Clover stiffled the sneeze into her cupped hands.  "Bless you!"  The woman washing her hands said to Clover.  "Thank you." Clover said politely.  I washed my hands and we headed toward the car.  


The usher walked us to our seats and we sat down.  Clover sniffed and her nose dripped.  I had stuffed some napkins in my pocket, just in case she needed them.

"Here" I said as I handed her the napkins.  "Thank you." Clover said as she blew her nose.   As we watched the play, Clover sneezed a few more times, covering up the noise into her folded up napkins.  I was pretty sure she had caught herself another cold, somehow.  

We followed the crowd towards the doors and I stuck close to Clover, so I wouldn't loose her.  We held hands as we inched our way through the crowds.  Clover's face contorted and she quickly brought the napkins to her face to cover up the sneeze.  "HAHchEwphhxx!"  The man in front of us gave her a dirty look.  "Bless you." said a woman standing behind Clover.  We finally made it outside and I felt like I could breathe again.

Clover's wet napkins no longer held the liquid that seemed to pour from her congested nose.  Poor thing was coming down with another horrible cold.  


We stopped at the store to get a few boxes of tissue,  since I was not sure I had enough at home, for this bad of a cold. It was a crowded lot, so I pulled up front and let Clover go into the store.  She grabbed 4 boxes of tissues and placed them on the counter.  Then she swiped my debit card and entered the pin, all with her germy hands.  

She did managed not to sneeze while getting through the checkout line.  Once outside, the cold air hit her nose and she sneezed like crazy.  She climbed into the passenger seat and I opened a box of tissue, handing her a wad of fresh ones.  Clover blew her nose and sighed.  She closed her eyes and was asleep before I was even home.

I nudged her and she sleepily went upstairs and crawled into bed with her clothes on.  

I had plans for us the next day too and Clover didn't seem nearly as sick as the last time.  So, we headed to the chinese buffet.  Clover was there mostly for conversation of course, since she didn't eat food.  I filled my plate with a little of everything.  

Clover went back up the the buffet to get me an egg roll, which I had forgot to grab.  She didn't seem to know what to do to cover when she was holding something. Unfortunately, she had to sneeze while she was up at the buffet. I saw her try to stop it by shaking her head, but it came anyway, as sneezes always do.  "HUHTISHOOO!"  She sneezed all over the fried rice. Luckily, no one was watching and it being early, actually no one else was around.  Clover found the egg roll and without another sneeze, thank goodness, she made it back to the table.  Her nose was running.  She blew it on some napkins and then handed me the soy sauce for my egg roll.


After lunch, we went to the mall.  I needed to find a swimsuit for our little excursion to the spa.  Clover came into the dressing room with me while I tried them on.

I choose one that fit the best and we stood in line.  Clover brought her hands up to her face and covered, but no sneeze came out.  

As the cashier rung me up, Clover cupped her hands over her face and this time, the sneezes came in three.  "Bless you!" The cashier said.

"Thank you." Clover said.  Clover wiped her nose on the used napkins.  Maybe her cold was a little worst than I thought.


We waited for the elevator. The doors opened and everyone piled out.  Just Clover and I loaded into the elevator. She pushed the button for Main level.  "TCHOO!"  A sneeze caught Clover off guard and she failed to cover.  As we headed out of the elevator towards the food court, I wondered just how many germs Clover spread in that elevator.


I ordered ice cream and we sat down while I ate it.  Clover grabbed more napkins from the table and blew her nose.  She covered a  succession of sneezes with her crumpled napkins.  "Bless you." I said.  "My cold is getting worse." Clover said.  "I know love.  Let's get you home." I said.  We got up and walked toward the exit, holding hands.  Clover scrunched up her face and sneezed on my cheek.  "HUHSHEW!"  "Bless you!" I said.  She had my hand in one of her hands and the bags in the other.  Poor Clover didn't know how to cover when holding stuff.  I felt the spray on my cheek.  Clover sneezed at least a dozen more times as we headed towards the door.  Her nose dripped and we didn't have any napkins with us.  I used my sleeve to wipe her runny nose so she wouldn't look a mess.  I hoped no one noticed either...

Once in the car, I grabbed a spare box of tissues I keep in the trunk and handed them to Clover.  The fresh tissues caught the next sneezes that came as we drove home.

"Goodness, bless you!" I said on Clover's 5th sneeze in a row.  "Thank you. This cold just keeps on coming!" She said.  


Once at home, Bob greeted us at the door and took Clover's coat.  She sneezed twice into the tissues she held in her hand.  "Oh goodness. Bless you! Sounds your cold is getting worse." Bob exclaimed with worry.  Bob felt Clover's head as she scrunched up her face and sneezed on him.  "HERRRSHOOO!"  "Bless you!"  Bob said.

"Goodness, go take care of that cold!" He said to Clover.  I took Clover upstairs and changed her into her pajamas.  I placed the box of tissues in the bed next to her. It seemed she had a frail constitution and if she did not rest when she was sick, her vital energy dropped to dangerous levels.  All this programming was random, to make bots more human-like.  I elected Bob to take care of Clover, while I got some work done downstairs.

Bob did an excellent job taking care of Clover and she was much better by the evening when I climbed into bed. Her vital energy was up and she rested peacefully.


2 days later though, Bob came down with Clover's cold and he was miserable. Luckily, he go sick often, but he had strong vital energy.  Also, luckily, Clover already had the cold because Bob sneezed on her when she came into the kitchen that morning.  "HARRRRSHOOO!"  "Bless you Bob.  Sounds like you have my cold." Clover said.

"Yes...HUH..HUHARXXXSHOO!  I have been sneezing all morning!"  Bob said as he sneezed right on Clover a second time.  "Bless you Bob." I said walking past him to sit at the table, where my breakfast was prepared for me.  Bob sat next to me.  "HARRRSHEW!"  He sneezed openly.  "Bless you." I said. I was used to Bob and his colds by now. Most people would be grossed out, but I hardly noticed his germy mess.  Bob rubbed his nose and sneezed onto his fingers, this time leaning forward from the force of the sneeze.

"HUHARSHOOOO!"  "Bless you!" Both Clover and I said in unison.  His nose dripped down his face and Clover wiped it with some tissues.  "There, now you should go rest." Clover said. " Oh, I feel fffUUHCHEW AHSHEW HAARSHIEUUU! FIDE" Bob said as he got up to wash the dishes.  As he scrubbed the dishes and loaded them in the dishwasher, she sneezed continuously.  His nose dripped onto his shirt and just bubbled with congestion.  He grabbed a kitchen towel and blew when he was done.

"Goodness, I sure am sneezy today!" Bob exclaimed.  

He was just as sneezy as he vacuumed and dusted the house, poor guy.  

I sure hoped I wouldn't come down with this cold, I thought.  My friend was coming from out of town in the morning and the last thing I wanted to be was sick.  

Clover and I climbed into bed early so I could make sure to get enough rest and stay well. I was crossing my fingers that it worked!  As I drifted off to sleep, Clover sneezed once onto my cheek.  I sure hope she hadn't caught something else.  Seems that she just couldn't stay well!






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Wow, Clover is a sick, sneezy mess! So glad you continued!! Can't wait to see the friend from out of town get sick and bring it home!! 😜

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On 10/20/2019 at 3:43 PM, sneezeagainplease said:

As he scrubbed the dishes and loaded them in the dishwasher, she sneezed continuously.  His nose dripped onto his shirt and just bubbled with congestion.

Wow!!! I absolutely love the part ab bob!! What an amazingly delicious messy cold he’s managed to catch!!!! Can’t wait to see how his cold progresses and how he spreads it to his creator and his guest!!

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Bob woke up bigger mess than the day before. His naturally curly and wildly messy hair was more out of place than normal.  He tending to dress sloppy and his coordination was not the greatest, to say the least.  Bob did not have great hygiene, despite Irma's constant lecturing at him. It was just his constitution, you know? Technology had advanced to the point where there were a bit of human cells in bots, sort of hybrids, so to speak.  So, the congestion and sickness was as natural as you or I getting sick. I didn't really understand it, to tell the truth.

Bob's hair was matted with his own secretions and his nose was chapped raw.  He breathed heavy and coughed fiercely.   

The doorbell rang and Bob opened it for Luna, my expected friend.  "Nice to meet you Bob," Luna said as she shook his germy hand.  And then Bob sneezed right on Luna, infecting her with his cold germs.  "HAHARSHOOO!"  "Bless you!"  Luna said.  "Uggh!  I'm sorry Luna.  He has a horrible cold and I hope you don't catch it!" My own throat twitched and Clover had woke up with a runny nose.  Bob carried Luna's coat to the closet, where he hung it up.  

He followed us into the kitchen, where Irma had some hot tea waiting for Luna.  Bob's nostril's flooded with mucus and the snot bubbled out as her tried to breath.  "Bob, BLOW YOUR NOSE!" Irma scolded.  Bob did as instructed and then laid the tissues on the kitchen table. Irma cleaned them up and sanitized the area.  Bob's face contorted and before Irma could try to kick him out of the kitchen, he sneezed twice.  "HUHARTISHEW! AKCHEW!"  The spray landed directly on the freshly washed fruit bowl.  "Bless you." I said to Bob.  Poor Bob looked awful.  The mucus now dangled down his nose and just bounced up and down.  His eyes watered and he coughed onto the freshly snotted fruit bowl.  "Irma took a warm cloth and wiped Bob's face.  "You are spreading germs everywhere!" She scolded.  But, Bob insisted he was fine to hang out with our company.  "It's ok with me," Luna said politely. I work in a medical office and I get exposed to all sorts of illness.  "Well, if you are sure it doesn't bother you..." I said.

Bob took a seat on the stool next to Luna while she sipped her tea and they exchanged conversation.  "Oh goodness...AHRSHOOOO!"  Bob exclaimed as he sneezed again.  He had been nice enough this time to turn his head away from Luna, which means I got all the spray on my cheek. I wiped it with my sleeve.  "Bless you." I said.  Bob's nose dripped thick and yellow fluid, some of which had flung onto my shirt when he sneezed.  But, before he could wipe it, he sneezed again, this time facing Luna.  That loosened the rest of the colored snot, which landed on Luna's lap.  "Goodness, Bless you!"  Luna exclaimed. At my request, Clover brought over a fresh box of tissues and I cleaned up Bob's face and Luna's shirt.  "I'm so sorry." I apologized.  "It's ok. It happens!"  Luna said.  For some reason, I felt like Luna was enjoying Bob's nasty cold.

We moved to the living room, where Luna insisted Bob sit next to her.  Luna and I chatted for the next few hours and I hardly realized that so much time had even passed.  Bob continuously sneezed, usually forgetting to cover, while Luna and I caught up on life.  Poor Bob was on his second box of tissues. There was mucus all over his shirt and caked on his face and hair.  I didn't see how it was even possible for anyone to sneeze so much, but that was Bob with his colds.

Luna and I were getting hungry and decided to go out for dinner.  Bob really wanted to come, but he ended up falling sound asleep while we got ready to go.  So, we left Bob at home and went on our own.  I had sneezed a few times where I was getting ready and really was afraid I might be getting Bob's sickness.  

It was pretty late by the time we arrived home.  Bob was still passed out on the couch and the other bots were resting.  I needed to sneeze so I covered by face with my elbow.  "AhTISHXXXPH!"  It was bigger than I had expected.  "Bless you!" Said Luna.  "Thank you I said and then I sneezed twice more, away from Luna.  "Hmmm... is someone catching Bob's cold?" Luna asked.  "I think I'm jUH UHHHCHEW!" I sneezed as I tried to deny this cold coming on.  "Uh huh." Luna said, touching my forhead.  "You're a bit warm hon." she said.  "MmmmmUHTCHOO...maybe IYAHTISHEW am getting sicKUHHSHOO!"  I couldn't seem to stop this fit of sneezing that had suddenly come on.  "Get some rest hon before you catch your death." Luna said kindly.

Meanwhile, Bob stirred and his coughing fit woke him up.  "HUHARSHOOO!"  He sat up and sneezed.  Luna took his hand and insisted he go up to bed before he was to also catch his death.  In a fit of sneezing, Bob was escorted up the stairs by Luna. 

It would really be some kind of miracle if Luna DIDN"T catch this cold!

The next day...

Luna tended to both Bob, me and Clover, who had also caught this cold.  She got sneezed on and coughed on all day, poor Luna.  She did a great job mending all three of us and by the next morning, we were much better.  

Luna was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. I thought I heard a stiffled sneeze, but she denied it.  "Oh gosh," that was just a bit of a tickle in my nose." Luna said.  I thought I heard Luna blowing her nose when she came out of the shower, but she insisted she was fine.  "A bit of allergies is all." Luna confidently stated.  While we were at the theatre, Luna stiffled a series of sneezes into her napkins. "ChPHxxx AhCHphxxx, chphew"  "Bless you!" I whispered.  

But when Luna existed the theatre, into the brisk air, her already bothered nose exploded and she sneezed openly this time. "HUKEEESHOOO!"  "Bless you." I said.  "Catching a cold?" I asked.  "Oh goodness, I think it is just sunny out here." Luna said, still in denial.  Her nose ran and she wiped it on her coat sleeve.  Luna sneezed about 10 more times on the car ride home and was becoming increasingly sick.  Her cheeks were flushed and her sleeve was smeared with mucus.  

We had picked up a pizza on the ride home and I had Irma set the table.  Luna grabbed two slices and took a big bite.  The sneeze came before she swallowed, which caused her to fling half chewed pizza onto her shirt sleeve, which she did use to cover.  She grabbed her napkin to wipe it off and then used the same napkin to cover the next three sneezes.  "Bless you." I said, not stating that she actually did have a cold, but it was really obvious.  Luna managed to eat one slice of pizza, before she broke into another fit of sneezing.  When it concluded, she announced that she might be coming down with this cold.  "I'm not feeling too well." She added.  "HuhKKSHOO!"  She sneezed again and moaned. Her whole body shook from fever and her face was even more flushed than before. Irma insisted she go right up to bed.  She made Luna tea and tended to her all night, as her body continued to spike fevers. Luna tossed, turned, sneezed and coughed all night. For the next two day, Luna's body continued to show cold symptoms full force.  

While Luna was resting, Bob and I went to stock up on groceries.  I ran into a neighbor, who had just got a new bot, Bloom.  Bloom and Bob were talking it up and laughing, when out of no-where, Bloom sneezed on Bob.  "AH CHew!"  "Bless you!" Bob exclaimed.  "Oh goodness. She must be getting a cold." the neighbor said.  Bloom sneezed twice more in Bob's face and her nose dripped a bit.  "Bless you." Bob said again.  

I sure hoped Bob wouldn't catch Bloom's cold because the last thing he needed was another cold!  "We better go before she gets everyone sick!" my neighbor said with concern.  Bloom's face contorted as they walked away with the grocery cart and she sneezed again.  

The next day... Luna was feeling much better and sadly, it was also time for her to go home.  We spent the day talking and then I hugged her one final goodbye.  Bob sneezed once as we were saying our goodbye's and I worried that this was the start of another cold.  "Bless you Bob." Luna said.  "Now, don't you come down with another cold!" Luna exclaimed.  "Goodness, I sure hope I am not catching something!" Bob exclaimed.  



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Shockingly, Bob stayed well for the next few weeks, which was great because I had a flight for work in two days and Bob was coming with me.  

Early that morning of our flights, our taxi arrived right on time. Bob was still looking healthy and I was feeling great about the change of scenery.  We made it to the airport in plenty of time and checked into our flight.

It felt like forever, waiting at the terminal, but finally we boarded.  I had a window seat and Bob had the aisle seat. In between us, a newly awakened Bot named Tangerine sat.  Bob and Tangie chatted away, while I listened to my music.  "EHHHKSHEW!"  I was a bit startled and also moistened on my arm by Tangie's sneeze.  "Bless you." I said to her, handing her some tissues for her nose.  "Goodness, my nose has had this itch all day!" Tangie complained while she rubbed the inside of her nostrils with her fingers.  Her nostrils got wide when she removed her fingers and her mouth opened up wide. Her head flung back, preparing for a sneeze.  "EHHHKSHOOO!"  Tangie sneezed so forcefully, that her head flung forward and almost touched the seat in front of her.  "Bless you." Bob and I said.  "Sounds like you are catching a cold!" Bob said.  "A cold?"  Tangie asked.  Bob explained what having a cold meant. Tangie nodded.  I showed Tangie how to cover those sneezes and gave her more tissues out of my bag.  "My nose just has this twitch still!"  Tangie said as she stuck her finger in her right nostril and as she did, she caused another sneeze, more enormous than the previous ones and without covering, I might add.  "Bless you and remember to cover!"  I said.  "Goodness, I forgot!" Tangie said.  

About the 25 sneeze later, passengers must have complained because the flight attendant came by with a mask and asked Tangie to put it on.  I was certain it was too late for both Bob and myself, but especially Bob who caught every cold he could possibly catch.  After sneezing into her mask the remainder of the flight, Tangie exited the plane with us and walked to baggage claim.  Her new family waited in baggage claim for her.  I hugged Tangie goodbye and wished her luck. She had removed her mask before meeting her new family and I helped her wipe her face, which was covered in mucus from all the sneezing.  Tangie walked over to her new family and they shook hands, one by one.  Her finger inside her nose, she itched her nostril and promptly sneezed all over the young couple who had sent for her.  "EHHHKSHEW EHHHKSHOOO!"  "Bless you!"  Said the young woman.  "I am catching a cold." Tangie explained.  "My nose has been bothering me all day and I keep sneezing.  Tangie stuck one finger up each nostrils and as she itched them, she sneezed twice more without covering as they headed out of the airport.  

By 9:00 that night, Bob started sneezing and I knew that a cold was coming on, that Tangie had infected Bob.  "HUHARSHOOO!"  "Bless you." I said.  That was Bob's 10th sneeze in an hour. There was just no doubt that he was getting sick and quickly.  He had sneezed all over the remote, the bathroom, my phone and countless times, in my face.  Bob had this tendency to stand too close to people, which was really bad when he had to sneeze so much.  The next day, Bob sneezed all day while at the work conference with me.  We sat way in the back, but I think people still noticed.  I tried to get him to cover and he did about 60% of the time.  

Bob found a few bots at the conference to hang with and went off on his own.  They sat at a table in the lobby, talking. Bob was still sneezing something awful and in passing, saw him sneeze a fit without covering at all.  "HUHARSHOOO!  ARSHOOO! HUHARSHOOOO!"  All three bots blessed Bob and one offered him some tissues.  I wondered just how many people and bots Bob would infect with his germs.

That night, Bob tossed and turned from his cold, which kept me awake as well.  I was exhausted the next morning and we needed to be at the airport that night for a red eye flight. I managed to take a short nap before we left for our flight.

I hoped that Bob's cold would settle down before the flight, but he was still sneezing a bit that morning.  By the evening though, he was just very congested, which was better that him sneezing on people.

I crossed my fingers that we made it through the flight without making people angry.

That night... 

It wasn't Bob who was sneezing. I had started to come down with Bob's cold that evening as we waited for our flight to board.  I had sneezed a few times that morning, but didn't think I was getting sick.  I was awake the entire flight because I was a sneezy and miserable mess. Although I covered nicely, I'm sure that I still infected people on the flight. I kept apologizing to the woman next to me, Gemma, but she was super sweet.  She didn't even get mad when Bob sneezed on her mid-flight.  

By the time we landed, I felt awful and must have looked horrible too. "AHKSHOO!"  I sneezed into my crumpled tissues.  "Bless you. You poor thing." Gemma said.  "Now, you get some rest!" She said as I exited the plane.  

When I got home, I headed right to bed.  I hoped that Clover and Irma wouldn't catch our colds. My sister's bot Stanley was coming in a few hours to stay with us and she was a bit of a germaphobe.

I must have slept through Stanley arrival because when I came downstairs, he was chatting with Bob.  Bob's cold either started to act up again or he was catching something else because he sneezed right on Stanley multiple times while they chatted.  So much for Stanley staying well in this house!  I felt a bit better, though groggy.  I wondered if Bob had picked up another cold in the airport. I wasn't the only one sneezing on the flight.  

An hour later, Bob announced that he must be catching another cold and no one could even argue with him.  He had already sneezed on Clover, Irma, me and poor Stanley.  

I sure hoped Stanley wouldn't get this cold.  

2 days later...

It was horrible timing when my sister came to pick Stanley up because literally, he started to sneeze right when she arrived.  "AH CHEW!"  Stanley cupped his hands to catch the sneeze.  "Bless you." I said.  He sneezed three more times and my sister felt his head.  "HuHHH AHCHEW!"  That one came out uncovered and right in my sister's face.  "Are you catching a cold? Tell me you are not getting a cold?" My sister said.  "He's catching a cold.  Both Bob and I came back from our trip with colds." I said.  Stanley geared up for another sneeze.  "HAHCHEW!"  "Bless you." I said.  My sister seemed annoyed.  "Bless you. It's just a cold." I said.  I'm not getting sick, she said.  "He can stay here." I said.  "HUHHAHHHCHOOO!"  Stanley flung forward as he sneezed into his elbow.  Ignoring me, my sister dragged Stanley to the car.  He was still sneezing up as storm as she sped away.  

Well, it was just a little cold, right?  At least my household was on their way to recovery....Or at least I hoped..






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The Wedding...

Bob and I sat next to Stanley and Mag (my sister) at our cousin's wedding.  Our cousin had a new bot, whom she introduced to us.  "This is Penny."  my cousin said.  Bob extended his hand.  "Nice to meet you Penny." he said.  "tssshhhieu!"  Mid-shake, Penny sneezed a soft, but uncovered sneeze.  "Bless you." I said.  "I think she may have a cold. She's been sneezing all morning." my cousin said.  My sister rolled her eyes and forbid Stanley to shake hands with Penny.  "tsssshieu tsssshieu!" Penny sneezed twice more, this time on Stanley, as she had moved in closer to chat with him.  "Bless you." Stanley said.  My sister yanked Stanley and sat down at the table.  

Bob had a blast, dancing all night with Penny. I sure hoped he wouldn't get her cold though, since she was sneezing all evening.  Though my sister made Stanley sit next to her at the table, it seemed he was already a bit congested himself.  His voice sounded slightly raspy and he sneezed a few times during dinner.  It was way too soon for him to catch Penny's cold, so I wondered if he was coming down with something else.  When Stanley sneezed during dessert, my sister insisted Penny got him sick and they went back to their hotel room.


To be continued...

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OMMMGGGG I NEED A ROBOT LIKE THIS IN MY LIFE!!!! At the very least I’d really love to spend the day with a sick and sneezy bob!! I love his absolute disregard to spreading his colds!!!! Great story and such a good idea!!! Can’t wait to read more of your fabulous writing!!!

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